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3 apples changed the world: The Adam and Eve’s apple, Newton’s one and the Jobs’s one.

RIP, Steve.
STEVE JOBS (1955-2011)



  1. Kahoo, my second attempt. I hope u don’t mind. Let’s let all know what a witch 孽賤妖is.


    I’ll try to give u my last words today while my mind is still clear. So be patient with me.

    Ronnie, I hope u understand I have to go because I can’t bear to see us going broke and go on welfare. This is bound to happen in couple years. You won’t like moving to government housing in skid row either. Like I said, if I can’t get a job now by 45 years of age, I am never gonna get a job ever. I wish I can work a labour job but u know I can’t with my medical condition. This is the best solution for both of us. I wish I can explain to you in details why I can’t land a job and WHO are the devils that are stopping me. If I tell you it’s Leslie Cheung from Fairchild Television and Rogers Radio that have been hacking my computer, calling all the potential employers and badmouthing me, and getting them the friends and audiences in for the jobs that I applied for, you are not going to believe me. Did you ever think about why you could not get a job either and who’s been blocking you? If I tell you Winnie, Clement and others, they all know about this and they have been working as their spies, and Amanda was their first trojan horse, you are not going to believe me. Ronnie, I have lived in this darkness long enough, I am not going to take this in the coffin with me alone. I will have this posted on my wordpress blog and I will come back to haunt all of them.

    In case you might doubt that for a second and you want to ask me how all of this nonsense started. Be patient and read on. I don’t know if you vaguely remember this guy, Kevion Hon I used to meet on icq and newsgroups years ago when we were in HK. You might remember you chatted with him a little? I guess there weren’t many ppl who would write in English then and we drew a lot of attentions and readers. It happened so this woman from TVB went after him, got all the netfriends to help set them up, finally got him in bed and got herself pregnant with him, all in a very short period of time. Not to anyone’s surprise, this guy wasn’t serious with her and never wanted to marry her. She got herself in this deep trouble and she thinks his non-existing virtual relationship with me on the net is the reason why he wouldn’t marry her. She and her friends started attacking me on the newsgroups, and later on I found all their dramas either involved and impersonated me, my friends, my schools, my exes and my family where I am always depicted as the witch or the demon in their stories. I guess that’s how losers get their revenge. This has been going on for more than 13 years now. MY stories have gone so big and international and involved so many ppl around me that I have drawn a lot of jealousy and resentment toward this icon they inadvertently made me to be. You know the Chinese TV here, Fairchild is owned by TVB and they think the only way to put me out is to cut me off from a job and social life. This woman from TVB is called Lucia Suet Ying Ting and had given birth to two twin boys in 2000. They are now 10 years old.

    Then there is also Roger and his very insecure, jealous, loser girlfriend, Betty Lee. I don’t know why these losers can’t have lives of their own instead of sucking up to ours. They have somehow team together and turn everything into their replicas and make them compete with me and you in every job situation. That’s why you did not get the job at Toys R Us and The Bay. If they wait long enough, they can always find someone better than you and me. That’s why I always say if you don’t get called and hired within three days, you are not going to get hired. They are only using us for publicity, Ronnie. You won’t believe how internationally known I am and so are you. Pay attention to TV commercials and people around you and see if they echoe things that you have done and said. Think about why your friend, Lucia from Vancouver got you to watch Glee so religiously. They are puppeting you for publicity, Ronnie. That gal in Glee looks very much like this ugly woman, Leslie Yip from Fairchild, who is their satellite leechtard that has been hacking us and blocking us from jobs here in Canada. I am sure she has told Toys R Us and other places what you have done at Bruno’s, and I am sure there weren’t anything nice she said about you. I have been writing on Facebook and asking for ppl to turn her in to the broadcasting authority but no one cares.

