發文作者:kahoo | 八月 24, 2007

直播室嘉賓: 安省保守黨黨魁 John Tory (莊德利)

In-Studio Guests:
安省保守黨黨魁 John Tory
安省保守黨烈治文山區侯選人 袁海耀

開放熱線: (905) 737-1540


Part 1 (starts at 19:00):
安省保守黨黨魁John Tory  論政綱 + 接聽

Part 2:
John Tory:  不保證會委任袁海耀當廳長


Part 3:
袁海耀主動談及  陳國治的英文

Part 4:



  1. This is the man!

  2. Well, it’s still early to make a judgement. So far, from what i have heard, Tory seems to be the good one to go with. It still depends if he can deliver what he has said after he is elected as the premier, and I want to know more about his promises and commitments.

  3. Alex Yuen sounds like another Dr Benson Lau…..

  4. 除了麥老堅的自由黨(因許多承諾不能兌現,還諸多藉口推卸責任),其他任何黨執政也可以,個人比較喜歡John Tory的保守黨。

  5. Alex Yuan 的解釋 (Richmond Hill – Markham – Richmond Hill) 有點牽強.

  6. Who is sitting beside Alex Yuan in the photo?

  7. Although John Tory has performed great in the interview,I still refuse to vote PC on the October election because of the speech of Dr. Benson Lau regarding " comfort women".

  8. Alex Yuen=Benson Lau, Both arrogant big mouth

  9. Ditto for me, Tommy.

    First, Alex Yuan.

    Probably Alex Yuan hit a nerve on me yesterday. Instead of voting against Michael Chan, I’ll probably cast my null vote this October – unless

    Alex Yuan has a Korean wife, that’s fine with me.

    1. Being someone who spent 16 years in HK (probably having finished high school there) but reveals or suggests that " I don’t or didn’t speak Chinese anymore and am proud of it " frankly doesn’t jive with me.
    2. I don’t speak Chinese or Korean at home and am proud of it. When you are married to a Korean wife, has Yuan even tried to respect the Korean culture by speaking some Korean at home (and vice versa for his wife)? If my wife were an anglophone Caucasian, I would certainly ask her to learn Chinese so we could, to a certain extent, communicate in both English or Chinese at home.
    3. Although bloggers like myself may be blunt in attacking Michael Chan’s English, a public figure like Yuan attacking Michael Chan’s “English" instead of his communication, articulation or interpersonal skills is simply not a smart move. I can’t imagine if Harper would say such a thing face-to-face to try to step all over Stephane Dion , “Hey Stephy, your English SUCKS!"
    4. When asked repeatedly by Simon whether he thought Michael Chan’s English was “shitty", he stumbled. All he had to say was, “he could not express himself effectively in caucus or to the English-speaking constituents." That’s it. No fuss, no exaggeration and won’t convey the image of a foul-mouth politician.
    5. Swayed by some Richmond Hill politicians to run again in R.H. instead of Markham is also a bad move. You have to love a township in order to run for an office there. You live in R.H. but Last time you ran in Markham’s by-election. This time, you are “looking for a house in Markham" but are interested in a seat in Richmond Hill. Haven’t you made up your mind yet, Mr. Wiseman? Are you even sure you want to stay in R.H. or even as a Tory? If it was 1,000 years ago in China or elsewhere, politicians indecisively serving one country and then switching to another cost them their lives. Now, it will cost you your votes, at least the one from me.

    I think he might be a good I.T. professional, but certainly a green, immature, and just simply a lousy Canadian politician-wannabe!

    Dr. Benson Lau:

    Enough said. Go home and have some bananas, will you?

    John Tory:

    Great leader and hope you’ll beat McGuinty this October to finally put an end to his and his circus’s charade.

    Good luck, all Tories.

  10. (Markham-Richmond Hill)個條問題可以用黎睇到Alex 其實係驚左陳國治(由陳生英文唔得但都當選可以睇到佢中文了得換到嘅人氣),d excuse非常差,Markham 冇買到樓(雖然係佢個人問題,但係係電台度講成為參選理由,有冇承信就見仁見智),一時愛Markham,一時Richmond Hill 雖要佢(我唔信呢個生意佬冇朋友住Markham),但係我buy 嘅係佢講係為市民服務,有野唔岩會同Tory 傾,希望唔係齋嗡。tommy兄,雖然話兩級保守黨政見通常都一致,但劉醫生係聯邦,Tory 係省,仲係黨主席,講d野要負責同可信d但不能盡信。我覺得唔應該為個劉醫生而令你下個錯誤決定。

  11. 青天葵的原身(不會用粗言穢語的)bro or sis:

  12. I don’t like Liberal’s policy at all but I’ll pick Mr. Michael Chan if necessary who doesn’t speak perfect english in this immigrants country but choose to work for his people instead of a proud self claimed, overaged childish bamboo boy who gave no respects to his own country fellows and just want to buy a lot of houses to fulfil his wife with a lot of cash. I am preparing to sell my house to Mr. Yuen and moving out from Richmond Hill once he get a seat in Queen’s Park as I could not stand on a dump stupid politian or Mr. Tory should give himself and his party a chance to replace Alex immediately.

