發文作者:kahoo | 一月 15, 2008

《勁歌金CODE》– 對不起,有3個..

(1) 很對不起.. 不能夠親口向您們說聲:

「謝謝您們一直以來大小的支持.. 再見了!



ET Come Home.. 至「Penny Penny我愛你」..


謝謝.. bye bye… 真的會很miss您們!!

鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪 (娛樂13)

讓他們身體,心靈能成長得很健康.. (這也是《勁歌金Code》一直以來最大的心願!)

(2) Penny Penny 我愛你




不過,我們想.. 愛心並不會因這樣的事情給拉倒了..

大家若願意,何不我們一起來堅持這愛心行動到月底,看看月底我們一起能幫誰? 受惠者、受惠基構將於月底在這網站公佈,好嗎?



(3) 很對不起未能夠親口讓大家知道

《勁歌金CODE之能夠廣播至今… (前兩天)



這是如果我們還能ON AIR,對你們百份百的致敬!

Special thanks to our hidden heroes:


謝謝家豪,讓我們可以藉他的KAHOO.ca網發放這個私人訊息… WE LOVE YOU. 家豪. THANKS!





  1. 好哉三人組! 祝前途美好!

  2. 撑你地,希望好快再見!!!!

  3. 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪,

    I’m one of your fans. I’d really miss you guys.
    I’m still crying but I’m really proud of you guys.
    I understand what friends really are at the difficult
    time and what is integrity. Fighting ! Fighting!
    All the best ! See you soon thru other channel!

  4. 我排第二, 另一個過1000回應post, 現在開始 ~~~!
    鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪 ….. 你地吹鷄, 我地响應 !!!


    一句到尾,, 無限支持 ~~~

  5. 支持支持, 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪!

  6. Joe, Maggie and Bond,
    Really missed your program! 😦
    Hope you guys will have a good future and good health.
    God bless all three of you!
    Take care !

    p.s. so touched by your last sentence “we may lose a job, but we gain so much!"

    once again, all the best !!!!!!

  7. 基基, 邦邦, 嘉嘉:
    I’ll never forget what you bring to us. I’ll miss you forever. Hope can here and see you guys soon.

  8. 嘩﹐終於開咗新題﹐感謝主﹗ 哈哈﹗爆料皇計算錯誤﹐做唔到第二﹐跌咗落第四﹗


    三人組﹐你地嘅節目好好聽﹗以往我如果揸緊車﹐通常都淨係揀聽‘勁歌金code’同‘一本政經’﹐(其餘時間會聽680或者MP3)。多謝你地嘅努力﹐亦對你地今次嘅決定肅然起敬﹗睇到你地呢個blog post都好感動…..
    記住呀﹐雖然此刻把手鬆開﹐放棄咗眼前嘅一D嘢﹐但最後得到嘅將會更多﹗If you don’t let go, you’ll never gain﹐最緊要係選擇自己認為是對的﹗最好的尚未來臨﹗

  9. 好一個完美的三人组從此消失,真可惜!

  10. Finally we hear from you three. Me and my wife loved your show. Thank you for all the entertainment and all the effort you three provided. Do let us know any updates with all three of you thru here or with Dr So store. Since there are no other interesting programs in other station, we may not know any updates thru radio if there is any. However we will listen to you all or any of you if there is any new program from you guys/gal.
    Good Luck….
    Will pray for you all

  11. Wish you three all the best. Take care. I am always on your side.

  12. 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪

    Just to say thank you for the most enjoyable and entertaining program that three of you have provided to us all these years.

  13. Good luck guys!

  14. 蘇博士, I visited your store on Sunday, but didn’t see you. There are so many interesting books there that I’m sure they can’t be found in a conventional bookstore. Anyways, I hope you’re doing well.

    家豪, you mentionned that you’re writing/participating in some English media, what newspaper/channel is that? I hope to hear your voice soon.

    As for the hosts of 勁歌金Code, I wish you the best~

  15. 祝福你們三人有美好未來

  16. 鄭敬基.. 多謝你! 我一度以為自已跌了老花鏡! [酒杯敲鋼琴]

    陳定邦.. 好!

    譚嘉琪.. 我有點喜歡你!

  17. As someone has said before:

    $$ can buy a radio station or channel, but $$ cannot buy listeners.

    Kahoo and Dr. So, we will meet again some time, somewhere.

  18. thank you all! You guys were there for me when I had a surgery, taking sick leave last year. I am soon to be jobless as well.

    Add oil. God will bless us all! It was one of the funniest Chinese radio show in Toronto. See you all soon!

  19. Wish you guys all the best, thanks for giving us so much good time and memory. Hope will see or hear from you guys again in the near future.

    We love you all!!!!!

    I will make some effort to show our support of 「愛心Penny行動」too.. Many thanks again!!

  20. I missed you three very much. Your program bring me a lot of good memories especially 娛樂13妹. Listen to your show are very relaxing when I drive my way home everyday.
    I was touched by your decision.

    All the best and good luck.
    Your each day will be blessed.
    I will pray for you guys.

  21. 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪:
    I miss you.
    Don’t give up.
    All the best.

  22. hi mag t, bond & joe
    glad to see u guys here
    bond bond,i’m wife of the a mgr where u went for super ( at she…[ mall in the west] ),my hubbie likes to say hi to u mag: i am happy I’ve taken picture with u ( at Market ),don’t know when will we see u again joe,we like your singing miss u all good luck

  23. Happy to see you all in Kahoo’s website, that means you all not leave Kahoo & Dr. So alone.

    All the best.

  24. Joe, Maggie & Bond Bond

    you guys are fantastic !

    You are the best ! We are feel emptiness without your show in the afternoon.

    We are looking forward to your come back !

  25. 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪

  26. 唔係馬,三涸勁歌金code都唔玩?咁亞牛呢?由零開始?

  27. I am a very new listener to 1540. I enjoy most of the programs . I miss your programssss 鄭敬基 譚家琪 陳定邦!!! You always had something new that can make me会心微笑, never 悶. Thanks for all your enjoyable programs. looking forward to hear you 三人組 soon. 祝前途美好!

  28. Bravo! This is the real Toronto First Radio spirit.

    All the best.

  29. I have sooooooo much respect for all three of you! I’m sure you would have earned the well-deserved support from your audience. Good luck!

  30. X-big loss for your listeners.Thank you for your show! Very enjoyable, very interesting, learned a lot from you guys. Salute to………The best DJs in Toronto: JOE, BOND and MAGGIE!

  31. 作為一位傳媒人, 公眾形象比任何其他技能都重要, 無論你口才多了得, 資歷有多深, 知名度多高… 一旦公眾形象直插谷底, 此人離轉行不遠矣。特別係生死存亡既關頭, 有人仲 “mark 大眼, 講大話", 仲當D聽眾傻既話, 聽眾一定会離棄佢…… 有D演藝人拍埋一齊会好受歡迎, 例如: 廖啟智/陳敏兒… 但有D人拍埋一齊, 只會令聽眾愈睇愈眼冤, 唔該佢兩個收皮啦~

  32. I miss you…Joe, Maggie and bond.hope to hear you all on air soon.

  33. Joe,Bong,Maggie,

    好傷心, 真的好upset, 因為每天都盼望着你們開咪,我很喜歡你們做節目, 聦得出你很用心做, 你們很鬼馬, 喬又多, 设有十三妹, 好down呀!!

    希望, 希望, 一千个希望將耒有機會再聰到鄭,陳,譚三人組再現江湖.

    Joe, 有冇可能攪个勁歌+政经 FAN CLUB 之類嘅活動呀?? 可以在萬綿的"螢火星"meet 架, Lum Lum 佢吖吓.

    God bless you all!!!

  34. Have guts, cheers

  35. Miss you guys, take care of all three of you.

  36. 鄭敬基 譚家琪 陳定邦,

    I am very happy to hear you again on this website. Thank you for giving us the lovely program 勁歌金Code for the past years.

    All the best!

    P.S. I will send my penny to Dr. So’s book store. Keep going penny penny I love you.

  37. 鄭敬基 譚家琪 陳定邦 :

    對不起,你們是真基督徒, 主愛你,生命沒有第二機 會, 願你們主內平安!

  38. I listen AM1540 FM 1007 over 10 yrs !Now I just listen AM680 . miss 三人組
    & 一本政經.
    how’s yellow cow???
    where are they???

  39. joe. maggie.bond. all the best… !

  40. 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪
    撑你地…….希望好快再見!!!! Don’t give up.
    All the best.

    We are looking forward to your come back !

  41. Even entertainment section is being cut? That’s a definite surprise! Especially with Joe’s links to H.K.

    So my fear is partially confirmed. 1540 is now a 100% mandarin station eh?

    But I have a feeling this is just a temporary thing, I home No-Pok-Dick have more tricks up his sleeves, like joining Omni 2’s Cantonese section or something…. and bring everyone with him

    BTW, thanks for all the hard work. The most out standing memory I have of you guys are actually not within your show but outside of your actual show. Like interviewing David Miller right after the elections…. It is in these small places that we, the listener, can see how devoted you guys are to the station. It is also because of this devotion that channel hoppers would end up being devoted listeners.

    Tomorrow will be a better day.

  42. All the best to all three of you!!!

    Without you guys and Power Politics, there has no Chinese media worth to listen or watch!!

    Hope you guys will be on air again very very very soon!!

  43. 勁歌金CODE是眾多娛樂節目中最啱我聽,點解?因為你地三隻野夠guts。

  44. 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪

    We miss you. Don’t give up.
    All the best. We are looking forward to your come back !
    撑你地…….無限支持 ……………

  45. Aww~ I follow you guys since 1430……really a huge disappointment if you guys are not going to be on air again~ Your show and Kahoo’s show are the only 2 reason I turn onto a chinese radio station. Its our lost…… Best wishes for all of you, hope to hear your voices soon!

  46. 全力支持勁歌金code三人組加家豪蘇博士開網台!
    可以 extend myradio 廣播時間..


  47. ai ya!!! all the talented DJs are gone!!! sob!!!!

  48. 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪,

    We all miss you. Without 3 of you and Kahoo’s programs, one day is like one year.

    Please don’t look back. Look forward! There’s another window opening for you!

    All the best to you and wish you continue posting messages and updates to this web… the “one of a kind" web with freedom of press in local chinese community!


  49. 鄭敬基 譚家琪 陳定邦:

    I’ve listened to you guys almost everyday from Vancouver, online or from the archives. I think you guys are the best group of DJs in Canada. Your program has kept me up-to-date and made me laugh… I miss you 3 and wish u 3 all the best!

