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恭喜恭喜! 🙂

ASIANWAVE 亞洲浪潮】2008年2月號 – (專訪時所拍攝的合照)

新年新開始﹐the better is yet to come﹗

(專訪內容[印刷版]- 按圖可放大)

*特別鳴謝ASIANWAVE [www.asianwavemag.com]



  1. 向所有網民拜年:


  2. Happy Chinese New Year Of The Rat to:

    1. Dr. So, Simon, Maggie, Joe, and Pong
    2. All Forum fans.

    Kung Hei Fat Choy!

  3. Happy New Year for everyone

  4. Very, very, very pleased to see you 3 monkeys, Simon and Dr. So enjoying your gathering. Happy Chinese New Year to you all!

  5. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Kung Hei Fat Choi ! 恭禧發財!

  6. 送豬迎鼠, 萬象更新, 事事如意, 平安是福, 開開心心.

  7. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a healthy and wealthy Chinese New Year.


  8. Hi everyone, Happy New Year.
    Due to the severe weather, I couldn’t go to Pacific Mall yesterday to attend 琪邦基’s countdown show because I don’t have a car. Did anyone be there yesterday and can kindly tell me something about the show? Were there many supporters?
    Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  9. Hi, Jo, Pong, Maggie, Simon & Dr. So:

    Wish you all「 心 想 事 成 」in Lord’s will.

    By the way, what is the “thing" that Pong, Maggie & Jo holding in the picture?


  10. 蘇博士+家豪+3monkeys
    恭禧發財,鼠年大吉,身體健康, 開開心心囍趣來
    You are the BEST

  11. Kung Hei, Kung Hei, Happy and Prosperous New Year!

  12. 哈哈哈!!! 祝各位鼠年行大運, 重有:

    家豪學術界更上N層樓 + 主流傳媒打出名來
    蘇博士一本萬利, 密運成功
    全人類再冇戰爭, 人人開心指數爆燈!!!!

  13. 恭賀新禧, 恭喜發財, 心想事成, 萬事勝意。

  14. 合家歡聚慶新年,好溫馨。

  15. 中國雪災捐款已超過十億元

    Have you? If you want to:

  16. 100% agree “In this world, there are things actually more precious than a job. Like friendship, mutual trust between friends and doing something that is right"

    Good Health to everyone in the year of Rat!

  17. Hi everyone Gung Hei Fat Choy Dr. So ,Simon, Joe, Pong , Maggie and all forum fans Wish every one have a happy Chinese New Year!

  18. 年卅晚,癈柴、雞瘟呼籲聽眾參加年夜倒數,真係好陰功啫,氣象台已經預測三十厘米降雪量,佢地為咗自己個場唔好冷清,唔理公眾安全,好唔成熟,唔理性,我諗尋晚去咗果D人都好狼狽。

  19. Joe, Maggie, and Pong:

    Have just read your 完結, 就是為了重新開始. I respect the decisions you 3 Monkeys have made.

    And I also respect the decisions Simon and Dr. So have made in early January.

    You all get our supports.

  20. Would anyone briefly explain how 使用下載軟體進行下載動作?

    How to 下載 but not record

  21. 世事如棋, 你估不到.
    但我望都望貴台好, 最好鷸蚌被打沉.
    強權可以沒落, 人算不如天算.

  22. 路邊社消息: Not many people were at the shows last night because they were worrying about the snow and the road safety.

    OPP had already asked people to stay at home around dinner time.

  23. No, seems a lot of people attending LAM FUNG count down show in Splendid China mall by Fairchild TV.

  24. 各位有緣人:


  25. 新正頭大年初二: 開年


  26. 祝各位網友:萬事如意,身體健康。


  27. to Dr So, Simon, Joe, Bong, Meg, & forum fans.
    we were not able to attend the count down show because of the bad weather, will support later, ‘ve bought " fok " bag, we love Bond’s music program which was on Sat s ( TFR ), read
    the article ( asian wave ), looking forward to the
    new music program hosted by Bond, Joe should
    host a phone in program like the " titanic " at RTHK 2 held by Mak Yuen Sau, Meg to host a
    " beauty & fashion " one

  28. Simple Simon,

    I have problem download these files. After I downloaded once, it tells me that I have reach my limit and I can’t download anymore.
    Please help.


  29. Simple Simon // February 5, 2008 at 10:01 pm
    I’ve just uploaded the archives. Have fun.

    Simple Simon,

    I have problem download these files. After I downloaded once, it tells me that I have reach my limit and I can’t download anymore.
    Please help.


  30. Captain Kirk:

    This is illogical!

    We are supposed to be able to enjoy the archive files freely but this rapid share download service puts a limit on the downloads unless you pay for the premium service!

    Attention: The Enterprise!

    Prepare to shoot down this site and then beam me down to Planet FC14 in Galaxy FUA1…

  31. Re: 姣婆蓮 // February 8, 2008 at 10:00 am



  32. Re: 姣婆蓮 // February 8, 2008 at 10:00 am

    I totally agree with 姣婆蓮’s suggestion

  33. 姣婆蓮: 祝你年頭姣(好-國諧音)到年尾

    Cat Lover: 祝你風華正貓 (茂-國諧音)

  34. 恭喜恭吉! 呢兩日忙住掃塵迎新,加上又追緊套新劇,冇空閒上黎拜會下大家! 多謝你姣婆蓮!見你咁鐘意食字,咁我咪要祝番你新一年蓮容咁甜,姣(好)事連連!

