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Trudeaumania: 40th Anniversary

40 years ago this week, the Liberal Party of Canada voted for generational change by choosing Pierre Trudeau as the first leader in Canada’s second century..

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Trudeaumania is now a 40-year-old phenomenon, but Trudeau’s charisma has endured, overshadowing his successors to this day. He even resonates with those who were too young to be paying attention:



  1. Trudeau most notable remark “Just Watch Me" makes the current successor look more lame.

  2. During the October Crisis of 1970, the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) kidnapped British Trade Consul James Cross at his residence on the fifth of October. Five days later, Quebec Labour Minister Pierre Laporte was also kidnapped (and was later murdered, on 17 October). Trudeau responded by invoking the War Measures Act, which gave the government sweeping powers of arrest and detention without trial. Although this response is still controversial and was opposed as excessive by figures like Tommy Douglas, it was met with only limited objections from the public. Trudeau presented a determined public stance during the crisis, answering the question of how far he would go to stop the terrorists with “Just watch me." Five of the FLQ terrorists were flown to Cuba in 1970 as part of a deal in exchange for James Cross’ life, but all members were eventually arrested. The five flown to Cuba were jailed after they returned to Canada years later.

  3. 退出政坛的特鲁多较少发表公众讲话或者接受记者采访。不过偶尔对于一些重大问题,他还是发表了看法。对于《米奇湖法案》和《查洛頓法案》的修宪提 议,特鲁多通过演讲和纂文表示了强烈反对,声称这样的修改会损害联邦和《权利宪章》。这些看法对最后决策有很重要的参考意义,修宪提议最终被击败。特鲁多 在英语加拿大颇受尊敬,但是在魁北克,由于宪法和独立问题,他的形象不是那么光辉。在国际事务上,特鲁多还很活跃,经常出访,拜会各国领导人并参与罗马俱乐部等国际组织的活动。



    (维基百科 )

  4. 加拿大前總理杜魯多提倡多元文化主義, 美國要少數族裔融入文化大熔爐,.

  5. Meech Lake Accord

    Arguments against the Accord also focused on the devolution of federal powers and control to the provincial governments. Former Canadian Prime Minister and arch-federalist Pierre Trudeau spoke out against the Accord, claiming Mulroney “sold out" to the provinces. Trudeau argued that Quebec, while distinct, was no more distinct than many other places in the nation. He also stated his belief that the federal government should oppose many provincial initiatives to keep the balance of powers within Confederation. In a newspaper opinion piece, Trudeau wrote: “[T]he federation was set to last a thousand years. Alas, only one eventuality hadn’t been foreseen: that one day the government of Canada would fall into the hands of a weakling. It has now happened." Some Liberal MPs called on Trudeau to be their “spiritual leader" against the Accord, further undermining John Turner’s already fragile leadership.

    Criticism was directed at the way the Accord was reached. They believed it lacked public sanction. The ten premiers and the prime minister came to be seen as “11 men in suits", dealing the future of the country behind closed doors.[1] Of course, historically that always had been the case, but in the post-Charter of Rights age this came to be seen as undemocratic.

  6. Pierre Trudeau is a statesman, Stéphane Dion, a politician.

  7. “If there were more leaders like Mr. Trudeau, there would be world peace." – John Lennon

  8. Pierre Elliot Trudeau:

    • “Canada will be a strong country when Canadians of all provinces feel at home in all parts of the country, and when they feel that all Canada belongs to them.”

    • “Living next to you (U.S.A.) is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast, if I can call it that, one is affected by every twitch and grunt.”

    • “Canada is a country whose main exports are hockey players and cold fronts. Our main imports are baseball players and acid rain.”

  9. Police chase ‘New FLQ’ group
    The Ligue de Défense has referred to itself as the “Nouveau FLQ." The FLQ, or Front de libération du Québec, was a Quebec separatist group that set off bombs in Montreal in the 1960s and launched Canada into the October Crisis in 1970, after it kidnapped British trade commissioner James Cross and later killed Quebec cabinet minister Pierre Laporte.

