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Richmond Hill Liberal《烈治文山自由區報》– 李家豪專訪

Making political air waves– SIMON LI

Political Radio with Personality
Winter 2007


During a 10-minute interview with then prime minister Paul Martin, radio host Simon Li asked a straight-forward question: what’s wrong with the Canadian government saying sorry for the exorbitant head tax once charged Chinese who moved here?

Sure, Chinese Canadians suffered terribly under the tax, Mr. Martin responded. And of course, he said, it’s important to acknowledge that.

Beginning with the Chinese Immigration Act of 1885, the Canadian government began charging immigrating Chinese a tax of, first, $100 and, eventually $500, the equivalent in the early 1890s to two years’ salary.

Pressing on with his interview with Mr. Martin, Mr. Li asked the prime minister if he knew the Liberal government’s handling of the issue was mobilizing a reluctant Chinese-Canadian population to vote. Could Chinese-Canadians charged the head tax expect their money back? And again, what is wrong with saying sorry?

For the rest of the interview, Mr. Li asked Mr. Martin about the head tax. But Mr. Martin never directly answered.

The host of Power Politics, a Cantonese call-in show on Toronto First Radio from 5:30 to 7 p.m. each weekday, Mr. Li remembers the interview as a highlight in his journalism career.

The Prime Minister’s Office, which contacted the station for the interview, likely expected Mr. Martin wouldn’t be pushed hard on an issue such as the head tax, Mr. Li says.

But the idea of the show is not so much to save face for any particular guest. The point is to reveal the truth by asking the questions the audience wants to hear.

That ethos is also what spurs Mr. Li’s sometimes fearless interview style.

“Many callers were angry,” Mr Li says of Mr. Martin’s responses during the interview.

“They said they had never heard him perform so badly. A major reason for the success of Power Politics is we ask the questions for (the audience).”

At 26, Mr Li is the youngest news host at the Richmond Hill-based station. He came to Canada from Hong Kong in 1994 at Chinese New Year with his mother, a homemaker, and his younger brother.

His father, an engineer, spends about two-thirds of his time in Hong Kong and the rest here. His father is what Chinese Canadians call an “astronaut immigrant”, often flying back to Hong Kong while the satellite kids remain in Canada.

Unlike many immigrants from Hong Kong during the 1990s, the decision of Mr. Li’s family to come to Canada was unconnected to the looming takeover of the colonial city by China.

Rather, the Lis made their decision to ensure a better education for their two sons.

Parents let him choose

In Hong Kong, Mr. Li says, the education system focuses on ensuring students can recite information from memory rather than developing critical thinking. The system produces what the Chinese call “spoon-fed ducks” or students who have had all their thoughts and information fed to them.

After arriving in Canada, Mr. Li studied political science at Queen’s University in Kingston. That decision represented a split from the subjects many Chinese families push their children into studying, namely medicine, law and accounting, Mr. Li says.

“This is quite different from other Chinese families,” he says. “My parents just let me choose.”

After completing his undergraduate degree at Queen’s, Mr. Li stayed on to finish a master’s degree in history, focusing on Canadian and Chinese relations. That background has helped him focus some of the topics he chooses for his show.

His switch from academia to journalism had more to do with timing than anything else, Mr. Li says.

As he was writing his master’s thesis in Toronto in 2005, he got a call from Gary Nobody, who was starting a radio station.

The two met when Mr. Nobody was station manager at Fairchild Radio. Mr. Li had taken a teen broadcasting course there.

“He liked my style,” Mr. Li says.

Even during his time at Fairchild, Mr. Li’s talent stood out, says Joe Tay, his friend and colleague at Toronto First Radio. Mr. Tay, who himself has a show from 2:30 to 4 p.m., also worked at Fairchild.

Mr. Li is adept at interviewing those with power (his interview with Mr. Martin stands out as a strong example), a talent that belies his youth.

“I was very surprised because he’s only 26 and he’s very passionate about history. He has a very strong responsibility,” Mr. Tay says. “(With the head tax issue) I think he took it to another level for a Chinese mass audience.”

Before starting at Toronto First Radio, Mr. Li had been debating whether or not to continue in academics and complete a doctorate.

But the chance to host a radio show seemed a rare opportunity, and Mr. Li accepted.

