發文作者:kahoo | 二月 3, 2008

今日下午 5-7: 《開心囍趣來》啟播!!

(Exclusive to KAHOO.ca)

曲詞﹕ 鄭敬基
編曲﹕ 李健達 (HK)
主唱﹕ 陳定邦、譚嘉琪、鄭敬基

開心開心喜趣來即刻 FEEL 到好自在
一起收聽喜趣來, o岩傾 o岩聽 FULL OF JOY
天天精采的等待開心囍趣來!!! happy!

聽聽我們打個電話 (416) 496-2883 (直播室)
或 fax (416) 496-9618
喜趣會客室》第一位貴賓.. Thanks Simon 🙂

我們 email / facebook:         3monkeys@live.ca
好!! 努力加油珍 惜。      彼此彼此        Love      3 monkeys




  1. I’m longing and looking forward to it. Can’t wait until Feb 4th! I’ve to check this website everyday. Otherwise, I could not sleep well!

    I’ve the CCB radio!

    You guys better check out which outlet has CCB radio for new audience. There’re old black version $4x, and a smaller new silver version for only $2x.

    Not sure if there’s still FM converter available. If so, we can turn on FM104.9.

    3 Monkeys, please let us know, or have CCB update the dealer list and radio models from their website. Thanks.

  2. Will be listening to you 3 monkeys + Simon, wind or no wind, rain or no rain.

  3. You are the best !

  4. Just can’t wait the show to be kicked off on Monday!!!
    All the best to the show and wish everyone will enjoy it just like before.
    See you guys on Monday @5pm.

    God Bless !!!

  5. I am looking forward listening to your program on next Monday especially Kahoo will be the 1st guest.

    3 monkeys, Keep up your good work.
    All the best

  6. My sincere congratulations to the new programme 3 Monkeys on CCB broadcasted
    on the Feb. 4th, 2008.

    Just a reminder to the CCB engineering team to make sure the existing internet bandwidth is more than enough for the debuting show on Monday from 5 to 7 p.m.

    Joe, can you do something for us regarding the internet bandwidth issue. Thanks a lot.


  7. The tsunami is coming!
    The tsunami is coming!
    at 5 pm Toronto time, February 4 at CCB
    The tsunami is coming!

  8. our son teased us being “chase star group"in our golden age, just kidding. just to support 3 young
    people with " bone air", we’ll be at the pacific mall chinese new year eve show, will be a bit late because of work

  9. Awesome! Definitely will tune in on Monday Feb04,we miss you! The Toronto airtime is not the same without you guys.
    Keep up the good work!

  10. I was stop making dinner since no AM1540 to listen while I’m cooking dinner at night. From Monday Feb4 my family will have dinner to eat again thanks to 《開心囍趣來》

  11. Hi, anyone knows if we can listen the program online? cos my friend in Montreal would like to hear their voices. Thanks so much…

  12. Good news ! thank’s everyone. Takecare!

  13. Love your poster. It is a 囍. Are you 3 hosting any Chinese New Year show

  14. I wish Kahoo can join CCB and host an hour of free political talk …. a second voice next to 1430/1540 …..

  15. 譚嘉琪 + 鄭敬基 + 陳定邦 + Simon =開心 + 開心 + 開心 + 開心

  16. 都係時候買返部收音機聽下!!!

  17. Congrat 《開心囍趣來》!

    開心囍趣來》主題曲 is nice. 鄭敬基的 曲詞 , 當他們唱到"囍趣來", 很像"翡翠台" 🙂

  18. In case the your phone line will be busy on Monday. Here:
    " Congratulation!"

    Welcome! Hear you on Monday Feb. 4th.

  19. While I will leverage the internet broadcast for the most part, can someone please confirm if the purchased radio can be used while driving? If not, any workarounds?

  20. Looking forward to hear you 3’s voices again, i bought the ccb’s specialty radio some years ago for listening to the raptors games, but it stopped working after they don’t broadcast the games anymore, and i haven’t listened to them since then. with your coming show over there, i’ll listen to that station again to give you guys support as much as we can. as a 24 hrs broadcasting station, there should be a lot of room for you to go further, i’ll stay with my computer.