  50. 阿Joe、家琪、邦邦:好開心見到你哋三個人出嚟講幾句說話,聽開你哋做節目,呢兩日無得聽,好失落,我哋雖然只係一班工廠阿太,不過都唔係乜都唔知,肓目跟随,我哋會揀啱我哋聽嘅節目,我哋鐘意你哋攪鬼得嚟又帶到好多資訉俾我哋,我哋唔鐘意啲死死板板又老餅嘅人講嘢。(雖然我哋都算係老餅,但係都想埋吓後生仔女嘅堆,心境都後生啲。)所以我哋呢班阿太寧願唔聽收音機,都唔會走過隔離。仲有,句吽去咗邊?可唔可以好似你哋响呢度同我哋講番幾句說話,因為我哋一樣好掛住"距",(除非"距"都己經變節啦)至於"距"嘅拍擋,向來都無乜好感,再加埋上個禮拜五聽咗嗰番說話,仲加覺得反感,所以"距"嘅去向我哋無興趣知。無論如何,我哋都會好支持你哋,慢慢等機會,一定有一日會東山再起,正如上個禮拜聽過阿吽播嗰首"風再起時"嘅歌詞一樣。好啦,老餅講嘢係長氣啲,唔好見怪,有時間多啲喺家豪呢個平台講吓你哋嘅動向。祝各人前途無限、Take Cake!

  51. Thanks for the thread, 家豪!

    鄭敬基 譚家琪 陳定邦:

    Here is our gutsy trio for probably despising lowering yourselves to the level of the new A1 communist-flavoured, transfat loaded radio station. Loved your show and couldn’t get enough of it all the time! Magnificent job indeed.

    Hey, I tuned in to AM 1540 today and yesterday for just a few seconds and all I heard were those nauseous songs CHIN just happened to find at the bottom of some piles of vinyl record albums!

    The station disgusts me even before it starts its broadcast. Imagine what it will be like when it stumbles to a rocky start.

    Station Recommendations du Jour:

    EzRock – FM 97.3 = For oldies
    CHFI – FM 98.1 = For senior citizens
    CBC – FM 99.1 = Generally good but sometimes too intellectual (i.e. too dry)
    CHUM FM – FM 102.5 = For the young and the young-at-hearts
    CFRB Newtalk 1010 – AM 1010 = Power Politics-style phone-in programs
    680New – AM 680 = Good up-to-date news and traffic info. Downside: Repetitive news plus…you have to live with that meteorologist Harold Hosein’s accent.

    and, finally…

    A1-Communist Radio AM 1540 = Advice: Tune out the moment you know you’ve accidentally tuned in, before you sustained permanent loss of taste buds or hearing ability !!!

  52. Joe, maggie and pong…all the best!!
    by the way, i’m just back to toronto and didn’t 100% follow up the story..can somebody explain to me..
    what’s all that about?

  53. 佢地新upload咗條youtube片 (看上文)﹐大家快D去睇吓啦﹐有阿基哥把聲﹗
    (by the way – 基哥不如呢段日子每隔幾日都整一段嘢upload上黎﹐慰籍吓我地呢群飢渴嘅心靈﹗好掛住你地節目呀﹗Same with Kahoo.. 不如隔幾日同蘇博士錄條音放上黎﹐短短地幾分鐘都好吖﹐等大家有D嘢聽吓咁﹐得唔得呀?)

    回上面siu ming – 四個字: “一言難盡"﹗

  54. LOL x 999 @ 獨孤求丙’s!!! yo what you’re talking about, Harold Hosein is my fav’ man!

  55. 鄭敬基! 家琪! 邦邦!
    When my family heard Kahoo and Dr.So were leaving, the first thing my grandma asked was if you three were still going to be here, because she loves hearing your show in the afternoon. It is her daily entertainment when we are all off to work.
    You guys are great DJs and have 骨氣! Hope that the three of you, Kahoo and Dr. So can have your own radio station. We will definitely support you!
    Waiting for your voices to be on air… God bless!

  56. I have listened to Joe’s show for so many years, back to the years when I was at university (12 or 13 years ago), the morning show he hosted was the best, there was also a 廣播劇 that me and my boyfriend, (which is now my husband) like to hear so much… it’s Joe who made us love to hear chinese radio! The effort he put in every show just amazed us! Until now, we still love to here his show with Pong and Ka Kei, because he put his heart to perform at every moment. Indeed, it doesn’t mean that we don’t like other DJs, we support them all, however, it sounds like there are so many disputes, conflicts, etc. going on these days…. so sad it ended this way. I just found out a youtube link which I like to share with you guys, it was the “live show" just 2 weeks ago, it made me so sad when watching the clip and linked up to what had happened these days…. hope you guys take a moment to watch it, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9L93PZucEVM&feature=related

    Thanks and good night… I really wish that nothing has happened and back to the old 1540, Toronto First Radio is the best!

  57. Siu ming,

    [what’s all that about?]

    如果你有時間, 當然最好如司機塵兄的建議, 閱讀在另一線上的一千多個留言. 我今天剛有時間, 讓我來給你作一個簡述, 希望我能幫上忙.

    剛踏入2008年, 一本政經聽眾從節目中和這留言區, 得到一個壞消息, 說[一本政經]及李家豪將與聽眾{暫別}. 其後聽眾從家豪和蘇博士在節目中透露和其他渠道, 得知多倫多第一台不能繼續以AM1540頻道廣播, 原因是有一財團, 以較高的租賃代價, 奪取了廣播權, 而那財團, 據聞是由星島牽頭, 加上新時代集圑等. 聽眾恐多倫多華語廣播被壟斷, 表示極度的關注. 同時, 在上週一本政經最後廣播的節目中, 家豪和蘇博士透露新電台的營運者, 曾與他們商討在新台繼續主持一本政經節目, 但表示現在的節目內容是[去得太盡], 並要求他們減少邀請某些嘉賓, 如黃毓民. 家豪和蘇博士認為在有預設備件之下做新聞時事節目, 不能接受. 這個消息一出, 聽眾更感震怒, 認為以財力奪取廣播時段, 不純是商業決定, 而存在壟斷華語廣播中, 有關政治時事評論的可能. (因星島及新時代集團與中國政府以至親中機構保持良好關係). 支持與關懷家豪, 蘇博士, 一本政經以及多倫多第一台的前途的電話和留言, 如雪片飄至. 並有熱心聽眾在facebook設立一線, 聯絡聽眾, 以謀求挽救第一台的可行行動.

    至於為何涉及黃氏夫婦. 事緣家豪和蘇博士在節目中提及他們面對當前情況的感受, 有所感慨. 嘗到人情冷暖, 家豪提到有同事對他的態度有明顯的攺變(當然是向壞的方面), 但家豪並沒有指名道姓. 而黃氏夫婦在其節目中(貓姨說是上星期五, 但我的記憶好像是星期四), 指責DJ不應在節目談及私人事務, 如這樣做是公器私用, 抛出甚麽專業守則等等. 並在節目中, 曾不只一次提及家豪, 令人覺得他倆是在對家豪作出批評/攻撃. 其中有些言論, 有聽眾(包括本人)認為極不恰當(是否如此, 煩請你自行收聽判斷). 令事件變得更複雜(如不是壞的話), 是有傳聞黃生將出任新台台長, 而黃生在該集節目中, 主動承認新台曾接觸他, 但沒有說明是否會在新台工作, 只說是[被動], 這言論亦引起部份聽眾/網友的不滿.

    而新台名稱亦已公佈, 名為A1中文電台.

    情況大概如此. 我對事件有我的看法, 但在敍述中已盡量客觀, 希望不會誤導你.

  58. 在田兄:

  59. Why not start a XM radio show in ChineseÉ How difficult would that beÉ I would definitely buy one if you do.

  60. I love this video that Joe, Bong and 13Mui posted. Whoever made it, really HAS HEART!

    Thank you! Hope to hear you guys on air again!


  61. 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪 following verses from Proverbs(箴 言) will cheer you up:

    12:2 善 人 必 蒙 耶 和 華 的 恩 惠 . 設 詭 計 的 人 、 耶 和 華 必 定 他 的 罪 。
    12:3 人 靠 惡 行 不 能 堅 立 . 義 人 的 根 必 不 動 搖 。
    12:5 義 人 的 思 念 是 公 平 . 惡 人 的 計 謀 是 詭 詐 。
    12:7 惡 人 傾 覆 、 歸 於 無 有 . 義 人 的 家 、 必 站 得 住 。
    12:8 人 必 按 自 己 的 智 慧 被 稱 讚 . 心 中 乖 謬 的 、 必 被 藐 視 。
    12:11 耕 種 自 己 田 地 的 、 必 得 飽 食 . 追 隨 虛 浮 的 、 卻 是 無 知 。
    12:12 惡 人 想 得 壞 人 的 網 羅 . 義 人 的 根 、 得 以 結 實 。
    12:13 惡 人 嘴 中 的 過 錯 、 是 自 己 的 網 羅 . 但 義 人 必 脫 離 患 難 。
    12:14 人 因 口 所 結 的 果 子 、 必 飽 得 美 福 . 人 手 所 作 的 、 必 為 自 己 的 報 應 。

  62. Love you guys, hope to hear you soon.

  63. 真係有點失落!!! 多倫多中文廣播的悲哀!!! 回了香港一個月,每天都有繼續留意多倫多新聞,當看見am1540要停播的新聞,個心真係跌落谷底….. 基哥、十三妹、邦邦、小麗和阿牛真係好喜歡好喜歡你們的節目,希望你們盡快回來,就算係做兩三個鐘頭的節目,我都會支持你地,因為你們是用心來作的節目,帶給了大家的感覺和回應!!! 我在這裡有個建議,如果你們可以的話,就好像今天一樣,你們錄了節目就放到youtube裡,就算一個星期或一個月的半個鐘節目,我都會支持到底!!! 如果你們攪網絡收費電台一樣支持!!! 最後還有的是阿黃跟子菁,祝福你們!!!! 每個人都有自己的打算,我覺得大家唔應該說他們的不是,希望大家和平共處!!!

  64. 三位好,So happy to know you guys didn’t forget us,and stand on kahoo side, Good Job !搵場地攪楝篤笑,你地五人淨企係度,與觀眾齋Talking.唔要花巧野,只要向著真誠出發,多多錢我都捧場,度假都會取消,仲幫手宣傳!快!快!快!

  65. 在田兄:
    純屬講笑,本來句未加左〈: )〉符號,唔知點解騷唔出黎。

  66. We miss you guys. We also miss Siu Lai and Chung Chai.

  67. wish everyone the best,
    Mr Cow cannot say anything, he needs to eat.
    Three of you made comment yesterday, it means your future is defined

  68. I was thinking to turn up last week to tender my red packet to 3 of you before the Chinese New Year. As I did this last Chinese New Year before when you were on air in the shopping plaza.

