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Comfort Women Motion 291: ONLINE PETITION

Online Petition:

史實維護會 王裕佳醫生、劉美玲


Part 1 (starts at 06:30):

Part 2 (starts at 17:00):

Part 3:

Many thousands of these comfort women have died, but some of the survivors are coming forward now, to describe what happened and demand reparations from Japan:



  1. 我簽咗啦,你簽咗未?

  2. 去中文維基百科查找慰安婦嘅資料。無意中留意到兩份1944年嘅慰安婦招聘廣告。睇來慰安婦有年齡限制,同時月收都喺廣告上有注明。來源可睇http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%85%B0%E5%AE%89%E5%A9%A6



  3. 唔好話我包拗頸,唱反調呀,黃語楷,嗱!我同你玩一鋪呀!

  4. 到中文維基百科尋找有關慰安婦嘅資料,無意中發現兩份1944年嘅慰安婦招聘廣告。原來慰安婦有年齡限制,同時收入都喺廣告上有注明。詳情請見http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%85%B0%E5%AE%89%E5%A9%A6



  5. 港燦君:

    在留言區留言, 各抒己見, 百花齊放, 乃賞心樂事, 包拗頸亦無不可.在留言中稱呼他人的時候, 除了那些不持說理的態度和肆意人身攻擊的人, 以閃閃縮縮和玩弄諧音的手法去醜化他人的不可取的行為外, 是否應該以正確的名字去稱呼他人, 以示尊重呢? 你的留言所提到要與他拗頸和玩一鋪的人物, 明顯是王裕佳醫生, 為什麼要寫成黃語楷呢? 那不是幽默, 是不尊重. 或者你會說, 那三字是近似音, 意思屬中性, 沒有將他醜化, 己是[俾足面]! 你當然不能接受他人稱呼你為[講殘]吧!

    還有, 慰安婦雖是從日語而來和那詞本身也連結上一群身世淒苦的女士, 但這詞已廣泛地使用, 為什麼你要改寫成餵安婦呢? 人貴自重, 不要拿那些已經很慘的人來開玩笑了.

  6. 一聽眾,係人睇過你講用野豬單嘢砌我生豬肉,都心裡有數,你的水平去到邊,明眼人都知啦,我都廢事講!!

  7. 港燦+中坑的心聲君:

    你說我心裡一團火, 但其實你已動了火, 燥了起來了, 否則怎會這麼不小心, 自認自己就是那個將野豬新聞和香港六四遊行的新聞, 同放在一篇留言的思緒紊亂的中坑的心聲君是同一個人呢!

    不錯, 我心裡是有一團火, 但不是你所說的那種煩燥的火, 而是那種對人還沒有完全失望的那種火, 這就是為什麼我在深夜二時, 還苦口婆心地給你留言.

    不過, 你看來還是教而不善, 繼續暴露你的理虧亂窮, 說什麼我深夜不眠, [唔知係做人定做鬼] 的對支持自己是正確毫無幫助的說話, 且自暴沒有其他更有力的理據支持自己的困境.

    說到[砌嘢] (即編作故事或有意將別人的說話曲解, 以達污蔑他人的目的), 你看來是優為之了. 我根本沒要求你改署名, 我是說, 如果有人將你的署名, 說成[講殘], 你應不會同意而已. 我說這話的潛台詞是: 己所不欲, 勿施於人.

  8. 多謝 〞嘉豪哥〞 連接此網站

  9. I’ve signed the online petition. It took less than a few seconds to fill in the form.

    Everyone is encouraged to check out the ALPHA site and make Canada be the first country to pass the motion.

    Let the Truth prevail!

  10. Cytodex,

    I did sign.

    May I suggest those who have signed to leave a message to this forum to quantify our support to the campaign.

  11. 一聽眾君:對于那些厚顏無恥,顛倒是非,不可理喻,而經常用不同署名的人,不要浪費時間去回應。
    我及各成年家人已經簽了名,請各位繼續支持Dr. Wong!

  12. Please count me in. I’ll sign the petition when I have a moment tonight. Further, I’ll chain-mail this link to everyone I know as well.

    As 開玩笑君 pointed out, I don’t think there was anything wrong (or anything right depending on your religious or philosophical belief) in recruiting these comfort women – as much as I believe that prostitution worldwide should be legalized so the sex trade workers could be safeguarded by the society – but the process of how the comfort women were “recruited" should be our main focus.

    When a person is coerced into entering a profession against his/her will, the person(s) behind the scenes should be prosecuted. That is why the Japanese either try to deny any involvement or convince the world that the comfort women willfully committed themselves as, for all intents and purposes, prostitutes.