  35. 趁住未到赤口,快D上黎同各位兄弟姊妹拜年,祝女士們想幾靚有幾靚,祝男士們發過豬頭,肥過牛油!大家一年好過一年!恭喜恭喜!!

  36. 今日初三「赤口」-


  37. 初三 = 赤口 = 嗌交


    最重要是不針對人,是講道理,不要傷人心, 要講明不要嬲, 大家可以討論. 不要收收埋埋.

  38. 初一洗頭又畀人鬧,

  39. 嗌交又好,討論又好,溝通又好,總之唔好人身攻擊,唔好針對人,大家當閒談,吹水,有時講吓笑,開開心心算啦。有時D嘢又冇結論,何必太認真,你估係度交大學論文咩!

  40. 好想 家豪 & 蘇博士 可以在 CCB 做節 , I miss you very much.


  41. Hi

    I have bought the large radio from Leader bookstore today.

    I can listen to Joe, Pong and Maggie tomorrow, Hurray.

  42. 恭喜發財 ! 祝大家新春大吉 ! 鼠年大旺 ! 日日都係開心日 !
    我呢D享樂主義,一有籍口去玩去浦就全程投入 !由年廿九同Honey去辨年貨起,跟住團年飯都食幾餐;跟住又周圍拜年;收利是收到唔知幾過引,浦到好夜睡,所以潛左水 !

    姣婆蓮 : 祝你姣(好)完可以再姣(好),作多些姣(好)句 , 比大家姣姣笑 ! 真係 ! 筆錢係時候要諗 ! 有人一早批話我地班友仔,吹完水無下文 ! 但係要攪又真係有D難度 ! 我知為食 Johnny 好撐基仔,唔知將錢放到 “味千拉麵" 係唔係適合過放在書局呢 ? 話哂博士返左HK ! 對嗎 ? 但又要問過 Johnny先得,各位或者有其他提議 ?

    塵廳長 :
    將大掃除D塵撥哂上身,使自己更加有塵氣, 去到邊都沙塵滾滾,更有廳長氣派! 等我話比我D同性Honey聽,話識得你,我都有塵氣埋一份 ! 在此祝你步步高升, 煲劇都要顧住呢個地盆呀 !

    足球迷 : 在此祝你打多幾場好波 ! 從心所欲 ! 腳法快而準 ! 可能你對得足球多,知道足球係圓的,當個波轉過來時,原來係另一回事 ! 所以周不時都好括達, 好開心 !

  43. Hey 3 Monkeys,

    I have made the deposit for my small size CCB radio at Broadcast CD and Books at Times Square. They said that the small size radio is out of stock right now but will be available next week. After that I would be able to listen to you guys live again. Alright!

  44. 新 恭
    年 喜
    進 發
    步 財

  45. Dr. So, Simon, Joe, Pong, Maggie and all forum fans

    恭喜發財, 恭祝大家開心,喜, 趣來


  46. Kahoo,

    miss your comment and view points of things!

    you have provided some good sense to the edison scandal, really provides a different view point than the common news.

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  47. 魚真:

  48. The 3 Monkeys will be at the following locations today (Sunday):

    1) Feb.10 – 12:00 – 2:00 pm at Market Village.
    2) Feb.10 – 3:00 – 5:00 pm at Oriental Plaza.

    All Forum fans have to go there and support them.

  49. 今日大年初四:


    開工大吉, 心想事成.

  50. 咦, 有冇人識整 T-shirt 嘅 silkscreen 架? 如果有, 印件 T-shirt 講話:

    “哈利撈吔! I survived 鼠年赤口!"

    信我啦, 一定好賣得架!

    唔該哂, Passive Wrong. 今日 12:00 – 2:00, 大家一定準時到「孖劇」嘅。

    See ya’ll there!

  51. 福鼠:

    觸覺敏銳, 生命力頑強,
    善於靈活變通, 轉數極高,
    個子雖小, 適應力特強.

    願各位事事如意, 精靈如鼠.

  52. 尋日大年初三 , 係中國傳統習俗赤口, 通常唔會出外拜年 , 一來怕沖犯 「 赤 狗 」會帶來惡運 , 二來怕應赤口變 成 「 拆 口 」,會鬧交收場.

    但係 , 今日大年初四,百無禁忌, 電台粉絲應該操去同阿Joe, 阿邦, 嘉琪拜年.

    城市廣場 – 12 – 2 pm
    東方廣場 – 3 – 5 pm

  53. Response to Stephen,

    I did Call Toronto Chinese Radio, they have the samll size and large size of Radio.

    All retails only have the large size. Actually, you can go to the office of TCR at Gordon Baker but their office hr is Monday to Friday from 9 am to around 4 pm.

    Therefore, we can only buy large size of radio from the retail. If you can go during office hr, for sure you can buy the small szie of radio there.

    Wow, now I can hear Joe, Pong and Maggie from the live broadcast from Market Village.

    bye I have to listen to them.

  54. Sorry Joe, Pong & Maggie not Live Broadcast their show from Market Village.

    I was wrong.

    Okay I have to go to Market Village but I think I will go to Oriental Plaza later.



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