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Simon Li will speak on CBC Radio’s The Current on Thursday morning (9:45@ FM99.1)




  1. Hopefully the next step is on WoW tv!

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In fact, I’ve been tuning in to CBC more often than any other mainstream station after I stopped listening to 1540. OKAY! Tomorrow 9:30 a.m. sharp, I’ll be near the radio or a computer to listen for sure!!!! Tell CBC I’ll listen ONLY to their station if you appear there every morning! OK?

    BTW, what’s the topic of discussion? Taiwan election? How Sing Tao “liberated" the Chinese radio landscape in Toronto? Edison and Gillian? How the red army soldiers are Tibetan monks? Interview Chinese Ambassador and ask him why all the reporters are evicted from Tibert? Or just give us a surprise topic tomorrow?

  3. My apology, typo:

    How the red army soldiers torture the captured Tibetan monks?

  4. 一定準時收聽.

  5. The Current is a meeting place of perspectives, ideas and voices, with a fresh take on issues that affect Canadians today. Our team of journalists—based in every major region of the country—think locally and globally. We bring new insight to stories that Canadians are talking about now, and we uncover stories they’ll be talking about next week and next year.

    We don’t just talk about the issues. We poke and prod them and look at them from new angles, shedding light on what needs to be exposed and taking delight in the surprising twists and turns our stories take. Nothing’s off limits—politics, business, culture, justice, science, religion—if it’s pertinent to Canadians, it’s on the Current agenda.

  6. Congrat to Simon!
    I will listen to your programme.
    All the Best…

  7. Chinese Government should allow more media transparency than this:
    官方邀請 顯示局勢平定 十餘外地記者抵拉薩採訪

    Interesting to read this:
    “Tibetan nationalists have hardly ever resorted to terrorist tactics," seems true to me, and should be respected. So those who beat/threw stones and looted, may also be true as described by Chinese Government as criminals only who has nothing to do with Tibet protest, and to use force to suppress such massive criminal acts is a responsibility of any government in the world. But why ban media if it is only criminal acts? Chinese government should learn from this, to rethink how to treat ethnics, how to promote free media, if she wants herself to be understood or not mis-understood by world media.

  8. In what condition will certain groups do terrorism acts?
    – there is an enemy
    – there is a struggle of ownership, be it religion, land, resources, people, economy,..
    – they have legitimate no way to channel their concerns, their voice
    – however, this is the most important thing- funding. To perform terrorism, it is expensive.

    I respect Dalai Lama, who has all the resources and money, I don’t think he is using the money to do terrorism.

    To further explain this, you may aware there were IRA & Sein Fein bombing all the time then in Northern Ireland. Ex-Pre Clinton visited Ireland in 1995 & 2000, you can see there is no more IRA & Sein Fein bombing, Sein Fein became a “gentle" political party. Imagine where the terrorism funding came from, and since the funding stopped… Same thing to the 赤衛軍 in Japan, you heard them no more once China & Japan entered into economic co-operation.

  9. -How the tibetan beat kill innocent womens in fashion stores.

    -How some major medias such as BBC, CNN, NTL distorted the riots of tibetans and slantering the Chinese people

    -Now the U.S. casualty reached 4,000 deaths and over half a million Iraqi civilian deaths, a total human tragedy

  10. 將你見到,听到ge畫面當住的白人講出來﹐當面駁斥拒地﹐你夠唔夠僵?!!

  11. Hmmm, will be in a meeting at that time. Is there any archive of the show?

  12. People always says there is a lot of political prisoners in China, and that if Chinese government wants get rid of anyone you will not be able to know, so if there is Khadr in China he would disappeared time ago.

    Having said that, we still need to help keep any eye on China, so that it will eventually become a good, free, human rightly country.

    Tell me if Amnesty has a count of how many political prisoner in China, wouldn’t it be contradict to what Chinese government can do? Why didn’t Chinese Government just wipe out the political prisoners, but let Amnesty to count them?

    However, with google map, one can count how many reinforced building in China, and can tell which one are prisons.

    Do you think a good government should have good citizens, since there should be a good society? Do you think there are 2.03 million prisoners in China? Don’t think so? That is correct, it is USA, 701 per 100,000 population:
    According to the International Centre for Prison Studies at King’s College London, the U.S. currently has the largest documented prison population in the world, both in absolute and proportional terms. We’ve got roughly 2.03 million people behind bars, or 701 per 100,000 population. China has the second-largest number of prisoners (1.51 million, for a rate of 117 per 100,000), … Russia had the highest rate for years, but has released hundreds of thousands of prisoners since 1998; meanwhile the U.S. prison population has grown by even more.

  13. Thursday on The Current:

    The trial of the first of 15 suspects charged in an alleged terrorism blot to blow up several buildings in Toronto in 2006 began earlier this week. Prosecutors have asked for a publication ban on evidence that could prejudice the trials of the other 14. Media outlets say the public has a right to know what evidence is being presented without restriction. We’ll hear that debate.