  21. I rise my feet to support u guys

  22. welcome back, finally no more ipod while driving back home! im pleased it starts from 5-7 a perfect time to meee…

  23. they will be at Pacific Mall the chinese new year eve show on Feb 6 at 9:30 p m

  24. I am quite impressed with the use of youtube to showcase your new theme song before the show debut. No doubt you are more “active" and “engaging" than those one-trick-ponies that lazily recycle their old programming materials.

    Whoa! And you will host the Chinese New Year Celebration too. Congratulations on getting so much headstart.

  25. No more 25A1 recycled programmes, 開心囍趣來.

  26. Hi All Fans,

    Just to remind you that the “Hand Shaking with 3 Monkeys" events will also be held at the following places:

    1) Feb.9 – 12:00-5:00pm at 4i’s Opticals (你的眼镜) near Pacific Mall besides TD Bank on Kennedy and Steeles.

    2) Feb.10 – 12:00 – 2:00 pm at Market Village.

    3) Feb.10 – 3:00 – 5:00 pm at Oriental Plaza (东方广场)

    Hope you guys can be there to show our support.

  27. Looking forward to:

    February 4
    5 pm
    開心囍趣來 @CCB

    It will be a pleasure listening to you.

  28. I am listening to CCB this morning. I know about your Chinese New Year show. I know where to to the CCB radio. Ready to go 《開心囍趣來》

  29. 1540節目 – 換 湯 不 換 藥

  30. 3 Monkeys Kicks off thier 1st OutDoor show at
    Pacific Mall 930pm….
    Hard to choose wor??
    Lam Phone or Them????
    Anyone knows how to choose?


  31. I totally agree with David’s suggestion.

  32. Re: 沉默行政人員 // February 2, 2008 at 11:59 am — 1540節目 – 換 湯 不 換 藥

    不是換湯不換藥, 而是換毒藥.

  33. Very happy to know we can hear Joe, Bong, Maggie and Simon again next Monday.
    Please let me know where we can buy the radio in Pacific Mall (which one is better, old vision or the new one).
    We haven’t listened AM1540 since 3 monkeys, Simon and Dr. So gone. We look forward to hearing your voice again.
    By the way, any news regarding Gary Lo? He is a good leader. Please send our warmest regards to him too.
    All the best!

  34. To: FAN OF 3 MONKEYS

    一定到, 風雨不改.

  35. Thanks, FAN OF 3 MONKEYS Re: 3 Monkey’s RB’s:

    This month:
    1) 9th: 12:00-5:00 at 4i’s Opticals (你的眼镜) near TD Bank @ 太古商場
    2) 10th: 12:00 – 2:00 城市廣場
    3) 10th: 3:00 – 5:00 at (东方广场 or 東方廣場)

    Sure, be there or be square!

  36. 3 Monkeys:

    三個約會, 不見不散.

  37. if i were u, i’ll go both lam phone & pacific mall,
    stay half either mall, to count down at the place
    we like to support more

  38. yeah~ can’t wait til tmw!!!! woohoo!!!

  39. 又可以收聽到琪 基邦 的好節目了,很開心. 我可以 打電話支持你們. It is not long distance call any more. 開心囍趣來, hot hot hot.

  40. 琪 基邦,
    You get our support!

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Good to hear your voices again!!


    Do not forget 3 Monkeys have an outdoor show on:

    February 6, 2008 , Wednesday
    9 pm – 12:30 am
    Pacific Mall

    For details, refer Ming Pao, February 2 Saturday Edition, page A31.

    All are welcome for the countdown to the Chinese New Year of The Rat. (From the Ad.)

  42. (開心囍趣來)明日啟播 , 全城尽聽囍趣來.
    新春大吉, 財源廣進 ,步步高升,心想事成

  43. Simon will be their 1st ever guest
    show support for Kahoo,
    show support for real friendship,
    lets call call call 416 4962883

    Simon’s fan

  44. mms:// seems not correct. Anyone knows what is the correct ones?Plea…se?

