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高招?!?– Roll Up the Rim to LOSE but WIN Elsewhere?

COUNTRY STYLE piggybacking on Tim HORTONS roll-up-the-rim contests


Currently in the midst of rebranding its 350+ Ontario locations, COUNTRY STYLE has come up with a cheeky way of getting coffee drinkers to come on in to see what’s new.

In a first-ever move that might well be dubbed “promo hijack," or possibly “consolation marketing," the chain is extending a generous offer to every coffee drinker who is disappointed by rolling up the rim elsewhere, only to read the dreaded message: “Sorry Try Again." Anyone who brings their losing tab into a Country Style store from March 3 to 9 will get a free medium cup of coffee.

We know from feedback from competitors’ customers that they get frustrated with [not winning] the cups promotions," says Country president Rick Martens. “Our tagline is ‘It’s going to be a good day,‘ and we want to make sure our customers and consumers across Ontario have just that."

To publicize its piggybacking ploy, the chain is doing a PR and media relations campaign as well as viral marketing, including a Facebook posting, and email initiatives encouraging people to tell family and friends about the free coffee offer. As well, print ads will appear in the Toronto Sun, and there will be spots on radio morning shows at Q107 and Mix 99.9.

The initiative, including advertising and execution, is being done in-house at Country Style in partnership with Toronto-based promotional agency Rennick Marketing Solutions.

Source:  Media-in-Canada



  1. 哈哈﹗幾有諗頭喎﹐不過會唔會蝕死佢呢?

    Country Style而家"makeover"咗之後嘅感覺真係煥然一新﹐唔同哂﹗而家搞到我每次行過都想幫襯 (人原來真係幾膚淺!)。之所以‘包裝’真係好緊要。

  2. 橋唔怕舊, 最緊要受, 太平山頂望落泥, 有很多??

  3. 今日「打小人」, 請唔請人.

  4. 始終都係鍾情 Tim 仔.
    曾經有個西人家長對我話 Tim 仔D咖啡含有msg, 有無人聽過?

  5. Good for franchisor but bad for franchisee.

    Look at KFC, no franchisee would support the Tuesday special if they ever have the choice. The are forced to do so even if it means losing money. Numerous KFC stores don’t even show the promotion signs at all. However, the promotion is still available if you ask for it.

  6. RRRRRoll up the rim to switch !!!!!

  7. Simon:

    Thank you for your information. From March 3 to 9, I get buy one (from Tim Horton) and get one free (from Country Style). It is a 50% discount. It’s a good deal. It’s a win-win deal for those fans that need coffee to listen to 邦邦’s 《不眠的星夜》.

    Country Style’s success is built on Tim Horton’s failure. It’s a 高招.

  8. 討論區粉絲:

    2007年你們有冇得到過 Tim Hortons 的獎品, e.g. 汽車, ipods 等? 或者知道有人中過獎?

  9. 期待Tim倒閉的一日。


    感激Country Style的市場妙計。

  10. The cost of roll-up-the-rim contest will cost around $31 million including 35 cars and 100 boats. The cost of Country Style piggybacking is only a fraction of that paid by Tim Hortons.

    Country Style gains a lot of recognition through their advertising campaigns and appreciation from consumers who get their free coffee.

  11. forum fans,
    u guys must read today’s ming pao ( toronto ) e paper, the eleventh column ( other article ), news about CCB radio, joe & maggie spoke there

  12. 塵廳長發功,驚天地,泣鬼神


  13. Country Style這一招會不會得到一個反效果? 本是Country Style的顧客, 第一杯咖啡先到Tim Hortons 買, 第二杯拿Tim記不中奬的杯到Country Style換取. Country Style雖可借此招令本是Tim記的客戶嘗試飲用他們的咖啡, 但也存在驅使自己客戶到Tim記買咖啡的風險. 一方面自己免費送咖啡, 另一方面, 令自己失去本是自己客戶購買咖啡的收入, 更嚴重的是, 那失去的錢是到了競爭對手的手裏. 至於Tim記的客戶試過Country Style的咖啡後, 會不會繼續光顧, 則要看他們的咖啡能不能令那些客人滿意了.