    And we’ll hear a debate between two prominent Canadian ex-pats — authors Malcolm Gladwell and Adam Gopnik — about what it means to be Canadian, how to define our national identity and whether Canada is really a nation or more of a notion.

  14. Will listen to you tomorrow.
    All the best!

  15. Ottawa fights Khadr ruling
    “OTTAWA—Canada does not have an obligation to hand over evidence concerning Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr and doing so could jeopardize international relations and reveal classified information"

    I thought only Chinese government would like to keep so much secret, and would not like to lose “face" to international “friends".
    If a 15 year old Khadr is treated as a mature terrorist, and according to some folks here “should die", why such double standard not to say anything to Tibetan looter? I support Tibet peace movement same as I support Quebec & Scotland peace movement, but not those criminal looters.

  16. http://www.thestar.com/news/afhsdfhklsjdhkl



  17. 乞超﹗

  18. Sorry, flu season is not over yet.

  19. 我們和 Simon 有一個約會:

    9:30 am @ FM99.1
    (CBC Radio’s The Current)

  20. 塵廳長 // March 27, 2008 at 12:18 am “cat lover,拿,死唔信!你睇喇,3月11日一開始嘅時候嘅和平示威電視片段!就係咁!如我所講,一班喇嘛起街頭漫步!

    Having you watch and listen carefully?
    min shots
    0000 was a tourist shot at Potala in Lhasa
    0009 the Chinese Foreign Ministry press conference.
    0040 in Himalchal Pradesh, India, the Bir Tibetan Society
    0052 in NewYork until the end of clip

    There was no any other shot in Tibet. Come on you can do better than the media.

    Btw, please watch today’s TVB news, has coverage on media in a Tibet temple, the monks openly complained about a lot of things including no freedom, were not allowed to leave the temple, … right in front of the Chinese officials who lead the media to the temple. Chinese government should do more media openness like this.

  21. 好喇, 好喇!! 開波喇!!!

  22. Simon, just listened to you on cbc, miss you a lot. Love to hear more from you, your observation is always unique and sharp, not just the run of the mill type of comments. Your return to media will benefit the Chinese community a lot, pls work on that.

  23. This is real demonstration right on the spot of the problem in Iraq, not in India nor New York 🙂
    “..The slum of 2 million people has been locked in a virtual state of siege.."

    Everyday 400+ Iraqis civilian casualties in IRAQ due to USA invasion since 2003, and now 2 million people are being locked up. Where is human right? Why Steven Human-right Spielberg turns a blind eye to this devilish deed done by his own country? Should France boycott anything organized by US? Oh, right France cracked down on her own ethnic demonstration last year. Should Mr Martin Li talk to Chinese government to do something about US human right ? This is kidding don’t take it seriously. 🙂

  24. Simon Li
    賀明禹Winnie Hwo Fairchild Television and Talentvision 新聞及公共事務部 總監(加西)

    They briefly expressed their views on the Chinese media perspective about the Tibet issue.

  25. 咦? 乜家豪出塲咁短嘅? 等我 e-mail CBC 嘈吓佢哋先。

    呀, 之後聽 CBC, 聽到原來火燭車喺 Montreal 都敵唔過 d potholes, 嘿:

  26. 主持人想輕輕帶過西藏問題, 是「放飛機」.

  27. Anna Maria Tremonti asked mainly the processes of how to get the news from Tibet. She did not dare to touch this “hot potato” by getting comments from Simon and the guest from Vancouver.

  28. 李柱銘不再參選立法會 (23:32)
    廣 告




  29. The different wordings applied by mainstream and local Chinese media is entirely different e.g. riot, crackdown, restoring order. This more or less reflects the Chinese media is afraid of offending Communist China.

    It seems also that the host is offering more time to Winnie Ho to respond/defend. It is also inappropriate for Winnie Ho to disturb you when you have not finished speaking.

  30. Big company has more air time … small potato has less air time … the host gave the guests only 10 minutes to discuss this complex issue

  31. The riots and killings of Han Chinese were murderous acts and will not, and should not be tolerated in any civilized societies.

    When some people talk about these criminal acts in China, they try to WATER IT DOWN. Any anything negative about Chinese, they try to EXAGERATE.

    There are over half a million people DEAD in Iraq, and yet we don’t see these type of coverage in the medias like CNN or BBC. 18 People killed by criminal rioters in tibet, China, we get coverage everyday, during this OLYMPICS season.

    We Chinese should be very vigilant lies, attacks, and slantering.

    Because some people in this world are very FEARFUL of our growth.

  32. WOW……This is the best news ever. We will fully support you. Cheers !!!!!!!!!

  33. Sorry, I was unusally busy at work. Any Transcript?

    Eh! It looks like Fairchild vs. Kahoo…

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