發文作者:kahoo | 十一月 27, 2007

《一本政經》隨隊出發: 「慰安婦」親赴國會等候動議表決

主持﹕ 李家豪 (多倫多)、麥之華 (渥太華)、吳婷婷 (多倫多)

Prime Minister Harper’s contact method / 總理辦公室聯絡方法:

EMAIL: pm@pm.gc.ca
FAX: 613-941-6900

Find your MP / 尋找你的國會議員:

Sample Letter to MP:

“Dear (your MP’s name):

As our MP, you must help us tell the Japanese government to acknowledge and accept the responsibility for its past actions on comfort women as it attempts to maintain a good relationship with its neighbors in the Pacific and with Canada.

Human rights are universal and transcend geographic boundaries, please vote in favour of Motion 291, the comfort women motion, today.

(your name and address)"


《一本政經》今晚 5:30 於Ottawa聯邦國會直播

AM 1540 / FM 91.9
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Tim Horton’s暫避。買了杯咖啡給中國山西來的八十一嵗劉婆婆,開始她不喝,嘗了一口後就再來一杯。








: 渥太華國會山莊多倫多 連線直播

Part 1:
嘉賓: 聯邦國會議員陳卓愉(自由黨)、鄒至蕙(新民主黨)


Part 2:
嘉賓: 四位在聯邦國會作證的慰安婦


Part 3:
嘉賓: 史維會黃裕佳醫生




  1. Benson Lau (i won’t call you Dr, you spent so many years in school, but can’t understand what is right), any excuses now??

    因曾簽「三藩市和約」免日賠償 2007年11月27日


    今次來加作證的其中兩名「慰安婦」倖存者,中國的劉面換和菲律賓的Fedencia Daivd,昨日在多倫多大學舉行的第二場見證會上,再次泣訴她們當年作「性奴」而被日軍蹂躪的慘痛經歷,令在在場的百多名中學生及教育界人士一灑同情之淚。





    來自荷蘭的關注組織「日本道義債務基金會」的Wiko Lamain亦補充,日本一直向聯合國要求成為永久理事國,但現已被拒絕。而日本正在申請加入其中一個的刑事法庭,但相信不會獲得批准的。

    劉面換和Fedencia David婆婆,昨日在會後已隨即啟程前往渥京,準備出席在國會山莊舉行的見證會。她們對於當明日能夠親身見證該議案的通過,都抱予厚望,希望今次不枉此行。

  2. Please support the “comfort women"

  3. There is no MP in my area after the previous MP resigned. To whom should I sent the pledge letter on the comfort women issue?

  4. I’m from Mississagua East–Cooksville, I just sent the email to my MP, Albina Guarnieri, but the mail is undeliverable because her mail box temporarily over quota… 😦

  5. Another link by postal code :

    For Markham the MP is John McCallum Email : john@johnmccallum.ca

  6. As Chinese Canadian, we all support motion 291. God bless all comfort women.

  7. Will definitely sent the pledge form to my MP.

  8. 小弟已經寫了e-mail給本區的MP,要求他在國會會議中支持通過motion 291 議案。

  9. I appreicate everyone to support this issue. I am proud to be chinese canadian. I already send the emial to MP and forward to all my friends.

    I am sorry that nothing has been done from Chinse government. I feel non- sense why President Wu and Wan not doing any thing. Probably the economic growth is more imporant than this insult of the history….

    God Bless!!!


  10. 己發了電郵給所屬區份的MP, 要求他在國會會議中支持通相關議案.

    熱切希望又愛又恨:黑白不分君以他更具國際視野的觸覺, 考慮加入行動.

  11. There are no MP in my area too. But I have sent email to Prime Minister instead.

  12. 可恥可恥可恥!!!咁嘅留言都寫得出黎,日青留言可恥!不如叫日本派女人去各國做慰安婦親身體驗下啦,男嘅就去美軍度做comfort men, 加拿大就派劉醫生。

  13. I have sent e-mail to my MP, together with my husband and daughters.

    I just listened to the Power Politics, Shame on Chinese government, for doing nothing for those Chinese comfort women.

    No wonder we from Hong Kong and those from mainland China have to immigrate to Canada !! We don’t trust such a government to protect their citizen.

    thank you Kahoo & Debra and keep up your good work !

  14. Me too, there is no MP contact person in my area. I just sent it to Prime Minister. Hope he can do something. Once again, thanks for everyone hard work on this issue. I know I didn’t do much. But I truly bless four senior ladies. May God Bless them always! p.s I am angry that those Japanese Students have such ridiculous forum in their web-site. Shame on them! Oh My! Japanese government trained such a rubbish citizens.

