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  1. 睇完之後嘅反應…… “Wow!" (借問旁述果把男聲係….?)


  2. 美麗的國之音歡迎您﹗

  3. WOW! NOOOooooBODY TV?!

    Just dude然想起: I hope “林Wow" hasn’t copyrighted his name!

    Yes, 兄弟/姊妹們, 上!!!!

    P.S: Is 家豪 going to be hosting 一本政經 there?

  4. The “Resurrection" of Power Politics is coming to WOW-tv?

  5. has long been 1 n only TV provider for chinese,
    now we got 1 more…yeah!!
    cable price go down down down,
    except where is this TV station?
    where is jobfair? this youtube only 30 sec!!
    Cable no. what?
    when is starting?
    what jobs they are hiring?
    how come no ad on TV?
    i lost my job,
    what about security?? i dont have a degree..
    i worked in fairchild,A1
    can i join? no need line up??

    ex-fairchild employee
    monopoly fung

  6. This is a most wonderful news. Mr. K H Lee – will you join this family?

  7. wow…在復活節發放這消息…..有意思…有意思…
    Kahoo 希望在這新台見倒你的節目復活.

  8. when will this station going to be on rogers
    wil it be carry TVB DRAMA and more hong kong news?
    any ideas of the new channel info?

  9. 为提供真相报导,娱乐资信,服务华人社群,需要您的帮助,美国之音欢迎您的加入!

  10. 霄九里 // March 21, 2008 at 1:13 am

    旁述果把男聲好似係 Johnny.
    你估近排放緊假, 旅行 或遭解僱D 5×5 人有冇分?

  11. 如果WOW-tv有新聞, 劇集與時事節目, 我必定會取消Fairchild轉睇WOW-tv. 是free online tv會更好.

  12. 係噃, 數碼電視係咪即係 HDTV, 定係 IPTV 或VoIP/Vid-o-IP 呀? 定係幾招齊發呢吓?

  13. 應該係 TVoIP/Vid-o-IP 至啱, 唔好意思!

  14. so which mean wont on rogers cable?
    or wil it be in bell or which provider will be carry them
    and do u think fairchild and them will have a rate down
    i hope they can drop down to 5 to 10 per month
    14.95 per month is way too much

    do u guys think they will have tvbN news and tvb drama as well?

  15. The man’s voice from the video is Joe Cheng’s best friend. Oh, he’s a tall and handsome guy.

  16. Simon, I hope this is not an April Fools joke!
    What about CCB-tv? 🙂

  17. either Rogers/Bell Express Vu wor……..

  18. If Simon is going to join this new TV station, be sure to bring Dr. So as well.

    I came to Pacific Mall this afternoon for shopping and note that Dr. So is in the book store. He is back. O, Great. Absolutely “Hoi Sum Hey Tsui Loy".

  19. As per info from facebook:

    Event Info Name:
    加華視訊 WOW TV 24小時全數碼中文電視台招聘會
    Tagline: One day only (只有一天)
    Host: 加華視訊 WOW TV
    Type: Meetings – Convention

    Time and Place Date:
    Saturday, March 29, 2008
    Time: 10:00am – 6:00pm
    Location: 加華視訊 WOW TV
    Street: 3405 Kennedy Road (Kennedy & Passmore, a block south of Steeles)
    City/Town: Toronto, ON

    And the job position are available as below:

    -Accounting Manager
    -Admin Manager
    -IT Manager
    -Sales Director
    -Sales Executives
    -External Affairs Director
    -Marketing Executive
    -Chief News Editor
    -News Editor
    -News writer
    -Operation Controller
    -Director of Operation
    -Director of Programming
    -Commercial Traffic Manager
    -Commercial Traffic Assistant
    -Play-Back Manager
    -Executive Producer
    -News Contorller
    -Chief Cameraman
    -Cameraman Camera Assistant
    -Production Manager
    -Production Assistant
    -Animation Designer
    -Graphic designer/Set designer
    -Chief Enginner
    -Assistant Enginner
    -Senior Technician
    -Technician Sound Engineer Audio Assistant