    Yoiu must think I hallucinated about all these. Don’t, Ronnie. From now on, now that you know all about these, be very careful about you say to ppl. It will get spread. There is absolutely no secret in this world, even what you say and do at home. Our place is wired and it doesn’t matter where you move to, they would still follow you. Don’t cheat and don’t lie wherever you go and whatever you do. They will find out and ppl would turn you in. You are being watched and followed every step you make just like they do to me. If you are caught failing integrity and ethics, you have flunked CA. You now know why I have to leave. Some ppl enjoy publicity like some low-esteemed loser leechtard Leslie Yip while I love to live in my own privacy. Know these names I have highlighted for you; they killed your mother. If I were you, I would stay away from all HKs just to block off the users. They want you to lose your English and turn into a fob just like they are and make you a loser just like what they did to me. Promise me, Ronnie. Be careful about the fobs including Ting. U wonder why she changed her cell phone plan.

    You are in second year now and I have got everything established for you even you haven’t learned to appreciate what I have done for you. It doesn’t matter as long as I know you are safe and sound. I just hope u would stop blaming me for deserting you some day. It is all for your own good. I’d rather have one person suffer than two. You will soon forget about me and what happened in the past and adapt to a new life without me around. Don’t miss me, Ronnie. I am sure you will meet a nice guy who would dearly love you some day. Just don’t give him money and and sex so you know it’s true love and he is not using you. I will bless you and I’ll make sure you will only meet him at work.

    Remember who killed your mother, Ronnie. Do not call the ambulance and do not rescue me. If the police ask you questions about me and my death, tell them to read my blog. This will soon be over for you, sweetie.

  2. 翻譯篇 (1)




  3. 有人願意爲我代譯嘛?我精神不鎮,覺得吃力。

  4. 第四個貧果 – 二五

  5. The Beatles should be the Third Apple, and Steve Jobs, the Fourth.

  6. 二五係 “食白果"

  7. 拾吓拾吓拾吓

  8. 1 Adam & Eve

    2 毛樑夫婦

  9. 陽光漏口(火龜)

  10. 球迷漏口

  11. 無腦夫婦被木頭蛇落嘴頭, 偷食蘋果, 被踢出廢柴樂園.

  12. 記住去投票比我

  13. 二五後悔莫及

  14. 我絕對想有婚外情

  15. 吧女小姐英文追英趕美, 翻譯一定好呀!

  16. 吧婆又每周定期放假

  17. 球迷又每日定期 ….

  18. 嗰一百蚊我用咗嚟買酒飲

  19. m球迷pe英文更好

  20. 民建聯對下任特首提出7方面的民生政策建議綱領,包括完善第2層社會安全網,減輕市民生活壓力,將目前「鼓勵就業交通津貼計劃」改為直接設立「低收入家庭生活補助計劃」,讓未符合綜援資格但收入仍屬偏低的家庭,可經簡單入息及資產申報,每月獲得 1,000元補助,又促請政府建立可行退休保障制度;理順房策,優化規劃;扶老助弱,減輕市民交通負擔;改善就業環境,促進家庭友善就業政策;鞏固醫療服務;以及訂立粵港環保合作10年計劃,平衡發展與環境。

  21. iFOOL

  22. 二五講歷史

  23. iRICH

  24. 《反骨仔總有一個喺左近》

  25. 阿二台式微史

  26. 奸人當道!!!!!!!!

  27. iFAME

  28. 宅男老点¸ 乜都收唔到 ?!

  29. 俠女剝清, 光脫脫3D裸跑, 保証一舉成名

  30. 原來唐唐个老婆好似涼震应加许冠英扮女裝咁鬼靓樣。我係唐唐点止有一單婚外情,我極度體諒佢。

  31. 好野,有飯食!好大個股舞!

  32. 唐唐個賣相都唔好得好多, 一副白痴馬面, 同埋佢老婆個父親非常之疊水.

  33. 我都想好似唐唐咁有一點『缺失』

  34. iIDIOT

  35. 千揀萬揀, 揀着個爛燈盞.

