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今晚 8:10pm: Simon Li, Guest Host on CBC FM 99.1



CBC Radio One FM99.1

* TONIGHT 8:1opm–8:45pm

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a “McJob" as “a low-paid job with few prospects" – but McDonald’s isn’t loving that. Just who gets to be the arbiter of the English language? That’s on THE NIGHTTIME REVIEW, with Friday host Simon Li, TONIGHT at 8:10pm on CBC Radio One.



  1. ‘六’畜不安

  2. Hi Simon

    Should I need to Vote Any More?

    Since the Government can’t do nothing except increase their salary and our taxes and make promise only when the election time, after that……………most of their promise never happen. Canada is a resource country and I wonder why our gas price is very much higher than the America. And our Government can do nothing because they don’t need to pay for their gas……we pay for them.

  3. Kahoo, what’s going to be discussed on the show?

  4. 六六無窮

  5. Mr. Li,

    It seemed that you asked a very straight forward question to a Markham Tory candidate , Mr. Yu.
    But the question in itself showed little political wisdom. If Mr. Yu gave a correct answer , then could we say he was qualified or would further question about the prices of milk in T& T and Nofrills be asked ? A satisfactory answer from a politician is always a lie in the end.
    I am hoping that when you host the CBC program , some kind of " chinese" wisdom be shown to impress the local.
    The West always claims her humour , but wisdom comes from the East.

  6. Mr. Kelvin Ho,

    I share the same dissatisfaction as yours .

    Two months ago , I gased up at Buffalo , the gas price was 3/4 of Ontario ( exchanged rate has been accounted ).
    In short , I just want to lead you to see my conclusion.
    Elections are closed , both Fed. and Pro. All political parties need a large amount of donation from the commerical sector .
    Gas Price remains high up , Government gets more income. Gas companies will be so willing to donate to all political parties with their recorded high profits, and hopfully to secure their future incomes
    This is exactly what is said in chinese:官商勾結.
    Do you agree ?
    It is unfortunate that our chinese media do not research and investigate from this direction .

  7. 無啦啦中文網頁寫雞腸,都無的主見

  8. Mr. Li,

    It’s time you have to say something .
    Would you please confirm that this forum is a bilingual forum ( Chinese and English ) , or many of us will have to apologise for our rude intrusion.
    Thank you.

  9. let me rephase your saying
    Mr. Li,
    It’s time to give credit to this writer 港燦
    Would you please let us know more the Chinese language and Chinese typing, or many of us will have a hard feeling of inferiority.
    Thank you.

  10. In contrast to your Appletea’s view, Kahoo’s questions are packed with political wisdom.

    His question draws some similarity to a story of Bill Clinton and Al Gore when asked by reporters on their campaign plane or bus for the prices of milk and some basic groceries. It turned out that the same question was later asked by the people on arrival. Fortunately, their aides did immediately fill them in after the question was first asked.

    If Yu could give a correct answer, it would mean at least that he has some basic ideas of the critical issues (transportation and traffic) facing Markham residents and some existing solutions to alleviate them. However, his answer could not be any worse than as if he would say “I honestly do not know but I will work on it”.

    It was another excellent (entertaining, to some degree) interview conducted by Kahoo/Woodie/Dr. So. Overall, Yu did not listen and kept talking but yet failed to address the questions while his attitude was a turn-off. In comparison, Yu made his political counterpart Minister Michael Chan more likable than ever before.

    It’s good to see more Chinese running but I prefer to see sincere candidates rather than some political opportunists. Yu has given me the impression that it’s difficult to undo. Kahoo and company did do their homework. What about Yu? You be the judge.


    By the way, I could not find myself in agreement with the notion that “Wisdom comes from the East”. However, I could find tyranny, counterfeit goods, fake/poisonous food, … from the East.

  11. Appletea,

    I admire the way you chose to respond to 港燦’s message.

