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Tempest over a Timbit!

Single mom fired for giving baby free Timbit.. will now get her job back!

Nicole Lilliman, 27, was rehired after she was dismissed by Tim Hortons for giving a fussy child a free Timbit.

A London, Ont. woman will be getting her job at Tim Hortons back after being fired for giving a free Timbit to a toddler.

A statement issued by the company’s head office Thursday said the person who fired Nicole Lilliman, 27, went too far and that the single mother of four has been reinstated.

Unfortunately the action of the manager of this location was not appropriate," the statement read. “With an apology from management Ms. Lilliman has been rehired by the franchisee. We sincerely apologize to our customers for this unfortunate incident."

Tim Hortons customers interviewed in London were less than impressed upon hearing of the firing.

They’re not going to go broke giving a child a Timbit," one woman told A-Channel London. “Shame on them."

Timbits are small balls of glazed dough that sell for $0.16.

Lilliman has said she didn’t think much about giving the Timbit to the 11-month-old child, who came in with a regular customer on Monday. She said staff members often give Timbits to pets and children and that she was trying to calm the child.

Lilliman had worked at the store for about three years. She said was greeted by three managers when she arrived at work on Wednesday, who confronted her about the free gift after watching surveillance footage taken in the restaurant.

Uncomfortable with returning to the store from which she was fired, Lilliman will now work at another Tim Hortons location just down the street, company spokesperson Rachel Douglas told the Canadian Press on Thursday.

No decision has been made on whether action will be taken against the manager who fired Lilliman, said Douglas, adding she does not believe the manager’s actions are ground for dismissal.

There is currently no company-wide policy on giving away free Timbits.

Source:  CTV



  1. I remember my friend gave a donut to my son 3 months ago. She said “for sample" is OK, no need to pay. She is still working there. How come same Tim Hortons but different standard.

  2. How many timbits the “Americanized” Tim Hortons has to spend on the damage control for the dismissal of Ms. Lilliman controversy?

    It is a PR disaster over the $0.17 timbit loss.

  3. To show the wisdom of management, the manager can give Nicole a warning letter and tell everyone about her misconduct. Make sure she apologizes, record her apology and play it back hundred times in front of the crowd.

  4. 添仔小題大做, 無 common sense, 一百次 Roll Up The Rim 都不能挽救昔日形象.

  5. 近年 Tim Hortons 越富貴越孤寒.

  6. 那位經理是照添仔本子「笨」事, 大公司係咁無人情味.

  7. The manager might just have wanted to do the toddler a favour because:

    1. By calling herself “Ms. Nicole Lilliman", she could be an impersonated oversized Nicole Kidman. Eh! We have to be careful with these single white females with fake names (ref: old movie Single White Female. Also ref: Her title “Ms" not “Mrs" with a toddler in her custody), she could very well be a killer when she can get a hold of a high heel! Now, she is in the spotlight and will no longer be able to kill in silence!

    2. The manager might have mistaken Ms. Lilliman for the serial killer “Mrs. Lipman" in the movie Silence of the Lambs. So, you never know, it is possible that Ms. Lilliman just wanted to force-feed the toddler with lots of transfat everyday to slowly kill the little guy.

    If I were the owner of this franchisee, I would definitely buy her a plaque honouring this outstanding manager for his/her act of kindness to the toddler, saying something like “Absolutely No More Transfat Goodies to Kids"!

  8. Rehired Timbit mom needs the dough

    Tim Hortons gives her a job at another outlet but she fears career over


  9. small potato la

  10. Tim hortons just want to make noise for free promtion. do you know how much it cost for a commerical in cbc and ctv in the prime time?? now they successfully make some noise la.. it just a show only… both the lady and tim hortion retain what they want

  11. 深感丟臉

    Tim Horton 應向國人鞠躬致歉。

  12. Fired over a timbit! And rehired over a public outcry! Perhaps, it is their corporate policy not to give away free food. The disciplinary action taken by the manager over the incident is much worse than Ms. Lilliman’s giving away a timbit.

    What? Free timbits to pets. Does it mean pet owners can sue Tim Horton’s for causing cavities in their pets?

  13. Tim Horton 應向中國人鞠躬致歉。

  14. Single mom Nicole Lilliman, 27 ‘s not Chinese 中國人

    大火炬 must be confused

  15. Timbitgate

    How, one wonders, did management find out about her action in the first place? Which seems more likely: (a) that someone was actually scrutinizing videotape for hours, searching for that missing Timbit; or (b) that a manager eager to make personnel changes was looking for Ms. Lilliman to slip up?