  36. 范徐麗泰出席香港中文大學座談會發表演講,會上被學生問到,她對六四事件的看法。范徐麗泰表示,最初掌握的資訊是外國媒體報導,有人在天安門廣場被殺,她認為事件不幸,無須掩蓋。她又說,其後在網上看到軍隊撤退時,天安門沒有事情發生的報導。她自己不清楚整件事情,對部分人期望平反六四,自己無權評論,唯一的方法是由歷史慢慢處理。

  37. 一隻不想生蛋的雞

  38. 三年後的二五同三十年後的二五都一樣,死於口賤,太假。


  39. 二五無能力『缺失』

  40. 殘 + 廢 + 無能 = 都不重要

    尊重 + 真誠 + 付出= 永恆

  41. “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

    – Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Address

  42. Thank you 球迷

  43. 聽一次、低一智

  44. 祝賀塵廳長連任

  45. 咁多人齋up 又唔見球迷齋up

  46. 最緊要聽我齋噏

  47. 反骨要反得起天地狼心

  48. 二五應該立即下架

  49. 看誰能代替他地位?

  50. 豬八戒照鏡,兩面不是人。

  51. 一就一, 二就二, 請二五勿為廢柴而活.

  52. Let’s talk soccer

  53. 前政務司長陳方安生說,政務司長作為一眾高官的統籌,「一人之下、萬人之上」,期望林瑞麟的言行能以身作則,「我相信市民最希望看見的,是他顯示自己為人正直,有勇氣維護『一國兩制』,做事有點骨氣」。

  54. “Let’s talk soccer"

    羅馬尼亞對白俄羅斯 (BELR VS ROM); 點解會2:2 打和?


  55. 自點自唱; 君叔,開咪啦!

  56. Stay bet ? Stay foolish ?

  57. “Let’s talk hockey"


    1) ott vs tor; tor win
    2) car vs was; was win
    3) phi vs nj; phi win

    奶茶阿叔,點睇? 買定離手; 買定離手; 七點開波; 哎吔!我控制唔賭又賭,又去落飛啦,大師點算好?

    I bet, I foolish.

  58. Stay 25. will
    Stay Foolish, will
    Stay Hungry.

  59. 先賭為快

  60. 戒賭工作坊


  61. 黃太嘅噪音最難頂

  62. " Let’s talk about opera"

  63. 我們要打擊太后, 再謀朝篡位, 重金徵求黑材料.

  64. “Let’s talk about opera"

    Cyrano’s “My White Plume" monologue

  65. 中毒太深, 戒賭好難成功.

  66. 妖邪! 無澄澄走個肥佬出嚟? my “膚淺"

  67. 買咗啦, 三點半攬球; 中咗上嚟再吹水

  68. 十賭九輸

  69. 喬布斯的離世掀起了一場世界範圍內的悼念活動,蘋果競爭對手連日來紛紛以不同方式悼念這位技術創新領袖。與蘋果水火不容的Adobe公司在其網站主頁上悼念喬布斯。據報道,在多個領域與蘋果形成競爭的微軟在世界各地的分支,都將公司旗幟降半旗以示哀悼。

  70. 反骨點心邊個食?你唔食,我唔食。

  71. 大哥,聽講離緊又有舊野係天跌落離。你知啦,呢頭風水麻麻,都係行開吓好D。呢張係假紙,唔該簽名。

  72. 太后嫁到, 乜都有可能!!! 公公護航, 改朝換面, 唔怕謀朝篡位!!!

  73. 妖邪!自己抵打,抵打!係間票站攞張紙係咁畫,見大熱賠率低,十蚊執佢三場,賠個六十皮應該無死啦,定個枱油啦,點知中兩場衰一場,仆直!

  74. 神仙過鐵橋


  75. 大寶法王一連3日在香港舉行慶典到香港,劉嘉玲和梁朝偉結婚3年,造人遲遲未果,近日恰逢慶典,她更是接連3天都捧場,顯然相當盼望大寶法王再度賜福,讓她一圓當媽的願望。

  76. 大寶法王一連3日在香港舉行慶典,劉嘉玲和梁朝偉結婚3年,造人遲遲未果,近日恰逢慶典,她更是接連3天都捧場,顯然相當盼望大寶法王再度賜福,讓她一圓當媽的願望

  77. 二五有天份, 係一名人才, 我相信佢將來一定有成就.

  78. 非常之同意, 二五係一名人才, 佢將來一定有成就做到頭號家奴.

