發文作者:kahoo | 二月 4, 2008

《囍趣會客室》嘉賓: 李家豪

Part 1 (starts at 11:00):  《開心囍趣來》開咪  (I)

Part 2:  《開心囍趣來》開咪  (II)

Part 3 (starts at 08:30):   嘉賓:  曾志偉 / 李家豪

Part 4:   嘉賓:  李家豪



  1. The new show was great and very entertaining. It just like meeting our old friends again. Thank you for having Kahoo as the first guest. I miss your very dynamic and exciting Power Politics and your voice. Hope you will be back on the air again very soon and I hope that you don`t let us wait for long.

  2. Got mine for 45 bucks , quite expensive ah, oh well… next month spend less la! 3 monkeys, you better stay there for longer time! Ting Yat I look forward to explore other CCB programs Can you invite Kahoo from time to time?

  3. 恭喜開張順利
    繼續用心做好節目 :>

  4. or use WMP –>> Open URL –>>
    cut-&-paste any of the following lines:


  5. I am listening to the first part of archive right now. In order not to interrupt the flow, I will listen to the archives one by one. Sorry Kahoo.

  6. Very pleased with the reunion. Simon and 3 Monkeys – long time no see.

  7. CCB really need to improve the internet broadcast technique!

  8. 乜張相影出黎個直播室同以前第一台一樣嘅?!

  9. Need more bandwidth. Listening to archive right now and very choppy.

  10. Very nice !

  11. It’s a pain listening to the Radio either live or Archive because it would stop every 30 seconds to reload. I guess this means a lot people are listening, which is a good thing. Please discuss with the TCR to upgrade their service with more bandwidth. We really want to listen to your program. Thanks.

  12. 老朋友, 你好!

  13. 好高興再聽刭你地的聲音,I listen it online, and yes, it’s super choppy. Hope it has some improvement in the future.


  14. Yeah! Good to have you guys voices back to Toronto!! hey Kahoo & Dr. So pls join them…….Be happy together:)))))

  15. Good show! Add oil then.. Happy new year to you guys 😛

  16. 3 Monkeys: Simply exhilarating!!!

    Still listening to the archive….

    Few reasons why CCB’s Internet broadcast bogs down from time to time:

    1. Like most have said, inadequate bandwidth.

    CCB may be using sub-10 Mb/s bandwidth from Rogers or Bell. I am hopeful the upcoming ADSL2+ will do us a favour by boosting the bandwidths of Bell’s customers, probably including CCB.

    2. Still using an antiquated server.

    Servers are dirt cheap now. An HP Proliant server plus a Linux server package should cost less than a few grand. Migrating CCB’s existing server to a dual or quad core machine should pay off in the long run to accommodate more listeners.

    3. Too many listeners on the trio’s first day?

    Not likely because I tried listening online a few days ago and it was pretty much the same – intermittent feeds with poor incessancy.

    4. Any other suggestions?

    Maybe we can call CCB up and ask them to improve their Internet broadcast or CCB might sooner or later be taunted as “Chinese Canadian Bog-down"!

  17. They need way more bandwidth now with 3 monkeys and all the new listeners..

    Should convert the archives to http/mp3

    Windows media mms streaming is hopeless..

  18. Simon, did you think deeper now?

  19. To: ppp

    Thank you. I can listen to the 開心囍趣來 archives now.

  20. 塵廳長:

    Simon, Maggie, Joe, and Pong remain the same.
    But the background and studio layout are different, you can compare these photos with those from 蘇賡哲的話, you will find the differences.

  21. CCB has been energized and come alive between 5 to 7 pm by the 3 Monkeys and by Simon yesterday. Goodbye to story-telling of the past. It will not be boring any more.

    I do not have to listen to 680 News or CBC either . I have an alternative now.

  22. Simon:

    A door was closed on January 11.
    A window will be opened in the Year of The Rat.

  23. Just wonder if someone could put the file on easyshare or any other souce? Since I don’t have any luck with their server, I’ve tried XP and Vista and the play back is not only stop and go it’s like they are talking in a cave or under water, and I can’t get what they’re saying at all.

  24. I want to download the archives to my mp3 player to listen. please comment how i can do that. Thanks

  25. Thanks so much to the people who made the 3 monkeys new program in CCB a reality on 4th February, 2008.

    It is really a huge relive for us who are so eager and treasure the programs once we had on AM1540 and now rebuilding by CCB .