  45. Looking forward to listening!!

  46. Can’t wait to listen!

  47. http://www.torontochineseradio.com/big5/default.html is ok.

    Try it again, Charles

  48. I’ve try the http://www.torontochineseradio.com/big5/default.html but not able to listen the sound is like in a cave and can’t make it out. Is there any other site, because I can’t use the radio in I’m at right now.

  49. Internet radio congestion..

  50. I’ve waited so long and so sad that there’s still no monkeys for me…

  51. Oh my gosh, I think I have to go and buy that radio, internet listening is almost impossible!!! Very very choppy…Where can I buy that radio?

  52. I tried to listen CCB online and fould it’s choppy the whole afternoon!

  53. 請支持義氣商戶名單:

    Fido Digicell
    Po Kong Restaurant


    去多D la!

  54. I’ve been cut off many times in 15 mins. Any secondary site?

  55. Internet 大塞車, 斷斷續續 ……

  56. guess listening to archive may be the only way unless getting a radio? 😛

  57. Hi Joe, Pong and Maggie,

    Congradulation to your new show. Always support u all.


  58. The internet radio is on and off once 開心囍趣來
    on air. I missed most of the show already

  59. No Longer 1540 Fan:

    1. Downtown 中國圖書
    2. 萬錦或新旺角 : 廣播道唱片圖書
    3. 多倫多華語電台 Tel: 416-496 9633

    快D ! 快D去買 !

  60. 祝 “開心囍趣來" 開張大吉! 客似雲來! 可喜可賀!!!

    Excellent show as always! 正! 加油!
    Very happy to hear you 3 monkeys and Kahoo!


  61. 嘩,嘩,乜咁難搞呀?喂,揾個成功聽咗個節目嘅同胞講兩句得唔得?實有人聽到架?
    睇黎CCB雖然掉舊錢去搞下個網上廣播好喎! 同埋,可唔可以搞番個解碼器,聽D姨媽姑姐講話以前有解碼器,可以唔洗買過部收音機,仲可以放埋部解碼器起個車度,跟住就可以直接用架車個收音機黎聽!有冇人知道呢件事?但隻解碼器我唔知仲起邊度可以揾得到,有冇人知?

  62. Oh, I miss some part of the program as the internet frequency is not strong enough. Can the radio station adjust to a stronger frequency? thanks.

  63. 頭 條 新 聞
    監製 Executive Producer: 林 潔 賢
    不 用 等 到 二 零 一 七 或 是 二 零 二 二 , “ 頭 條 新 聞 ” 忽 然 又 回 歸 , 今 次 一 定 和 大 家 “ 玩 舖 勁 ” , 主 持 吳 志 森 和 曾 志 豪 自 會 傾 盡 所 能 , 爭 取 普 . . 遍 觀 眾 和 不 普 通 觀 眾 的 認 同 , 而 我 們 更 希 望 大 家 放 下 成 見 , 信 任 中 . . . 等 身 材 , 頭 大 有 腦 的 林 超 榮 , “ 頭 條 新 聞 ” 會 更 加 強 與 各 位 的 溝 通 , 請 支 持 “ 頭 條 新 聞 ” .

    歡 迎 瀏 覽 【 頭 條 新 聞 】 特 備 網 頁

    《 頭 條 新 聞 》 由 曾 志 豪 、 林 超 榮 、 吳 志 森 主 持 。 逢 星 期 日 晚 上 七 時 無 線 電 視 翡 翠 台 , 晚 上 十 一 時 於 有 線 電 視 第 10 台 直 播 新 聞 台 播 映 。

    網 上 直 播 時 間 : 逢 星 期 日 HKT 1900 – 1930
    網 上 直 播 完 畢 稍 後 提 供 節 目 重 溫


  64. Woohoo! They have it at First Markham Place. 905-944-8811

    They close at 8:00 tonite.

  65. Go to broadcast entertainment in pacific mall unit B60-61, I just bought one radio there in 10 minutes ago.

  66. Additional information regarding the radio:

    The small one can just receive CCB signal only, but the advantage is you do not need to tune the channel. Just turn it on and listen.

