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Made in China的產品,在國際間已成為劣貨的代名詞嗎?

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1. 打假網: http://www.daja.net.cn



Part 1 (starts at 24:00): 中國豆腐渣」工程

Part 2: 連大學都有得假?

Part 3: 第一款登陸歐洲市場的中國轎車Brilliance BS6(華晨尊馳),
在德國進行撞擊測試結果顯示, 駕車人難有生還機會..

Part 4: 聽眾討論 + 北京不法商人利用廢紙箱作豬肉包餡料



Thomas the Tank Engine 6

Source: NBC



  1. The main reason Chinese are become the “worst businessman" in the world as seen in today mainly because they have a heavily corrupted communist government. It is very hard for them to change anymore. All we can hope is if they want to sell fake stuff, just sell them within China.

  2. Those are examples of creativity and originality at worst!

    To further Aveyron’s point:

    The reason why so many of them lack the moral and conscience to sell fake stuff is simply because the Communist dictatorship is full of deceits and lies. In a country where the executive, legislature, and judiciary are mingled together and controlled by a small group of people and their business partners, it becomes understandable that corrupt government officials who could look after the interests of the businessmen and theirs are simply a natural phenomenon. For the officials and businessmen with connections benefit themselves at the expense of the ordinary people, who in turn find it impossible to seek justice against the same people with better relationships and power. When corruption becomes the norm of the society, people would care less about others but themselves and to get rich by any means necessary even if it means to substitute methanol for alcohol or fake baby powder that actually caused deaths.

    Like I said before, China is a jungle where lawlessness and injustice in various degree are not uncommon.

  3. Oh…. these are all small stuff comparing to the Chinese made automobile called " Brilliance BS6″.

    Take a look at the youtube videos and all in a sudden, you’d think you’d rather ride in a Hyundai Pony!!


  4. I wonder if “BS" stands for something less glamorous.

  5. 北京早點攤用廢紙箱作包子餡 (Video):


  6. Except something simple, straight forward and not under wrap, I have refused to buy anything made in China for a while.

  7. 用廢紙箱作包子餡? Geez, Chinese in mainland China can really manage to find all sorts of creative ways to crank the wheel on 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)!!! From now on, I think the maker of these 包子’s should advertise his 包子’s as “a good source of fibre", if only he can walk free without receiving a death sentence this time around.

  8. 連華人也不敢買中國貨,可知情況有多嚴重。衣著鞋襪不要緊,未必著得壞人;入口的,就唔好搞了。

  9. 兩條腿走兩條路, 你唔死??

    一條腿走社會主義的路, 一條腿走資本主義的路, 就一定 “聽" 福佳啦!!

    學走資本主義的路, 學會了向錢看, 點知就學 d 唔學 d , 無學到公司管治 (corporate governance), 法治, 道德 …… 咪攪成咁囉.

    呢 d 叫做乜呢? 就係叫做 “有中國特色既社會主義" 勒!

    哈! 惡攪一下這個 term 都好……

    毒安康魚 , 毒牙膏, 紙皮飽, 大頭奶粉 …… 可以叫做 “有中國特 sick 既社會主義"!!

  10. Now these cardboard buns have nowhere to hide:


  11. 廢苦 brother:

    I can’t agree more than what you said. Great points, concise and yet insightful.

  12. Thank you Cytodex.

    第一個講呢個概念的不是我. 我第一次聽到講這個概念的是 “老簫" (簫若元). 在他的網台節目中聽到. Like you said, can’t agree more.

  13. Forgot to mention 獨孤 brother’s perspective on the 3R Chinese dumplings. Perhaps, the PRC Foreign ministry could make a reference to your points in their defence.

  14. 廢苦和Cytodex 兄:

    我認為這個概念有偏差, 不夠精確.

    這現象是由於中國執政者開放經濟政策, 人們可以較自由地從事商業活動, 以賺錢為尚. 問題出現在我們的內地同胞, 受共產黨荼毒太深, 處事只以自身考慮, 不理旁人, 那怕是父母子女. 他們更沒有宗教的規範, 只求今生的享樂, 根本沒有超越今生的概念. 那怕所製造/售賣的物品對人有害, 只要能賺錢, 在今生發大財, 大大享樂一番, 便是他們的人生目標.