    We will miss you & thank you for giving us some much quality entertainment all the times. We did enjoy it so….much.

    All the best and please let your fans know your news from time to time……

  69. BTW, I didn’t turn up because I knew I would cry……

  70. Hi, 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪:

    Glad to meet again through this platform.
    My husband & I really love your shows.

    Jo, we are with you when you started the morning program in Toronto years ago. We can’t remeber the channel # as we set the channel as the prime. You were with us for breakfast and way to work on highway from Monday & Friday.. till “that" morning it turned into a music program.

    Jo, Bon & Maggiet: Prior you joined 1530, your show on Saturday was one of our programs on the weekend that we did not miss. You were away from us again for a period of time. You do not know how excited we were when we know that your voices would be launched again on 1540.

    We believe now is just for another “break" … . It’s fine because we know you “will be back".

    Take care & all the best!!!

    p.s. Simon & Dr. So – See u in Pacific Mall

  71. 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪

    All the best

  72. 第一台單野睇黎都已成定局,係呢度品評吓過氣節目、DJ睇怕都唔會俾人柵掛。

  73. 魚真妹,我都等緊買飛!好提議!

  74. Dear 阿Joe、家琪、邦邦:

    There is so much more I would like to share with you guys about this: Philippians 4:6-7

    “6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
    7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

    We love you all.

  75. Yeh, We definitely will go & see Joe’s (of course with Bond & Maggie) concert if they plan one.

    Absoooolutely agree ‘Hau Paul Lin’ analyse on the 1540 programs. We only enjoy Joes’ program in the afternoon. You 3 did it really with heart, we listened it with heart, and forever too.

  76. Does it means that we cannot hear from you guys anymore? How sad and depressing, I hope it is not true, please find a way to be on-air soon.
    Wish you all the best! Take care! Good luck!

  77. fans since day 1:
    等我醒你每日金句:亞嫂摔你,唔使再講absolutely 。

  78. Joe,Bond,Maggie: We all miss you,waiting to hear your voice!

  79. 雖然曲終人散, 但天下無不散之筵席, 一個終結是另一個開始…


  80. Except for some days off, I had not got a lot of chances to listen to the 3:00pm program hosted by Joe/Bong/Mak.

    I found the show had certain appeal and sometimes paid attention to listen to what the trio was discussing.

    The show could be silly but not stupid.
    The show could be sensitive but not too sensationalized.
    The show could be servious but not controversial.

    Thanks for the memories no matter how short-lived your show was.

    Meanwhile, I was a bit concerned that the recent public uproar forced all three to choose side. I mean we just support you for who you are and not what you have become.


  81. Is it possible Toronto First Radio become an Internet radio? I am willing to pay $10 a month.

  82. Thank you for bringing us all the joy, entertainment, and social consciousness in the past years. “ET Come Home" was a great event. Hope you’ll have the chance to host similar event again in the future. Miss you 3 a lot.

  83. 唔該﹐麻煩果D比較純情嘅聽眾﹐唔好再癡心妄想「阿 _ 」﹐「小 _ 」同埋 「_ 仔」嘅下落﹐事關佢地早就已經….. 嘿﹗

  84. I can pay $20 a month.

  85. 阿牛= 「昌哥」
    (歲月風雲, 駱應鈞)

  86. I really missed you guys and girl. I used to listen to u everyday. Remember at the very beginning you have 勁歌金Code’s MSN? U know, these day I was hoping if anyone if you can get online.

    Please use this forum to keep in touch with us.

  87. Dear 阿Joe、家琪、邦邦:
    Thanks for the good program. I always tuned to your program rather than listen to other boring program. It was bad that good program got drop off. Radio is getting boring without good choice.
    All the best to you.

  88. 1:00pm and AM1540 was still playing music only.

  89. we’ll take $ to the book store,
    hope more people will

  90. We can not let any eone monopolize the Chinese media, what if MingPo is bought in their next campaign? See what they have done, bought the right to all those channels but only plays music all day!
    Paying a fee to have an internet radio is not as good as having a fund drive to acheive a common goal. ( because it restircts the number of audience). Why don’t someone start a fund raising drive. We want to have our voice back!

  91. 姣婆蓮
    你成日都 [鼓油碟],搞到我以為係汽車剎車系統 –鼓+油+碟– 甚麼甚麼–油壓推動前鼓後碟.

  92. Ah Cow, where are you? Say some thing!

  93. Hi, Joe, Bong & KaKei. Sad to be not able to hear your show again. Hope Nobody and you can find another frequency very soon and you 3 can go on air again.

    Ever thought of doing the Chinese New Year’s show in one of the Chinese Mall? – Spendid China, First Markham, Market, Pacific Mall,… I’m sure the advertisers would love to have you 3, + maybe Simon & Dr. So, and of course Nobody, to host the show. It would really be big and good publicity. You can make announcement here, and I’m sure all your fans will show up and can easily fill up the mall.

  94. Can you tell me what the name of book store in Pacific Mall? I am not living in GTA.

  95. 在田兄:

  96. the " remember [ home town ] ( one word ) " { meaning }book store, there are tea pots, antique things in the window, i think on the main floor ( E row ) ,may someone write it in chinese pls, b t w , don’t go too early, not be opened i think after lunch, like almost 12:30

  97. It seems 懷舊書坊

  98. thx!

  99. bibypig // January 16, 2008 at 2:37 pm


  100. Hi Dears,
    You guys said you may lose a job but you gain so much more! Great! we need to support Kahoo & Dr. So! where’s other peoples go… hey Mr. & Mrs. Wong, Mr. Cow….. pls come out to say something….to support Kahoo & Dr. So….!

  101. Re 講不出聲



  102. 李司棋撐女兒非二五


    p.s. To 如FA

    Are you the real 如FA?

  103. Hello! I am a fan of you guys in Vancouver…. I used to listen to ur program every morning here in Vancouver while I was working…. Chinese radio stations here (AM1470+AM1320) are pretty boring, so I listened to you guys. You program were really entertaining and informative. I hope you guys can be back on air some time la. Good luck………

  104. GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MR. AND MRS. WONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MR. &. MRS. WONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  106. 來自奥沙華的李太… 請你冷靜D,冷靜D…
    (唔該﹐叫實Q !!!!!)

  107. To 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪,


    祝前途美好! Hope to see you guys soon~~~

  108. Hi 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪,
    I am listening to the replay of your program, very interesting. You 3 always do the job with your hearts. MISS you .

  109. 原本想到這裏支持Joe他們三人,怎知又看到對黃氏夫婦冷嘲熱諷和不公平的言論。看後我確實很傷心,有必要為他講句公道話。

  110. Joe,Bon,Maggie,never give up !

  111. 鄭敬基 譚家琪 陳定邦! I think you all should either go to 1430 or stay at A1. You all may even get a job promotion if you stay, you all are good, at least you never critize China or Communist party. I would say your show was much better Power Politics, more fun and less criticism. Mr. and Mrs. Wong. It is ok to remove Power Politics since these 2 guys only critize China, nothing nice to say. However, 勁歌金CODE was the best show of AM 1540, you must keep this show, otherwise you will lose lots of listeners and clients. Go 勁歌金CODE Go~! 司棋姐 was right, her daughter had nothing to do to the change of the boss. She and her husband just did what they should do, fight for their own benefits. Ka Ho might have done the same thing if he was offered to be the CEO of A1, he just did not get this chance. As I said before, who knows the truth? You all naive people “Too simple, sometimes too naive!!”

    I wish A1 will be on air really soon, since it will be the first radio station which supports China and the Communist party. I think A1 should keep all the radio programs except those which critized China, as well as those DJs who critize China should be all gone. Go A1 Go ~v~!

  112. Maggie, Joe, and Pong:

    You program is full of life, energy, laughter, love, and inspiration. Especially love your human fresh thermometer. It’s unique and funny. Thanks.

  113. 黃毓仁兄:


    不過, 正如你可以對黃生有好印象, 欣賞他的敬業樂業和待人有禮, 別的聽眾可以對黃生有壞印象. 只要那些聽眾對黃生的批評是對事(黃生曾做過的事, 而他們不同意), 不是人身攻擊, 這是可以接受的. 黃生作為公眾人物, 被他人指點批評, 在所難免.

    除非那些批評黃氏夫婦的網友, 是司祺姐所指的鬼或那鬼所指使的人. 而批評黃氏夫婦是由各不相識的聽眾/觀眾作出和數量那麼多的話, 黃氏夫婦是否需要認真檢討一下自己曾做過的事, 為何會令那麼多的人對他倆這樣反感. 如認為對他們的指責是錯誤的, 我曾在早前的留言建議他們, 選擇一個合適的時間和渠道去澄清, 還自己一個公道.

    最後, 你可能仍分不清頻道AM1540與利用這頻道廣播的機構/電台的分別. (黃生夥拍潘生的節目是另一家廣播機構/電台所播放的), 故而有[1540能夠有今天的成績,鄭敬基和他可謂功不可沒]的評論. 如果你是說多倫多第一台能夠有今天的成績, 黃生功不可沒的話, 相信黃生和他的其他fans也不敢認同呢!

  114. to: wong yuk yan 6:30 p.m.


    A fact is a fact!

  115. I would like to express my heart-felt thanks to Joe, Bond and Maggie for the joy and entertainment tendered to us.

    All the best.

  116. To: 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪,

    很钦佩你们的勇气: “we may lose a job, but we gain so much more"。Hope you all the best!

    To: 黃毓仁

  117. We are saying the facts about the Wrongs. Nothing personal !

  118. Respond to Al // January 16, 2008 at 7:36 pm
    I think you should either go to China or stay at your bedroom. You may even get a job promotion if you stay, you are good, at least you never critize Canada or freedom speech. I would say your show was much better 甚麼… Delay No More…, more fun and less criticism of Canadian and Freedom fighter,it is ok to remove Al and 甚麼… Delay No More… since these 2 guys only lick Government of China, nothing nice to say. However, 勁歌金CODE was the best show of AM 1540, you trio must keep this show on the other channel, therefore, you will win lots of listeners and clients. Go 勁歌金CODE Go~! 司棋姐 was right, her daughter had nothing to do to the change of the boss but being a 2 5 kid. She and her husband just did what they should not do, fight for their own benefits. Ka Ho might have not done the same thing if he was offered to be the CEO of A1, he just did refuse this chance. As I said before, who knows the truth? You Al are naive people “Too simple, sometimes too naive!!”
    I wish A1 will not be on air forever, since it will be the first radio station which will lick China and the Communist party. I think A1 should keep all the radio programs except those which licking government of China, as well as those DJs who lick China should be all gone. Go home A1 Go home ~v~!

  119. To 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪,

    I miss you 3 so so much. 勁歌金CODE rocks!


