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身為加拿大華人,你覺得「保釣」重要些? 還是「保衛北極主權」重要些呢?

聯邦執政黨代表  劉秉純
聯邦國會議員      鄒至蕙


Part 1 (starts at 25:30):

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:



  1. Since you got Dr. Lau now. Why don’t you ask him about the comfort issue of his party ?

  2. 起碼harper 都有擺姿態出黎爭,大陸見日本用軍艇撞保釣人士都唔做野同出聲…..真失望….我撐haper 多d,保衛北極主權嘅利益多d重要d….

  3. This seems to be a trick and trivial question, doesn’t it? Why can’t the two issues be equally important?

    The detailed time line and discussions about the sovereignty claims of this tiny island by Canada and Denmark are found here:


    Since the latest satellitephotos taken in July this year have already confirmed that the borderline between Greenland and Canada actually cuts through the island but to not east of it, why don’t we just jointly share the island spanning 1.3 km², we’ll have the western half and Denmark gets the eastern half.

    With 0.65 km² for us, I am sure we can have at least three or four backyard barbecue parties hosted there right beside the Danes while they are making their Danish Butter Cookies to be imported to Canada!

  4. 香港保釣人士得不到中港台政府支持,中國號稱經濟大國,對於釣魚臺問題不敢表態,連自發性保釣人士還要打壓。台灣不敢招待香港保釣人士,怕得罪日本。因此對於中港台政府在釣魚台事件上非常失望。

  5. 點解問邊樣重要D? 關於主權問題,兩者沒有衝突,同樣重要!主要是看關注那方?

  6. Typo:

    cuts through the island but to not east of it ==>
    cuts through the island but not to the east of it

    Add: If all else fails, let’s boycott Denmark and we’ll just buy Dave Nichol or those No Name Danish Butter Cookies instead of those imported from Denmark. After all, eating their transfatty and saturated-fatty cookies will eventually cost us our lives before we can even fight these Vikings on this tiny, frigid, and deserted Arctic island that is continually deprived of the sun for half a year (and the other half of the year without nights).

    How does that sound?

  7. 保衛釣魚台?!!!! 留給中國和要好的友人(日本)慢慢的 煙酒,煙酒. 我們是加拿大人,當然要撐加拿大.

  8. 身為子女,你覺得維護父親重要些?或維護母親重要些?

  9. 社會和諧是最重要!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 身為中國人我會支持"保釣",身在加國我會支持"保北"!沒有什麼重要不重些.正如Tommy所說:"身為子女,你覺得維護父親重要些?或維護母親重要些?"一樣!家豪的這個論題有點怪怪…

  11. 親疏有別,呢樣好難話冇嫁喎….父母都有時係,你地細個有d都會親阿爸阿媽其中一方多d啦……其實我覺得呢個topic 係想睇下你幫邊度如果中國同加拿大都難嘅時候…..之前木然仲係個節目個時都有講個咁樣嘅話題,你有 canadian passport=加國公民,如果中國同大陸打你幫邊邊……針冇兩頭利,東西文化各有各好…但係愛屋及烏…..

  12. typo: 應該係中國同加拿大打

  13. The question has some fundamental flaw!

    What Diaoyutai (釣魚台)?
    Oh, you meant the Senkaku Shosho (尖閣諸嶼) that was formerly claimed to be Diaoyutai islands by the Chinese but are now under the Japanese occupation.

    One has to draw a similar comparison between Diaoyutai and Dokdo. Koreans defend their tiny islands Dokdo (獨島) against Japanese’s claim over it as Takeshima (竹島). Why wouldn’t the Communist Chinese do something like that over Diaoyutai? Even worse, their own government oppresses those who protest and demonstrate against the Japanese government. Yet they had no problem flexing their muscle with some military exercise and missile firing in 1996 near the Taiwan Strait. What do these events tell you? China is so obsessed with holding on her power that any demonstrations against Japan could potentially turn around to haunt the Communist government. For that, Japan knows pretty well that China would never allow mass demonstrations that can turn ugly easily. Without democracy, it is just hopeless to ever see the return of Diaoyutai again. So the question is now more simplified than ever – just Canada’s sovereignty over the North Pole.

    With the issue of Diaoyutai “resolved”, the question becomes “All Chinese Canadians should support either our government’s claim to the North Pole or not”.

    The idea of all Western power (excluding Russia) to share sovereignty over the North Pole is not a bad idea. However, the less democratic Russia under a tyrant-would-be Putin will pose more threat to the environment than any other claimants. In the West, any projects posing drastic environment impact will meet fierce resistance from environmental groups, Green Peace and the like. At least, any oil rigs/mines will require intense environmental studies before they will be approved in the West. In contrast, Putin will not hesitate to sink a Green Peace boat over “her” territories.

    For the sake of the Polar bear and other animals who find the North Pole only a few sanctuaries with little human activities, it is not a bad idea to share the sovereignty over the almost barren land. Otherwise, all those interested countries will rush to establish port, erect flag/lighthouse/etc everywhere.

  14. Holly shit I cannot believe what i hear from Dr. Lau, Is this guy Chinese or what. He is 100% worst than Mr. Chan Kok Chi,His brain follow his ass.We are going to vote for this guy?A big issue like the comfort women, he still cannot make up is mine and wait for his party line. He should talk to Mr. Harper immediately and demand his support for this issue. If Harper refuse he should quit his party. I cannot imagine what Dr. Wong Yu Kai think when he heard about this?SHAME ON YOU , SHAME ON YOU Dr. Lau

  15. Dr. Lau .Do you know what is the difference between right or wrong.SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAMESHAME………..

  16. 保衛釣魚台最大阻力是「中」、「港」、「台」政府,

  17. 咁睇法,保乜釣?同送死冇大分別…..大陸都唔緊,送比日本人囉………有d野我都唔敢講…如果比大陸睇左….我會比便衣公安跟蹤由其是我呢度唐人唔多

  18. Stephen Harper at least doing something instead of hiding behind the curtain like the leadership of our so-called Great motherland.

  19. 根據今日明報即時新聞報導,保釣船不獲發牌照,不能在香港海域行走,所以星期二不能在香港出發去釣魚台。民間自發性保釣行動除得不到政府支持,還受到他們的打壓。



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