  15. I sent it to Prime Minster. Thanks for everyone support this issue. God bless the comfort women. I am very angry for those Japanese Students comment. Shame on Japanese Government who trained a garbage student. Shame on them!

  16. I attended the Sunday gatherings at U of T, along with my Canadian born daughter, to let her know what really had happened and the Japanese governement still denied the truth after 70 years! Our Chinese leaders are not doing much at all, what’s happening?! What are they afraid of?! What’s in their mind if one of the comfort women was their grandma/mother/aunt/sister….We Chinese Canadian have to voice and support this important issue. Please email to your MP and Prime Minister.

  17. To Dr. Wong,
    I have a question, why Dr. Wong always and only finger-pointing at Japanese or their Government, what about Chinese Government?
    As a matter of fact, Chinese Communist Party and its Government keeps killing the Chinese people, putting people to jail just because they
    have different opinions, changing text books and history….Does Dr. Wong know about these?
    What has Dr. Wong done for these?

  18. Paul Wong 網友:
    Good question to Dr. Wong!!

  19. 慰安婦婆婆:支持你們取回應有的尊嚴

  20. Just sent an email to my Oak Ridges-Markham MP, Lui Temelkovski, and carbon copied to the Prime Minister.

  21. 足球迷:此刻此處沒見港立補選戰情,身邊人亦少談論,料投票率低!

  22. I have just e-mailed our MP and the PM. No matter what is the outcome tomorrow, I suggest that we should keep up the momentum to urge our Government in pressing Japanese Government for admitance and an apology for the Nanking Massacre.
    In response to Simon Lee’s question, YouTube & Facebook are the best ways to catch most attentions and awareness.
    Can Dr. Wong share some footage of the motion picture “Iris Cheung"? If so, can he post some up to shock the Youtube world?

  23. Done.

    Why don’t Simon get Benson Lau on the show and ask him what he feels now?

  24. Hi Kahoo.

    No matter we are Chinese or not, we should support Motion 291. It’s fact, it’s a history, how can the Japanese deny? There are still lots of documentories about this incident in the world, can we not gather them and broadcast them so that everyone knows about the fact (to all people around the world). I just sent one email on behalf of my parent in their area, and one email to my own MP, hope they will vote yes.

    All the best and keep us posted the updates.

    Keep up your good work Kahoo.

  25. i’ve already sent an e-mail to the MP and the PM…

    i’ve also posted this on facebook in my own posts and in different groups that chinese canadian have joined, hehe… hope more people would know about it and send more e-mails to them…

  26. I just sent an email to my Richmond Hill MP Bryon Wilfert. I hope the motion will be passed tomorrow. The comfort women deserved a formal apology. Only coward would not admit their fault in the past.

    I also hope the Chinese government to show their support on this issue!

  27. 在香港明報網站即時新聞已有詳細報導,有關慰安婦議案已在渥太華國會展開的詳情,希望能爭取到多些港人的聲援。

  28. 我唔知搞簽名運動有冇用,希望聽日過,唔過嘅話叫唔同種族裔團體搞簽名,係香港叫泛民搞,中共唔叫,建制派冇人會做嫁啦。我個人冇發起嘅能力,但係聽見個段留言就火都黎埋!我最多只可以同佢鬥留d激進d嘅留言。

  29. 以下是 291 號議案詳文作各位參考:

    M-291 March 15, 2007 Ms. Chow (Trinity-Spadina) That, in the opinion of the House, the government should urge the Prime Minister and the Parliament of Japan to:

    (a) pass a resolution in the Diet to formally apologize to the women who were coerced into military sexual slavery during the Second World War and were euphemized as comfort women by the Japanese Imperial Army; and

    (b) provide just and honorable compensation to these victims.

    以下一詩, 改自加國 “In Flanders Fields" 為戰時死難軍人一詩, 贈予各在生及已過世的慰安婦:

    In Yantze River the plum blossoms blow
    Between the crosses, row on row,
    That mark our place; and in the sky
    The larks, still bravely singing, fly
    Scarce heard amid the guns below.

    We are the Dead. Short days ago
    We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset grow,
    Tormented, and were tortured, and now we lie
    In Yantze River.

    Take up the injustice with the foe:
    To you from failing hands we throw
    The torch; be yours to hold it high.
    If ye break faith with us who die
    We shall not sleep, though plum blossoms grow
    In Yantze River.