  120. 曲: 鄭敬基、吉中鳴 詞: 鄭敬基、鄭楚萍









    副歌: 我想閃閃星光陪伴帶我到處漫遊,放棄世界鬥爭不過問,

    瀟瀟洒洒隨著風聲歌聲演奏心舒透,Starry Starry Night。




  121. A1,

    Still saying the same old stuff to try to make people angry??? Nothing new now!!! This only work on new comers in the bulletin. Think about something new to irritate people in here…

  122. 我唔同意呢位呀 Al 同毓仁兄嘅講法, 係依度講野,唔一定會係亂爆一通的恐佈份子同不愛祖國嘅, 我叫做醬爆, 我從來沒有放棄成為一位偉大 DJ 嘅理想, 剛才聽到 lee 兩位阿生講嘅野, 熱情奔放, 創意無限, 多謝… 唔駛客氣, 燃點起我醬爆心中嘅一團火, 我醬爆感覺到係依個moment要爆啦, 既然係依度有gom多人才, 不如同埋蘇豪基邦琪一齊整番間電台玩下啦, 好過聽A1同廢柴 … 多~多事多事傻~la me~me so la ray~是 多~多事多ray是傻,多斯啦~多斯啦

  123. 點解講極都仲有網友係都要苦苦要追問其他DJ嘅下落.. 既然都話阿牛係’昌哥’咯﹐咁你地咪拭’耳’以待囉﹐唔洗而家起度又miss邊個又miss邊個﹐到時個新台開張咯﹐咪自然又浮番哂出黎囉﹐總之唔好再起度問來問去喇﹐煩到震呀﹗

  124. 醬爆,

    Good idea, but the new radio station can not critize China, because I like to kiss the Chinese government butt…

  125. i miss 1540 please come back soon.

  126. 蘇豪 + 三人組 (係勁歌﹐唔係淨水)﹐等西大師贈一句比你地﹕寧鳴而死﹐不默而生﹗




  127. Anson only stays with First Radio for the first few months 3 years ago, and only returns a few months ago. So the success of First Radio has nothing to do with him.

  128. 公道自在聽眾心
    由於電台經營運作的問題,白兔仔無法如期在1月7日出咪做節目!這一突然的變更,使到做替工的碩仔感到無比驚喜和興奮!更在節目中接通聽眾電話與其所謂忠實聽眾“乜太”在通話中你一言我一語間暗踩白兔仔所做的節目是“聽到喊”的節目!是年輕人不接受的節目! !碩仔這種引導聽眾指桑罵槐的言行引起廣大中外聽眾們的強烈不滿! ! !紛紛指責這種不道德的言行是有損電台原有的良好形象!更加貶低其自身的品格! !


  129. 大乜, or someone who used my name. Please stop using my name since none of you is as good as me though. I have my thinking which none of you does, you both are a foolish copy cat. As I said, I have the right to say whatever I want. what makes you think that Ka Ho did not want to stay at A1 and as a CEO, he just did not get the same offer as Anson. I personally do not like Anson and his wife, however, one thing I like is his phoniness. He is a good liar, he even make himself to believe his own lies. Can any of you do that? I doubt it, since all of you people are too simplae and naive, you only believ whatever people told you. Have you ever thought about that Ka and Dr. So lie to all of you naive people? I do not think that they will leave if they were offered a good job position or salary? Money is not everything, however, money can solve lots of problem and change your political view. If the Chinese offers you naive people a billion dollars if you join the Communist party, there will be a long line up which includes Dr. So and Ka Ho, they may even be the first one in line.

  130. " Al // January 16, 2008 at 11:31 pm


    Good idea, but the new radio station can not critize China, because I like to kiss the Chinese government butt…"

    that was not from the original Al who is me, what a stupid copy cat. I am who I am, no one here can copy me. You people are cats, however, none of you is a good cat sicne you do not know how to catch mice.

  131. 我只是針對那些強加罪名在阿黃頭上的言論,如新台長、危永標之類…(對不起!是我攪錯,這些都是在之前的討論區出現。)這些憑空捏造,毫無根據的罪名,全都是基於「我覺得」。「我覺得」這三個字在中國歷史上可害死了不少人。「我覺得」你有罪,你便真的有罪了。這種古時舊中國式不合邏輯思維的批判,比共產黨更共產黨。這些大膽假設,不用求證的說話,若沒有攻擊性的倒也罷了,但可能損害到他人聲譽的便應有充足證據才能寫出來呀!
    多謝Cat Lover君的指正。但我認識1540全是十多年前鄭敬基跟劉捷盈在下午做的節目。後來不知怎的鄭被炒掉,才有阿黃跟阿潘的「惺惺相識」。是不是不同老闆就不得而知,但就肯定全是1540的。(因為我甚少聽1430)

  132. Al = the wrong couple’s damage control manager

    黃毓仁 = the wrong couple’s PR manager

  133. 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪 :

    The radio station I am listening starting this week between 2:30 – 4 pm is 680 News. I do miss your program.

  134. 點呀, 幾日冇見, 家豪有冇新作出版呀, 蘇博士懷鄉又有乜新書入咗值得推介咁呀, 亞 Joe 有冇操 sharp 吓你d 時事新聞知識, 可以一有機會 (e.g. 第日喺 Nobody 個新台) 就幫手評論吓世態, Maggie 又有乜娛樂料不爆不快, 邦邦又有乜正歌好想播俾大家聽吓咁呀?

    唏, 係人 (鬼就除外) 都好卦住你哋架! 本來我哋個個都想同國語唱「我等著你回來, 我等著你回來…」咁架, 但個個睇完嗰套唔記得叫乜嘢嘅港產片, 先唔敢再唱作。

    一向都自命鐵漢 (有冇生锈就唔敢包喇) 嘅我, 就算冇乜嘢想講, 都會上嚟或上懷鄉做吓「慰安佬」, 提供吓「性J服務俾幾位嘅….哦, 當然係人性個性啦, 因為呢個世界, 你哋話齋, 世態炎涼, 真係好多人淨番冇幾多人性, 得番d 獸性架咋!

  135. 黃毓仁兄:

    1. 我不知道你有沒有跟足上星期[一本政經]的節目的發展和黃氏夫婦突然在節目中提到李家豪, 談甚麼DJ專業守則和公器私用在這中間的關係. 如果沒有, 你當不會感受到黃生所說的:(大意)[難道你有一支咪, 我有一支咪, 互相……..]的說話所帶來的傷害.

    2. 如果你覺得黃氏夫婦在那集節目的舖排是善意的批評, 那很好. 不過, 看來不少觀眾並不認為這樣.

    3. 對不起, 我要對你說一句不中聽的說話: 從你的留言看來, 你不能處於公正客觀的心態.
    甲. 你根據什麼來指出家豪的感歎世態炎涼說法是偏激
    乙. 即使家豪在黃氏夫婦節目播出後那一晚的一本政經節目表現出較佳的心情, 也不一定表示他欣然接受黃氏夫婦在節目中的做法和言論. 原因很簡單, 首先, 家豪在做那天的一本政經節目前有沒有聽過黃氏夫婦的節目是一個疑問(我認為沒有聽到的可能性較高). 其次, 你怎可預期家豪會受這不快的感覺所影響, 而延續多集節目呢?
    丙. 你指責那些[憑空捏造,毫無根據]的言論, 那當然是正確. 可是, 你卻說[十多年前鄭敬基跟劉捷盈在下午做的節目。後來不知怎的鄭被炒掉]. 你真的知道鄭不做那個節目的原因是被開除的嗎? 我相信除了是當事人(即那時那電台的負責人和鄭敬基), 沒有人知道是否如此. 從你對那時那電台廣播的安排也不甚清楚來看, 你應該不會是知內情的人. 那你這樣的說法, 又是否[憑空捏造,毫無根據]呢?

    我相信你的留言是出於善意, 欲為[正義]而揚聲. 但看來你對這次事件並不太瞭解. 同時你仍不清楚租賃頻道與電台的關係(你的一句[是不是不同老闆就不得而知]露了底). 不要再越幫越忙了.

  136. RE: 黃毓仁 // January 17, 2008 at 3:05 am

    你的回覆里不是有"…家豪相信亦欣然接受…"的字眼吗? 这跟你所批评的「我覺得」是没有任何分别的!「我覺得」这里大多数人所发表的意见,都是基于他们的所见,所听,所感而言,我们不需要一个法官告诉我们什么才是标准的裁决,因为公道自在人心。

  137. 回大セAI:同意,同意,十万個同意!GO AI GO! GO ……….washroom?

  138. “That was not from the original Al who is me, what a stupid copy cat. I am who I am, no one here can copy me. You people are cats, however, none of you is a good cat sicne you do not know how to catch mice."

    People, wake up, this is the real copy cat, he tries to learn from me to please the communists to dream of getting any benefit.

    Forget about it, I am the real Al, but now I have changed my mind after the communism leader cheats me to kiss their butt for years without giving me any benefit they promise, they are the real liars.

    I have changed my mind as I am sick of kissing their butt, for any new joined Al members, please abandon to learn from me now, I am not a good model for you to learn, from now on, start to learn from Dr. So and Kahoo.

    鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪, please ignore my previous message to ask your guys to join the new station, same as the communists, they wont give you any benefit, you will become a slave if you join.

    I am so much apoligize to speak a lot of improper messages in this bulletin to hurt all of you.

    Please apologize me, I just want to please the commuist to fulfill my dream of getting a billion dollars, but they broke the promise because communists always break promise.

    Dear friends and comrades, please forgive me.

  139. To : The “REAL” Al,

    Your message posted on January 17, 2008 at 12:54 am wrote:

    “I personally do not like Anson and his wife”

    But your message posted on January 13, 2008 at 8:49 pm said:

    “I am a fan of Mr and Mrs Wong”

    Which one is correct?

    Maybe both are correct if a fan doesn’t like his idol personally.

    I now understand why you are not simple and not naïve. You are too complicated that you can be a fan of someone you don’t like him personally.

  140. Al,

    Get out of here, your 漢奸賣國賊, we wont forgive you no matter what you said now, go back to keep on kissing the communist’s butt…

  141. If you want to download the Youtube video of

    The URL is:

  142. Thank you for your farwell note. You guys were funny, however, it was very informative.
    I always suport you guys, am1540 and Kahoo’s power politics.

    Many thanks!!!!

  143. 拒絕為五斗米折腰!!

  144. Today’s news from Ming Pao


  145. Cat Lover,

    The “REAL Al" that you talk about is our new joined little comrade, I am the real Al: 天字第一号Al!!!

    My liitle comrade didn’t know that his number one comrade has already abandoned communism, you can ignore his message, very sorry to make you feel uncomfortable from his message.

