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Toronto Star, the Saturday edition

Nippertipping Updates:
While on research leave, host Simon Li was mentioned about the nippertipping updates in the Saturday edition of Toronto Star.


‘Tipping’ victims fear reporting it, activist says TheStar.com – News – `Tipping’ victims fear reporting it, activist says
Hotline for hate crime against Asians closes after logging 30 calls

December 08, 2007

Staff Reporter

A hotline set up by the Ontario Human Rights Commission for victims of lakeside assaults logged only about 30 calls, even though there are believed to be dozens more victims, officials say.

“I know, definitely, people who phoned into Chinese language call-in radio shows with reports. They emailed the host, Simon Li. And those people never called us," said lawyer Avvy Go, director of the Metro Toronto Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic, which operated the hotline.

“Over the last couple of shows he (Li) was giving his audience an earful: `Why aren’t you guys calling the hotline?'" Go said. “People are afraid to come forward.


“Even with my clients, I come across it," Go added.“They feel in a way, by questioning the authorities, it’s like saying they’ve failed you."

The hotline, which closed this week after a month, was the first phase of an inquiry launched by the Ontario Human Rights Commission early last month. There was also an online survey available at the commission’s website.

In total, commissioner Barbara Hall says “less than 100″ messages were logged in total.

Next week, the commission will release a preliminary report that will contain victim testimonials, possible recommendations and a timeline for the next stage of the inquiry.

Many of the reports were similar to ones reported in the media. Fishermen, mostly of Asian descent, are being attacked in the Lake Simcoe, Peterborough and Kingston areas. Some reported being jeered at with racial slurs, others said they had equipment damaged, and others said they were physically assaulted or thrown in the water.

“In certain areas, there is a term for this, called `nipper tipping.’ So to us, the fact that they are Asian has a lot to do with the attack," Go said. “The number of calls isn’t going to affect the report. This isn’t a numbers game. Even if we had just one victim calling in, we need to address the issue."

The report is expected to contain a testimonial from a victim’s parent, who reports constant nightmares about an incident on Sept. 16. On that night, a racially mixed group of Toronto anglers were fishing off Mossington Bridge in Sutton in the middle of the night.

Police say a group of locals approached the friends and pushed an Asian member of the group into Lake Simcoe. A fight broke out and then there was a car chase.

It is alleged that a local in a pickup truck rammed the fisherman off the road about 2 kilometres away from the bridge. Two men were thrown from the car, one of whom, Shayne Berwick, is still in a coma.

“We’ve also heard from some people who live in a few of the communities where incidents have happened. They have raised concerns about racism in their community," Hall said.

The final report is expected early next year.




  1. “Over the last couple of shows he (Li) was giving his audience an earful: `Why aren’t you guys calling the hotline?’”

    Because we are too chicken sh!t to do something about the issue, we just wanted to complain.

  2. “Over the last couple of shows he (Li) was giving his audience an earful: `Why aren’t you guys calling the hotline?’”

    Call the hotline and give out my real name and address? Are you kidding me? I’d rather hide behind my MrX@hotmail.com email address and keeping whining about it.

  3. Just finished listening to Power Politics and was pretty disturbed by Ms. Ng’s point of view again!

    What Dr. So said today on the show was absolutely right, this incident regarding the Islamic girl who got beaten to death by his father should be treated more as a religious issue than a normal domestic issue.

    Ignoring the obvious, Ms. Ng tried to sidetrack the argument into the “51%" of cases involving domestic violence with which she is more acquainted since these cases are her “bread and butter" per se.

    Let me put this into a clearer perspective below:

    * ***** *
    * * B * A *
    * * *** *
    * ****** *******

    Let A be the 51% of cases of domestic violence involving females in Canada.

    Let B be the unknown number of cases of domestic violence involving Islamic females in Canada

    The above Venn Diagram shows that B is a subset of A and, together, the numbers add up to 51%.

    Causes of these 51%, of course, vary and should be investigated on a case-by-case basis. however, the cases happening in subset B should be pretty straight forward – Islamic men making every attempt to manipulate and monopolize the women they consider as their own assets! Revealing merely the hands, feet, face, or, in some extreme cases, even the eyes is considered a sin and any woman perpetrating this sin is severely punished.

