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“Those Oriental people work like dogs.."

To Apologize or not to Apologize???

多市經常引起爭議的市議員Rob Ford﹐在市議會大會關於在法定假期中是否讓商店開門營業的辯論中﹐有關亞裔移民是工作狂﹐「像狗一樣工作」的一席話﹐引起強烈批評。市長苗大偉認為這一番話是「完全無法接受」的﹐Rob Ford理應就此做公開道歉。

Rob Ford沒有答應公開道歉﹐但郤承認用錯字眼﹐表示無意貶低亞裔社區﹐願意與亞裔社區對話,及向覺得被冒犯的人道歉。

引起軒然大波的這番說話是﹕「Those Oriental people work like dogs. They work their hearts out. They are workers non-stop. They sleep beside their machines. That’s why they’re successful in life. I went to Seoul, South Korea, I went to Taipei, Taiwan. I went to Tokyo, Japan. That’s why these people are so hard workers (sic). I’m telling you, the Oriental people, they’re slowly taking over.. they’re hard, hard workers. (亞裔們像狗那樣賣力工作。他們不分日夜﹐拚命幹活。他們就在機器旁邊睡覺。他們因此取得了成功。我去過漢城、台北﹐也去過東京。這就是這些人們為什麼那麼努力工作。我告訴你們﹐東方人正在逐漸佔據我們的地盤 (take over)。」

他的言論當場就引起一些市議員的駁斥。市長苗大偉接受訪問時稱﹐Rob Ford的言論是惡劣的。多倫多是一個世界上文化最多元的城市之一。不能戴上種族和文化背景的有色眼鏡來看人。他說﹐Rob Ford的說法是錯的。一個民選代表應該對問題了解得更加清楚。至於如何處罰福特﹐苗大偉表示﹐他沒有懲罰議員的權限。

對於再次身處暴風雨中﹐Rob Ford表示﹐他本意是讚揚亞裔人士的勤奮工作態度。(He said in a later interview that by “taking over" he meant Asians are further advanced in business than a century ago.)

他最初的反應是﹐如果對亞裔社區有所冒犯﹐他願意道歉。但到事情鬧大﹐Rob Ford反而表示無意道歉。他說﹐應把他的言論放到脈絡中去看。此外﹐他接到一些據他說是亞裔社區成員的郵件﹐表示並不覺得受了冒犯。 (Rob Ford showed the press copies of 20 emails of support he’s received, some from writers who said they were of Chinese descent. A staff worker in Ford’s office said he also got about 15 phone calls from the public, only one negative.)

華人社區中人對Rob Ford用狗來形容人﹐覺得他對多元文化不夠尊重。因為雖然西人把狗當做家庭成員﹐大部分華人始終認為狗是低人一等的。

Source: Ming Pao



  1. 我亦有同感 (起碼部份華人)。 所以絕對唔使公開道歉!


    “Those white people work like an ass (a.k.a. donkey)" i.e. Most are slow-moving, laid-back type, even though they appear to be working their ______ off.

  2. Big deal! “Work like a dog" 是英語成語。沒有必要過大反應. 聽起嚟Rob只是嫉妒亞洲人的成功。在西方世界, 呢個嫉妒態度是日趨普遍, 即使是亞洲人之間也是如此.

  3. In the West, Dog is synonymous with friendliness, loyalty, companionship, etc.

    Yet, the opposite is applied to dogs from the East. Many those, who come from Asia and know nothing of the mainstream culture, may subconsciously associate their definition with the Ford’s remark.

    Meanwhile, David Miller has seized the opportunity to attack his opponent (who has publicly attacked the spendthrift colleagues in the council on spending). His motive was more questionable than that of Ford’s.

    The only mistake was Ford used “Orientals” rather than “Asians”.

  4. No need to apologize.

  5. 我以前真係做到隻狗架,一日十幾個鐘,一個星期或者兩個星期至休息一日;
    不過就唔係 [訓] 響機器旁邊,而係 [訓] 響寫字樓同工場.