  16. Miles Gilbert “Tim" Horton (January 12, 1930 – February 21, 1974) was a Canadian professional hockey defenceman from Cochrane, Ontario. He played 24 seasons in the National Hockey League for the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins and Buffalo Sabres. He was also a businessman and the co-founder of Tim Hortons, Canada’s largest coffee and doughnut store chain. He died in a car accident in St. Catharines, OntarioIn 1964, Horton opened his first Tim Horton’s Donut Shop in Hamilton, Ontario.[3] He even added a few of his culinary creations to the initial menu. By 1967, Horton had partnered with investor Ron Joyce, who quickly took over operations and expanded the chain into a multi-million dollar franchise system.

    In addition to shops in Canada, Buffalo, New York has over 80 Tim Horton’s Doughnut Shops, and they can be found in Detroit, Michigan, Columbus, Ohio and other American cities.

    Joyce’s son has married Horton’s daughter, returning the Horton family to the company.
    After the Leafs’ last Stanley Cup win in 1967 – after which Horton was once again selected to the league’s Second All-Star Team – the Maple Leafs went into decline. Many of the stars of the championship teams moved on or retired. Though he remained and was a First Team All-Star the following two seasons, Horton was tempted to retire in 1969 because of the success of his business off the ice, a chain of donut shops bearing his name, and of Punch Imlach’s dismissal as coach of the club.

    Horton claimed he wanted double his salary to even consider returning. Lacking any veteran leadership on its blue line, Toronto surprised Horton by giving him over $80,000, roughly double his salary of the year before. The team, so young that Horton was the oldest defender by 16 years, was dead last in the league in the spring of 1970. Horton’s large salary was impractical for a team with little promise and he was traded to the New York Rangers. He spent a full season in New York in 1970-71, but was then selected in the next two intra-league expansion drafts, moving first to Pittsburgh for an injury-plagued season in 1971-72 and then to Punch Imlach’s Buffalo Sabres.

    Early in the morning of February 21, 1974, Tim Horton was killed in a single-car crash while driving home to Buffalo after a game in Toronto against his old team. Police who chased the sports car reported that it was traveling over 100 miles per hour before it crashed just outside of St. Catharines, Ontario. Toronto won the game that night, but Horton, even though he missed the third period with a jaw injury, was selected as the game’s third star for his standout play. He left behind a wife and four daughters. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1977. Today there are Tim Horton donut shops all across Canada.

  17. 母愛係偉大嘅,呢一事係母性嘅表現,一粒成本1毫子都唔使嘅Timbit,最多咪叫佢員工價填數,郁下就炒,咁狼,唔通做生意唔可以有人情味?

  18. In the United States, Mother’s Day was first suggested in 1872 by Julia Ward Howe (famous for writing the words to the “Battle Hymn of the Republic"). But it was a woman who was never a mother herself who led the campaign for national recognition of Mother’s Day.

    Anna Jarvis held a ceremony in 1907 in Grafton, West Virginia, to honor her mother, who had died two years earlier. Jarvis’ mother had tried to establish Mother’s Friendship Days as a way of dealing with the aftermath of the Civil War. Anna Jarvis began a campaign to create a national holiday honoring mothers. She and her supporters wrote to ministers, businessmen and politicians, and they were successful in their efforts.

    In 1910, West Virginia became the first state to recognize the new holiday, and the nation followed in 1914 when President Wilson declared the second Sunday in May to be Mother’s Day. Jarvis used white carnations as a symbol for mothers, because carnations represented sweetness, purity and the endurance of mother love. (Today, white carnations represent a mother who has died, while red carnations represent a living mother.)

    Unfortunately, Jarvis became bitter over the commercialization of the holiday. She filed a lawsuit to stop a 1923 Mother’s Day event and was even arrested for disturbing the peace at a mother’s convention where white carnations were being sold. Jarvis never married and never had children. She died in 1948.

  19. Similar unfairness happens not only in Tim Horton. I’ve heard many cases like this in Canada. Those managers are ridiculous. Where should we report to when we, small potatoes workers, experience similar unfairness?

    Any department or organization will listen to these mini cases valued $0.17 ? That’s a crazy layoff excuse from employer.

    Should Nicole not have reported this to media, she would simply accept the unreasonable layoff. I believe most chinese would not speak up in a mini case like this. What should I do if I were her?

  20. I actually don’t think any manager in his/her right mind would fire anyone on the grounds of giving away a $0.17 timbit. If the untold stories are later revealed to give us a glimpse of the big picture, we might find out more about Nicole Lilliman’s priors, such as other possible incidents violating a normal employee’s code of conduct.

    It follows that this $0.17 timbit and the toddler are just what Lilliman could possibly use to get a handle on suing Timmy for wrongful dismissal with no reference to the other things the manager might already be talking to her about before this “timgate" incident.



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