  79. 睇睇hockey賽果; 中, 中, 中呀! 比我估中哂!

    氣頂,無買;奶茶阿叔,我估中咗呀! tor, was, phi; win win win

    又要睇廳日美國職業攬球賽; 同佢搏過

  80. 人閃心不閃

  81. 十賭狗騙

  82. 咁多人買又唔見你買 ?

  83. 由於二五兩夫妻數口太精, 六親不認, 不重天倫, 不通人情, 只顧自己, 不顧別人, 過於冷酷自私.

  84. 收爹啦

  85. 聰明人知道怎樣一路為自己鋪路

  86. 聰明的二五為自己鋪一條掘頭路

  87. 劉銳紹認為, 由於領導人健康在內地政壇十分重要 , 江澤民希望親自現身, 繼續在內地政壇發揮影響力 , 及在決策上有發言權 . 不過劉銳紹認為, 江澤民的影響力 , 已經不及十六大及十七大時, 因此不會對明年 , 中共十八大的人事佈局有大影響 .

  88. 今日hockey你點睇

  89. 可以睇

  90. 這是一個資本主義社會下貧富懸殊問題,贏錢就是富,輸錢就是貧,差距難以縮窄。

  91. 真係唔公道, 我民望低, 日日畀人踩, 點解無得升?

  92. 二奶台 – 貧
    黃氏夫妻 – 富

  93. 妖邪!講多無謂,一點正開波先至係嘢,其它的嘢,講多無謂啦,來來去去都係的華人政治呀,電台呀,電視呀,報紙呀,買樓呀,賣樓呀,被車撞呀,回鄉証呀,包公租包公婆無水無電無奇保呀;你呃我呀,我騙你呀,不吐不快呀,大后皇后天后呀,皇帝玉帝上帝呀;多餘嚟講

    美式攬球一點開波;nwo, nyg, pit, hou 做胆; 必勝必勝,中咗再嚟吹水

  94. 忘記打名;上面咁肉緊要去睇波,忘記打名,補番

  95. 有人輸到short左

  96. 食藥啦

  97. 財散人安樂!輸咗啦輸咗啦!唔係十賭九騙呀,直頭係十賭十騙呀!

    有咩嘢理由啲攬球賽果會係咁呀?上半場嗰隊 Indianapola 都攞成7分+17分,成几嗰 touchdown, 打到對手離行離辣,點知下半場入完去休息室出嚟,第三場同第四場0分,攞0分呀大佬!咁都得?仲唔係有警滾?




  98. 咁多人輸又唔見我輸 ?


  99. 羊牯年年有, 近來特別多.

  100. 想打假波, 想抽水, 一定要求教二五兩公婆.

  101. 多謝外母關照

  102. 教主真言, 賭仔領教

  103. “I want to put a ding in the universe.”

    – Steve Jobs

  104. 研究指手機放褲袋精子變差

  105. 革命尚未成功,二五仍需努力。

  106. 記念食品: 豉椒炒偽魚

  107. 記念品: 棟篤笑假金毛

  108. 你金我都金

  109. 哲人離塵世 智慧留人間




  110. 招募冷火雞營業代表

  111. 多謝二五夫婦

  112. 二五怕老婆, 無吉士促銷革命, 二五越來越似龜苓膏.

  113. 貓哭老鼠假慈悲

  114. 母后, 個電話好似無電

  115. 貓哭老鼠假慈悲




  116. 太后不與二五便 ,青山醫院鎖二癲。

  117. 反骨節, 無需解話, 信者有, 不信者無.

  118. 太后不與二五便 ,青山醫院鎖二癲。




  119. 隊得好,隊得妙!我無醉!

  120. By: 信不信由你 on 十月 10, 2011
    at 4:46 pm


    鏢sir ,鏢sir; someone is threathen me to “隊"我呀!仲問我"信不信由我"; please take this as evidence!

    To: toronto police

    I here to let the toronto police know that: if anything happen to me, please take this as evidence to investigate.

  121. 為乜搞到咁大鑊?