  6. Remind me a song from The Beatles ‘A hard day’s Night’ … It’s been a hard day’s night, And I’ve been working like a dog …

  7. David Miller should apologize to all Torontoians instead. He has created a storm in a teacup, wasting everybody’s time.

    One problem he can concentrate to solve: Potholes.

  8. He used a wrong word, “oriental".

    In north American, “oriental" is like the N word to the black. People who immigrated here in less than 20 years probably does not really care or even know why. Even Mr. Tung’s family business OOCL has ‘Oriental’ in the first ‘O’. They don’t consider it is a degraded word.

    However, for the Asian who have been here for generations, “oriental" is a taboo.

    It is a political incorrect word like the N word for the black, “Ching" for Chinese, “Jap" for Japanese. Hence, David Miller pointed that out. Just think what would happen if a politician uses the N word.

  9. shamp on you guys
    do you got the fair pay in Canada?
    you don’t work hard,you can get the good sarary?they look down our Oriental,you guys still laughing"no problem",cause you are the dog

  10. This is a good example of quoting out of context:

    When quoting another source, it is important to quote enough of the passage or speech to convey the true meaning. Quoting out of context, conversely, is a technique that uses isolated statements pulled from their original context in order to distort and usually contradict the intended meaning.

    This technique can be used in several different ways:

    • to discredit the author of the quote
    • to discredit the idea itself
    • to gain credibility for an idea that is not supported by the full context

  11. Rod Ford should apologize. Please note he’s claiming that the Orientals are “slowly taking over.. (the whites). It is as sensitive as the Americans’ viewing China a threat when China is in its process to modernization!!

  12. toronto guys :

  13. toronto guys: why don’t you type in chinese?

  14. Viewing only this phrase, I don’t think it’s really a big deal of hearing someone said we work like dogs. It seems nothing too wrong with the phrase. Other old english phrases like “raining cats and dogs"…. is it really some dogs dropping from the sky?

    Rob Ford’s point was if not working harder like Asian, we’re too behind (which is so true…. “we" = all Canadians regardless of colour). So he voted to allow holiday shopping to increase business activities. It’s good as long as the by-law keeps the point that all employees should have double pay on holiday shift.

    Local auto industry is a good sample of his phrase. How many of you’re driving GM or Ford car now? The auto market is taking over by Japanese.

  15. Don’t be so sensitive, there is no need to apologize.

  16. 我還能說什麼?我只感到非常失望,在多倫多的鄉巴佬竟然當上了議員,還把每天在默默耕云的我們比喻作狗,簡直令人髮指!

  17. 其實 Rob Ford (蘿蔔福持) 同以前個型男 Robert Redford (蘿蔔烈福) 雖然個名只係爭小小, 但個賣相就爭好遠喇:

    但縱然係咁, 都唔好誤會佢出於好意嘅說話吖。 不而等我呢個雞腸有限公司試下同佢段嘢譯做中文啦:

    Those Oriental people work like dogs (東方人做嘢真係做到隻狗咁呀). They work their hearts out (佢哋做到黐哂線呀). They are workers non-stop (佢哋做唔停呀). They sleep beside their machines (佢哋要喺部「計」隔離瞓). That’s why they’re successful in life (所以佢哋而家咁掂囉). I went to Seoul, South Korea, I went to Taipei, Taiwan. I went to Tokyo, Japan (我東南亞差不多道道都去過, 就係未去過香港). That’s why these people are so hard workers (sic) (所以佢哋就係咁勤力囉). I’m telling you (嗱, 話你知吖), the Oriental people, they’re slowly taking over.. (d 東方人慢慢就嚟食埋我哋地盤喇) they’re hard, hard workers. (因為佢哋真係好勤力, 超勤力架!)

