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主持﹕ 黃毓民、李家豪、蘇賡哲、譚國璋

Part 1 (starts at 17:00):


Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

主辦機構﹕港加聯 / 直播媒體﹕多倫多第一台

AM 1540
星期日國語論壇 AM 770




  1. [audio src="http://www.myradio.hk/wongyukman/wongyukman20070409b.mp3" /]

    full coverage of N America tour

  2. [audio src="http://www.myradio.hk/wongyukman/wongyukman20070409a.mp3" /]

    very inspiring

  3. 叫毓民來開毓民牛肉知麵多倫多分店。

  4. 慢兄:

    120% 讚成!

  5. 毓民來開毓民民主牛肉麵多倫多分店laaaaaa

  6. 慢感人這樣伶牙利齒, 整乜唔請他做guest speaker呀?!

  7. feature special guest speaker ahhhhhhh

    獨孤求丙 lawwwwwwwwwwww

  8. 應請埋Cydotex 和獨孤求丙兩位仁兄. 兩位仁兄早已在此區自動獻身作棟篤笑表演多時, 相信兩位亦不會介意義務做嘉賓講者. 收番少少車馬費算啦!

  9. Yukman in action:

  10. I second the idea of havng 獨孤求丙 as a special guest if Kahoo could fit that in. If he is a bit shy, at least we could tape his voice…
    Thanks to 一聽眾 for even mentioning my name. I think I can be a special clown in presence of Yuk-Man and 獨孤兄. Knowing my shortcoming in the chinese language, I ‘d volunteer to be 獨孤兄’s personal assistant for the night.
    Perhaps, Kahoo could consider giving some discounts or best seats to some of the hardcore contributors here who ‘ve always spent hours writing in English/Chinese and even poems. Isn’t that time they receive some rebate? Honestly, an open forum where Yukman can interact with the audience afterwards is not a bad idea.
    P.S. 一聽眾, you seem to write a lot about Sir Donald Tsang in another thread. Hmm… interesting points, I would respond whenever I am available.

  11. 伶牙利齒?唔敢當,口多就真。
    有Cydotex 兄和獨孤兄,幾時輪到我。

  12. 吓? 發生咩事呀? 見到獨孤個招牌通街個個揸住喺道喊打喊殺咁, 十足十債主臨門咁聲勢浩大…

    吓,吓!! 開玩笑

  13. (Cont’d from above)

    …(唔該呢三個字要用普通話有咁大聲得咁大聲叫出黎先可領會神緒), 『向耶穌望全因為你』兄個大號又長又「恆」, 而小弟又同兄台無仇無怨, 做乜咁大整蠱呀。 重有一聽眾女仕, Cytodex 兄, 慢感兄….哎呀, 都算一場相識吖, 放過小弟啦….

  14. 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈!!!!!
    (用雄壯而濃厚之北京國語) 不是開玩笑兒!
    正所謂﹐眾望所歸﹐冇得唔制﹐求丙兄﹐你終於都起kahoo留言版弄出個名堂喇!!!!! 恭喜哂!!!
    不如你地成堆 – 獨弧求丙﹑慢感人﹑一聽眾﹑cytodex﹑ 廢苦滋燃﹑再加埋個獨孤求丙#1粉絲阿May(即"向耶穌望"?)﹑兼怒搭埋間中露面嘅"真人"兄﹐一齊上哂台做個萬人大合唱吧啦!!! 仲勁過萬千星輝賀台慶! 而我﹐就梗係起台下面幫你地吶喊兼拉橫額!

  15. Cytodex,

    Sorry for my typo of your name.

    Your suggestion to give discounts or best seats to hardcore contributors of this blog is good, but do you have any ideas how to verify the identity of the selected contributors? We don’t have identity for our fictitious names! Will Toronto First Radio be so generous that any one can claim to be one of the selected contributors?

  16. Not too hard, 一聽眾女仕。 Kahoo has the email address of every contributor of this blog and so this is the piece of information that only the contributor and kahoo.ca know. Now, problem’s solved, so 家豪: How does 10% discount per post sound to you, eh?

    笑兄, “向耶穌望全因為你" is May! Er…ah….eh…if that’s true, welcome back, May! Just don’t grill me too hard this time around. By the way, just out of my curiosity, who is this “你” in your name?

    P.S.: When I get a chance, I’ll also try to respond to 一聽眾女仕’s posts in the thread about Sir Donald Tsang later today too. Excellent job, 一聽眾女仕!

  17. Now I fully understand why 求丙兄 is so admired and welcomed by our buddies in this blog. He solved the problem of verification so easily and promptly.
    10% discount per post! He seems to be too greedy. This suggestion may also raise another problem of counting the number of posts. To simplify, may I suggest frequent contributors may apply for 1 free ticket, but those are approved to get 1 free ticket must buy at least 1 more ticket for full price. Ha, Ha, I’m more greedy than him, aren’t I?
    我現在完全明白為何求丙兄如斯獲得此區的老友記的歡迎和擁戴. 他輕描淡寫地解決了認人的問題.
    每篇留言可得九折優惠! 求丙兄未免太貪心了吧! 這提議亦可能引起點算留言數目的問題. 簡單點, 不如讓經常留言者可申請一張免費入塲劵, 而附帶條件是他必須以全費多買最少一張入塲劵. 哈! 哈! 我是否更貪心了!