  122. 范徐麗泰唔嫁又嫁又唔嫁又嫁的忸怩作態,已經感到極度厭煩。范太一直都為自己而活,每一次發言,每一次演講,每一次出鏡,都以為自己看準了機會,主動出擊。可惜形勢比人強,特首寶座,卻離她愈來愈遠。

  123. 精神有問題

  124. 你二五我都反骨

  125. 江主席一出, 測量梁摸王.

  126. 自喬布斯逝世後,一個正方形黑底、白色的蘋果公司標誌,本來被咬了一口的位置轉為喬布斯的黑色側面剪影,在互聯網瘋傳,19歲的麥朗一直被捧為此標誌的原創者,讓他聲名大噪。但網民發現,英國設計師Raid71早於5月發表了相似的喬布斯標誌,惟 其用色對調,側面剪影亦為白色。

    自稱為Raid71未婚妻的“Julia Hall20”亦在麥朗的部落格上留言,聲稱未婚夫的設計才是原創。

  127. 成籠演王興不倫不類

  128. 梁振英表示, 不會考慮江澤民的公開露面, 是否影響選情, 重申自己會繼續努力備選.

  129. The Obama administration passed another fiscal milestone this week, according to new data released by the Treasury Department. As of the close of business on Oct. 3, the total national debt was
    $14,837,099,271,196.71—up about $44.8 billion from Sept. 30.

    That means that in the less-than-three-years Obama has been in office, the federal debt has increased by $4.212 trillion–more than the total national debt of about $4.1672 trillion accumulated by all 41 U.S. presidents from George Washington through George H.W. Bush combined.

  130. 淺黃色屍正報告代表焦氣同稀望

  131. http://www.mingpaotor.com/htm/News/20111011/HK-gba1.htm

  132. 假如喬布斯生在中國


  133. 二五總輸記話要繼承和發揚靠害革命精神,為實現被忽視少數民族偉大復興而努力奮鬥。

  134. 假如喬布斯生在中國,沒有蘋果、沒有iPhone、沒有iPad……

  135. No bulls, no bears – only pigs

  136. 袁小姐急流勇退一件好事

  137. 黃台長出席阿二台私政論壇時, 被問及在最後一份私政報告才提出復建雞屋, 是否擔心一旦推高雞價, 他要負上被整治責任.

    黃台長回應說, 雞價急降是近三年發生, 令台長「高不成、低不就」, 不能申請提升, 亦不能公開掠水. 他強調雞屋政策不能朝令夕改, 當中無整治成份,

  138. 假如宅民生在中國,有錢、有女、有地位…… 唔使日日睇阿嫂面色

  139. Thou shalt not lie, Sir Donald.

  140. 今年的施政報告封 面為淺黃色(butterfly yellow),貼文指淺黃色帶出朝氣、活力及希望,象徵社會承先啟後,為未來攜手開闢新路。但隨即有網民回應指淺黃色寓意「香蕉皮、跣香港人」,網民 Ranger Rubbish亦留言揶揄夕陽政府「整色整水」,稱「唔好當市民白癡……我們不是要包裝」。

  141. 托老佛爺鴻福,又再添丁旺財

  142. 假如二五生在廢柴,炒謝老總、炒太后、有地位…… 唔使日日睇黃面婆面色.

  143. 老婆, 以後我兩個搭車搭船只需要兩蚊.

  144. 自我補粉施政報告

  145. 揸鑊鏟炒嘢係我嘅強項

  146. 從事改革工作十多年,所做過的事,都對得著自己及自己人,無一件事是違背良心,強調應由外母評價他的工作,至今他仍會為每件革命反思,過去的革命生涯無一次感到氣餒,是因為相信自己人,亦愛自己。

  147. 我朝朝去教堂祈禱, 如果我講大話, 上帝將會懲罰我.

  148. 搖擺不定的特首

  149. 嘩眾取寵, 我想罷就罷.