  18. Emperor David Miller has no clothes:

    1. He attacks his opponents by cherry picking their words.
    2. He raises taxes.
    3. He imposes user fees on Torontonians.
    4. He borrows in order to spend big.
    5. He cannot balance the budgets, and blames the provincial and federal governments.
    6. He changes his mind and proposals often, depending on the reactions of the Torontonians and of the media.
    7. He does not keep many of his promises from his re-election campaign.

  19. 苗大偉係NDP, 好似以前省長 Bob Rae 一樣, 愛 deficit spending, Toronto 就周身債.

  20. David Miller is in his second term as major, but he still has not solved the problem of homeless people. This becomes a tourist “attraction" downtown – homeless people sleeping at street corners and begging for money along Yonge Street.

  21. 家豪 we hope to hear from u. Your comment.

  22. It is unwise to use words of animals to refers human of difference race ,especially risky for politician to speak so openly in a town hall meeting.
    To be fair if Mr. Bob Ford only refers oriental people are hard working and successful in his later statement. He can refrained use the words Dogs and no need to apology.

  23. City council was debating on March 5 a proposal to allow all stores in the downtown – instead of only those in designated tourist areas – to open on all statutory holidays, except Christmas.

    Mr. Ford made those comment in his speech and said council should allow all stores across the city to open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, to create jobs and encourage competition.

  24. His generalization was intended as a compliment to the Asian community. His choice of words is poor.

  25. Bring Khadr home

    The news:
    If you care to know what happened to Khadr when he was 15, check these Toronto Star’s articles, beware the graphic can be too shocking to some:
    Part 1: The story of Guantanamo’s child
    “..DAMIEN CORSETTI was one of the interrogators… was an intimidator and he was good at it…When Corsetti saw the hole on the top of Omar’s back, he held a Coke can to the wound. “You could have fit that can of Coke in…

    Corsetti wasn’t Omar’s interrogator but made a point of talking to the teenager as often as he could.."Honestly, he seemed like a young kid who got swept up into something because of his family ties and never got the opportunity to make a choice for himself whether it was right or wrong," Corsetti said.

    Part 2: Omar Khadr: Life as a human mop

    Bring Khadr home
    “The American Civil Liberties Union describes the tribunals as “a mockery" of justice. The United Nations, the Canadian Bar Association, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and many others have taken up his case. …Britain and Australia have managed to have their own citizens returned from Guantánamo. (to face due process at home)

    The book :
    “Guantánamo’s Child: The Untold Story of Omar Khadr," by Michelle Shephard, Toronto Star journalist tobe released on Mar 24.

  26. 不必太大反應
    樓上有人提過, work like a dog 不過是英語成語:


    “work like your mom" 可能還比較粗俗呢…

  27. SiSi:
    Local auto industry is a good sample of his phrase. How many of you’re driving GM or Ford car now? The auto market is taking over by Japanese.
    I have to let you know that the Camary and Collorla you buy in Canada, which is make in Canada [or North America].
    GM and Ford is lost by its management not efficence enough and quality control not good enough. They all make in Canada or North America.
    If Rob Ford is not favour to Asian, he will risk to lost his Asian supportor’s vote or increase his competitor’s vote in election time. [If we vote].

  28. ZzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzz…ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

  29. Hi folks,

    Rob Ford was just interviewed by City TV about his comments at the Wednesday meeting of Council when he said that “Oriental people slowly taking over…Those Oriental people work like dogs … they sleep beside their machines," he said. “The Oriental people, they’re slowly taking over… they’re hard, hard workers."

    Councillor Ford has said that he will apologize only to people who contact him directly to say that he has offended them (as opposed to making a public apology on the floor of Council, as the Mayor requested).

    I encourage you to write to Rob Ford directly and ask for an apology. By email he can be reached at councillor_ford@toronto.ca or by phone at

    Please share this with your friends!

  30. seems Rob Ford beat his wife. If this is true, we Asians don’t have to worry about such low taste human being’s screaming.
    Rob Ford accused of assault and death threat



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