    Thank you once again to the CEO and all the staff of CCB who working for this project and all the program sponsors and especially the supporters and fans of Power Politics .

    Kahoo you have my faith and I believe you will soon joining you friends on air very shortly.

    God Bless you all.


  26. we stayed up very late just waited for the better
    condition of listening through internet, it’s your guy’s fault, b t w, who is the 5 th guy in the 2 nd picture

  27. 程翔已獲准假釋返港暫不會露面, 春節與家人團聚

  28. 一開頭聽到報新聞阿陳sir,嘩,真係有D時光倒流30年嘅感覺,我個口含住啖茶都掙D笑到漏咗出黎,好feel,好feel呀!喂不過唔該真係搞搞個網去,聽archive聽得好辛苦,聽極都聽唔完第一part,有冇D電腦專材唔該將D聲帶轉去第二度比人下載?

  29. 重温都塞車 ? @@@@ 證明粉絲多 !!! 恭喜 恭喜

  30. 如果你想捐款助華救災:

  31. Give up guys, just buy the CCB radio, when the station originally started up, my mom and her friends paid over $170 for their radios, it was cheap looking, has the CCB, AM, FM stations and a dual cassette tape and believe it or not it still works after more then twenty years. So the radio units are at a much lower price these days, and I have just picked up 2 more radios for my mom.

    Our family just love the 3 Monkeys, Simon, Dr. So (hopefully teamed with Simon again soon), the lady who does the entertainment gossips and news at 4pm, the brother and sister team who tells stories at 10 pm and the Funny Farm program on Saturday mornings.

    Best wishes and Happy New Years to Joe, Maggie and Pong…

  32. Dear Maggie, Pong, Joe,

    Congratulation. Happy program, happy day.

    As predicted, a lot of phones called in your studio, weren’t there? The CCB back up personnel are different now. The radio channel will have good change and so will your work.

    Kahoo, please don’t leave your fans behind in Canada.

  33. It’s painfully to listen the archives from CCB’s server.

    I’ve just managed to download the archives using HiDownload from:

    You can download them and listen. No more choppy and disruption!!!

  34. 阿Joe, 阿邦, 嘉琪 & 家豪 :

    很開心又聽到您們的聲音 , 我相信每一位支持您們的聽眾都懷著與老友相聚的心情期待著昨天的來臨 .

    在這短短的兩小時裏 , 我不覺得自己在聽節目 ; 而是在聽著家人談天說地 . 那種感覺很舒服, 很自然 , 這便是您們節目的可愛處 .

    我如一眾的朋友 , 真希望家豪和蘇博士能有一天重回大氣電波與我們相聚 . 3 monkeys 加油 !!!

  35. My post 又愛又恨:黑白不分 // February 5, 2008 at 11:40 am
    程翔已獲准假釋返港暫不會露面, 春節與家人團聚

    Seems no one care about 程翔 anymore. Coz he was released and nothing to agree about?
    Anyway, and again,
    Congrat to 程翔 to have a nice CNY with his family.

  36. 又愛又恨:黑白不分君:

    為什麼這麼心急. 你對這事件有很多高見/資料要告訴大家嗎? 即使以你第一篇留言時間(11:40am)起計, 至你第二篇留言(4:08pm)也不過是四小時多一點, 況且, 還未計算這區的管理的審核時間. 自說自話當然乏味, 讓我來給你一點反應, 增加趣味.

    程翔回港當然是大喜事, 但遺憾的是他是’假釋’, 案件沒有得到平反.

    從你提供的資料來源, 那位法律專家的評論, 這次假釋是”罕有’, 但又說[顯示中國依法辦事], 將兩者加起來, 是不是說{中國司法部罕有地依法辦事}呢?

    我這當然是說說笑, 因為這位專家, 看來是支持中國政府的”建制派”.

    待程翔休息過後, 有什麼話可以公開向大眾說, 才對事件作更深入的評論.

  37. To resolve “choppy" connection a bit:

    Goto WMV’s Tools–>>Options–>> Performance
    set buffer to smaller number, say “2″ seconds.

    If u r on a HighSpeed Internet connection, choppy symptom may be minimized (not eliminated) a bit, until CCB increases their bandwidth.