  150. If someone is yellow it means they are a coward.

  151. 煲呔表示,自己從事公務40多年,未曾做過一件不是違背良心,不是違背港人利益的事。每每面對批評,自己都不反思。

  152. 梁國雄昨在曾蔭權入場後,即時放上寫了「煲呔禍港,官商勾結」標語的黑色氫氣球,氣球其間經過劉秀成等議員的頭頂直飄上天花,各人對梁出其不意的示威方式感到愕然。由於工作人員無法即時將氣球移走,該氣球一直「陪伴」曾蔭權宣讀整份施政報告。

  153. 曾突首: 伙計, 埋單, 後數.

  154. 我做特首一定追英趕美, 可惜無人識我.

  155. 我好驚, 我好似十足被黑社會嚇親.

  156. 兩個爛仔現形 – 豬肉成, 憎爵士

  157. 成班爛仔陪住太后大蝦細

  158. 煲呔有畏雞蛋症

  159. 反對強迫奴婢成為必需廢柴,干預我地反骨權利

  160. 本國第 6大城市﹑人口逾70萬、有眾多華裔聚居的密西沙加市議會昨日一致通過禁售和禁止藏有魚翅的附例,這是繼安省布蘭福德(Brantford)和奧克維爾 (Oakville)之後,本國第3個城市通議過有關的附例,附例並會馬上執行。

  161. 忍左七年, 我忍唔住, 我要爆炸.

  162. 我兩強烈反對晉升民望超低你王后做廢柴頭頭

  163. 請兩位安靜、坐低,繼續一一三議程。

  164. 七年空頭支票

  165. 老婆, 呢度有雞蛋, 你識做.

  166. 我近來口味變左, 唔喜歡食海鮮同點心.

  167. 我近來口味變左, 只喜歡食魚翅.

  168. 傻婆, 我想你向太后掟蛋.

  169. 二五指廢柴節目主持人言行「十足爛仔」,又指電台是「黑社會地方」。

  170. 雞絲魚翅頻臨絕種

  171. 世界又細又圆,敵不過天,逃不過命。


  172. 煲呔的新衣

  173. 煲呔的新衣

  174. 天意~~~ 无語

  175. 天要下雨。。。。。

  176. 對當奴曾最後一份施政報告痛心, 難過.

  177. 曾特首要多謝幫主, 他不用答問.

  178. 曾蔭權又狗噏

  179. 做公公總好過做駙馬

  180. 我真係好驚

  181. 公公, 必需明白乜嘢叫做整治輪你, 分分鐘要被快閃.

  182. 我都係好驚…..


  183. Businesses in Toronto’s financial district say they’re gearing up in case the protest movement Occupy Toronto gets out of control this weekend.

    Occupy Toronto is intended to be a peaceful event, according to the organizers of the protest, modeled on Occupy Wall Street.

    Canada’s banks, whose head office towers around King and Bay Sts. are the likely focus of Occupy Toronto, say they’re taking precautious.

    The banks aren’t expecting Occupy Toronto to be as disruptive as the G20, when entire sections of the downtown core were barricaded to protect the world leaders attending the summit. But as one of the victims of last year’s G20 violence points out, protests can sometimes spiral out of control.

  184. 做附牛總好過做公公

  185. 做二五婆個應聲蟲狗亞哥好過做公公

  186. 臨別秋波發爛渣


  187. 喺啱哦唉詐假意


  188. 湖北荊州市新南門內長江大學文理學院門口,一輛巴士昨日上午疑被人潑油起火,車上1死1傷。現場消息稱,當車到站後,一名30餘歲的男子提着一壺汽油上車,隨即與汽車司機和售票員發生爭執,他繼而向巴士內淋汽油點火。事發時,車上約有15名乘客,司機和售票員見狀即時奪門先逃。

  189. 記得聽日星期六 Occupy廢柴

  190. 用家:呢個世界邊個最靚?
    4S:No 喇,聽講廢柴唔愛你
    用家:啊?反我骨?! 叫細佬返去賣咗你!

  191. 點解太后能夠贏二五夫婦?

  192. 反貪婪

  193. 十點鐘書院街見

  194. 放王二五做阿頭非常危險,因為王二五「遇錢會爆炸」。

  195. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty urged protesters in Canada to “be sure what one is protesting about.”