    I will try my best to teach our new joined Al comrades to abandon communism, forget about that the communism leaders can give them a billion dollars, this is all lier.

  146. I want the 1540 AM radio station to come back soon. I will support you guys!

  147. For me there will be no A1 or 1430, I’ll listen to either your Archive or 680 (for news). Until you’re back on air.

    Ps. Miss you all, and wish you all a great future.

  148. Hi! It’s a Mario! so get the station back or I won’t get out to chinese cultures! ok? SO GET IT BACK! btw ur sumly!!! (thats connemt!) by freirdfsd! Daerest ferriends shall never give up! RitE? SO have fun Y’ALL! theeheeheeh!!! o_O

  149. 鄭敬基 , 譚嘉琪 , 陳定邦 : 您們好! 錦上添花多的是 ; 雪中送炭少得很 . 難得您們為正義投了一票 (其實是三票) , 您們的決定令我很感動 .

    如您們所說 [We may lose a job , but we gain so much more] 這句話令我聯想起
    Dana (All Kinds Of Everything singer)的一首歌 called Nothing In My Pocket 裏面有句歌詞是這樣的 …….I got nothing in my pocket and I don’t feel bad ; nothing in the bag and I don’t feel sad , but I got more treasure than a millionaire…… 我把這句歌詞送給您們作一個鼓勵 .

    加油! 為您們的理想堅持下去 , 希望有一天再能在大氣電波中與您們 , 嘉豪 和蘇博士 相聚 .

  150. 黃毓仁網友:

  151. 姣婆蓮妹

  152. Hi bibypig,
    Sorry for giving you the wrong name of the book store yesterday. I got there yesterday evening, I can now give you the 100% right name of the book store, that is:


    Sorry again for my carelessness

  153. Anyway thx.
    I want to know what else I can do. I want to show my support to TFR and the DJs. I will send the pennies to the store.

  154. 在田兄:

  155. About: 黃毓仁 // January 17, 2008 at 3:05 am

    Cat Lover 的回應是正確的.


    “憑空捏造,毫無根據的罪名" – 你點肯定知道憑空. 你客觀地看過以前網友的分析嗎? 你是不是現在憑空捏造判斷嗎?

    談到中國歷史同共產黨, 黃毓民總比你了解.

    使用「炸彈比喻」比較網友猜新台長, 危永標更糟, 更傷害(因針對許多人)

    “阿黃在上星期的一番話" – 其實是星期五. 你真的有聽過嗎? [或者是你說出來嗎?]

    “只是想給家豪一點意見,或善意批評" – 如果善意的批評, 應該在mic後講

    “作為一個専業DJ應有的態度" – 你是否認為阿黃有這種態度嗎?「他覺得」比其他DJ更專業可以教人嗎? 是不是, 正如你所說, 提高自我身價嗎?

    “家豪相信亦欣然接受,皆因他當晚已沒有之前世態炎涼般偏激,跟聽眾有說有笑。" – 你怎麼知道?你是不是看到他在辦公室?笑就等於沒問題?
    Too simple and sometimes naive…

    黃毓仁(黃, 毓人?) 不要再越幫越忙你露底了!

  156. It seems no one support my idea of Joe, Bong & Maggie doing Chinese New Year’s show in one of the Chinese Mall. I bellieve if we have 1,000 people here supporting this idea, they will consisider the idea seriously. They can be themselves, doing one of the “…gold code" show, and it will easily run 2-3 hours. Or be a concert of the “little big star"!

    Joe, Bong & Maggie – please give it some serious consideration!

  157. I support Kathy’s idea.

  158. I 100% support Kathy’s idea.
    How about you guys?

  159. I 100% support Kathy’s idea.

  160. 姣婆蓮妹
    以前 D 紅牌阿姑,搵到頭好人家嫁左,之後唔駛拋頭露面,做歸家娘飲井水,咪叫做 [埋街食井水]囉!
    咁悶!講下笑咋! 🙂

  161. 留意 ! 留意 ! 你地有無聽到1430廣播有D唔同左?? 調大聲D 你會聽到1540 D 國粵語歌曲做 background music ~ 以前都唔會咁?? 大家點睇??

  162. This issue angers me. I have come to embrace such Canadian princples as freedom of speech and press and so, that is why I am surprise this situation has occurred!

    I am extremely surprised that Mr. Wong has been promoted from his assistant general manager position to a level up at A1, because it is evident from his work that he has an extreme lack of knowledge and sense of our local and global community.

    However, I guess one shouldn’t be surprise because people like to hire people just like them in personality and values….So what does that say about the people running A1, hey?

    Mr. and Mrs. “2-5” Wong has clearly demonstrated their sneaky and cunning nature. How can such unprofessional and immature individuals , who act without any kind of modesty or reserve (or brain), be respected?

    For future Mr. and Mrs. “2-5”Wong mall appearances – would they brave the proverbial rotten tomatoes in their face?

    The removal of Simon Li’s show is certainly the viewers’ loss. This is a man of strong integrity. His actions have clearly demonstrated his unwavering respect for fair principles and values.

    Without people like him (along with Joe, Maggie, and Bond), I have very little hope that there will be any good shows in the future.

    They will all be missed.

    Lastly, with his integrity, sense of justice, and analytical, sharp mind, Simon’s career and personal growth has just begun. There will always be lots of rich and rewarding opportunities for someone like him.

    As for Mr. and Mrs. “2-5” Wong, a lot awaits them too, but perhaps, situations of a different nature.

    This story has been a great example of bridges burned and bridges built.

  163. We need good Chinese DJ like 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪, You 3 are entertaining every listener when you are on air. Always new topics,很 好 聽, 很 精彩. There are many DJ at the other channel, but how many of them can host a 1 hour show, some of them can’t even speak Chinese right. Couple of them have the same voice, I do not know who is who. Their old programs are repeating the same old games, jokes for years. Wasting time.
    How much longer I can use the Torontofirst net to listen to your old programs.

  164. 在田兄:
    原來兄台經常出入煙花之地嘅塘西大少,咁又多一位田少添。 : (

  165. 珠絲馬跡 // January 17, 2008 at 4:51 pm

    留意 ! 留意 ! 你地有無聽到1430廣播有D唔同左?? 調大聲D 你會聽到1540 D 國粵語歌曲做 background music ~ 以前都唔會咁?? 大家點睇??

    Come on guys, this has been a long time since TFR moved to Richmond hill!

  166. For those so call loyal fans of Kahoo and Jo & Co. and those 1430 and Singtao haters. RELAX, RELAX , RELAX O.K. I can guaranteed you that most of the guys are going to work in the new stations, You are not going to miss them .Look at all these people’s history of moving around different radio stations.You guys will forget boycott this & boycott that and everything will be fine…..

  167. To Ah 雪 // January 17, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    Why that channel is so boring? because all Djs there are OldCakes and are lack of wisdom.

  168. To Danny6:46 p.m.

    Who can trust u? Do u guarantee???

    ‘Most of the guys’?? Will Joe & Bong be top priority??

  169. We don’t have Alan Tam, Andy Lau around in Toronto. At least we have Joe, Bong & Maggie….


  171. Besides Joe, Bong & Maggie, we should invite Kahoo, Dr. So, and Nobody to our proposed Chinese New Year Show.

  172. Courage, also known as fortitude, is the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation.

    It can be divided into “physical courage" — in face of physical pain, hardship, and threat of death — and “moral courage" — in the face of shame, scandal, and discouragement.

  173. 田少:

  174. our family is a definite supporter to Joe, Bond and Maggie. No matter what are your decisions on your future career, our Lord will bless you all. z

  175. No matter what are the decisions of your future career will be (I mean Joe, Bond and Maggie) , I am always a supporter to you all. God Bless !!!
    Take good care of yourselves!

  176. I like your idea and 100% will be there.

  177. To Al,
    what’s so great about the Communist party? The hard-workers and lazy bums get an equal amount of pay thus makes the whole economy collapse. There is proven history that communism does NOT work. Do you know about the USSR/Soviet Union and how their country was falling apart because no one was motivated to work? IF communism worked so well, why would they need foreign investment to modernize everything??

    Your grammar sucks and I bet you want communism because you’re lazy and just want to mooch off of others’ hard work.

  178. TO: Mrs, Li, Oshawa // January 17, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    Thank you for such a good letter.

    Right, as per you:

    How can such unprofessional and immature individuals , who act without any kind of modesty or reserve (or brain), be respected?

    As per me:

    How can such immature individuals who lack of sense of responsibility for the society; lack of knowledge of the audience, who lack of sense of judgement be the management staff of a station?

    Your letter spoke for me!!

  179. Maggie, Bond and Joe…
    Good luck !!

  180. support Kathy’s idea, hope it will be on saturday

    to cat lover,
    we ( couple ) love cats too, we have a cat ,her name is Chung Mo Yim because her face is black & white, i name my neighbor’s cat as " bao ching tin " because its face is dark, like " hau po lin “, let’s talk about some other thing, like pets

  181. KATHY GOOD IDEA ! 到時一定到 !

  182. 姣婆蓮,我現在更加欣賞你 ! 有見地有幽默,暫時將無 “一本政經"的失落,付託在你身上 !你個脂粉客除左你, 還鍾意什麼? 唔撐家豪就飛得架啦! 我等緊……

  183. 琪基邦果然是義氣仔女,敬佩 ! 敬佩 !

  184. To姣婆蓮君




    「“憑空捏造,毫無根據的罪名” – 你點肯定知道憑空. 你客觀地看過以前網友的分析嗎? 你是不是現在憑空捏造判斷嗎?」

    「使用「炸彈比喻」比較網友猜新台長, 危永標更糟, 更傷害(因針對許多人)」

    「“只是想給家豪一點意見,或善意批評” – 如果善意的批評, 應該在mic後講」


    「你的回覆里不是有”…家豪相信亦欣然接受…”的字眼吗? 这跟你所批评的是没有任何分别的!」

    To Cat Lover 君
    「可是, 你卻說[十多年前鄭敬基跟劉捷盈在下午做的節目。後來不知怎的鄭被炒掉]. 你真的知道鄭不做那個節目的原因是被開除的嗎? 」


  185. 黃毓仁兄:
    1. 如果鄭敬基向報刋透露了他是被開除了, 你當然只是說出了事實. 對不起, 因我沒有看過那周刋, 只是按常理推想.

