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省府「撥款風波」結局: 移民廳長Mike Colle辭職

特備節目: 省府「撥款風波」審計報告特輯

主持﹕ 李家豪麥之華蘇賡哲

加拿大中國專業人協會行政總監 江志成
安省保守黨 封賴桂霞

According to Ontario Auditor General Jim McCarter, some organizations got cash when they didn’t really need the money. The Ontario Cricket Association requested $150,000 but got $1 million – half of which is now sitting in a GIC account, for instance.

Premier Dalton McGuinty and Mike Colle are attending the Ontario Cricket Association dinner:


Part 1 (starts at 23:30):

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:



  1. 有啥稀奇?

  2. 只想知道陳國治的反應及他如何為省府辯護。

  3. 陳廳長今晚做逃兵避訪問就真係好很核凸喇.

    做廳長做得咁無厘擔戴, 叫人下次點選你呀??

    就算你明知今日要去旅行, 你都應該一早知道份報告今日出, 亦預左有傳媒要訪問你. 何不搵定個廳長助理來做替工擋子彈?


    同意上面 tommy 兄高見, 本國應早日成立類似香港 ICAC 的組織.

  4. Power corrupts. In the democratic arena, corruption signals time for election to displace the political party in office has arrived.

  5. 有無可能係政界無間道呢?

    But I have been mentioning this for my entire academic Career, WE NEED a ICAC for Canadian. But I do we recall a lecture in business on bribes…..

  6. McGuinty: Step Down! (消失)
    Ontario Cricket Association: “Return Water"! (回水)

  7. So far, I agree with every one’s points.

    First, I must say I am even more disappointed with the Auditor General report, for he plainly stated the obvious things that everybody knew a few months ago when the slush fund was first reported. Seriously, nobody needs to wait for the Auditor General to conclude that there was an absence of transparency, accountability, and proper approval process. Any people with some common sense would likely draw the same conclusion after reading the report from the Toronto Star a few months ago.

    In my biased opinion, I would expect the “independent" General Auditor to say something like the Liberal Party was acting in a way that wasn’t in the public interest and their integrity was in question based on the events unfolded. In short, the Liberal Party committed acts of cronyism in distributing public money to organizations with ties and connections to its party members.

    It’s hard to refute the fact that the Liberal party is not a duck when it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.

    McGuinty’s explanation was even more laughable that he was a novice in politics or running the government. What was he doing when Mike Harris/E. Eves were in power? Wasn’t he the opposition leader whose job was to monitor and keep the government in check? He should have known that this sort of slush fund practice would easily haunt him and cost him politically one day. So, why was he still doing it? It is likely that it’s just a traditional practice by the Liberal Party to preemptively strengthen their connections and ties and lure more votes when Election comes by in a few months. So, if the whole saga had been exposed much later, the Liberal Party would have been easily got reelected without giving the oppositions any ammunitions.

    Cricket is a popular sport in the U.K, India and Pakistan. I bet that the people in the Cricket Associations are of East Indian and Pakistani descents with strong ties with the Liberal Party. I stated here before that those ethnic groups are pure blind sheep that have been mobilized to vote for the Liberal Party in provincial/federal levels and even party leader elections. Gosh, can’t the Auditor General smell the crony stench when such association getting $850 thousands dollars more than they ever asked for. By the way, McGuinty, please give grant me 5 times more Ontario Tax Credit next year, should you make the unthinkable miracle to win the next election.

    Gee, Michael Chan really knows how to dodge this one. But, I hope the voters have better learned the true face of the Liberal Party and some politicians (if not all). Let’s get our revenge on October 10.

  8. Continued from 5th paragraph

    Using McGuinty’s logics, he should be paid by minimum wage. For every job professional or not, there are minimum requirements that one has to meet. So, when McGuinty talks about them being rookies in governing (mind you, he has been around for more than a decade), he then did not even meet the basic requirements of honesty and accountability. McGuinty and his entire caucus and staff should be compensated by mininum wage until after the next election.

    Come on! You are running a government not a MacDonald’s fast food restaurant where the staff there are even more professional and dedicated than you are.