    Just like this you-know-who character that is 厚顏無恥,顛倒是非 (re: NBA君 with thanks) , these Japanese right wingers definitely need international rebuking to subdue them from denying the truth that is fading away as these hundreds of thousands of ex-comfort women have either died or are in their final years of their lives.

    P.S. Yes, I don’t think it’s worth wasting our time on this rogue character (possibly even with “666” marked on his forehead) who poses and camouflages himself as different filthy animal characters in this forum. Under the assumption that he didn’t escape from a psychiatric hospital just last year, his motive behind his dedication to stirring up the pot here since about half a year ago is nothing less than being a living proof that devils do exist on this planet. Contrary to what I just promised in another thread, perhaps I should also hit the “page down” button wherever and whenever I smell his stinky body odour here. So, no matter how stupid, absurd, and offensive he becomes, I think ignoring him should be our best tactic to drive him out of here.

  13. Hi, Why is the address requirement from the online form different than the printed petition form (with Chinese)? The online form doesn’t make Postal Code mandatory, but the printed form asks for the postal code??

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  15. 保守黨,哈伯政府,對華民要呢女路,佢地得把口,一堆散沙,哈哈霸,唔使理佢地!

  16. I signed the petition. However, to be honest, I don’t think this is going to make any difference. I showed the ad to one of my colleague – local Canadian. He glanced through it for no more than 10 seconds…, then said “WOW!", and talked about slaughtering of people by some African regieme, and so on so forth. They do not share the same feeling as us Chinese or Asian. They know this is sad but so what… it’s happening around the world. Unfortunately, that’s the cruel reality.

  17. 求丙,

    I think you want all of us, including the one or those you are talking about, to read and understand your 9:42pm message. I tried to translate the P.S. portion for obvious reason.


    對. 我們不值得為這在此討論區, 偽裝為不同的污穢橫蠻人物的惡棍(就算他額頭上刻有666魔鬼符號)浪費時間. 在他不是去年剛從精神病院逃出來的假設下, 他自從約半年前開始在這裏撩事, 那是與魔鬼存在於世上性質無異. 現我更攺我在另一連線上的說法, 或者當我無論在何處和何時, 嗅到這廝的異味時, 我亦應按”下一頁”鍵. 所以, 無論他變得如何愚笨, 荒謬和討厭, 對他置之不理是令他離開此區的最佳策略.

  18. Thanks a million, 一聽眾君, for translating my post for me when I have just temporarily lost my ability to input in Chinese for, hopefully, only a few days.

    If you don’t mind, maybe I should add just one more thing to your translation: 惡棍 should read 惡棍 和 佛棍 because he is giving Buddhism a bad name by posing as an oxymoronic Buddhist (e.g. with aliases copied from some renowned disciples in Buddhism) while insulting Catholics and Christians here. I have to commend you on your choice of Chinese words because I wouldn’t have been able to do it even if I had my writing pad with me.

  19. 哈哈哈!

  20. 求丙,

    Do you think there would be any response to your 9:42pm message if I didn’t translate the P.S. portion of your message into Chinese? I wonder!
    Isn’t it funny that the one who cares about your criticisms on the unacceptable attitude of a blogger(s) tried to mislead the readers that the blogger was someone else by referring the blogger as he (佢)?

    如果我沒有將你的9.42pm附言部份譯作中文, 你認為會有回應嗎? 我就懷疑了.
    那個介意你對那些有不可接受態度的網客所作的批評, 竟用[佢] 來指那些網客, 以圖誤導讀者他不是那人, 不是很滑稽嗎?

  21. If we give him the silent treatment, he will likely lose some interest and hopefully will post less junk here.

    Any responses or attempts to reason with him will further intensify his interests and manifestation of usual symptoms…

    The best solution is to simply ignore him.

  22. 一聽眾:

    Though I am not a psychologist, it is not uncommon that people with split personality (or schizophrenia) only see themselves as the “good guy". It is the “other" bad guy who does all the evil deeds, such as shooting 1,000 pigs and killing pigeons. When confronted with criticism, the ego subsides and the good guy emerges to camouflage himself as just an innocent little boy. In the context of his post, I guess 佢 means the other “unrelated" evil character(s). That also explains why he changes his name all the time because criminals or schizophrenics usually hate the society and everyone in it as much as they hate themselves. Changing into a “brand new" person makes them feel like they have cleansed themselves of all the sins they have done to the world. Although the majority of the people with split personality may not display any violent behaviour, I can’t help but notice that this blogger here, unfortunately, belongs to the minority.

    To answer your first question whether I think there would be any response to your 9:42pm message if you hadn’t translated my message into Chinese, the simple answer is no. In fact, this particular question was hovering above me while I was posting my 9:42 p.m. message because I actually wanted to test this hypothesis also. Anyhow, I still appreciate your work in the transliteration of my extraordinarily long post at 3:19 a.m. Coffee and donuts maybe (for real this time, not another phony promise you can “pick up the order from the Warden DDT supermarket" again)?