    1) Media Press Conference (2-3pm)
    2) Please bring along your resume for on spot 1st round interview

  20. 5×5 Wrong: 嘩﹐唔好下話﹐果班友﹖我睇就唔會喇﹐佢地係晨早想幫手個電視台嘅話﹐都唔會走咗去投奔A1啦﹐係咪。冇架喇﹗



  21. 家豪,快D講些新動向來聽聽, 我地等左好耐啦。

  22. 霄九里, 唔好攪錯呀, 雖然我都自命…(等等先, 唔該自備 barf bag 先好睇落去吓)…相貌堂堂, 俊朗不凡, 貌若潘安, 儀表出衆, 風度翩翩…但做演員, 抛頭露面, 喺公仔箱裏面走嚟走去, 俾人指手橫腳, 不而做番我老本行好過哂喇。

    不過呢一樣數碼電視, 如果係 HDTV, 即係高解象電視嘅話呢, 就應該要用 Rogers Cable, 或 Bell 等要俾錢先有得睇, 因為係加拿大用天線就收到 HD 頻道嘅日子似乎重有排呀。 但如果係用 TVoIP/Vid-o-IP 或 IPTV 呢, 就基本上一上網就有得睇喇 (IPTV 應該要個 set-top box)。 所以如果數碼得嚟又係 IPTV 或 TVoIP/Vid-o-TP, 就冇得彈喇!

    話時話喇, 其實有冇人見過古時呢個「潘安」個貓樣嘅呢, 係呢個吖:


    重有呀, 家豪一定要去加華電視做番一本政經呀, 陳國治同我哋都「等著你回來」架!

  23. does anyone really know wha’ts going on with this channel
    when will it really happen come to canada?
    and how’s it like?
    either iptv, HD ROGERS or HDBELL
    does anyone know
    also the programining
    i am sick of fairchild now
    pice so expesnive and showing old tvb drama, if they show new tvb drama, i will change to wow tv
    does anyone know about them

  24. 嘩獨孤求丙﹐乜你果兩個"潘安"都咁‘雌雄同體"feel嘅﹐你… 你真係貌若潘安???

    Re:留上位擔心人﹐據知唔會又係一年前嘅過期劇集﹐請放心.. 你見佢而家周家貼哂招聘廣告就知﹐實係都會有番D本地嘢﹐至於會唔會有一本政經電視版喇喎…. 呵呵… 揾陣起見﹐都係叫陳廳長快D買定套高清化妝品啦。
    不過D 技術性嘅細節﹐我都唔識.. 淨係知好似係Bell.﹖我有個同事話我聽個電視台地盤就起kennedy夾passmore﹐對到正佢個backyard。你地揾人潛入去揾下料喇不如﹐哈

  25. hmm .. do u think they’ll take ppl who are applying for a summer job ? i really really wana work for them ! but i’m afraid that they’ll reject me for my seasonal postion =[

  26. RCMP edits Taser reports, probe finds
    Censored details include incident dates, injuries and whether individuals were armed
    Mar 25 http://www.thestar.com/article/350402

    This is cover up, and totally non-human-right.

  27. time to read the main-stream opinion:
    Demand justice for Khadr
    Mar 24, 2008
    “…we have a federal government that does not place much emphasis on the need to defend the rights of individual Canadians. The government’s refusal to intervene in the case of Omar Khadr is shameful…"

  28. another cover up:
    Khadr’s military interrogation faces scrutiny
    Ex-soldier dropped as prosecution witness was convicted in death of wrongly accused detainee
    Mar 25
    “…The government’s attempt to hide Sgt. C is an example of what we’ve said about military commissions generally – they exist to launder evidence derived from torture and coercion…"

  29. Zzzzzzzzzzzz…..Zzzzzzzzzzz…so boring…..

  30. 長氣.

  31. Good FACTS!

    I support you.

  32. cut and paste, good cut and good paste

  33. Sisi: what is the facebook link?

  34. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=21846617800

    I didn’t check this page. Sorry if it’s too late.

  35. 希望溫哥華可以看到

  36. You can buy it in vancouver from here:


    It is on sale too! No subscription needed.



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