  18. 笑騎騎放毒蛇

  19. 不如叫家豪揾贊助、攪飯局,那些XX食軒、XX

  20. 無言感激一聽眾女仕嘉獎小弟….

    …等我 獨沽寒人 用一聽眾女仕見議, 再合指一算吧:

    x = Cost of ticket No. 1
    y = Cost of ticket No. 2
    z = Total cost of the two tickets
    A = Average cost of each ticket after discount

    Case 1. Husband and wife(or mistress) attending by purchasing the $25 tickets without any discount:

    x = $25
    y = $25

    Total cost before tax = x + y = $25 + $25 = $50
    Total cost after tax = $50 x 1.14 = $57
    Average cost of each ticket after tax = $57/2 = $28.50

    After applying frequent contributor discount:
    x = 0
    y = $25
    z = x + y = $0 + $25 = $25
    A = $25/2 = $12.50
    Average cost of each ticket after tax = $12.50 * 1.14 = $14.25

    又真係好底買喎! 家豪, 同毓民宣傳咁耐, 就咁話, 收順 d 喇!

    慢感兄嘅飯局亦好提議啫, 但駛唔駛打架, 定係牛記粒記亦無任歡迎呢?

    呀, 查詢想查詢真人是誰, 容許我做代言人好嗎? 真人咪真係呢道好多網友嘅舊相識囉。 說來話長, 因我己經講咗要無言感激, 所以都係無言勝有言好過喇。

  21. 家豪飯局? With regular contributors (you know who you are) as guests, it would no doubt be more entertaining than 志雲飯局. Why?
    I assure you the interviews is totally a no holds barred.
    Or anyone could ask 一眾才子才女 here.

  22. Kahoo:

    I heard you addressed to our suggestion of having some sort of discount on yesterday’s show. No worries, I was just kidding about that but I was more serious with having “獨孤求丙" as special guest.


    “I assure you the interviews is totally a no holds barred."

    should be

    “I assure you the interviews are totally no holds barred."

  23. Yes, as Cytodex said, we were just kidding. In fact, I’ve already booked tickets over the phone.

    I also fully support Cytodex’s request for having 獨孤求丙as a special guest. Nobody/Simon, think about it seriously please.

    不錯, 正如Cytodex所言, 我們只是說說笑而己. 事實上, 我已用電話訂了票.
    盧博迪/家豪, 請慎重考慮!

  24. 毓民

    好高興毓民來到加拿大, 我也在加拿大多倫多留學中


  25. 無 言 感 激 賢 慧 仕
    惟 獨 錯 愛 獨 孤 子
    登 徒 浪 子 圖 登 台
    街 坊 柴 台 方 有 之


    Should you be coming to the show

    Do bring your woman or man

    To witness a great station grow

    Don’t you miss this chance, even if you gotta stand

    So grateful to all my friends

    But Lonely Sadomasochist must humbly say no

    Because ladies and gents

    Watching this dude perform is worse than being a POW

    (P.O.W. = Prisoner of War)

  26. 毓民網誌開鑼


  27. 求丙兄詩興大發, 在下雖無兄台之才華和文彩, 但也來湊興一番, 以打油詩回應之, 請不要見笑.


  28. 我也來試試英文版:

    Posting your voice through net to make friends,

    Never lonely late at night again;

    Grab the chance to come together,

    Or you’ll miss them forever!

  29. 寄語獨孤求丙兄于黃毓民棟篤串應站台之二


  30. 一聽眾女仕, 好詩好詩! 其實在下嘅打油詩, 先至另大家見笑吧。

    其實在下亦有買鬥票棒毓民場, 到時有緣大家一衆網友便可談古論今。 求丙又何德何能, 充當客串嘉賓耽擱大家欣賞節目嘅時間呢? 放過在下罷啦!

  31. 求丙兄:

    純屬攪笑, 我只是插科打諢, 附和Cytodex君 的建議而已. 請莫見怪.

  32. 各位能人義士,請不用起哄,毓民未到,己來過熱身,有望各位在毓民穌亮相,或可施展一下,讓小弟襯襯熱鬧.

  33. 烽 煙 主 持 : 黃 毓 民 / 嘉 賓 : 梁 錦 祥 、 梁 國 雄 ( 長 毛 )
    主 題 駁《蘋果》林忌謬論;毓民北美之行反應;民主就是要有反對的自由……
    [audio src="http://www.myradio.hk/wongyukman/wongyukman20070416.mp3" /]

  34. 聽足多倫多第一台指示, 今日下午六點前上電台付款取票. 見到阿黃, 暉哥, 小麗, Nobody 及木然, 照例又 “嗲" 了一陣.
    跟我訂了飛而又未俾錢的, 我要學香港教育統籌局局長李國章的名句:
    “I’ll remember this. You’ll pay!"

  35. 若翰信兄:

    求丙兄是此區受歡迎的網友之一, 我們只是開玩笑, 說要他站台露面. 可惜Nobody 家豪沒有反應, 而求丙兄卻又反應太快去拒絶, 以致我的之三, 之四胎死腹中, 不能再玩下去.
    我相信此區的老友記多只是紙上談兵, 並不會作激烈的行動, 況且現在中加兩國政情安穏, 做義士的機會極微. 一笑.