Previously, the show had been a mix of news and entertainment. But Mr. Nobody gave Mr. Li the freedom to create a new show.

Interestingly, the show has garnered attention from younger callers, Mr. Li says. Some issues that have affected younger people, such as whether or not separate schools should be established for black students, have received youth response in the past.

But other issues have also drawn responses from younger listeners. One topic (regarding what John Tory’s adviser should instruct him to do) sparked interest, too.

“People from the younger group also called in to put in their two cents on the story,” Mr. Li says. “We’ve really captured a younger audience. Young people sometimes think outside the box.”

There has been a recent shift in the Chinese community toward more political discussion, Mr. Li adds.

Ten years ago, a show such as Power Politics would have been unimaginable. Many immigrants from China, for instance, came to Canada to avoid political discussion.

The riding of Markham-Unionville, which has a large Chinese population, also has one of the lowest voter turnouts in Ontario.

But listeners are increasing and unlike the past, more women are calling the show.

“We always introduce the message that politics may seem a dirty business, but politics affects us in every way,” he says.

“There’s still a long way to go and what we’ve achieved so far is just the beginning.”

Radio host Simon Li with the CBC’s morning radio host Andy Barrie. Mr. Li hosts a Cantonese language call-in show, Power Politics, each weeknight from the studios of Toronto First Radio in Richmond Hill.

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  27. 睇到啦, food bank劑提! 我都有睇鬼佬新聞架, 拿,都話我唔係淨係睇廢柴! 要等佢廢柴要等到今晚7點, 仲要十成八九都係炒鬼佬D冷飯, 睇佢播得黎我唔好自己睇Ctv, 自己睇報紙? 都話我唔係文盲!
    food bank, 鬼咩, 窮人越黎越多,越黎越窮, 有錢人越黎越有錢,又越黎越孤寒, 貧富懸殊, 社會兩極化, 係咁啦! 我做客廳長, 理唔到咁多喇, 呢劑點都係歸社會服務廳果條數啦! 仲有呀, 老廁你話哂都有得食有得住, D救濟食物都輪唔到你啦, 莫講話仲要成箱拎, 真係發你個春秋大夢, 比都比人地市中心瞓起條街個坑渠蓋上面取暖果D胡鬚百爺公先啦, 人地真係得個紙皮箱, 連揾塊木板當床都冇呀!
    整muffin都唔係唔好, 不過唔保暖, 公仔麵都好D, 但又無益, 又話食得多會生癌! 唉! 寒冬就黎黎,都係時候開始準備下, 一見減價好去入定D貨!

  28. 講中左,dion連民調都唔做就作加 GST嘅承諾,76%嘅人支持減1% GST,dion 想燒死自由黨?我諗如果佢繼續keep increase GST promise,會 同faith based 嘅結果一樣,省選完左冇耐,做埋demo比佢睇,learn from 人地嘅mistake 啦。雖然我諗我會支持harper. 呢個 leader弱到不得了,頂唔住都要講句。

  29. 唉!啱啱先至攪反好部電腦,洗腦嚟呀!久唔久我就要洗腦,頭先灌左Linux作業系統ubuntu 7.04入部電腦,無問題,聽到一本正經嗰細路無事,真係好鬼高興,即時入去kahoo.ca想話男人咀對咀,啜吓呀李家豪同埋麥之華,做人最緊要救人條命,我地呢的老野,成身屎尿,一身罪孽,唔死都無用!但係的細路細,係人係鬼都係呢一鋪攞唔攞佢命呀媽!!救得番,真係功德無量!你倆個,我廁所長向你鞠一個躬!!鞠躬!


  30. 嘻嘻﹗我知道呢個網度真係有個電腦神醫﹐係資深電腦界專材﹐一定幫到廁兄你﹐不過就唔知你肯唔肯請教佢﹗佢就係你最喜歡嘅獨孤求丙﹐哈哈哈﹗

  31. 我都唔知你點做廳長,佬塵,你真係無飯食叫人去食肉嗰的昂居居有錢人!!
    好似我地呢的窮人,都會知道去food bank食物銀行係唔使好似你講話要瞓街個的人有優先權架!!
    嗱!等我話你知啦,瞓街嗰的唔去food bank 攞食物,佢地去市中心救世軍排隊食早餐午餐晚餐,係士巴丹拿街有一間,有興趣想知多的,你識英文,打電話同佢地的負責人聯絡了解吓啦!