  14. 繼剛貼上的留言.

    況且, Tim記不費分毫, Country Style的客戶自動用錢購買他們的咖啡來嘗試, 他們亦有機會將這些客人變為長期客戶.

    Country Style 這一招, 我看是花巧多過實際商業成果.

  15. One basic question:

    Between the coffee of Tim Hortons and Country Style, which one is better?

  16. 貓記

  17. 阿蓮做咩又叫我! 我近排已經剷雪剷到癱瘓! D雪係咁落發,全家一齊剷都搞唔掂,真係冚家..
    中國沙塵天氣?又吹你唔到!不如理下我地呢到D雪暴天氣仲好啦!尋日有個茂利話預測加國今年會落雪落到五月呀!!!!!! 五月呀!!!

  18. 塵廳長:

  19. 老實說, 添仔咖啡, 一蚊多少少就有交易, 又真係幾好飲嘅。 我的最愛, 就是添仔的「double double」 – an indigenous Canadian flavour – 好似 youtube 上右手面位仁姊稱: Two Cream, Two “SUGA" 或 double coronary!

    好久沒有幫襯「鄉下咁欵」喇, 但記憶之中, 「鄉下咁欵」咖啡, 同麥記一樣, 有噚囉味 (burnt roast favour), 就確係好難頂。 所以就算 Consumer Reports 前幾期評麥記咖啡是美國市場中最底買 (best value) 的, 但因為噚囉味, 我寧願飲水亦唔飲佢。

    鄉記出此招, 明顯想利用(capitalize on) 顧客一瞬卽逝嘅失望情感, 來一記順水推舟, 撬添仔牆腳。 個此「撬牆腳」市塲策略可維持與否 (i.e. 有 sustainable benefits), 就真要視乎鄉記咖啡是否價廉物美, 可另飲家 (i.e. caffeine junkies) 長期受落喇。

  20. 呀, 剛剛諗到一個好好比喻, 形容這場「咖啡屋血戰」:

    其貌不揚的鄉下佬一見到他的夢中情人被添仔遺棄, 就卽時展開捉求攻勢, 立刻便約會兼送花, 希望鄉下佬的夢中情人以後投懷送抱…..

    係咪幾貼切呢, 吓?

  21. It’s a very smart promotion offer!

    I believe the profit margin on coffee is pretty high. If so, Country Style can afford to piggyback on Tim Horton’s promotional offer. Plus the offer is only for a few days, which I think should be extended if well received.

    One thing I notice is that it’s hard to alter your customer’s habit. If you can bring a fraction of competitor’s customers to your shop and try the coffee (for free) and hope the coffee can change their minds or at least intrigue them, it may give them more incentive (than disincentive) to go there. Perhaps, when they see a long drive thru line outside the Tim Horton’s while a Country Style is nearby, the latter may get the business this round.

  22. C:>COFFEE.COM error.
    COFFEE.SYS Not Found: User startup disabled.

    Contact programmer Tim Hortons/Country Style.

  23. 我上星期飲咗兩杯,贏咗個donut同杯咖啡,仲以為自己好運。原來呢一招仲勁,我唯有直豎母指。如果countrystle啲咖啡係好味啲嘅話,我諗呢個玩法會有用,如果兩間一樣,佢即係幫緊timmy谷生意。呢個宣傳嘅風險都幾高。

  24. Marketing wise, I think this is a smart move. Limited time to draw noise and an opportunity for people “trying" your product. I too hate the annoying Please Try Again thing. There’s another contest from another coffee company that always have a prize, be tissue or pen or the company’s product.

    How about adding , “Would you like a cookie to go with your coffee? " when the free coffee is redeemed?



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