  38. Cat Lover

    你看看程翔獲假釋後發聲明第一就是 [多謝中國政府] ,假如你以為程翔會爆些驚人內幕,我個人認為你會失望.


    P.S. 響呢個場唔係講 《囍趣會客室》,因著俾人叫我地 [過主]! 🙂

  39. 程翔放得出嚟, 分分鐘寫哂悔改書, 洗哂腦, 轉咗呔. 比著我都敢做喇.

    [顯示中國依法辦事] 完全不透明, 怎樣依法辦事?
    乜法律可以隨時改變咩? 你唔知, 我亦唔知, 佢話有罪就有罪, 釋放就釋放. 假釋不等於無罪釋放. 暗示點都有啲罪, 一講錯嘢, 隨時打回頭.

    有無想過點解喺呢嗰時候(春節)假釋? 打溫情牌? 每個人都忙於睇雪暴同陳冠希啲消息, 鬼有人注意程翔咩. 分分鐘香港人都唔鬼記得佢喺乜水! “情長" 定喺 “長情"?

    我覺得程翔休息過後, 只可以公開向大眾講感謝嘅說話, 尤其是中國政府. 想平反唔洗指意. 唔屈都屈咗, 太遲喇. 呢隻死貓食硬架!

  40. CCB:

    加油! 加油!
    Especially between 5 – 7 pm, Monday to Friday
    加油! 加油! 加油!

  41. I’ve just uploaded the archives. Have fun.


  42. 完全不透明, 怎樣依法辦事?

    Free Khadr

    Just a US soldier’s “He felt", a 15 years boy has been locked up since 2002 years. Where is justice, where is human right to a little Canada born boy?

    Khadr secret document released by accident
    …A classified document mistakenly released to reporters today revealed that Omar Khadr wasn’t the only one alive in an Afghan compound when an American soldier was fatally wounded…
    “There’s no openness about this process," said Khadr’s military lawyer Navy Lt.-Cmdr. Bill Kuebler after the hearing. “It’s not that the government shouldn’t be able to protect information when there is a legitimate need to protect it, it’s the government’s overuse of classification . . . that basically keep one hundred percent of the evidence in the case outside of the public’s view except if the government decides to sort of dribble it out to you."…"Based on his extensive combat experience, OC-1 believed that Khadr and the man at the back of the alley with the AK rifle were the only two alive at the time of the assault. He felt that due to the grenade being thrown simultaneously to the directed rifle fire that the grenade was thrown by someone other than the man who was firing the rifle."…

  43. Sorry “2002″, not “2002 years"

  44. More links if you care about Khadr

  45. Yesterday I went to Pacific Mall and purchased a webcam. While I was at the store, a man came in and asked if he could purchase a radio to listen Chinese program. The store owner said ” sorry, we don’t sell that radio”. After that man left, the store owners talked among themselves, “we probably need to order more radios as lots of people came in and asked for that recently…”

    Kahoo, Dr. So, Joe, Maggie, Bon Bon.. you all are people with qualities and knowledge, and your audience are full of sense, they will buy radio and listen your programs. Keep up the good work, we always support you.

  46. re:新的CCB聽眾
    I agree with what you say.
    I started to listen to CCB a week ago because I want to support 3 monkeys. 與時並進才可以有
    更多聽眾支持. 加油CCB

  47. To: 3 monkeys
    I’m glad to hear your voices on air, 加油!
    See you tomorrow night!

    To: all fans of monksys
    agreed to support all 義氣商戶,但有些在兩個電台都有出現,怎麼辦?

    Re: 新的CCB聽眾,喜雪
    I agreed with what you said.
    If we gave more comments and supports to them,
    I think they would improve soon. 加油BBC!

    To: Ka Ho
    Very excited to hear your voice yesterday, whatever
    you choose, we always support!

  48. RE: Simple Simon

    Thank you so much for uploading the files!!!

    I have been trying to listen the online / archive from the site but with no success. Finally I could listen to 3 Monkeys again!

    How do you produce the wma or are you planning to upload it everyday?


  49. 見龍兄:

    我明白和同意你的見解. 程翔會[爆些驚人內幕]的機會不高. 不過, 以程翔的背境(工作經驗和個人對國家社會的情懷), 我期待當他對外發表感受的時候, 可以聽到一點絃外之音

    用這連線來談程翔是權宜之舉, 現在這區可能人手短缺, 對時事話題不能跟得上也情有可原. 相信三猴粉絲這一次不會見怪吧!