  10. In 1968, the government of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau initiated negotiations with the People’s Republic of China that lead to the establishment of diplomatic relations on October 13, 1970. Canada and China established resident diplomatic missions in 1971.

    In 1972, Canadian Foreign Minister Mitchell Sharp led a Canadian trade delegation to China and met with Premier Zhou Enlai. Mr. Sharp also travelled to Shijiazhuang where he recognized the significant contribution to Canada-China relations of Norman Bethune.

    In 1973, Prime Minister Trudeau became the first Canadian Prime Minister to pay an official visit to the People’s Republic of China, laying the basis for the enormous subsequent growth in Canada-China relations that continues to this day.

  11. 加拿大極右納粹改革党“Reform Party of Canada” 由一群种族癲佬在加拿大西部

    1993年原加拿大進步保守党“Progressive Conservative Party of Canada (PC)”在連續執政九年后于1993年慘敗,只得了兩席而失去了反對党的資格(加拿大反對党資格是五席以上)。加拿大人嘲笑它們為意大利跑車(兩個坐位)。從此,Progressive Conservative Party of Canada (PC) 一蹶不振。

    為了改變納粹种族形象,取得執政的目標,2000年它們策反了一些 Progressive Conservative Party of Canada (PC)中極右分子成立了加拿大聯盟党“Canadian Alliance”。加拿大人戲稱其為外星人(Aliens)。但是由于它們的納粹形象并沒有改變,它們在仍然沒有市場。

    由于進步保守党的繼續衰落,2003年改革党吃掉了進步保守党,奪其名而稱為“加拿大保守党”(Conservative Party of Canada)。這是其最險惡的一招,讓人們容易將它們与五度執政的保守党混淆。特別是不知道納粹改革党歷史的人,很容易以為它們就是普通西方國家的保守党。2006年它們利用執政的自由党廣告費一事大炒特炒而取得部分選票而成為少數政府。

    我們已經看到Stephan Harper的納粹党的反華嘴臉。它們甚至提出一個“台灣關系”法案。這些年,哈包反華最出力,什么坏事都做,乜坏話都說,只要是反華。把自由党自1993來在克里靖總理領導下修好的友好的中加關系破坏殆盡。


  12. Beatlemania of the North

    During the 1968 election campaign, Pierre Trudeau, the new leader of the Liberal party, was greeted by an unprecedented phenomenon – “Trudeaumania." Large, enthusiastic crowds gathered wherever he went. Women grabbed at his clothes and kissed him. He added to the excitement by sliding down bannisters and doing backflips into swimming pools. No prime minister, before or since, has inspired such hysteria.

  13. 不刷中國鞋並不代表納粹反華。請不要忘記Harper敢說敢言,敢於認錯,是唯一為人頭稅問題道歉的總理。

  14. Pierre Elliott Trudeau was truly 藝高人膽大: Charter of Rights and Freedoms, repatriation of our constitution from Britain, architect of the multiculturalism, just to name a few.

    Given the creativity of our mainland Chinese entrepreneurs, if they had cloned an A貨 P.E.T. (or “彼得.認叻.輸賭"), China would already be leaps and bounds ahead with a similar Charter of Rights and Freedoms!

    I wonder when this 彼得.認叻.輸賭 will ever emerge in China…

  15. 維基百科:杜魯道

  16. 所以小弟絕對唔相信進化論。 請看﹕

    杜魯多 —> 保羅馬田 —> 狄安


  17. 魁北克解放陣線(英文Quebec Liberation Front,法文Front de libération du Québec)常使用法文縮寫FLQ,是早期魁北克獨立運動中於1960年代建立的社會主義和民族主義組織。

  18. LOL!!! re: 廢苦兄之 “杜魯多 —> 保羅馬田 —> 狄安"進化論!! well said, well said

  19. I don’t think so, non-believers!

    Evolution means living organisms can evolve over time, whether the process of evolution is generative or degenerative. In the case of the above politicians, and, for that matter, in all cases of politicians, their brains degenerate progressively as the history of the party wears them thinner and thinner.

    And this again, gentlemen, has proven me right!



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