    (在下亦已去電郵 John McCallum 表示支持 291 號議案了)

  30. 哎呀呀﹐聽到我熱血沸騰﹗日本政府﹐黎到今時今日都仲冥頑不靈﹐一錯再錯﹗唉﹐厚顏無恥至此﹐仲可以講D乜﹗至於你地話祖國共產黨嘛﹐唏﹐佢地從來就淨係識得壓打屠殺自己D人民﹐關埋門蝦自己人﹑屈自己人﹑惡自己人就最叻﹐但要佢對住D外國人維議自己人尊嚴利益時就即刻鵪春咁﹐畏首畏尾﹐真係靠佢一成都死。

    P.S. – kahoo而家個新archive系統好正呀﹗可以自由跳前跳後﹐一按就skip到哂D長到無倫嘅廣告﹐又唔洗buffer﹐好爽﹗慳番唔少時間﹐啱哂我呢D通常淨係可以夜晚聽番archive重溫嘅人。

  31. My sent version to MP & PM-

    Dear (your MP’s name):

    My honoured MP, I need to trouble you to help us to tell the Japanese government to acknowledge and accept the responsibility for her past wrong deeds on comfort women. By doing so, Japan shows her sincere attempt to maintain a good relationship with her neighbours in the Pacific Rim and with Canada.
    Human rights are universal and transcend geographic boundaries, please vote in favour of Motion 291, the comfort women motion, today.

    Yours sincerely,

    (your name, address, and Postal code)

  32. 如果我有錢,我買張機票去ottawa 示威啦,一個人噪好過冇聲出,今日又有test,撞時間,想搞都冇力搞。呢個中共我好早已經話佢嫁啦,大陸對中國人嘅行為簡直令我蒙羞,日本仔對自己仔一定唔會咁。我唔係種意日本仔,但佢地有值得學習嘅地方。我始終都係個冇根嘅香港人,唯有自稱港裔加拿大人,呃下自己,起碼會好過d。

  33. 4 more hours to go!!! dunno how can i get the real time update from ottawa, as i am in office and not allowed to turn on the radio….

  34. Shell, keep checking this website, we’ll update you!

  35. Looking forward to see the updates of the Motion.

    Comfort Women Facebook Group:

    Canada ALPHA Facebook Group:

    Please keep me posted on updates!!

  36. E-mail sent. I have the feeling that the motion 291 will be successful.

  37. Could I ask everybody who has emailed to his/her MP send back a thank you note as an appreciation?

  38. Any updates?

    I just got a response from John McCallum’s office that he fully supports this motion:

    Subject: RE: Vote in favour of Motion 291
    Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 15:30:29 -0500
    From: “McCallum, John – Assistant 1″

    Dear constituent:

    Thank you for taking the time to share your views regarding the Private Member’s Motion concerning the exploitation of hundreds of thousands of Asian women during the Second World War.

    I fully support this motion.

    Office of John McCallum, P.C., MP


  39. icezzzberg:

    That’s a good idea. But, I think it is important to make sure our MPs did vote in favor of it first…

  40. To Paul Wong,

  41. Put it on facebook, request every single person to sign it online may be a better idea.

  42. icezzzberg,

    I did what you suggested. Thanks for your good advice.


    I got the same reply from Mr. McCallum’s office and sent a thank-you note to him as suggested by icezzzberg.

  43. icezzzberg,

    唔知與在下樣衰有冇關係呢, 但至現在為止亦未收到 John McCallum 的回覆; 但喜見各人亦收到, 所以可能他的助手是一時漏做吧。

  44. WOW is absolutely right. We have to remind everybody that disgrace Dr.Benson Lau oppose this bill.We will not let him get away with this so easy. I am pretty sure he will spin this issue in the future . I hope the radio station keep the tape of what he said months ago.He should apologised to all these women tomorrow night if he have the guts to attend the celebrating party tomorrow night. It will be a shame if he even consider to attend this party.

  45. 對於通過了291議案,感到非常高興,尤其是在多倫多這個非華裔為主流的社會,首先要多謝一本政經各主持人的努力,各有關組織的協助,最後是曾致電郵或電話予MP的各位同胞,各曾投yes票的MP也功不可沒。

    至於曾反對人頭稅及慰安婦事件的華裔政客如陳卓愉,陳國治及Benson Lau等,身為華裔,是否對於這些事件感到羞愧?是否需要為這些事件再度表態?看他們有沒有胆量轉駄?有沒有胆量違反黨指示,做回一個有良知的華裔加拿大人?



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