  50. 行外人君:

    那位專家所說的依法辦事, 其實只是指程翔己服刑超過半數, 符合中國內地假釋的條件而已.

    假釋當然不等於無罪釋放, 相反地, 那是在說那被假釋的犯人是有罪, 現在不過是在仍有罪名的情況下, 開恩放他出來, 如以後的一段時間內, 行為有任何違法, 馬上將新舊罪行, 一併再算.

  51. Simple Simon,

    Thanks for the upload.. BUT.. rapid share is so annoying.. may be we should put them into BT or something..

  52. My way to listen the program off air I cut & paste the links from above Feb 4 精彩重溫
    as show below again and change 2-4-2008 to 2-5-2008, it works on me and I’m listening to it now no chopping & cutting out. Enjoy!!





  53. To: ppp

    Thank you for your advice on how to set WMV options relating to “choppy" connection. Have the same problem with highspeed connection.

    To: Enjoy the archives

    Thank you for showing us how to listen to Feb 4 精彩重溫.

    I think the best solution for the problems is upgrades from CCB relating to extraordinarily large increase in internet traffic since February 4, especially between 5 to 7 pm.

  54. Free Khadr, who was shot from from the back and “kid"napped by the very human-rightly-free country-US since 2002.

    In Khadr case, the truth is seeping out
    Feb 06, 2008 04:30 AM http://www.thestar.com/article/300763

    Almost everyone except the Bush administration in the U.S. and our own Bush-lite government admits the complete dishonesty of the prosecution of Omar Khadr.

    After years of running a phony military court and concocting retroactive laws, U.S. prosecutors accidentally let slip that there was no eyewitness and a U.S. soldier executed the other possible perpetrator, a wounded man, and shot an unarmed boy in the back. Who contravened the “laws of war"?
    [Paul Collier, Toronto]

  55. Congratulations to 3 monkeys!!! It’s really a good show. The only thing is Kahoo only appeared at the last 40 minutes; it is too short. Kahoo we all miss you. Here is a message for CCB management, there are huge fans waiting for Kahoo and Dr. So to host a programme just like power politics. 加油! 3 monkeys!

  56. 阿Joe, 阿邦, 嘉琪 & 家豪 :

    Good show and glad to hear your voices again!

    You get my support!

    加油! 加油!

  57. 嘩simple simon果然係唔simple!唔該哂你,簡直係救命恩人!咁好心機upload哂,整整齊齊,冇斷冇窒,多謝多謝! CCB應該比薄酬你請你長期幫手做呢件事!嘻嘻!

  58. All Forum fans:

    Do not forget that 3 Monkeys will be in Pacific Mall for a show TONIGHT (February 6) at 9 pm.

    Let’s all go there and support them.

  59. Will try very best! Let’s go and support them!!! This will be the first time I will see them live. Drive safely everyone!

  60. To: Simple Simon

    Thank you so much for uploading the programme of 3 monkeys to us. You’re very nice and I hope to give U my big hug. Thank you for your kindness. Because I can’t hear online and I have no time to buy CCB radio.
    You help me a lot! I eager to listen to 3 monkeys’ programme for long long time.
    Could you please teach me how to upload the programme like you uploaded to us. Thanks a lot!

    To: Joe, Maggie, Bong

    5-7pm in BBC is a very good programme indeed! I love it! You add up many new contents & gifts. My family members & I like it all!!! Thank you for giving us a heartful programme which is totally different from AM1430 & 1540. Work hard and do the best! I think your programme is the BEST in Canada boardcast because you’re talking with heart and sincere!

    Love to hear Simon’s voice on Feb 4. Hope BBC can hold a programme for Kahoo & Dr. So. I know they must have many supporters like 3 monkeys. Keep up your work, Simon! We support U all the time!

    BTW, talk later, I have to go to Pacific Mall now and show my support to 3 monkeys the CNY Eve show. I will try my best to show up every show with 3 monkeys in.