    The large one has more options. You can choose FM, AM or CCB channels.

  67. It is nice to hear the voices of Simon, Maggie, Joe, and Pong again. Although the internet connection was not stable, it is still a very good experience.

    Have e-mailed CCB to tell them the problem.

  68. Dear Jo, Pong, Maggie and Simon,

    Hung Kei Fat Choi! I am so happy to able to call in and nice to talk to you all. Always support you guys! Congratulation! see you at your mall show! Hurray!!

  69. The CCB internet radio is working perfect now. It really was 全城尽聽囍趣來

  70. Have been testing CCB’s internet broadcasting, on and off, for the past decade and the poor quality has always been the same. And it’s unlikely that it will improve, so best to get the CCB radio and not wait it out for any improvements from the station.

  71. The new show was great and very entertaining. It just like meeting our old friends again. Thank you for having Kahoo as the first guest. I miss your very dynamic and exciting Power Politics and your voice. Hope you will be back on the air again very soon and I hope that you don`t let us wait for long.

  72. Got mine for 45 bucks , quite expensive ah, oh well… next month spend less la! 3 monkeys, you better stay there for longer time! Ting Yat I look forward to explore other CCB programs 😉 Can you invite Kahoo from time to time?

  73. 恭喜開張順利
    繼續用心做好節目 :>

  74. Open WindowsMediaPlayer –>> Open URL –>> cut and paste any of the following lines:


  75. 咦,樓上阿"細B"個諗頭都幾好喎,與其整個"A1廣告商戶黑名單",不如將D負能量化為正能量,整個第一台之友義氣商戶名單!堅持冇比A1昆落答買廣告嘅商戶,大家可以多加幫襯!

  76. Yeah! Good to have you guys voices back to Toronto!! hey Kahoo & Dr. So pls join them…….Be happy together:)))))

  77. 老友重逢,當然值得高興,祝開心囍趣來長做長有,愈做愈旺,3-monkeys 紅遍多倫多!

  78. 支持"開心囍趣來"義氣之友商戶名單:

    味千拉麵 – Johnny
    浦光飯店 – 劉公子
    千鶴日本料理 – 輝師傅
    時代廣場 羅文傑牙醫
    太古廣場 千之髮型屋 – Samuel
    壹餅店 (富食街 /萬錦廣場)
    魔幻廚房 (萬錦廣場 Foodcourt)
    Fido Digicell
    星世娛樂 / 豐運旅遊

  79. 赞成塵廳長——

    我会用行动来支持以下商戶, 因为它们没有在其他电台做广告 (correct me if I am wrong):

    Fido Digicell(exception)

  80. You guys have taste and Guts,
    We’ll support you.
    Chin. G Hair at Pat Mall/Ajisen Ramen/Senbazuru Sushi/Dr Gordon Lo Dental/Cake One/Shanghai Bund/Fung Wa Supermarket/Fidodigicell/Fair Trading(Rice)/Magic Cuisine/Wonton Boy/Target Clothing at Pat Mall/Zen Travel/Taipan Travel
    Anyone know their addresses??
    pls post so we could support.

    Lets start some real action by saying hi n thanks to these sponsors when we happen to shop there.
    thanks for keeping 3 monkeys alive,
    their moms will thank you.

    Proud listeners

  81. 支持”開心囍趣來”義氣之友商戶名單:

    味千拉麵 – Johnny ( Yonge /Finch 0r Warden/Steeles )
    浦江飯店 – 劉公子 (Denison/Kennedy)
    千鶴日本料理 – 輝師傅
    時代廣場 羅文傑牙醫
    太古廣場 千之髮型屋 – Samuel
    壹餅店 (富食街 /萬錦廣場)
    魔幻廚房 (萬錦廣場 Foodcourt)
    Fido Digicell
    星世娛樂 / 豐運旅遊 ( 時代廣場 )
    雲吞仔 ( 新旺角 )

  82. 老實說 CCB 的報導新聞方式有些奇怪. 又慢又有旋律, 類似歌唱的節奏, 沒有現代的風格.
    我不是不支持 CCB & 3 Monkeys (所以我買了收音機), 只是為了表達我建設性的意見.