  36. 陳樞機,葉太;黃教授 & 陳太
    hope u can bring everone live………
    very busy lawww

  37. 昨天毓民在My Radio的黃毓民頻道說多倫多可能會加開一場。

  38. 家豪,

    陳日君樞機將於五月到訪多倫多, 看看你能否邀請樞機接受你的訪問!

  39. 多倫多那邊傳來了好消息。10/5那場的棟篤串火速爆滿。為免令我的支持者失望,主辦團體已和場地負責公司聯絡,在11/5加開一場,詳情可留意當地的宣傳。而三藩市灣區的棟篤串已接受訂票,欲免向隅,欲購從速,詳情可以瀏覽本網誌的宣傳海報。 http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/ymwongs2002/article?mid=67&prev=93&next=66

  40. 很有意思,

  41. [audio src="http://www.myradio.hk/wongyukman/wongyukman20070423.mp3" /]

    烽 煙 主 持 : 黃 毓 民 / 嘉 賓 : 梁 錦 祥
    主 題 2012若無普選又如何?回歸十年的政治困局 ……

  42. 毓民北美行最新消息;請公民黨不要抹黑社民連; 台灣可能兩個總統候選人都被控貪污……

    [audio src="http://www.myradio.hk/wongyukman/wongyukman20070507.mp3" /]

    mention of So Sir蘇賡哲 ‘s name around 13:20


  43. 歡迎毓民是日到訪多城



  44. 希望黃教授北美行多倫多有成功之旅

  45. 『風雨淒淒,雞鳴喈喈;既見君子,云胡不夷?!

  46. 浪淘沙-李煜


  47. 4毓民嘛,4慢感人有乜用!

  48. 各位網上的老友記:

    歡迎詞(沒有宗教信仰的)和祈禱(有宗教信仰的)固然重要, 今晚和明晚欣賞毓民的楝篤笑表演時, 記要多帶現金, 在能力範圍內, 以較實際的行動支持他們(社民連).

    毓民思路清晰和立塲堅定, 是一個值得尊重的政治人物, 香港需要他.

  49. Can’t wait for the show tonight! 昨日去了 media conference 只是聽了毓民講了一陣已覺得好正. 相信今晚必定仲正!
    See you all tonight!

  50. On Yuk-man’s latest poster, he extends out his left hand. Talk to the hand?

    If so, I wonder whom he refers to!

  51. good good good

    bring lots of $$$$$$

    no $ no talk

    do not know Communist party likes it………

  52. 信望愛君:

    The tone of your message looks a little bit bizarre. Can you elaborate?

  53. sing tao above page A10
    身不由己 黃毓民擬進立法局
    4場棟篤笑論壇談香港政治 2007年5月10日













  54. Absolutely one of the best shows in town! As demonstrated by the “self-restrained" practice exercised by the Hong Kong media, Hong Kong would otherwise be just another obedient city under the Chinese communist regime without people like “疏"民. Civil disobedience has again proven to be one of the best ways to put hope on the road map of Hong Kong’s (or China’s) hard-fought journey toward democracy – at least a bit more of it under the eagle claws of her grandpa. I am sure Donald Tsang actually admires what you do for HK after he takes off his bow tie when he goes home every night!

    Never mind those ingrates a.k.a. 維園阿伯, you have the support from the vast majority of us (please raise your hand and I’ll see you out in the parking lot right now if you belong to the minority…). See you next time when you are in town.

    You are the best: 毓民!

  55. Cytodex 兄: Allow me to complete your sentence: “Talk to the hand ’cause the face don’t care". My best guesses:

    1. Grandpa Beijing – keep all your lectures to yourselves
    2. The security guards in HK trying to stop him
    3. The Japanese trying to claim that any piece of Chinese soil is theirs
    4. All kinds of politically-correct nonsense…


    That means you don’t know 信望愛 (a.k.a. Ah May) then. By the way, was that you sitting in front of me last night at the show in the 2nd row?

  56. 毓民棟篤串笑爆咀 Show – May 10, 2007
    無得傾, 兩個字: 好正!
    毓民雖是 “荳沙喉", 但是說話快慢有序, 抑揚頓錯, 真的攝住不少聽眾的耳朵和心.
    毓民更 personate 了"四眼佬" (李嘉誠) 和 “溫總" (溫家寶). 扮 “四眼佬" 唔難, 講下潮州口音廣東話便可以. 但毓民扮 “溫總" 就是一絕! 講野超慢, 仲要遞起隻右手, “攤"大隻手板一副溫文面孔. 超似! 勁好笑!!
    兩個小時的騷, 當中加插了多輪多第一台幾位 DJ 的同場表演攪氣氛. 觀眾當然開心. 但是毓民講野實在太生動, 一 D 都唔悶. 若可講多一個鐘就仲正!
    昨晚毓民講了兩句說話, 觀眾聽來好笑, 但卻相當真實. 如果不是當天被俞琤炒, 就沒有今天的際遇 (做網台, 組政黨, 做棟篤串). “God closes the door, but He will open the window!"
    忽發奇想. 毓民做了主內第兄, 如果有日佢蒙召傳道, 個個星期日用棟篤串形式講耶穌, 必可吸引更多人慕道矣!