    I will show up tonight at

  61. 終於等到2月4日您們開咪的大日子, 第一天的嘉賓是家豪, 好開心又再聽到您們的聲音, 再次覺得電台又有了生氣! 不過, 由於節目實在太豐富啦, 和家豪傾談的時間略為少了一點, 希望下次再請家豪來做嘉賓, 加埋蘇博士就更好了! 又或者如另一聽眾的提議, 將節目延長多啲就更perfect!

    我覺得"開心喜趣來"好好聽, 它集娛樂、資訊、歡笑、天氣、遊戲、喜事、趣事…節目多元化又唔覺悶, 聽得出仲好有誠意呀! 其中, 除了資訊好聽外,有些環節我特別喜歡, 好像"123好難揀", 每日都估唔到您們問有關怎麼樣的主題? 而"明日詳盡天氣報告"就十分實用, 至於"媽咪今晚食乜餸"都好funny呀! 希望您哋繼續努力啦!

    其實, BBC是否可以開個新節目給家豪及蘇博士呢? 他倆是天衣無縫的拍檔, 假如BBC可以接受他們沒有預設的立場, 讓他們開咪, 肯定聽眾倍增, 廣告倍增…

    本來好想去支持您們CNY的倒數show, 但由於雪太大, 不能出門, 希望下次有機會啦! 祝新年進步! “開心喜趣來"日日都咁受歡迎 & Happy New Year!!!

  62. I was at the Pacific Mall, the performances were excellent, esp. the lion dance. Unfortunately had to leave before the count down.

    The 3 MCs did an excellent job in creating a festive mood for the crowd. All three were very energetic and happy. There are a few suggestions if you don’t mind.

    1. Dress pant and shoes will be more appropriate, afterall, this is a Welcome CNY show.

    2. Maggie’s outfit was very nice. I am not a big fan of those loose Chinese style top, only for C9, not for Maggie. Something younger and cuter will fit her better. Hope to see her in beautiful gown and makeup next time! Find a sponsor! I think she can elevate herself to a higher level.

    3. I think too much attention was given to the non-Chinese, once or twice mention is fine, 5 – 6 times was too much. Instead, there were quite a few seniors last night, why not put some attention to them? Ask them simple questions, and give them a gift? Seniors are so easy to feel happy, and we should set an example to the young ones that seniors are important, more than the non-Chinese if you ask me.

    4. How come I never hear Bong and Maggie speak English? An important factor to be a successful MC, next time?

    5. Haha, one more… When we were voting for the lion dance (which were so so good), the MC had encouraged excellent applause from the crowd, should have played on that and encourage the audience to participate even more!

    Overall, I had a great time! And am glad that I went to spend the New Year Eve there! Excellent job! 3 monkeys!

    If I were to plan this event, I will do it from 9 – 11, and forget about the countdown, esp. during weekday nights…

  63. To: A Chan and all 3 Monkeys’ fans

    We can go to the following locations and continue to support them:

    1) Feb.9 – 12:00 – 5:00 pm at 4i’s Opticals near Pacific Mall (besides TD Bank on Kennedy and Steeles).
    2) Feb.10 – 12:00 – 2:00 pm at Market Village.
    3) Feb.10 – 3:00 – 5:00 pm at Oriental Plaza.

  64. To: passive wrong

    Thank you for remind me the 3 monkeys show!

  65. good show, very touching, I decided To buy a radio
    for me and our staffs now, thank you for helping us
    having some good time during the long working hours.

  66. Simple Simon,

    I have problem download this files. After I downloaded one it tells me that I have reach my limit and I can’t download anymore.

    Simple Simon // February 5, 2008 at 10:01 pm
    I’ve just uploaded the archives. Have fun.


  67. captain kirk,你架飛船就黎開喇,行快步,咪番唔到屋企呀!

  68. I live in a small town outside GTA. My wife and I left home at 8:30 p.m. and arrived at Pacific Mall at about 10:00 p.m. We left there at about 11:00 p.m. because we had to get up early on the next day for going to see our son in Ottawa. In order to support the great 3 Monkeys, we did show up. I share No Longer 1540 Fan’s feeling and agree with his/her comment.

  69. 我是甚麽人: True, because we love them, that’s why we want them to do better, they are all constructive comments from an audience point of view. To be this observant, I think I gotta be a ‘she’ 😉 Geez, Ottawa, super cold, too much snow, we lived there for over 10 years, and don’t care much about it…



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