  23. 對于那位不知廉恥,多次企圖跛壞他人理性討論,又亂投訴他人(例如投訴他人用英語)的不知所謂網友,不肖再提!!

  24. let him speak his mind

    Simon/after all

    this is a democratic forum;ain’t it?

  25. 求丙,

    I translated your message into Chinese because I thought it was not fair to the one you accused if he, for some reasons, did not feel comfortable to read messages in English. I finished the translation in late night because I had no confidence in waking up early enough to finish it before leaving home in the morning. So, if I have done something good, it is for him, not you. It should be him not you owing me coffee and donuts (kidding). I didn’t know you deliberately wrote your message in English to test a hypothesis which many of us may have made. Sorry for ruining your experiment.

    Your answer to my second question scares me. I sincerely hope that he is not a person with split personality, but a person who knows he is not so welcomed by some persons and intends to disguise himself by referring the accused as he/ him (佢).

  26. re 2 nba,

    You are right that this is a forum that everyone has his right to express his ideas/arguments freely. However, no one should be allowed to misuse this right to insult other people. Just take a most recent example with a mild degree of insulting, [茂你]. We are criticizing this unacceptable style of writing not suppressing his right of posting messages. Please discriminate the difference.

  27. cytodex 兄:

    Can’t agree more, unless if he starts speaking/posting in less offensive tone from now on.

    NBA 君 :

    I actually explained to him (or his other character) once about the freedom of everyone’s choice of language and I thought he understood. Obviously, he still doesn’t.

    re 2 nba 君:

    Thanks, I share your view too. On the other hand, what I have been saying complements what 一聽眾 said too that unreasonable and violent-prone bloggers carrying abusive tone all the time should still technically be allowed to post in open forums but I am just one of the people here who will definitely boycott them. Silent treatment like Cytodex 兄 suggested and hitting my “Page Down" button to skip their posts will certainly save my day.


    I also hope it was just a wrong conclusion derived from my delusional vision. Even if I was wrong, this kind of people with cynical and illogical mind coupled with their testosterone-based temper may fuel real life physical abusive behaviours. I hope they have no children that are solely dependent on them to survive, or we will have to give them our best blessings that they haven’t inherited their genes. Even if they haven’t, they could still be nurtured to become another group of wicked-minded generation.

  28. I think we have said enough of “him".

    Back to the subject of discussion, I am quite fascinated by the picture above.

    The guy on the left holding a rifle smiling was most likely a soldier or some agent working for the Japanese government recruiting comfort women.

    In contrast, his less than cheerful “trophies" standing next to him showed a grim destiny and reality. The one on the right even seemed pregnant.

    Thanks again to Dr. Wong and ALPHA for revealing a dark chapter of Japanese military history. Another one is the experimentation and use of biological warfare on innocent civilians. Unfortunately, most people in the West having lived in peace times could not comprehend what kind of atrocities people had faced 60 years ago.

  29. 無線大鑊啦,播隻野豬一千一百多磅比個11歲細路打死左,好死唔死,又係六四班友遊行;我講左出嚟,呢到呢的惘民要發洩,扣左我帽子,話我影射佢地,咩馬力豬的比喻掛釣,真係無陰功咯!

    唉,野蠻到唔恨,無知到極點,仲意遊行示威唔係示到夠咯,邊個唔比你做姐,人地鍾意愛國唔係比人地愛到夠咯, 係要人地話六四係的細路啱,真係無解,我就話碌得啱,話左界嚴叫你地走架啦,碌碌碌!

  30. 有口也是和,無口也是禾,港燦 &大家要和和氣氣

  31. 和和氣氣 和氣生財ma…..

  32. I had wanted to post a long message, but seeing how some posts were deleted, I didn’t want to waste my time.

    Just a few quick points, see if you can figure it out.

    1) Did Nazi Germany and Stalin USSR commit war crimes and atrocities? Were they 100 billion times worse? Did allied soldiers rape German women when they entered Germany?
    Were there compensation or b.s. apology? Show documentation please.

    2) Treaty of San Francisco

    3) 1989年6月4日の天安門事件で、当時の中国政府は、民主化を求めた学生デモ隊を武力で鎮圧した。その後、表立って政府に抗議することができなくなった民衆の鬱憤をそらすために、中国政府は「愛国教育」と称する反日教育を推進することで、その矛先を国外にかわそうとしてきたのである。

    4) Who STILL does not recognize historical truth on what happened 1989 June 4th?

  33. My post won’t show up?



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