  57. As you folk have already applauded Yuk Man’s political charisma and excellent performance in last night’s stand-up show, let me say something not so positive.
    His opposition to election in small circle is firm and clear. Hence, it won’t surprise anyone that he criticized Alan Leung’s participation in the election of the 3rd Hong Kong Chief Executive. While his arguments that Alan’s participation could harm the progress of democracy in Hong Kong are strong, I don’t think the efforts of the pro-democracy parties in Hong Kong which participated in the election campaign are totally futile. At least, it helped showing to Hong Kong people how a quality election should be run and training the members of the participated parties how to run an election campaign in such a massive scale. This is a valuable experience for them. I perceive it is a process to sow seeds for growing democracy in Hong Kong. Moreover, we have to face the reality. Under the current situation, it is pretty sure that no one can beat Donald even if a general election is to be conducted. Yuk Man’s style in commenting political issues and his current position as the Chairman of LSD surely blocked him to analyze the issue from this angle.


    Yes, I don’t know 信望愛 or Ah May. I’m a comparatively new comer for I only joined this forum in March this year. But, do you think it is appropriate for her to just take excerpts from other newspapers and post them here?
    It appears that your competence in searching person is not as good as your analyses in current issues. I have to save money for buying Yuk Man’s book and just paid $25 for last night’s show. I sat upstairs last night.

    既然你們己為毓民的政治魅力和昨晚精湛的楝篤笑表演喝采, 那讓我來說一些沒有那麼正面的話吧.
    他反對小圈子選舉的立塲是堅定和清晰的, 所以他指責梁家傑參選第三屆香港特首選舉是毫不令人感到意外的, 他批評梁的參與可能令香港民主他批評梁的參與可能令香港民主進程受損的理據是堅強的同時, 我不認為泛民主派在這次的選舉工程中所作的努力是完全白費的. 最低限度, 它令香港市民看到一個有水平的選舉應如何操作和訓練那參與的黨派人員, 如何推動一個如此龐大的選舉計劃. 這些經驗對他們來說是珍貴的. 我視之為推動香港民主灑下種子的過程. 再者, 我們要面對現實. 在目前的形勢下, 就算是舉行普選, 亦幾乎以肯定, 沒有人會是曾蔭權的對手. 毓民評論政事的風格和他身為社民連的主席, 肯定防礙他從這個角度去分析這件事.

  58. I am delighted to see 獨孤兄 and his humor back.

  59. 信望愛 = Ah May?????

    politically-incorrect nonsense…

    勁低能 超搞笑


  60. I do not usually buy Chinese newspapers these days as I can read them on the internet.
    My question today is: Was Yuk Man’s show covered by Ming Pao (Cdn East Edition) today?
    Yuk Man’s show was covered by both Singtao.ca and TodayDailyNews.com but I cannot find it anywhere in Mingpaotor.com
    Can someone please clarify or is there any “self-imposed" censorship or other conspiracy??
    Looking forward to hearing from anyone of you. Thank you.

  61. I only buy Mingpao everyday but I cannot find
    any material covering Yuk Man’s show last night
    on to-day’s issue.

  62. 毓民是捍衛言論之人,我們齊齊去捍衛毓民言論!!!

  63. Thank you Vicky.
    Hmm…. makes me wonder……

  64. makes me wonder too……

    is there a conspiracy?going on???????

  65. 雖然不同政見, 但我撐硬毓民!

  66. 勁低能 超搞笑?
    超低能 勁搞笑!

    Another 可愛教主?

  67. 毓民今天在論壇指責梁家傑在特首選舉辯論中, 沒有呼籲市民參加那時即將舉行的爭取雙普選大遊行, 致使那次遊行只有數千人參加. 這是我第二次聽到這樣的指責, 第一次是發自一個女的時事評論員. 我有一個猜想, 會不會是梁參加那次辯論, 主辦單位要求梁不得在會上作任何宣傳, 那當然包括了即將舉行的遊行. 而梁簽了協議/合約, 不得不遵守呢?

  68. 不可讓淫媒坐大





  69. Simon,
    This afternoon during the forum, Yuk Man mentioned that you will be the guest on Yuk Man’s next show @ MyRadio (www.myradio.com.hk) on Monday May 14, 2007.
    His show will be broadcasted on Monday 22:00 (HKT), which is 10am Toronto time.
    Wow! This will be great. 港加連線, 全球收聽!
    忽發奇想: 可以試下開放第一台熱線 905-737-1540 俾 MyRadio 的聽眾烽煙 (regardless Toronto, Hong Kong, or anywhere in the world!), 再次作出多倫多廣播界的稱創舉也!

  70. 各位網友,如果你想留言比毓民,去毓民個Blog.留言,總比留言在這裹直接.


  71. For Curious & Arcangues

    According to the forum held yesterday in
    Market Village, there were four speakers, namely (from left to right) David Tam (Canada Hongkong Link), Yuk Man, Simon Lee (Toronto First Radio) and Dr. So.

    On Page A4 of to-day’s Mingpao (Sunday 13 May 2007 issue), it is interesting to note that Dr. So was not mentioned in the article and omitted from the photo too. This is intentional or un-intentional. Only God knows.

  72. I went to TFR’s website but cannot listen to the archive regarding yesterday’s forum at Market Village. Please help. Thank you.