  13. 在小弟住這區,通常沒有華裔參選,其他參選者又不熟悉,如要投票,唯一選擇是選政黨。
    袁海耀也非一個好選擇,他參選的其中一個理由是Richmond Hill需要他(黃志華也說Markham需要他,所以中途跳車),請不要看得自己那麼重要,尤其是對華裔社區用詞謙厚一點比較上算,在此祝袁君好運。
    忽然想起久違了的Joe Li,未知他還有沒有興趣再參選?

  14. 過客兄:

    雖然我知家豪這留言區除閣下之外亦有人撐 Joe Li (李國賢), 但以小人愚見, 李國賢, 陳國治與袁海耀三人之中, 李可算是最愚笨的一位了(至少這是由幾次家豪訪問他之中小弟得出的結論), 甚至比陳更會被華人及主流社會被視為笑柄的一位; 因其語言及思考能力之差, 比陳有過之而無不及呀! 視他為「份豬食老虎」(卽「大智若愚」) 之論, 愚見認為以「大愚若愚」形容李比較貼切。

    感慨加國華人出色政客難求, 而再觀香港政客如張超雄, 功力與以上三位仁兄之濫竽充數, 真不可同日而語….

    家豪, 有冇興趣出嚟選呀, 我一定投你一票嘅!

  15. On John Tory:

    His predecessor Ernie Eves being the key man in managing the provincial finance was defeated for his close tie to Mike Harris, John Tory is not expected to inherit a great deal of political debt from previous PC government. While McGuinty has an uphill battle to fight against his records of broken promises/slush fund scandal, John Tory has the upper hand as an opposition leader to remind the voters how much they have been fooled by the everlasting corrupted Liberal culture.

    Conceivably, John Tory, a business-turned politician, has used his charm to warm up to the Chinese community by appearing on the show and his wit to address some questions without appearing to be a wishy-washy premier wannabe. That’s quite impressive.

    After all, John Tory has made the following promises if elected to lead the next government.

    (1) Local taxes money to pay for local services (water/fire/sewage)
    (2) Gas tax money to build roads and highway (404 and 407 extension)
    (3) Phasing out OHIP Health Premium in 4 years

    On Alex Yuen:

    No doubt Alex’s English is very sharp as I did watch the debate at Rogers TV. What Alex said was indeed true that the host of the debate had offered to repeat the questions a few times to Michael Chan. It was indeed very embarrassing to watch Chan perform and expect him representing the Chinese community (at least I would not agree that he can represent us by speaking English in the legislature at all).

    To be fair, I do not think Alex’s Cantonese is extremely bad. Rather, he is just too “blunt" to speak his mind. To some Chinese folks, such tactics can be considered very non-Chinese and contradictory to the Chinese belief of humility. Even though what Alex said about Michael was right, it would not be appropriate for Alex as another politician to say it there. Alex should try to get his point across without appearing too mean. For that, Alex should look up his boss to learn a few tricks. Nevertheless, Alex should avoid interpreting for his boss on the show. Not only was he not proficient in the language but also appeared as unprepared to present a concise and clear stance on the party policies in Cantonese for his boss.

    He runs for Richmond Hill partly because (1) less Chinese voters turned up to vote in the by-election held in Markham that he might feel betrayed by those Chinese residents who claimed to vote for him. He almost felt short of telling the truth that he has lost faith in the Markham voters who on one hand wants some of their own kind to represent them but then too ignorant/indifferent to vote for him in any elections. (2) Chan’s victory suggests that he might have other ethnic votes to support him. Given his debate skills in English, I would be surprised the majority of white Canadians would be comfortable voting him.

    So, Alex has a conundrum here. On one hand, he has to lure the votes of his Chinese fellows in prominent areas like Markham or Richmond Hill. Yet, he is viewed as an inexperienced white candidate to attack on his fellow Chinese political counterparts. What he needs to succeed in upcoming or future elections is to tone down his attack (at least in Cantonese-speaking community because not everyone would appreciate/tolerate that very much) or change its approach so it would appear a bit subtle without being considered arrogant and rude. Look at John Tory’s attack on McGuinty, it is more palatable.

    On Dr. Lau:

    Who cares? He will become Dr. Who? soon.

  16. Just a friendly reminder! I would pronounce Markham as Mark-kam.

  17. 獨孤兄:
    你可能誤會了,我沒有任何動機去撑Joe Li,只覺得這位仁兄屢敗屢戰,屢戰屢敗,其志可嘉,是一位有娛樂性的政客而矣。

  18. Cytodex 兄:

    Thanks for the detailed account and analysis of Alex Yuan and the related political figures’ performances and strategies. As always, your analyses are multi-tiered and exceptionally enlightening/inspirational!