    Flaherty pointed out that, unlike in the U.S. and Europe, Canadian banks did not get bailed by government after the 2008 market crisis. As well, he talked up Canada’s progressive tax system, which sees individuals with modest resources paying little or no income tax.

  196. 佔領一個地方,未必有具體效果,但身處現場,起碼能夠認識志同道合或不合的人,通過溝通去明白大家對美好生活的想像。當中或有矛盾或有共識,都因為發聲反思而被聽見或變得更清晰。這是體制或各種霸權以外,活生生的人們。

  197. 無求甚麼 無尋甚麼
    突破天地 但求夜深
    奔波以後 能望見你
    妳可否 知道麼

    平凡亦可 平淡亦可
    自有天地 但求日出
    清早到後 能望見你
    那已經 很好過

  198. 甘地說過,一個反抗運動通常都會經歷,



  199. 銀地說: 〝窮不与富鬥,富不与官争。〞


    成為美国總統的Obama, 也拼命想幫窮人抬头,亦敵不過高官富人。

  200. 黃狗毛說過,一個反骨運動通常都會經歷,



  201. 盡快佔領解毒院

  202. 反貪婪吧婆

  203. 佢有可能又放假秘魯

  204. 明年是007電影系列誕生50周年,第23部《007》電影正在籌備中,男主角丹尼爾基克身邊有兩名邦女郎,其中演英國女間諜的是法國演員;另一名亞洲邦女郎則會在湯唯、李冰冰、范冰冰、舒淇與何超儀中5選1擔演。據稱湯唯贏面最高,大有機會繼楊紫瓊後,成為第二名華人邦女郎;98年楊紫瓊拍《新鐵金剛之明日帝國》躍升成國際女星。

  205. 煲呔曾用「黑社會」呢三個字鬧人,令市民好反感。其實自詡為政治家嘅煲呔曾,就算鬧人都應該有分寸,事後仲要立法會主席同班官員下屬死撐護主,真係冇好帶挈。

  206. 特首係最爛政客

  207. 施政報告公布之後,好多人都為「蔭權七年」作總結,煲呔曾喺一個電台節目上為自己塗脂抹粉,佢話七年來面對過好多危機,如流感、全球金融海嘯,甚至數埋馬尼拉人質事件,結果戰戰競競、峰迴路轉,轉個彎嚟暗讚自己做好咗佢份工,真係面皮夠晒厚。

  208. Will Sir Donald retire and live in England next year?

  209. 反二五夫妻剝削抗議

  210. 八婆鈴偏幫CY, 日日踩糖糖.

  211. 林公公EQ強, IQ低.

  212. 我發夢都想玩舖勁

  213. http://news.mingpao.com/20111017/gba1.htm

  214. 中華民族! 還可以稱之為“人”嗎? 可怕!

  215. 「換作你撞倒人,你也會跑!」最先撞倒悅悅的人渣司機,昨午疑礙於壓力終於自首,但仍毫無悔意,冷血得令人髮指。他坦承當時知道撞倒人,但完全無意停車,事後逃到陝西西安,也一度堅拒自首。對於被他輾得奄奄一息的女童悅悅,司機顯得漠不關心, 直言:「我想她幹嘛?她又不是我的孩子!」《羊城晚報》

  216. 應該舉國下半旗,為中國的道德之死默哀。

  217. 不想再看中国新闻

  218. 多一事不如少一事

  219. 農場正在研究否是推出侍產假的可能

  220. 連狗都不如

  221. 阿牛明日開始放假 – 放侍產假 ?

  222. 什么叫寒蟬效應, 多一事不如少一事? 那不是一件8掛新聞,或者一隻raccoon在街上,是一个半身折斷的小孩,不能可理不理!

    父母去了那? 疏忽照護。


  223. 吳志森﹕曾鈺成主席受什麼壓力出現錯判?


  224. 記者昨中午趕到出事的廣州佛山廣佛五金城,見到這身高不及成年男子胸膛的婦人陳賢妹,原來因其義行廣傳,有地產公司昨晨向她捐贈5000元獎金,她旋即打算轉贈急需醫療費用的悅悅,昨遂現身現場附近,欲找受傷女童雙親,但二人因留守醫院,雙方未能見面。陳婦說稍後會到醫院探望。


  225. 我地全家個個都推過點心, 幾時到你?