    2. 你第二段的內容, 恕我魯鈍, 不太明白.
    甲. 首先, 看來你仍不太明白廣播頻道與租賃者的關係. [若當年1540的頻道不是受歡迎的話,相信其他財團亦不會對它有興趣]. 受歡迎的是節目本身, 而不是頻道. 聽眾對那節目是否由1540頻道播出, 相信並不會介意. 讓我舉一個簡單的例. 1540頻道好像一家商舖, 有生意營運者租來做餅店, 製造出來的餅食非常好, 受顧客歡迎. 但租約期滿, 被另一個營運者以較高的租金從業主手中奪去租賃權, 雖然也是做餅店, 但出品不好, 不受顧客歡迎. 那第二個經營者, 經營不善, 不再續租, 業主便將之租與其他租客而已. 這裏的汰弱留強與你所說的情況不一樣(你所說的像是收購, 但現在所說的情況不是收購). 所以重點是餅食出品(節目), 而不是店舖(頻道).

    乙. 在多倫多第一台接租1540頻度前, 營運者是星島CHIN中文電台. 看來是他們放棄續租, 便由盧博迪租來經營一新台而己.

    丙. 你所說[若當年沒有鄭敬基,154o能否繼續就很難說了。所以我說1540是由鄭帶起的,至於誰是老闆我根本就沒有理會了], 鄭既然那麼重要, 為什麼又被開除了呢?

  186. RE: 黃毓仁 // January 17, 2008 at 10:55 pm


  187. 黃毓仁網友:
    1. 如果黃先生否認加盟在先,而稍後出現在A1台工作,將會令其誠信破產,此舉亦勢必打擊支持者信心,完全與A1台將來言論是否自由無關,我亦不打算在此猜測該台會否握殺言論自由,無必要作一些不實際預測而將話題扯遠。
    2. 我是指出黃先生近期在第一台工作表現,我對他的評價純粹是個人觀點,你絕對可以有不同意見,正一豉油浙醋各有所好,拗黎都無謂。日後如果黃先生開咪,你可以繼續欣賞他的才華,我亦可以月旦其表現。

  188. 姣婆蓮妹
    我D窮書生,邊有錢去D咁高尚既地方! D名詞響電視劇學番來!
    點及得蓮妹你第一身咁清楚! 不如你講下 [一條左髀千人忱,一碗豬紅萬客嘗]有血有肉既親身經歷來聽下!

  189. RE: 黃毓仁


    Kahoo can talk about this online because he doesn’t mention the name of the person, he is just talking about a general issue in office politic, no one including me care about this office politic issue inside 1540 because this is very normal in any office that is going to have a big change in structure.

    But Anson talks about in Friday is directly address to Kahoo, this is the major difference that cause a lot of audiences even they both like Anson and Kahoo turn to support Kahoo because of the above difference. Please try to understand this point.

  190. 在田兄:

  191. 田少:

  192. 我同意"多口人语"的看法, 我已沒有興趣回應黃毓仁了. 他已經無藥可救. 他的思維方式是無稽之談, 扭曲事實, 是非不分. 事實上, 他甚至不能直接, 合理地回答我們的問題, 或甚至迴避回答. 顯然黃毓仁是盲目地幫助25解圍, 他是保黃黨甚至可能是當事人. 大家都知, 他們是這裡的常客(用不同的身份).

  193. 姣婆蓮妹
    飲勝! 🙂

  194. To: Unknown

    謝謝你為我指出了這一點. 這正是我本來想說的, 但他的答复是BS.

  195. Al and 黃毓仁 must be recently promoted to the station managers of 25 couple’s own radio station – AM5354. They worked very hard to sell, sell, and sell, even they have to twist the facts.

    I miss Joe, Maggie, and Pong who tell the truth and are sincere.

  196. Lets have a cheer up note for Kahoo,
    He’s been off air for exactly 1 week.
    Wherever you are, whatever you doing,
    We’ll continue to support U.
    Without kahoo,
    radio is never be the same.
    Take care, Simon Li

  197. your reply to Mrs. Li, Re: Jan 17 9:49 p.m.

    1. U don’t need to thank anyone about the letter they wrote, that message is not for u individually.

    2.All audience can judge & express what they have experienced from the radio DJ.

    3.For those DJ’s, it is more appropriate to call them an ‘occupation’. They are not honestly (be fair) to be a professional like as Accountant, MD, or lawyer. There is only a few on broadcasting field are professional..

    4. Unless there is an examination to screen u out….’professional’

  198. re: AM5354 fan // January 18, 2008 at 6:47 am

    With the station playing songs all days all week, they got so much free times to control damage, confuse others, and divert attention by saying “we don’t have evidence".

    No, we don’t need to find evidence because it was presented by 25 couple to us last Friday, showing their true face (thus identities).

    Now, CK Je’s interview with TVB also contradicted to what her “passive" son-in-law explained to the news reporter last Saturday (appeared in Ming Pao) that he was indeed “passive" and knew even less than the public. But through CK Je’s mouth, her daughter has already jumped ship and got promoted.

    What a family! It made sense that she could support Regina Ip.

  199. To: professional audience // January 18, 2008 at 8:27 am

    1. There is this wonderful invention called a dictionary.

    2. It provides all the definitions that a word may have, as well as how and when the word gets used as per its various definitions.

    3. Such as “professional".

    4. Try it sometimes!

  200. To Fans Always:Absolutely,because these smart people just want to make a good living and work for whoever pay them.Loyalty is not not in their dictionary,therefore you never hear them critizice any body.Not like Dr. So & Kahoo they have their own agenda to make themselves as public hero.Therefore i think Kahoo & Dr.So will have a tougher time to get the same job because they have made a lot of enemies too (Especially those businessman connected to China). Unless they have their own station or hire by their former boss(Nobody), But i also have doubt that because even Nobody have never criticised the communist China since he left fairchild,This is smart business because he finally know that inorder to survive in the competitive society, You cannot bash the powerful communist China.Too bad ,This is Reality.I honestly think Kahoo made a big mistake by publicly telling the negotiation result.No doblt he will be a hero for a lot of fans,But he also back himself to a corner.It so sad to have these bad bad situation which everybody is a loser including the listeners.

  201. RE: professional audience // January 18, 2008 at 8:27 am

    Your comment is exactly right. Some ‘occupational’ DJ’s pretended to be professional talking about professionalism for the purpose of personal attacks. What a shame!

  202. MooMooCow. I am not sure what you ty to say, since I do not think your English is really good as well. I believe that you’re talking about the stupid social system in Canada, which Canada is the heaven for lazy and naive people like you. Do you know how many people in Russia are missing the USSR? At least they had a job when there was USSR. How stupid are you to make comments like that? In fact, the communism which we have in China has been modified by our great leaders of China.

  203. 黃毓仁網友:
    2. 你不承認是黃先生粉絲,但是你對他仰慕之情表露無遺,我話之你係佢新老細、同事、兄弟、爸媽、愛人、朋友、追隨者、信徒……只要你具備清楚表達意見能力,歡迎你返來呢個平台,我地冇預設立場,我摺起衫袖等你。

  204. To: 黃毓仁 and Al

    Thanks for your help and support. There are nice positions for hosting 一本政經 at the two radio stations. Please submit your resumes.

  205. I need fellow “forumers" advice.

    This morning, Jan 18, 2008 at around 10:20am on the morning show @FM88.9, Chan Yat Gwan (a.k.a. Chen Sek Wing) with Castro Liu was accepting phone-in from listeners.

    While the caller (named Wendy) told the two gentlmen that her husband had dated 5 other women before marrying her, Chan immediately responded by saying that “the guy FOR SURE have had more than 5 sexual partners".

    Should I file a complain to the CRTC and also the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council?

    By the way, how come Chan Sek Wing has changed his name to “Chan Yat Gwan" – perhaps just want to be “chut wai" (stand out of his own position"? Anyone know?

  206. TO: FaiFuJiYin // January 18, 2008 at 10:53 am

    My advice: Yes!!

    Also see the following, from First Radio Fan:

    First Radio Fan // January 17, 2008 at 11:42 pm

    今日下晝一 點 ( 可能係二 點) 拎過去 聽 廢柴台1430個口窒窒女子報新聞時, 聽到 佢將 ” 教宗(The Pope) 嘅Blessing Letter( 用中文講) 講成 “宗教 嘅 Blessing letter” 當佢報有 關 Bathurst 8 個 學生 嘅funeral 時. 竟 無 即 時 更正! 真係” 够專業 嘅傳媒新聞廣播人!”

    File a complaint to show the quality of their radio programs.

  207. FaiFuJiYin:
    啋!! 晨早流流起大氣電波講埋D咁嘅嘢? 個腦漏咗起屋企呀?


  208. FaiFu bro:

    I would vote against filing a complaint this time around because we’ve just flooded CRTC with 50+ complaint e-mails/letters so they might have an impression that we are just a bunch of whiners if we fired another round of ammos to them.

    Haven’t intentionally tuned in to 1430 Useless Log Communist Radio for a long time so I am not sure who this Chan Sek Wing/Chan Yat Gwan character is. Anyway, what he just said simply proves that he sees everyone he dates as sexual partner, that’s all. The only thing is that I feel bad for his wife (if he has one) because she’ll from now on be stigmatized only as his “sexual partner".

    Red Cross:

    Watch out for this punk when he swings by to try to donate his blood. Do us a favour and screen him for any possible incurable STD infections like AIDS, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc.

  209. Al,

    My little new joined comrade boy, I am your 领导: 天字第一号Al.

    Good boy, you are right, comment from MoMoCow is very outdated, China is no longer a communism country anymore. However, just have some people get rich quick but don’t care about other and the environment, is going to be a big disaster in the Chinese history, the impact from this side effect will be huge. You are young and very easy to be cheated by this virtual achievement, there is still a lot needed to be improved, my little boy.

    No place is perfect including Canada, but at least we can critize the Government without being caught and put into jail. Help China to achieve the same kind of freedom my boy, rather than being misleaded by the virtual prosper that may need a lot of effort to be repaired by our next generation…

  210. re: // January 18, 2008 at 11:43 am

    Frankly, I think he simply speaks his mind, applying his principles onto others.

    Is it 臭坑出臭草 or 廢柴出臭石?

  211. Hi, Joe. Please advise Dr. So’s book store Unit No. in Pacific Mall (e.g. which roll and perhaps next to which store), and the Business Hours (e.g. Mon – Sun, 12pm – 8pm) etc.

    Thank you!

  212. 好一个领导!!!


  213. that guy farts again in this forum

  214. CBSC is an independent, non-governmental organization to administer standards for Canada’s private broadcasters.

    So it is independent from the CRTC.

  215. Has Toronto First Radio thought of buying its own station?

    Find an AM (or even FM) station who wants to sell … buy it and apply to CRTC and convert it to a multicultural/ethnic station.

    The application may take a long time to complete, but in the mean time, TFR can broadcast 2 to 3 hours a day from 6:00am to midnight (and 6 hours between midnight to 6:00am).