    When the debate over whether “Islamic family matters should be arbitrated by Sharia Law and Sharia Law only" heated up in 2005, Ontario already ruled out the use of the Islamic Sharia Law to settle family disputes, probably considering the frequent violent manifestations during the execution of the Sharia Law.

    Although the message should be loud and clear in Canada by now that basically anything beyond a slap on the wrist is unacceptable, whether the victim is a male or female, male domination, especially when fueled and legitimized by the by some religious beliefs, is still overshadowing the one law to which the average Canadian/Ontarian abides.

    In this case, Muhammad Parvez, the father of Aqsa Parvez who bravely guarded her right and freedom to refuse wearing the hijab, should be prosecuted squarely under the pretext of first-degree murder!

  4. 等到家吓都未曾見到煲呔就陳太俾人鬧單野講返半句話,剩係縮埋一邊好似隻鵪鶉咁,精過鬼,的咁多正義感都冇,舊陣時陳太做政務司長果陣,D極左派鬧香港電台,陳太都識得出黎頂住吓,所以邊個係香港良心,一睇就知道。

  5. 非正式統計.在加拿大受訪者超過90%已婚男士一生中被精神虐待次數多過一次.餘下10%因精神有問題未能參與統計.

  6. 麥芝華+吳婷婷=女權主義

  7. 唉!冇家豪係度,似乎弱雞D喎!

  8. 代宰的羔羊, 有道理!立即起程回中國見中國領導人獻身報國,美國加拿大日本正在計劃侵略全世界,現在正進行大戰前搜集全球人類手指模身份登記,有進入這三個國家的遊客現正被搜集資料.方便他們日後管治!現在世界各國要小心啦!!



  9. 咪扮高深,咪懶天真,簡簡單單,長話短說,一句就一句,兩句就一對,直接了當,癈話少講!

  10. 陳國治事件再曝光:

    另一方面,「社群權益參研社」(The Reference Group)在昨日致省長麥堅迪信函中,批評安省公民暨移民廳長較早前拒絕向中文傳媒就一些涉嫌施襲者被拘控個案置評。參研社認為,亞裔釣魚者基於種族因素遇襲的事件,直屬公民暨移民廳長之權責範疇,廳長不作置評的行徑,反映他棄責,亦沒有展示出一點政治領導能力。

    選華人陳國治啦!預左會係咁架啦,現眼報啦!失職呀,無能力做公民廰長,現形啦,華人事件被華人移民廰長無能處理, 睇吓佢個樣, 淨係識跟出跟入, 拿住架錄音機錄住的節目主持講話就知呢個小人小動作啦

    嘩!死咯!今日星島重點新聞, 陳國治又上報啦!!
    唔使講咯!有關團體, 呢條老嘢你地攞去, 要祭天祭地任由尊便,佢係華人之光呀,人頭稅唔使賠, 唔使道歉,正一羞家種, 英文唔識, 你地可以係議會質問佢, 睇吓佢點出醜點答呀, 加拿大省會事情由不曉英文呢的無能力議事的無經驗人種做廳長, 你地要埋佢!!
    真係聖誔快樂, 有組織出面鏟呢條華種羞家種咯!天有眼!佢真係無能力無能,口啞啞個種華民哈哈夠笑嚟架!!!


    1.有關團體, 可以到英語電台am 1010,發表意見, 質疑他的能力

    2. 有關團體, 可以到radio of canada fm 99.1發表意見, 並即時打電話到陳國治辦公室要求對話

    3.有關團體, 可以聯合其它種族到移民廳長辦公室質詢,並知會報社英語傳媒電視台到場,用英語質詢

    4.有關團體, 可以聯合其它種族開會表達事件,並發信要求陳國治到場了解事件及有關受害人事的事件及詢問, 當然英語報社及電台有人員到場觀看
    陳國治有沒有能力做廳長, 到時便會知曉!

    中文電台電視台已經無能無力, 否則政府的廣告沒有放錢入中文傳媒個戶口, 他們哪裏有能力去質疑陳國治的能力!
    唯一出路是將有關移民廳事務向主流英語傳媒報章披露, 西人做事方式絶對高水平過華語傳媒, 到時, 這個跑腿,嚇到腳都軟, 哪裏走去?就算是妖怪,也會即時現形呀!!




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