  226. 黃台長: 阿牛, 我最憎人放假.

  227. 阿爺肯定我係廢柴

  228. 我係才氣縱橫, 一鳴驚人, 波士親自任命嘅配角.

  229. 白鴿黨鍾意食蘋果

  230. 有 政 治 學 者 認 為 , 政 黨 接 受 捐 款 屬 平 常 事 。 今 次 事 件 反 而 凸 顯 一 個 奇 怪 現 象 。

    中 大 政 治 及 行 政 系 副 教 授 馬 嶽 指 出 , 香 港 很 多 政 黨 都 有 接 受 不 同 財 團 的 贊 助 , 除 非 全 數 公 開 捐 款 來 源 , 否 則 難 以 公 平 比 較 。

  231. 我給建仔用的是叫利是錢

  232. 哈哈哈!仍然相信上帝嗎?

  233. 各位可以相信我,我接收捐獻,歡迎自動轉帳。

  234. 在大溫地區的列治文日前發生「中國彩票中獎」騙案,事主收到「中獎」電話後,已懷疑是騙局,但騙徒以「死纏爛打」手法,不停致電,又以「假網站」及「假律師」騙取女事主信任,女事主雖經過細心求證,但騙徒佈局精密,最終事主被騙將4500加元匯往中國。騎警稱亞裔女事主是善心人,卻遭歹徒騙去金錢。

  235. 我公佈我哋嘅99%捐款人係一個名字稱無名氏, 佢嘅捐款係 $0.25.

  236. 相信見錢開眼

  237. 「雙英」一同出席名店開幕,全程零交流,各自與嘉賓聊天,前政務司司長唐英年與東亞銀行主席李國寶為伍,前行會召集人梁振英則與外籍人士交流,唐梁與主禮的特首曾蔭權亦分別沒接觸。

  238. 等到老都等唔到上車

  239. 立法會主席曾鈺成今早亦約見人民力量立法會議員黃毓民及陳偉業,討論在上周四的驅逐事件。陳偉業會後表示,席間他向曾鈺成表明當天沒有在黃毓民提問時高叫口號,他希望作進一步調查。

  240. 等到老都等唔到有仔女

  241. 等乜鬼!

  242. Blocks away from St. James Park, where the “99 per cent” continued their protest, a billionaire in the top 0.000000002 per cent dined on white linen.

    Hong Kong entrepreneur and philanthropist Li Ka-shing, the world’s 11th richest person, was occupying Toronto to celebrate the opening of an institute named in his honour at St. Michael’s Hospital.

    He was all smiles as he waved at the crowd of 200 researchers, clinicians and students who gathered to thank him for his $25 million donation to the building that brings medical research, education and clinical practice under one roof.

    But a convoy of black Mercedes with tinted windows parked on the downtown hospital’s curb hinted at his extreme wealth, which Forbes pegged in March at an estimated $26 billion.

  243. 我不是敗雞king

  244. 阿王賣點心, 越賣越無癮, 交緊行貨.

  245. 任選一款:

    牛肉點心 (未上市)

  246. 揸頸就命雞紮

  247. 阿王賣藥丸,好像派安眠藥。

  248. 学老婆要兩條應聲虫傍住

  249. 老婆每日只做一個鐘, 每週四循例因公放假.

  250. 應聲牛好彩放假

  251. 懶諗、懶選、懶換碟

  252. 雞瘟陣容頂盛, 不過好多人感染放假秘撈症.

  253. 懶人多屎尿

  254. 譚志源由特首辦轉任政制及內地事務局長後,出席立法會大會,同議員火併。雖然佢唔似得前任局長、現今嘅政務司長林瑞麟一樣同議員舌戰,但面對議員質疑,包括點解唔將區議員委任制諮詢公眾,以及點解唔一次過取消委任制,譚志源無咩好講,只係話政府持開放態度,結果被獨立議員鄭家富批評,話佢同上任局長一樣,都係「人肉錄音機」。



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