    所以不要說他們學會了資本主義什麼, 學不了什麼, 那與資本主義無關.

    中國人是聰明, 刻苦和富冒險精神, 做生意成功的例子, 比比皆是, 如果不擇手段, 不理會他人, 自顧自己, 便成現在的情況, 除了是共產黨的自私觀念在其中有一定的決定因素外, 與其他甚麼主義無關.

  15. 我相信中國的監管是嚴格的,但貪贓枉法的官員太多,求其處決一兩個貪官,發吓爤渣,

  16. how come those Uncle Victoria Park have no comment yet??

  17. 記得在70代國產的海鷗(seagull)牌單鏡相機(可用Minolta鏡頭),及英雄牌墨水筆(有14K金咀型號),質量也不差,假如沒錢買日本相機及USA金筆,這些國產貨也是不差的選擇,可惜現在祖國號稱經濟强國,其產品卻大倒退,而且還是害人不淺,例如假酒,大頭奶粉,毒牙膏……………真是很難想像國家領導人如何有面面對其他國家的指責!!

  18. they all become speechless

  19. Cat Lover:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. The issue here is that those people (making fake products) happened to CROSS THE LINE to become evil. Their actions make the regular dishonest vendors, who merely use substandard or poor quality ingredients instead, look trivial. For making the fake stuff that kills and hurts people, one’s heart has to be filled with indifference, immorality, godlessness, and most importantly greed.

    In a campaign 40 years ago, a generation of “those" people engaged in activities that dismantled all their ethnics, moral values, traditional virtues, religions, and relationships. I strongly believe that the legacy of the Cultural Revolution is still poisoning the hearts of many..

    The phenomenon suggests that the situation is difficult to reverse as it becomes a common regardless of classes, no matter how rich/poor you are.

    Personally, I think it is almost an incurable disease. Perhaps, it will take a lot of efforts as well as the return of religion(s) and mercy of the Creator to cleanse their hearts.

  20. The most fake stuff comes from China is the ideology of Communism.

    While many people are crazy about speculating stock securities, their doctrine is nothing but a teaser.

    China-free! I say, Communism-fee.

  21. Rickl has nothing to say now, is he finding a hole to hide??

  22. Sorry, more mistakes made in last post. But, I guess you figure out what I wanted to say…

    Teaser -> Tease
    Communism-fee -> Communism-free.

  23. yes;Mats,he is coming out in due time

  24. Mats,

    My observations lead me to a conclusion that Rickl is not a regular/common contributor to this forum. Firstly, he never responded to other contributors’ comments/opinions. Secondly, his messages were well written (I don’t mean the arguments of his messages were well written and strong. What I mean is his messages look like essay assignments. They seldom had typo if there were any). It won’t surprise me that the messages were written under supervision or had been reviewed/or revised before posting.

    Rickl gave me an impression that his posting of messages to this forum was not to discuss current issues with readers/audience, but to spread the viewpoints on some issues (not necessarily current) which are the same as those of the Chinese government. Do you think the Chinese government will have any official viewpoints on this topic? Hence, don’t be so silly that Rickl will post any messages regarding it or hide his head in any hole! A tool doesn’t have any head.

  25. Did I just hear that? 紙皮飽果個新聞也是假的!

  26. 相信新聞片是假的,但是事件是真的。

  27. From the viewpoint of a conspiracy theorist, would it be a fake arrest on the news editor?

    When the world believes in such an “allegedly” fake report on a partially fake Chinese dumpling, one has to ask if the image of the China/Chinese/Chinese foods has already been tarnished to the point that report like that is regarded as just a norm.

    When BBC World, CNN or any major media broadcasted the clips, the damage has already been done.

  28. 我相信新聞是真的,在中國這個極權社會,你們信不信有記者有膽量做這些負面及影响社會深遠的"假"新聞。如果是假新聞,除了記者外,所有有關人士都會遭殃,應該無一倖免。但現在情況如何,大家有目共睹,這位記者只是代罪羔羊而矣。



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