  216. 我有一個經營理念和夢想。我要經營一個多元化的公司, 稱為 “番身堂". 它提供 洗底之旅, 洗腦淨化服務, 血液和口臭測試 以及 正音及講話校正服務.

    作為推動我的公司的公眾形象, 我會邀請 25夫婦, Al及其夥伴同志, 毓仁, 危永標, 口窒窒小姐, 及 陳日軍 (改名神性化) 作為我的代言人。

    如果你覺得你有上述的資格, 請把你的個人履歷傳真給我 (1-8xx-15430xx). 謝謝.

  217. to FiaFuJiYin

    I think you have double standard, for AM1540 Ah Cow and Ah Wong sometimes said the similar words or even worst words in which we like to hear. May

  218. I have just filed a complaint online to the CBSC (cbsc.ca)

  219. kw – Wong and Cow might be using other words to indicate the message. But in this morning’s incident, CHAN Yat Gwan used those explicit words.

  220. to the female d j who works 10:30 – ?2: at 14:?0,
    pls tell the weather in Cantonese only, don’t tell in English, it’s freezing RAIN, not RING, thank you

  221. Responds to Al // January 18, 2008 at 10:20 am

    “MooMooCow. I am not sure what you ty to say, since I do not think your English is really good as well. I believe that you’re talking about the stupid social system in Canada, which Canada is the heaven for lazy and naive people like you. Do you know how many people in Russia are missing the USSR? At least they had a job when there was USSR. How stupid are you to make comments like that? In fact, the communism which we have in China has been modified by our great leaders of China."

    To Al the Comrade,

    Totally agree with you that “the communism which we have in China has been modified by our great leaders of China." — > into a Corrupted Dictatorial Capitalism system, that growing billions of people like you , only with $$ in their minds, making Toxic, Harmful Fake stuff even for their Own Great People. Try the fake soy sauce and 大白兔糖 tonite, taste goood I’m sure you’ll like it……
    Be a Good Loser man, China’s future’s in your hands.

  222. 鹹哥, 你在你的節目內帶出的教誨和建議很好.
    99% 的中國人是好人 – 支持!
    所有貨品來自中國是好的 – 支持!
    意見必須善意和有建設性 – 支持!
    寫自己的意見在雪地上是一種不會冒犯人的表達方法 – 支持!

    由於這個論壇太長, 讓我們找一塊大雪地寫下自己的意見吧.

  223. 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪, wish you all the best! Not too many people can hold firm on what they believe in.

  224. 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪,

    “Be willing to lose a battle in order to win the war."

    Best wishes and keep us posted.

  225. 各位-齐來听故. 故事名称"骨气才是永恒".

    話說某公司因財政出現問题. 蜀中無大將, 先鋒要走人. 老板找來 ‘正宜弟’ 先生夫人, 委與高职. 誰料他俩胃口很大,要吃掉公司. 正宜弟静静找两大集团,說服集团为他back up. 集团見他送上门,决定 back back他, 也同意他做"呀一"的單位领導人", 台長是也. 由於某公司还未伸直,不宜由宜弟出面. 所以派出霍氏(Fox). 霍氏是誰? 他哥哥是球界巨星. 还不知道他的哥哥是誰? 中国成語故事"狐假虎威"中尋. 霍氏左握鸡毛,右握手电,找’吹雪豪俠’和’IQ博士’倾, 要求俩人不得出位. 为了真正專业精神,吹雪和IQ不能接受,只好高歌一曲 “忍着淚說Goodbye". 又公司伸直前, 某世界女有超世界的言行. 吹雪身为豪俠,忍不了,出招"西瓜"和"世態". 正宜弟为了世界女撲向豪俠,还了两招 – “夫唱婦隨" 及 “專业温神". 为甚么正宜弟要为世界女出头?因为她是他的马,又是所謂兄弟的女友.
    结局如何? 骨气三人組出來支豪俠和博士. 在楓树林中非常受敬佩. 正宜弟夫婦还是要離开枫树林. 因为新公司最终是国語单位,而且霍氏和宜弟夫婦有过節.所以最后把他俩踢走.

    本人特此聲明: 以上纯属吹水,如有類同,实屬巧合.
    还有: 版杈没有,欢迎翻印.

  226. Re.

    sorry, i’m very stupid. who’s ‘他哥哥’, and
    who’s 世界女? 世界女 即 小醜?

  227. 謝謝三位的一股儍勁, 所帶來多倫多的歡樂

    還有謝謝你們有機會讓我們致謝, 有緣再見 :>


  228. 多謝水-继續吹君


    Can you give us more hints on who is “Fox"?

  229. RE: 水-继續吹 // January 18, 2008 at 6:16 pm

    I do not appreciate too much of this kind of “water blowing" stories appearing on the board lately. As the stories themselves can never be proved to have happened, this could easily mislead readers to make wrong judgement on matters if their preception are purely based on these stories. Therefore, you should never say “欢迎翻印" your story.

  230. Al,
    I do not think you are right. I agree with Moomoocow. Al, you don’t even know what you are trying to say. You are probably one of those people who lived on the street of China and didn’t get much of an education. You are really stupid. You are really lucky to know english otherwise you’d be a bum and eat out of other peoples’ garbage. If you still lived in China you’d have an even worse life so butt out of other peoples’ lives so none of us other people have to suffer from your distinctive stupidity!

  231. Michael

    You are right. Some people in here seems not to take any responsibility. Just say whatever they LIKE or make it up just like “Hong Kong (8 hang) magazine".

  232. [FaiFuJiYin // January 18, 2008 at 10:53 am
    I need fellow “forumers” advice.]
    [This morning, Jan 18, 2008 at around 10:20am on the morning show @FM88.9, Chan Yat Gwan (a.k.a. Chen Sek Wing) with Castro Liu was accepting phone-in from listeners.
    While the caller (named Wendy) told the two gentlmen that her husband had dated 5 other women before marrying her, Chan immediately responded by saying that “the guy FOR SURE have had more than 5 sexual partners”.
    Should I file a complain to the CRTC and also the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council?
    By the way, how come Chan Sek Wing has changed his name to “Chan Yat Gwan” – perhaps just want to be “chut wai” (stand out of his own position”? Anyone know? ] [塵師奶 // January 18, 2008 at 11:33 am
    啋!! 晨早流流起大氣電波講埋D咁嘅嘢? 個腦漏咗起屋企呀?

  233. “I am not sure what you ty to say, since I do not think your English is really good as well."

    What kind of English is that?! And “Canada is the heaven for lazy and naive people like you"?! Come on, who are you trying to kid? Here, we must work to be able to be successful so we’re NOT lazy. And the only reason they had jobs was because they were forced to it and had to commit or otherwise they would be assasinated. Have you not had education on the history here?

    天字第一号Al, I was not describing a communist country being China. I know that China is not a communist country now, it seems like a dictator/capitalist kind of power.

  234. 貓姨:
    我果陣駛梗車都有聽到! 朝早個瘋煙節目,好似叫聽眾打上台講下佢地D好男人! 有個女聽眾話佢個老公都幾正, 唔知邊個男主持問個女聽眾多唔多對手, 個女聽眾話佢個老公未識佢前都有五個女朋友, 點知阿石主持口快快話 [你老公一定多過五個性伴侶喇]


  235. 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪
    I miss you guys. Hope to see you again. I’m always supporting you too. Good Luck!!

    1540 Hard Fan

  236. To:在田兄, 因為好耐無聽廢臺、、、、、Thanks!

  237. The DJs of 廢柴 are:

    1. Clueless

    2. Unprepared

    3. Boring

    4. Conservative, their programs remain the same for years

    5. Monotonous

    6. Most DJ speak in a tone unvarying in pitch

    7. Many DJs are unprofessional – they do not care about the content of their programs. They just perform their routine jobs like robots daily and get paid.

  238. news from 星島
    A1中文電台」下周一起試播 28日正式啟播

  239. Re 廢柴 listener

    I agree with you. Their programs are even worse now because there is no competition any more.

  240. 又是一個星期六, 記得上星期仍可以聽到和, 今日聽唔到, 感到有點失落, 似乎等到再有得聽的一天都幾漫長, 真係有啲唔習慣! 不過, 我深信總有一天再聽到您們做節目的! 至於勁歌金code三人組, 懷念您們, 懷念, 您們一切決定都深表支持! 也十分欣賞您們在家豪的blog, 發送的私人訊息! 我會繼續支持"Penny愛心行動"的!!!
    祝 All The Best !!!

  241. Dear 基哥﹐阿邦﹐嘉琪﹐

    很高興能在這裏看到你們的 Posting﹐能夠在這裏跟你們和 勁歌金 Code 說聲多謝和暫別。其實上星期五 (Jan 11) 聽你們的節目時﹐心中已經在想﹐下星期一會否還可以聽到你們 ? 我想你們其實已心裡有數吧﹐只是繼續如常的將歡笑和資訊帶給我們聽眾﹐不要我們擔心﹐如常的說”下星期再見”。其實你們的心意我們明白的﹐所以不用跟我們說對不起 🙂

    回想聽勁歌金 Code 已有幾年了﹐其實之前在基哥和阿邦還在” 友台” 做” 下午好輕鬆” 時我已經有聽你們﹐聽你們的節目實在好舒服﹐真的好像和朋友傾計一樣。後來你們離開了﹐我還以為你們回港發展了呢﹐而自己也因此沒有聽收音機好一段時間。

    後來之後在街上偶然看到 ET Come Home 的海報﹐上網找到他們的網站﹐隨意地 Click 到第一台 Website, 才知道你們已轉了電台﹐每天做下午節目。嘩﹐超開心! 之後便每天上網聽你們的節目 (因為公司沒有收音機﹐Mp3 機又只有 FM) 。不過公司有時 Block 了online radio, 但我仍會之後在家聽 archive 。因為你們的節目實在正﹐唔想 Miss﹐而到現在。