  73. 《中大學生報》的情色版事件成為檢驗港人道德素養的公平秤,在主流社會民意不斷抨擊之下,爛果報及自稱「公信第一」的《明報》卻獨樹一幟,以所謂捍言論自由的方式繼續「撐撐撐撐撐」,譜寫了一曲淫賤護淫賤的大合唱。



  74. 香江回歸十周年正在日日走近,反對派、奸人黨尋機鬧事也愈來愈焦躁不安,試圖抓住一切可利用之議題大做文章,煽動鬧事,為十周年「贈興」。在「爭取普選」已經十分乏味、再難蠱惑民眾的情況下,「誓死保護」皇后碼頭、反對拆卸成了他們試圖「重振聲威」的救命稻草。香江上空近日正在聚集烏雲,反對派要呼風喚雨,掀起一股惡浪,已逐漸成勢矣!





  75. 我真想知道是否事無大小(當然發生在香港),李柱銘,陳日君,陳方安生等都要回應?

  76. NBA君和經常留言和閱讀此區留言的網友們:

    我試圖為NBA 君的問題提供思考的路向: 你們有沒有注意到在這留言區昨天出現了香港四人幫一詞, 而昨今兩天, 出現了數篇篇幅頗長的借中大學生報情色版事件和壹傳媒的不大正派的作風, 轉而漫駡香港泛民主派和民主運動的留言? 你們認為這會不會是毓民效應?

  77. Frynoodle 君:

    多謝提供毓民blog的連線. 請問如何可以在他的blog留言. 當我按留言時, 我會被引進一個版面, 要求我輸入ID 和password. 我有Yahoo的ID和password. 但當我輸入時, 卻得到的訉息是我的ID 和password不能確認, 亦即不能成功進入留言區. 請問我應甚樣做呢? 謝謝.

  78. 我亦頗同意一聽眾的『毓民效應』見解。 似乎Oxford 君的左傾言論立場甚為明顯, 『英夷統治』, 『回歸中華的強烈不滿』, 『戀夷媚洋』… 試想如果香港不是以英國普通法薰淘一百五十六年, 將港人帶上一條專重法治精神的道路, 可能到現在亦是滿腦子中國式小農社會法治精神。 若不是曾被英國統治, 香港亦不能有着全世界最多的富翁,在國際經濟舞台上份演一重要各式; 如果要算蠻夷, 中共政權到現今仍可閉門審加國公民, 對任何有少少威脅的持不同政見人士收監或軟禁, 資訊封鎖, 貪污腐敗; 順我者生的作風, 六四事件可見一班。敢問閣大誰才是真正的『夷國』?

    鴉片戰爭及八國聯軍導致滿族人的清朝割讓香港, 當然是國恥。 但這是不可磨滅的歷史事實, 又為何一回歸, 就要用四人幫一般的盲目破壞作風將所有英治時代遺留下來的景物遺跡盡快一一粉碎呢? 鐘樓, 皇后碼頭, 下一個呢?


    相信毓民的blog 是beta 版, 所以應該還未可進入留言。 等一兩星期再試吧。

    回應 Cytodex 兄:

    May/信望愛/愛望信 (或其他與基督教有關的筆名)只是一小妹妹, 請勿見怪。


    唔該哂, 俾出無數有用嘅 links.

    回應亞 May:

    一樣唔該哂, 林海峰d youtube video clips, 好好笑。下次重有, 唔該再介紹!

  79. 求丙兄和NBA 君:

    我己解決了在毓民的blog留言的問題, 並已給他留了言, 主要是通知他這兩天在kahoo.ca出現的現象. 有興趣可登上他的blog 看看我給他寫了什麼. 請指教.


  80. Simon Li on Yukman Channel
    [audio src="http://www.myradio.hk/wongyukman/wongyukman20070514.mp3" /]

  81. 求丙兄:

    真佩服你的耐性, 回應Oxford君這些極左的言論. 還向他/她提出問題, 看來你和他只會是站在不同平台, 各自表述吧了!

    可能你為人忠厚, 待人寛鬆和與信望愛/Ah May等署名的網友, 交流了一段時間, 有了空中情誼, 不忍苛責. 可是, 如果她真的是小妹妹, 我們作叔叔嬸嬸的更應指出她這些行為是不對的, 使她知道什麼是禮貎和規距. 做個好孩子.

  82. To me, it is quite “entertaining” to read comments from someone whose view/stance is from another end a political spectrum. It is like as if I was reading an editorial from some leftist newspaper of H.K.

    Indeed, I am so touched by someone who could write a piece of political commentary with such insight and caliber. It’s no doubt a wake-up call to those full of “洋奴思想”.

    However, the only imperfection that I find with Oxford’s comments is the usage of his/her name in English. In fact, one should not overlook such fact while I can’t help wondering if he/she was

    (1) a graduate of the Oxford University, England.
    (2) an “English Chinese" living in the city of Oxford for some years.

    I can’t help worrying that Oxford’s way of thinking could be, to some degree, compared with that of our former Honorable Chief Executive Tung Chee-Hwa, who received his education in University of Liverpool, and yet believed strongly in the Confucianism and traditional Chinese virtues in the ruling of H.K. I would seriously think Tung could have used the name “Liverpool” to write his commentary.

