發文作者:kahoo | 四月 23, 2008

李家豪 突擊探訪3monkeys

PART 1 (starts at 17:00)  談談近況


PART 2  談談政治




  1. Very happy for your updates. It’s a nice cup of cold lemon tea.

  2. Happy to hear your voice again. All the best!

  3. Encore, Encore, 安哥, Encore, ENCORE, 安 哥 !!!!

    家豪哥, 安哥!!!!

  4. 家豪

  5. Glad +++ to listen to Simon and the 3 Monkeys. The reunion was fun.

  6. reading the wrong side of the news

  7. 布殊政府早在「九一一」前, 便開始招募一些「有影響力的關鍵人物」來為操控輿論作準備

  8. 嘉琪, 希望您早日康復, 也希望家豪以後多些送外賣給3 monkeys.

  9. 根據家豪的見解, 可以買 Obama 贏.

  10. Simon + 3 Monkeys = Simply the best

  11. 好開心又再聽到家豪的聲音, 希望你多啲上"開心喜趣來", 講多啲近況和你最專長的時事政治, 實在好精彩!
    We Miss U…

  12. 我都聽到, 很大的驚喜啊! 希望家豪多d上喜趣會客室, 多些突擊探訪外賣, 很好玩, 最好一星期上一次, update 吓各色各樣的頭條!


    all the best to you & 3 monkeys

  13. Joe:


  14. 家豪,
    Let’s take a look at 21st century.

    Human right:
    USA invasion to Iraq is causing millions of Iraqis homeless or have to migrate to other countries, 400+ casualties everyday. USA is monitoring/eavesdrop all US citizens & even foreign folks illegally and without explicitly saying so l ike it or not, Chinese Govenment explicitly said so in banning and controling media. 明人不做黯事.
    China is working peacefully with all countries around the world. It is you to tell me how many human right victim per day happening in China right now with evidence, and see who is having a more mega problem on human right , right now.

    USA invaded and is bullying countries everywhere.
    China- Dafur & Zimbabwe ? Of course USA does not want China completes with USA’s huge weapon market and oil drilling.

    In the first place, USA policy in middle-east caused high crude oil price. Now USA says to use BioFuel, the whole world has to suffer for high food price. USA uses future money out of control causing the subprime turmoil worldwide. All these cause price increase in every commodity.
    China provides good quality goods in low price to everyone in the world. Without China, this increase of commodity price caused by USA will be even worse.

    If you are not affected by the deeds of what USA did, you are lucky, most likely you are not an earthling at all 🙂 . Else instead of scream among ourselves and/or at China, who you should be screaming at to improve this world-wide situation? This is world vision, we should all have.

    I respect my fellow Chinese, and the country China for the global contribution to all human 21st century.

  15. 好耐無係 6 – 7 pm 聽政治評論, 終於聽到了.

  16. 從前有兩個小偷因"生意失敗"而爭吵.
    小偷A: 你罪孽深重, 因為你搶劫老婦.
    小偷B: 你比我更罪孽深重, 因為你搶劫一千元, 我只搶劫一百元.
    警察: 閉嘴! 你們兩個已被捕, 跟我回去!

    人經常看到其他人的問題但總會看不到自己的問題. 同樣地, 一個國家只看到其他國家的問題但看不到自己國家的問題.

  17. 有一日,故仔的老婆突然向故仔講:「你個惱有問題呀。」



  18. hahaha Bong Gor must have use ur front page picture to draw!~ really looks like you… he always draws so good

  19. 肯指出錯處已很給面子了
    還要用專業智識幫你想些建設具體建議, 執手尾擦屁股?
    還請勿阻礙高官亂花錢, 用幾百幾千萬私人醒自己友做的哈佛報告, 耶魯報告才特別馨香
    更會令庸官少了名為出外考察學習, 實際遊玩賭錢機會啊




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