    回想這些日子裡﹐我和勁歌金 Code也經歷了不少呢。初初和你們和大家在兩個多月裡見證了ET come home 的極個旅程﹐好感動﹐那個迎接 ET的眾會我也有去﹐被 ET 和你們的愛心深深感動。基哥你作的主題曲好有 Heart, 好好聽﹐我現在還有它的mp3 ﹐得閒便開來聽下﹐每次聽到便想起那段日子。還有早期的"Dr. 邦"啦﹐好好笑﹐又覺得 Dr. 邦好慘﹐因為日日都係 Dr. 邦出去外面﹐估下溫度有幾多﹐基哥同嘉琪就” 騎騎笑” ﹐真係” 夠朋友” (最近的” 包剪鎚天氣” 算是給阿邦還個公道吧) ! 還有"勁歌金 Box" ﹐記得開始的時候你們問聽眾一個問題﹐然後聽眾打上電台﹐答中有獎﹐到後來變成了基哥開一個 topic 然後讓聽眾分享意見﹑ 經歷﹐都非常之好。我也試過在 Work from home 的時候打過電話玩“金 Box” (還記得你們很驚奇地問我究竟是 work from home還是偷懶…hehe) 。真的佩服基哥可以每一天都有一個新而有趣的 topic去讓大家傾傾。 厲害﹐厲害! 還有“勁歌估歌仔” (name correct?) ﹐由一個外藉人士 (or CBC) 唱中文歌﹐ 然後聽眾估答案。不過之後竟然演變了” 勁歌唔唔” ﹐由聽眾亨出一首歌然後由你們估。都幾好笑。 “三個男人食餐飽” 又令一矩獻﹐雖然只有得個聽字﹐但聽到Johnny形容不同的美食和講究的程度﹐實在嘆為觀止﹐當然心裡面常想: “有無咁好味呀”。不過最好笑的就是你們常常 off topic, 講到” 無雷宮咁遠” ﹐真正要講的就總是講不到﹐次次都要下回分解﹐ 令我雖然無法食餐飽﹐也笑餐飽呢! 阿邦的” 明日世界~” ﹐雖然久不久才有﹐但那些 Hi-tech新資訊有時令我這個自以為 Hi-tech發燒友也望塵莫及。不過有趣在有時你會承認其實自己也不知道那些新科技是什麼﹐ 只是照本直說﹐好﹐夠坦白! 當然還有 13妹的娛樂消息﹐又快﹐又廣﹐又全面。你對娛樂消息的真假分析解讀﹐簡直是別樹一幟﹐因為平時多數人對這些消息﹐不是全信﹐便是一點也不信﹐但你卻可以分析誰是誰非﹐厲害﹐厲害! 而你的最新劇集介紹 (是否叫” 精精精正”?) ﹐對我來講是很有用的﹐因為聽完之後可以知道香港電視劇集的消息﹐就算未有時間睇﹐起碼都可以知道下個劇名﹐知道有邊個演員﹐大約劇情等﹐我才可以在一班” 後生” 一點 的朋友面前都不致於太 out 啦。

    其實要數與 一起的美好回憶還有很多﹐不過我想對你們說的是﹐你們每一個用心製作的環節﹐不論大或小﹐你們的心機﹐你們的熱誠﹐我們作為聽眾的是聽得到﹐感受得到的。對於我來說﹐一個好的 DJ不只是靠他/她的口才﹐不是只靠腦筋轉得快﹐不是只靠專業操守﹐而是要看 DJ 和拍擋/同事﹐和聽眾之間﹐ 能否產生一個真正的友誼。而這個便要看 DJ 自己本身﹐是否當聽眾和拍擋/同事是朋友﹐ 還是認為一切都只是商業活動﹐商業決定呢。 而我們卻可以在你們三位身上﹐感受到這種友誼﹐實是難得。


    Please keep us posted for your updates!

    小小的聽眾 – 恒

    p.s. Finally finished this letter after a few days. I’m not a good Chinese writer / typist, so it took a long time (and there might be errors too). Hope you guys could still see it!

  242. I want Bong’s “Music Utopia" back! Damn fairchild and Sing Tao!

  243. A1中文電台 (由加拿大星島集團和新時代集團合組而成), 將於1月21日試播:

    Judgment Day (New Testament): day of the Last Judgment when God will decree the fates of all men according to the good and evil of their earthly.

  244. 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪:

    Please keep us update about your current status.
    Miss you all and best wishes.

  245. Joe, Bon, Meggie"
    Where’re you now?
    So missing

  246. Four days only, but it seems forever.

    I missed all those laughter and the happy voice from all of them.

    I missed all the information and caring for kids from 鄭敬基.

    I missed all the excellent choice of music from 陳定邦.

    I missed all the entertainment news from 譚嘉琪.

    I wish I can hear from them again.

  247. Maggie, Joe, and Pong

    Miss all your chitchat, spontaneous laughters, information, entertainment, charity works, news, mistakes, interviews, listener-call ins, and everything from 2:30 pm to 4 pm.

    All are real and funny!

  248. Let’s be patient. Wait till they officially broadcast and then we can ask for a public hearing.

  249. Maggie, Joe, and Pong:

    Hi! How’s going? We would be very happy to know.

  250. Just started to listen to “the all new Chinese radio" which shall remain nameless in my book. The line-up is less than impressive. Maggie, Joe & Pong are not part of the line-up. I am shutting it off just to support you guys.

  251. 好了, 好了,
    15 x 40 這塊field今天開始再開耕了.
    從此夫耕田婦吟詩, 實行男耕女吟, 來一個文武兼備. 以後耕夫吟婦, 肥牛, 枯木, 老麥+小犂, 閉門一家親,樂也融融.
    唔 — 就命名為耕夫吟婦field罷.
    且慢! 語寄耕吟伉儷, 請勿開心過早. 因為, 沒有人比你們的新地主更清楚你們的人格.

  252. 三人組,
    感人說話不多講, 加油 !!!

  253. 鄭敬基、陳定邦、譚嘉琪,



  254. Dr.So, Simon, Joe, Bong and Maggie,

    we will support you always, we have been your fan since you moved to 1540, and we will leave this radio station with you to show our support.

    Please update us when everything is settled, hope to hear your voices soon and best wishes to you all.

  255. 鄭敬基,陳定邦,譚嘉琪,


  256. I am a little concern. Even though they are 有骨氣, but they still need to earn a living. Hopefully, they will back on air again.

  257. KK

    There is a good news for Joe’s fans. He will be the MC of a mall show related the Olympic Games 2008 in coming Sunday 27 Jan 2.o0 to 4.00 pm at Oriental Square – Brimely and Sheppard. Let us show our support to Joe!!!

  258. 琪基邦:快D塭家豪,蘇博士攪活動啦,楝篤笑,講座,交流會之類,熱烈捧場!

  259. Joe will not be the MC for the show on Sunday. He will not show up!

  260. Dear Joe, Pong and Maggie,

    Miss you guys sooooooo much! I have been listening to your program for a long time. I have always enjoyed each and every moment of your broadcasting life. As 1 of your fans said, we, as audience, can truly feel the friendship between the 3 of you which is why your program was such a success. You 3 also treated us as friends. Very sincere DJs which is very hard to find nowadays. We really really miss you. I do hope you guys can resume your program soon. Please keep us posted or start your own website. We really want to keep in touch with you 3. Please take good care! God bless you all!

  261. Joe, Pong and Maggie:

    Looking forward to your update soon.

  262. Dear Joe, Bond and Maggie,

    We are always supporting you even you left the station. Just want to thank you all for bringing us so much fun from your program that you may not aware of. Hope we can all hear your voices and Power Politics in the near future. The new A1 station is like a copy cat from fairchild, nothing is new to us and making us falling asleep…. We need your voices back..:).
    Good luck to you all and take care

  263. Joe’s Friend // January 22, 2008 at 12:24 am —

    ?????(((Joe will not be the MC for the show on Sunday. He will not show up!)))?????

    Hi everyone,
    Be clarified, the so call Joe’s friend may be a 25仔

  264. Dear Joe郑敬基 ,
    I always support somewhere(i’m not in toronto)
    do u have yr own website…
    are u already release new album cd,can buy online ………
    anybody or Joe can reply……thk a lot….

  265. 大家請勿誤傳。鄭敬基除咗響第一台錄咗段宣傳聲帶之外﹐與該東方廣場節目並無關係﹐更莫講係做主持。剛才已經有朋友再向佢求證過﹐佢都表明話 *唔係* 該show的主持 。

  266. Missed all three of you!

  267. Hi 鄭敬基
    please say whether you will host the 東方廣場節目 or not in your 勁歌金Code website. we need the true informatio .

  268. 各位﹐有一群聽眾正在留言版上展開籌集資金﹐希望在明報頭版刊登廣告﹐以「一群支持公平競爭和反對壟斷的多倫多居民」名義﹐聲明抗議傳媒壟斷﹑抗議傳媒集中﹑抵制A1電台。
    《登報紙廣告抗議A1 – 捐款者名單》

    1. 1540 Fan – $50
    2. 塵廳長 – $50
    3.W Kwan – $30
    4. 姣婆蓮 – $50
    5. ATI – $50
    6.魚真 – $50
    7. 獨孤求丙 – $50
    8.To 司機塵先生 – $20
    9. 消息人士朋友 – $100
    10. Somebody – $50
    11. 抗議A1朋友 – $40
    12. Cat Lover – $50
    13.靚太 – $20
    14. cytodex and his better half -$50
    15. 我是什麼人? – $50
    16. B大 – $20
    17. 廢苦滋燃 – $20
    18. Ah Fay – $20
    19. 足球迷 – $20

    目前捐款數字 $790



  269. I wish to contribute 30 $ for the Ming Poa ad. let me know how I can paid my share

  270. Ok , we’ll just add in your name for now, after we’ve reached a certain number and finalized on things such as publication date, we’ll then fix a collection spot and ask everyone to bring in their cash in.

    so the most updated donation list is now:

    《登報紙廣告抗議A1 – 捐款者名單》

    1. 1540 Fan – $50
    2. 塵廳長 – $50
    3.W Kwan – $30
    4. 姣婆蓮 – $50
    5. ATI – $50
    6.魚真 – $50
    7. 獨孤求丙 – $50
    8.To 司機塵先生 – $20
    9. 消息人士朋友 – $100
    10. Somebody – $50
    11. 抗議A1朋友 – $40
    12. Cat Lover – $50
    13.靚太 – $20
    14. cytodex and his better half -$50
    15. 我是什麼人? – $50
    16. B大 – $20
    17. 廢苦滋燃 – $20
    18. Ah Fay – $20
    19. 足球迷 – $20
    20. an angry man – $30

    目前捐款數字 $820

  271. i like your little info in " gold code “,good job, thx, young men keep going
    with your inspiration in your life, good luck

  272. Updated 商戶黑名單:

    Pizza Nova
    城市荷里活雞亦藍俾都唔食,唔使去 !
    雅佳淨水淨唔到水 !
    The Brick (2 ,5 仔傢俬)

    以上列入黑名單 ! 請繼續加上.

  273. check out new posting,
    use those $ to buy radios to support
    bong,maggie and joe.
    Good news!

  274. 各位網友:

    I have suggested that 再更新捐款名單 and updated 商戶黑名單 to stay on the” Thanks So Much Again” thread only to avoid confusion. If anyone wants to donate, please go to the “Thanks So Much Again ” thread. If anyone wants to post a comment, one may post to the other threads. So that we know which are the most updated lists quickly.

  275. Joe, Pong and Maggie:

    Welcome back!

  276. See this, if you haven’t done so:




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