    其實蕭亮報導新聞都會不錯. 🙂

  83. Yesterday I went to Pacific Mall and purchased a webcam. While I was at the store, a man came in and asked if he could purchase a radio to listen Chinese program. The store owner said " sorry, we don’t sell that radio". After that man left, the store owners talked among themselves, “we probably need to order more radios as lots of people came in and asked for that recently…"

    Kahoo, Dr. So, Joe, Maggie, Bon Bon.. you all are people with qualities and knowledge, and your audience are full of sense, they will buy radio and listen your programs. Keep up the good work, we always support you.

  84. re:新的CCB聽眾
    I agree with what you say.
    I started to listen to CCB a week ago because I want to support 3 monkeys. 與時並進才可以有
    更多聽眾支持. 加油CCB

  85. To: 3 monkeys
    I’m glad to hear your voices on air, 加油!
    See you tomorrow night!

    To: all fans of monksys
    agreed to support all 義氣商戶,但有些在兩個電台都有出現,怎麼辦?

    Re: 新的CCB聽眾,喜雪
    I agreed with what you said.
    If we gave more comments and supports to them,
    I think they would improve soon. 加油BBC!

    To: Ka Ho
    Very excited to hear your voice yesterday, whatever
    you choose, we always support!

  86. GY: “…但有些在兩個電台都有出現,怎麼辦?"

    很簡單. 當你幫襯義氣商戶時, 講明你是 3 Monkeys 的支持者是因為聽了他們在CCB的廣告而來. 絕對不是因為A1或FC Radio而來.
    不要害羞, 支持就是支持!

  87. 3 MONKEYS , good show
    希望開心喜趣來能為CCB注入多些生氣, 全城尽聽囍趣來. 支持CCB
    祝 生意興隆 財源廣進

  88. All Forum fans:

    Do not forget that 3 Monkeys will be in Pacific Mall for a show TONIGHT (February 6) at 9 pm.

    Let’s all go there and support them.

  89. Over joyced to know we can listen you 2 guys + 1 lady on radio again. But I will be travelling home from work during your air time, so I can only listen to your archived programs.

    Anyways, am1540 becomes so boring without you people, especially the new program between 12 pm and 1:30 pm(?), I would rather turn off the radio.

    Keep up the good work and you have my 100% support.

  90. …more from FAN

    My 2 cents thought, there is not enough (or even none?) advertising of the new 3-monkey program. If not I searched the google for Joe’s name, I would not have known about this new program.

    People please spread the words about this program.

    On this Chinese New Year’s day, I wish 3 monkeys all the best.

  91. Kahoo,
    miss your comment and view points of things!
    you have provided some good sense to the edison scandal, really provides a different view point than the common news.
    Happy Chinese New Year!

  92. #3 monkeys, I like your programme very much.It is very thoughtful for the management to re-play your show at 5:00am especially for those need to work at the day-time in the office !!Thank you for creating this website so we can express our comments. Maggie U have a special voice so is Joe & Pong . For some DJs we don’t even know who is who !!
    Thank you for giving us 2 hrs, 5 days a week pleasure time. Keep up the GOOD WORK !!

  93. Hi : Joe, Pong , Maggie & Simon Lee,
    So nice to hear from U #3 monkeys, U are doing very good ! A lot of educational materials, good knowledge provided & you guys do put a lot of effort for this programme. Thank you Simon Lee for keeping us up-to-date news along with interesting photos too. Hoping CCB radio will invite Simon Lee & Dr So to operate their own show in the very near future !!! We look fwd. for that day to come–soon !!! Pong, your midnight programe is awesome ! Good songs & good chicken soup ‘s talk !!! 🙂

  94. The male host " Chung Chai " is full of trash & is so rude & never seemed to fully prepare for his part !! He needs to put in more effort & his attitude need to be looked into too. I feel sorry for AM1540 as he makes a lot of its audience either to turn off or tune into another stations. As we consider :
    A1 radio should have A1 standard !!!



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