    I think when it comes to this language issue, things may becomes sticky for Chinese-Canadian immigrants like Chan and Yuan. Rarely do I see people here who are proficient in both oral English and Chinese. Therefore, when a Chinese-Canadian runs for a seat either at City Hall, Queen’s Park or on Parliament Hill, he/she’ll be darned whether he/she’s proficient in either Chinese or English.

    As in Chan’s case, I think 99.9999% of us (bloggers at Kahoo’s forum) agree that his English proficiency is inadequate to be a public figure, let alone up to par for a provincial minister.

    As for Yuan, his English competency suffices for conversing with other caucus members and interpreting legal documents. What I am doubting are:

    1. His bias against the non-anglosax cultures, including his native Canto culture. I think he is “proud" of the fact that he doesn’t speak Chinese at home. Although his Cantonese has markedly improved from the time of the last public debate, viewing the canto or Chinese culture as a “sub-culture" (this is just my interpretation of his attitude toward the Chinese culture) or “ethnic culture" for so long will cost him many votes.
    2. His EQ score, as demonstrated by his paper throwing incident during the last debate at Market Village
    3. His intent in running for a seat in the provincial legislature (has he served in the community, does he love serving the community, does he love Markham or does he love
    Richmond Hill more….)
    4. His political wisdom (as illustrated by his street-fighter-style on Chan’s English)
    5. His relationship with John Tory and the PC party is yet unknown (is he an outcast or is he well likened…)


    嗯, 原來內有乾坤。 正是! 以「挨打度」及娛樂性豐富來說, 實非咖哩雞皇子莫屬了!

  19. Joe Li, should be out of consideration because the only language which he can do well is mandarin. I think the majority of the people speak cantonese in markham and richmond hill area therefore there is a communication problem between voters and Joe. As we know, Chan beat Alex because he can communicate well with voters so Joe Li is hopeless, to be honest.

  20. 陳國治的英文如何?99.999%關心社區人士都心知肚明,我真不明白他如何在省議會發表演說及與其他議員辯論?因我沒有看過或聽過他在議會的表現,未知各位網友有沒有這方面資料可提供,謝謝!

  21. 陳國治的英文如何?相信關心社區人士心知肚明。真是不明白他如何能在省議會發表演說及與其他議員辯論(因我沒有看或聽過省議會的節目),未知各位網友有沒有這方面的資料可告知,謝謝!!

  22. 對不起,留言重複了,因第一個留言好象出現輸出問題,所以隨後再留一次,請諒!!

  23. 講真,陳國治我(聽佢講野時)覺得佢冇乜料,可能只係麥老堅為自己講過嘅野補番鑊而捧佢上去。佢(廳長)做d乜我就唔知,可能主要工作只係上一本政經幫黨宣傳同保黨同埋同選民溝通下,意思係佢可能只係掛名廳長。

  24. 我覺得省議員英文是否頂瓜瓜與他個人能力是兩碼子事,非土生土長者祇要有英文表達溝通能力便可.

  25. Hey Mr. Tory, It seems like Joe Li is definitely a better choice to your party if your want to break the ice with Chinese community even though he speaks sluggish Chinese like Alex Yuan.

  26. 我諗如果Joe Li係大熱黎嘅,晨早就跑出左啦,佢選都冇次得,Tory 搵佢做乜?除非席位多過頭要送d比人……

  27. 同意青天葵的原身at 1:40pm留言。

    質疑Joe Li有沒有能力to break the ice with Chinese community。如果保守黨 找他參選的話,除非John Tory覺得勝算在握,少一席也不會影响大局,而提供一些免費娛樂性節目予華裔社區,作為感謝華裔在省選的支持,何樂而不為呢!!

  28. 以德蘭修女一生義行.終身行義於印度及第三世界,以我是非基督徒眼中,她是永遠的聖人,無宗教,信仰界限的聖人.縱使沒有天主教封聖,她依然是行義的聖人.

  29. 我冇宗教信仰,但細個小學,中學都天主教學校所以都有信天父。但係我另願我唔知呢件事,德蘭修女一向都比我一個好好嘅印像,聽完我自己都唔知點咁…思緒混亂..感覺好怪….主持基督教(英國),聽眾天主教(法國),只令我無啦啦想起英法大戰。如果呢個topic 搵到陳日君樞機黎講好d,我覺得

  30. 信乜教都好﹐每個教徒都總會遇到自己嘅心理難關﹐有邊個冇? 莫講話信仰﹐就算係一段婚姻﹐事業呀﹐學業呀﹐都總會有迷路嘅階段啦? 德蘭修女唔係神﹐佢亦都冇自認過係神﹐信心有動搖過﹐有乜唔正常? 佢都係平凡人一個﹐D世人當佢係‘神聖’﹐係D人一廂情願。挖D料出書﹐亦都係為因為發錢寒﹐我地又何必被人鼓摧﹐一齊小題大造?



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