    In order to eliminate any unnecessary association with the West and her influence, I strongly recommend names with a lot of Chinese characteristics would not give those 洋奴 any excuse of making the connection.

  83. Good question by NBA and 一聽眾.

    My view is that the legislators are responsible for making and enacting laws. They are not elected to judge what is moral or what is not. If no laws are broken in the recent Chinese University publications, they are not even worthy of any discussions in the legislature.

    Mixing moral values and laws together is just another characteristics of 中國式小農社會法治精神 as 獨孤兄 concisely put.

  84. Kahoo:

    By the way, do you have any archives of the forum at Market Village held on Saturday?

    I could not attend but would like to listen it online. Thx.

  85. 更正:

    我9:49am留言的上款收件人, 除求丙兄和NBA君外, 亦應包括Frynoodle 兄, 多謝他提供毓民網誌的資料和我曾請教他如何在這網誌留言的問題. 謝謝.

  86. Cytodex,

    The current problem is the committee of the Chinese University responsible for the student affairs has reached a conclusion the editorial committee of the newspaper did break some rules/regulations or bottom line without the editors’presence in a hearing and is considering the actions to be taken against the students concerned. Let us discuss this issue in details in case Simon takes this as a discussion topic.

  87. 多倫多時間 2007年5月14日星期一下午三點半, 唔聽 “男人咀對咀" , 都要 download MyRadio 的黃毓民頻道. 即時收聽, 唔等五點半.
    [audio src="http://www.myradio.hk/wongyukman/wongyukman20070514.mp3" /]
    家豪 (哪… 夠俾面掛? 唔叫你個花名呀哪!!) – 掂呀!!! 自此一役兄台你個 “朵" 連香港都響埋呀!

  88. 求丙兄:
    You are welcome!
    唔該哂, 俾出無數有用嘅 links.

  89. 廢苦兄:

    家豪有什麼公認的花名? 肥仔豪? 靚(讀入聲, 意即年紀小, 不是意思是英俊的去聲讀音)仔豪? 還是其他的花名?

  90. 云雾茶君:

    很希望能看到你對Oxford 君在過去兩天的數篇留言的意見. 有空和有興趣的話, 請指教. 謝謝.

  91. 一聽眾:

    Let me guess, 廢苦兄 might mean “Kahoo".

    Thanks for the info. I am interested in the way the Chinese University publication fiasco is handled by the committee and the public.

    Not a bad idea to invite 云雾茶君 for his input.

    獨孤兄/Ah May:

    It was just a friendly suggestion. Really, I was not offended at all in any way. If I were, my tone would definitely tell. No worries.

  92. 一聽眾兄: sorry, 在下實在不便再講喇. 如果你當日有去 market village 就知道喇.

  93. Hey man, I will have to let your fans know that I have just finished listening to your show at My radio .com . I think you carry your self really good. Is a blessing that I can work with you at the same station. I think yukman said you are on par with alot of HK top radio Dj is not shoe shining. Is the fact!! go Ka hoo Go !!!
    Lo wong

  94. 做個好女孩子

  95. 毓民旋風已過,毓民Get his blow Job done in Toronto.

  96. Hi Lo Wong, glad to see you leaving your message here.

    Yo Man, it’s “Wind Big Rain Big" out there. TFR is the best!! Please keep on producing good shows for us. 功德無量也!

    Have a nice day pal!

  97. Anson Wong/Lo Wong,

    Welcome abroad! I think this is the first time for you (at least using the name of Anson Wong) to post your message here. Don’t just “shine your colleague’s shoe" (kidding) but come more often to share your views on current issues with us. If , for any reasons, it is not convenient for you to use the name of Anson, just use Lo Wong or any other name that can give hint to the buddies here to recognize you.

  98. 信望愛/愛望信”小妹妹”:

    做個好孩子, 是要有健康的身體的. 接近凌晨三時了(我假設你是住在多倫多), 還在網上流連, 而不去睡覺, 那是會影響身體的.



  99. 是;是小女孩

  100. 信望愛/愛望信小妹妹:

    既然你是小妹妹, 那就讓我這位較年長的網友和主內的兄弟姊妹向你說幾句話.
    1. 這留言區不是教會的留言區, , 除非是在討論的話題中涉及, 不要主動將教會的消息貼上, 這是對這留言區的區主的尊重.
    2. 留言自不必嚴肅拘謹, 輕鬆和尖銳諷刺的風格亦無不可, 但輕挑的態度便不可取了, 這是對其他網友的尊重.
    3. 對主的虔誠不是表現在口上, 用心和行動才是最重要.

  101. 信望愛/愛望信小妹:

    1. 這留言區,暢所欲言
    2. 留言風格各異
    3. 對主的虔誠言行一致為好


  102. 大家別上當﹐分明是男人﹗扮女孩子﹐離哂譜﹗由留言板一開辦他已經常用不同名字"扮鬼扮馬"上來留言﹐起初就常 copy and paste 歌詞﹐間中就"九唔搭八"﹐又說自己是阿may是女人什麼的。分明就是同一個人。依我猜想﹐九成應該是終日在家玩電腦﹐不善社交的電車男一名。

  103. 聽緊 1540 一本正經 cross-over 版, 家豪話毓民 “get his blowjob done" 果段 cut 0左.

    Just an observation.