  32. 咁唔怪得食物鋃行要擠提啦!!! 原來就係好似老廁你呢D明明有得飲有得食嘅人落哂去拎, 仲要話通街阿豬阿狗都可以拎, 唔怪得擠提!
    唉, 講多無謂! 又係匯通天下嘅時間! 你咪話呀老廁, 睇得多劇集, 都學到嘢架! 睇下佢入面班官員D嘴臉, 咪就係議會入面果D無異! 官商勾結, 黑幕, 陰險小人陷害忠良義士, 真係戲如人生,人生如戲! 睇多D劇集等人睇多D人生百態, 利多於弊, 信我啦老廁!

  33. 好緊張, 好緊張, D死人劇情, 心跳加速! 好激氣!! 好激氣!! 又係D貪官枉法, D市民又無知!!
    唉! 終於都做完! 好在! 再睇落去我真係心臟病!
    講起D官商勾結, 真係不得不提一吓果單雅虎案, 真係眼火爆, 好地地一個記者比人拉去坐十年監, 就係因為你個死雅虎, 死yahoo只顧利益, 將D用戶私人資料亂咁交比大陸, 真係咁都得, 你話有冇道理! 班美國佬鬧個雅虎佬鬧得好, “你地起技術面前係巨人, 但起道德面前就係侏儒!" D咁嘅有錢佬, 賺大錢, 但完全冇心又冇腦! 而家比D美國佬炮轟, 就淨係道歉道歉, 講對唔住, sorry, 去死啦, sorry! 人地比大陸拉咗坐十年監, 你就一句sorry! 踢你去坐監吖, 笨! 冇公理! 李家豪快D同我批鬥佢!

  34. 嘩!曝光啦曝光啦,佬塵你仲唔曝光;睇廢柴台睇到語無倫次,神經失常,真陰功;比咗錢,仲要賠埋的時間同神智,真該妹!

  35. 廁所長中國字都寫錯,真係唔配做中國人。

  36. 點樣先配做中國人?


    答案可隨意選擇 a)至i)任何組合

  37. oui,oui, oui ; vous avez raison, DNM! Je ne suis pas chinois.

    yes, yes, yes; you are right, DNM! I am not Chinese.

    係呀,係呀,係呀;你啱呀, DNM! 我唔配做中國人呀.


  38. 照姥魔的邏輯,寫錯中國字,就不配做中國人,相信絕大部分的同胞,都不配做中國人,包括姥魔,小弟,胡主席,溫總理,曾蔭權在內,相信沒有人有膽量說一生也沒有寫錯中國字,身為愛國人士,竟然有這樣的言論,簡直就是侮辱了絕大部分的同胞,可恥之極!!


  39. 蘋果社論在海外傳媒選文要求國際社會【向中國施壓】的確多此一舉。生果都是正明李柱銘是用牛仔利用世運機遇向中國施壓中國的民主、人權。

  40. 講到自己咁無所謂,你又咁多野講。人地唔投你票,就即係唔認同你,這不就是你口口聲聲講的所謂民主選舉嗎?為什麼唔投你票竟然要 俾你鬧?重係人身攻擊添!明白了!又是一個口講民主實質獨裁的偽民主派。借用你片段裡的一句回敬你:『食x』啦!

  41. I didn’t know Mr.Li and Professor So, I am not the fans but I do enjoy their talk show through the radio. I do sometimes NOT agree for what Mr. Li said but I really enjoy their show. Professor So mostly perform softer but I really agree for what he said.
    Last Friday, I heard Mr and Mrs.Wong talk show through the radio and I really upset for what they said. Are they really have a big raise after a new owner comes. They shouldn’t critize their co-workers in such circumstances. They both got a very BIG mouth, they want to show their loyalty to the new boss. They both like a traitor. They should keep their DOG mouth shut. May be they want to keep their jobs. Mr. Wong, you have a rich wife, you should care about the job. May be you want to follow her style to survive. I really shame and pity on you. Think before you both open your Dog mouth. You not even hurting Mr.Li and Mr. So, but also hurting the people with common sense. It really showed that you both are un-educated and only a good pair of Sho-shine evil.




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