    I’m 100% sure this forum is a bilingual one and have sufficient evidence to support this conclusion. Please connect to the main link of Power Politics and look for Simon’s messages of Feb. 26 & Feb. 27 concerning the guidelines/regulations for posting message to this forum. The one of Feb. 26 is in Chinese and under the name of Simon should post and the one of Feb. 27 is in English and under the name of Simon should post more. If this forum is only for messages in Chinese, why Simon posted the message in English version again?

    我對你回應港燦君留言的方法, 表示讚賞.

    我完全肯定這討論區是雙語的和有足夠的理據去支持我這說法. 請連上一本政經主線, 並找尋家豪於二月二十六日和二月二十七日, 有關在這討論區留言的守則. 二月二十六日是中文和以Simon should post的署名貼上, 而二月二十七日是英文和以Simon should post more的署名貼上. 如果這討論區是只能以中文留言, 那為何家豪再將留言的英文版本貼上呢

  12. 欣聞李基傑先生贏了昨晚萬錦區的安省保守黨提名. 昨晚訪問的那位余先生, 委實真係唔多掂.

    萬錦區的安省保守黨黨員, 你們的眼睛是雪亮的 (並非話選到李先生, 而係話唔俾阿老余出到線).

  13. What a sigh of relief!

    Thanks to 廢苦兄 for his update.

  14. You are welcome cytodex. 我都係聽午間新聞專輯時知道的. 聽的就梗係多倫多第一台啦!

  15. Can’t wait Kahoo and company to interview 李基傑先生 soon!

    Some advise to 李先生, check out the fare of VIVA bus before showing up the show. Your host is Simon Li, not some fair(ly) child(ish) host.

  16. Well put cytodex! Well put!!

  17. 唔該唔好再播陳國治同陳志輝 promote “一本正經" 個 jingle.

    真係好 Q 難頂!

    一係叫佢兩條友再錄過. 唔該晒!

  18. 頂唔順兄:

    Thanks for speaking my mind! I don’t think redoing the jingle will help because, as Cytodex 兄 once wittingly pointed out, anything that 陳國治 says becomes a turn off and balls of sweat just start to ooze out from all my skin pores every time I hear their jingle.

    Do us all a favour, 家豪, please take this jingle off the air or we might have to start another round of petition for people to sign up for this !-)

  19. Kahoo,

    Please bring back the jingle of Yuk Man vs. Vic Park Uncle. Pleeeeeeeease……


  20. 番來喇﹐番來喇﹐家豪哥又番去CBC喇﹗哈哈

  21. Agree to all posts about the new jingle from Michael Chan – just awful. Like the one from Yuk Man much better.

  22. 駛唔駛去 http://www.petitiononline.com/create_petition.html 整番個 online petition??

  23. Wow, the verdict is unanimous.

    Wait! I have not heard about (and laughed at) it yet.

  24. It’s okay 頂唔順兄, even though my mouth starts to froth, my sweat glands start to squeeze hard(ly), my grips start to tighten and my feet start to stomp when the sound of this jingle starts entering my ear canals, I think I still 頂得順 so I’ll pass this time but I can’t promise I won’t start a petition if TFR starts recording a new session of “Michael Chan solo jingle"!

  25. 各位網友:

    由於特殊的私人原因, 我將與各位暫別.

    有網友可能會取笑我, 不留言就是了, 何須告別. 但我總不想一聲不响地離去. 我在今年三月開始在這區留言, 在這約三個月內, 與你們思想交流, 雖未曾會面, 但我早己視你們為好友了. 我多次在留言稱呼你們是老友記, 不是口輕輕, 說說笑, 我真的覺得你們是我的老友記.

    你們對不同話題的見解, 給我很多的啓示. 你們對我的鼓勵和指教, 我自當銘記於心.

    我謹祝各位在精神和物質上, 都富裕豐盈.


  26. 一聽眾老友記:

    Thanks for having dedicated so much time here putting in your valuable opinions. Your perseverance in righting the wrongs has always brought rounds and rounds of applause (just that, you know, the strong and silent type’o guys like me don’t always like showing our feelings/emotions so you might not have known before :-)…Yes, 後會有期 but please come back soon when your personal reason becomes… errrr…impersonal(?). By the way, my 精神 is already pretty 富裕 but I’m still working on my 物質上, thanks for your blessings.