    As Arthur Lee says, I’ll remember this, you will pay.

  9. 這是自由民主制度吊詭.

  10. 續上: 問題基本上出於特權, 及自利, “All animals are equal, some are more equal!"

  11. Thanks Kahoo for posting this photo shown on mainstream newspaper this morning.

    Not a fault of Kahoo, but 張相片就好 goofy 囉! 好似兩個細路做錯事等打 pat pat 咁囉 ……

  12. 可能淨係安省係咁掛……政治庸才湊湊…..David Mills 同McGuinty好多野都比我覺得佢地唔識做官,唔以民為本。佢地從政個個都態度係"我要做呢份好工",並唔係"我要做好呢份工。多倫多/安省政制漏洞好多….我對McGuinty上台後都好失望……hope i can use my vote to get him off the power ……..佢地d表現咁出色…..鬼佬d政治都…..

  13. Cytodex,

    “Cricket is a popular sport in the U.K, India and Pakistan. I bet that the people in the Cricket Associations are of East Indian and Pakistani descents with strong ties with the Liberal Party"

    Even my 16 years old daughter can pointed that out right away when she heard about this over the radio. I think we also need another tougher General Auditor too.

  14. Vince,


    If you look at the picture at the top, it is likely that the skin color of a hand next to McGuinty suggests that it’s from an East Indian or Pakistani than a white British person.

  15. Cytodex,

    Sadly, most of the Chinese voters regard Liberals to be their only choice and never learn to use “punishing votes" and vote the oppose parties. So, that’s why we have to bear with these craps and verbal diarrhea from McGuinty and David Miller.

  16. Unfortunately, this government is running by WHOLE BRUNCH OF CROCKS & LIARS…..

  17. …WHOLE BUNCH OF CROCKS & LIARS …instead.

  18. Agree with Cytodex. 仍然唔明點解 After 咁多年,華人硬係仲咁死蠢選


  19. Vince/廢苦 bro,

    Truly, there are also the folks who would trade their votes for some instant gratifications (i.e. free meals, tours, etc) or someone of their ethnicity. The Liberal Party realizing their shortcoming is undoubtedly taking advantage of such inferiority of some ethnic groups to perpetuate their power. Like 陶傑 said, there are people who are not worthy of democracy. I prefer to reason that it’s the manifestation of their peasant genetic makeup.

  20. Unimaginable that “Small Peasant DNA" is alive and well among Chinese Canadians.

    So sad.

  21. 我覺得華人投票比華人係好正常. 首先,華裔議員同華人溝通容易d,容易發表意見(905-737-1540)。唔知呢度有幾多人母語係英文,但我知道每個種族都會種意同自己first language 黎溝通(語言無隔膜),選番自己人都好正路。第二,我覺得如果國會,省會,市會有自己族嘅人,我會覺得自己個族係國家嘅一份子,有影響力。當然,各人都唔唔同原因,但我投票始終都係睇政綱同政績黎投

  22. In the last provincial by-election, the outcome surprised most of us as explained mainly by Cytodex 兄’s conclusion of the Liberals’ ability to mobilize the south Asian community. Here is another concrete proof that the Liberals are using our taxpayers’ money to buy votes from that community again!!

    Lest we forget about this in the October election.

    如果有兩個侯選人, 一個乃華人而另一位非華人, 我亦會投票給一個華人 – 如果那個華人是有能力有主見的, 而不是一個只識插「搖尾乞骨」嘅黨的應聲蟲!

    骨者, 十萬以上人工也。

  23. 假如有兩個能力,政黨背景,政見都差不多的侯選人,我都會投華人侯選人一票。但極不希望再在各級議會中見到華藉議員的咀臉好象李小龍精武門片中的魏平澳。

  24. It is only natural to vote for one’s ‘race’. We can see this in many ‘voteable’ countries, where multiculturalism is a fact in the composition of its society.

    It is natural. it is simple to say that Caucasians favors Caucasians, Africans favors Africans, Desi favors Desi and of course Chinese favors Chinese.



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