  104. 二聽眾笑一聽眾等君:

    從你給信望愛/愛望信小妹妹的簡言三點, 足見你不明白我所給小妹妹的三點意見. 不過那不重要, 因為那是我給主內小妹妹的提醒. 她如冷靜反省, 自有體會.
    你是第二位網友(第一位是假如我係澳警)指出我的文字累贅, 我自當反省. 謝謝. 但我卻不認為在這留言區的網友文字水平低劣, 當然我們還會有很大的進步空間, 所以我們要發表更多意見, 使有更多寫作的機會.
    請閣下就不同話題發表高見, 多作示範, 使我們得以學習, 有所進步.

  105. 淨水飲得多, 大便暢通笑呵呵君:

    謝謝你的提醒. 其實他/她是男是女, 是老是幼根本沒有所謂. 他既然強烈表現自己是一個天主教徒, 我也只是一盡老教友的責任, 好言相勸吧了.

  106. 不認同此討論區朋友中文水平低劣,只是各暢己見地發表,而不是作文比賨,何來有高低之分,各網友不要介意,請繼績發表意見.

  107. 香 港 在 相 當 長 一 段 時 間 內 不 能 一 人 一 票 選 舉 特 首 和 立 法 會 議 員 , 一 個 重 要 原 因 , 是 香 港 相 當 一 部 分 人 的 國 家 民 族 認 同 感 還 遠 遠 不 夠 。 這 不 能 完 全 怪 香 港 人 , 而 是 一 百 五 十 年 英 殖 民 統 治 和 育 造 成 的 惡 果 。 這 種 狀 況 必 須 經 過 幾 十 年 的 自 然 清 洗 , 使 得 香 港 絕 大 多 數 市 民 的 國 家 民 族 認 同 牢 牢 植 立 在 中 國 、 中 華 民 族 的 基 礎 上 , 才 能 為 一 人 一 人 票 選 舉 創 造 出 一 個 必 要 條 件 。

    台 灣 之 所 以 因 一 人 一 票 的 選 舉 導 致 「 台 獨 」 勢 力 惡 性 膨 脹 , 就 在 於 台 灣 有 五 十 年 的 日 治 統 治 、 皇 民 育 , 再 加 上 五 十 年 的 兩 岸 對 峙 , 台 灣 一 百 年 離 開 了 祖 國 母 體 , 台 灣 民 眾 中 有 相 當 一 部 分 人 缺 乏 對 中 華 民 族 的 國 家 民 族 認 同 。

    一 開 始 , 「 台 獨 」 分 子 以 所 謂 「 外 省 人 」 、 「 本 土 人 」 劃 分 台 灣 民 眾 的 「 歸 屬 」 , 經 過 煽 動 、 挑 撥 , 以 此 「 切 割 」 票 源 , 形 成 非 此 即 彼 、 互 相 爭 鬥 的 「 基 本 盤 」 。 當 主 張 「 台 獨 」 的 民 進 黨 上 台 後 , 他 們 又 進 一 步 把 「 省 籍 矛 盾 」 擴 大 成 所 謂 的 「 國 家 」 和 「 身 份 」 認 同 的 爭 鬥 , 在 「 去 中 國 化 」 中 提 升 「 台 獨 」 意 識 或 所 謂 「 台 灣 主 體 意 識 」 。 在 「 台 獨 」 勢 力 惡 性 膨 脹 和 瘋 狂 打 壓 之 下 , 現 在 台 灣 島 內 還 有 幾 個 人 敢 公 開 表 示 我 是 中 國 人 ? 政 客 煽 動 和 操 控 下 的 一 人 一 票 選 舉 , 就 是 這 樣 輕 而 易 舉 地 摧 毀 了 台 灣 民 眾 中 原 有 的 中 國 情 懷 和 中 華 民 族 認 同 感 。

    香 港 受 英 殖 民 統 治 一 百 五 十 年 , 野 心 政 客 完 全 有 條 件 在 選 舉 中 玩 類 似 的 把 戲 , 梁 家 傑 ○ 五 年 在 立 法 會 上 公 開 叫 喊 回 歸 後 「 見 到 的 事 實 是 香 港 只 由 一 個 英 國 殖 民 地 變 成 為 一 個 中 國 殖 民 地 。 我 們 可 不 可 以 感 覺 到 被 騙 呢 ? 感 覺 到 無 奈 呢 ? 情 緒 是 自 然 的 」 。

    是 的 , 這 樣 的 人 竟 被 一 人 一 票 選 進 了 立 法 會 , 那 些 選 民 的 國 家 民 族 認 同 感 在 哪 ? 不 危 險 嗎 ?

  108. 上文中"各暢己見"應為"各舒己見".請諒!

  109. 我亦咁話嘞, 其實留言者, 性別無謂計, 行為最實際。 無論亞 May, et al, 係:

    。loner 或
    。social animal


    絕唔重要。 雖然呢個留言版係 Cytodex 兄所講嘅 no holds barred, 但好似 Paris Hilton 啱啱亦提醒我哋, “No one is above the law” —- 就算係 in a legal 或 spiritual sense 都好, 無厘頭亂抄人嘅文都係幾犯衆憎嘅。

    亞 May/信望愛/愛望信/望信愛/愛信望….唔識打中文, 就買塊手寫板喇, 唔好再抄人嘅嘢嘞, OK?