    P.S. Sure you don’t want to take my coffee and donuts offer before you go?

  27. 一聽眾:

    Likewise here!

    I have enjoyed a lot of your posts for the last few months to the point that I would really expect something from you whenever Kahoo has a new topic.

    I admire your wisdom and even more so your composure in face of attacks by you-know-who. You have set an example of a good Catholic.

    You will be missed by me and surely many others here.

    Hope you will come back soon. In the meantime, Take care and God Bless.

  28. 一聽眾老友:
    很欣賞尔的留言,很有啓發性及有見地,希望你不是受某些壓力而離去。May God bless you always and hope you will come back in the near future!!

  29. McCongratulations!

    Looked like you were filling in for Ann-Marie.

    It’s also a good thing that you were not there to just talk about Chinese-related issues but local issues as well.

  30. 家豪:

    Though a bit uptight, overall, you did a great job this morning!

    Regarding tonight’s Nighttime Review show:

    Not only Oxford English Dictionary defines McJob as something no one should aspire to, other dictionaries have very similar definitions as well:


    Maybe we can suggest an alternate definition as “A job in which the primary responsibility is flipping burgers." Sounds better this way?

    For sure, I am NOT loving it!

  31. 又見到我的嘢呀,再貼多次!

  32. 囬一聽衆:

    一直有閱讀你的話題,無論觀點與角度,你都能持相當的理性, 特別欣賞你謙恭的態度,期待你能繼續關註,以及開心。

  33. McJoy is Michael Chan’s Job as revenue minister

  34. Sorry I mean McJob not McJoy
    Just Typing error

  35. 慢感人兄:

    You mean Michael Chan’s initials are M.C. so whatever job he takes, the job should be called a McJob?

    One more interpretation I can gather is that when Tony Wong took on the job as a cabinet minister’s assistant working under our “honourable" Dalton McGuinty, Tony should have known better that “Mc"Guinty’s jobs were just McJobs “with very few prospect".

    Sorry, I just had a typo too because the word honourable, by Webster.com’s definition is, “(someone) characterized by integrity". Therefore, the above mention of “honourable" Dalton McGunity" should just read Dalton McGunity. My sincerest apology for my typo.

  36. 獨孤兄 and 慢感人兄:

    Another interpretation is that the “Mc"Job and “Mc"Joy can become so short-lived just like the fast food restaurant industry.

    Our Markham MPP “M.C" getting an annual salary of over 100k for his 9-10 month tenure can be classified as a McJob as it may not last beyond Oct 10.

    Perhaps, Tony Wong’s wife would be very McHappy if M.C. were unseated by his Tory rival Mr. Lee!

    Good catch on “Mc"Guinty!

  37. Cytodex 兄:

    Here is my “Joke of the Day":

    Re: http://www.thestar.com/News/article/221171

    “Premier Dalton McGuinty has said it before but this time, he says, you can believe him.

    The Liberals won’t raise your taxes, if re-elected in October, McGuinty said yesterday".

    Oh, another of my McJoke here (although not as good as the one above). Since Mc or Mac means “son of", is there any Liberal with the name of Dalton McBitch? That would just be strikingly suitable to the occasion, wouldn’t it?

    By the way, if some of you are headed to the June 4 commemorative event downtown, see you all there!

  38. Idiom: Once bitten, twice shy.

    Meaning: If somebody is said to be once bitten twice shy, it means that someone who has been hurt or who has had something go wrong will be far more careful the next time.

    Based on Mr. McGuinty’s track record (or the lack of it), it proves that he CANNOT be trusted.

  39. Once bitten, twice shy.

    中譯: “被騙了兩次 又算否羞恥" (source: Cookies 2004年歌曲 “心急人上").

  40. 廢苦兄:

    Thanks, I learned another idiot, sorry, make it idiom that applies to McGuinty again.

    I got another one here that applies to the upcoming provincial election too:

    Fool me once, shame on you
    Fool me twice, shame on me

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