  110. 我本以為毓民在多倫多的時事政治評論活動己完結, 餘下只是宗教佈道性質的活動, 應該再看不到Oxford 君的留言了. 甚料原來他的工作還未完畢.

    我絶無興趣與Oxford君這般極左言論辯論. 只想說如果香港人需要數十年去自然清洗殖民地統治的惡果, 才能有資格進行普選. 那麼共產黨政府進行了五十八年的強制性清洗, 同胞們的國家民族認同早己牢牢植立在中國, 中華民族的基礎上了, 為何我們的內地同胞們還不能進行普選呢?

    Oxford 君這篇留言有一個可喜現象, 就是沒有對梁家傑進行人身攻擊, 把他外形或行為醜化. 不過, 我現在必須指出, Oxford 君前數篇以文革式人身攻擊的留言, 固然是他們這一派人士一貫的文風. 但是, 恐怕過了火位. 竟然指陳日君樞機不學無術. 須知樞機乃有資格被選為教宗的人物, 他這樣侮辱陳樞機, 是想開罪天主教和數以億計的天主教徒, 破壞中梵建交大業嗎? 小心小心!

  111. I personally do not find一聽眾 comments too verbose or tedious. I reckon that there is a need for her to be clear in her “message”to others so it would not be taken in a wrong way.

    In comparison, 二聽眾’s simplified version is way too simplified to the point that some meanings are actually lost. If one read point 1 from both versions, it should become clear.

    Unlike some bloggers with questionable motives who simply hit and run, 一聽眾 and others do a lot of others a favor by posting her comments and asking the questions. In addition, I admire 一聽眾 responding to others’ criticisms with humility, respect, and reason.

  112. 我真不明白Oxford 兄不回家鄉建設祖國?,還在加拿大繼續做洋奴、賣國!

  113. 捍衛言論君:

    What Peter MacKay once said just crossed my mind, " There are as many as 1,000 Chinese spies working in Canada now… "

    Cytodex 兄:

    Cytodex 兄’s observation on Liverpool, sorry, Oxford 君 was remarkable – a cynical critic of capitalism and democratic way of governance would, I suppose, settle down in the western world.

    Oxford’s “野心政客" conspiracy theory is evidently based upon shaky grounds. Taiwan’s demographic, geographic, and political situation is, of course, totally different to the situation in Hong Kong. Does PRC have any Liberation Army based in Taiwan like Hong Kong? Does Taiwan have a Beijing appointed (or secretly appointed) leader like Hong Kong? Have the people in Hong Kong ever had any kind of military training? To put it bluntly, Beijing can crush any kind of independence movement in Hong Kong just like killing an ant.

    So, do Hong Kong a favour; please don’t compare apples to oranges by having Taiwan and Hong Kong in juxtaposition and hypothetically put Hong Kong on Beijing’s blacklist.

  114. I might be thinking too much.

    1. On May 15th, Oxford posted his message opining that Hong Kong People’s ideology needs to be purified before a generation election can be carried out.
    2. On May 15th, Ma Lik, Chairman of Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, urged the Hong Kong Government to unify teachers’comments on Tiananmen Square Issue happened in 1989.

    Is it purely a coincidence? What I’m thinking is that a propaganda engine might have been started.


    1. 五月十五日, Oxford 君貼上一篇留言, 認為香港人的思想必須經過清洗, 才能進行普選.
    2. 五月十五日, 民建聯主席馬力, 促請香港政府為八九年六四事件定調, 以免教師各自表述.

    這是純粹巧合嗎? 我所想的是宣傳機器可能已經開動了.

  115. Correction :

    Re my 4:15pm message, the 9th word on the 2nd line, “generation" should be “general".

  116. 一聽眾/捍衛言論君, Cytodex 兄:

    Three things I believe we are pretty sure:

    1. There are Chinese spies here in Canada, period. Possibly not 1,000 but at least a few dozens.

    2. This forum is among a handful of other ones that are not fully accessible from mainland China due to my (and a few other patrons’) anti- communist China views. This means that opinions expressed here actually have alarmed these spies to the point that the main Internet gateways in China have been set to filter out all text, not pictures, sent from this domain.

    3. As 6/4 anniversary approaches, infiltration to the democratic movement groups together with propaganda to counter these vigil ceremonies will be seen. I would not be surprised to see different “new" contributors with different aliases posting more pro-Beijing messages here very soon. Everyone should be on high alert to these things possibly happening, whether we are just thinking too much (over reacting) or they are truly surfacing to become noticeable to everyone.

    In any case, common sense should dictate when reasoning with this kind of contributors who proclaim some prominent Hong Kong politicians or activists as 洋奴 or 賣國 !

  117. 求丙,

    Thanks for your undisguised statements. Your point 3 tells exactly what I am thinking (the first and second sentences) and why I posted my last message (last sentence).
    I once suggested there might be a “Yukman Effect” after the appearance of those messages with leftists’thoughts. Now, I incline to think that it could be a “6/4 effect".

  118. 獨孤兄:

    I think Dr.So’s affiliation with the Democratic Party in H.K is also attributed to the fact that this site is banned in China.

    Kahoo and company:

    Congratulations! With the communist’s endorsement (the ban), you are assured that you are doing a fine job. Keep up the good work.



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