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特備節目: 美國校園槍擊案直擊

美國 華盛頓—紐約

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News Updates: Virginia Tech shooter bought gun for $571

Cho Seung-Hui, the student who killed 32 people and himself Monday at Virginia Tech, paid $571 for a 9 mm Glock 19 pistol just over a month ago, the owner of Roanoke Firearms told CNN today.

John Markell said Cho was very low-key when he purchased the gun and 50 rounds of ammunition with a credit card in an “unremarkable" purchase.

Source: CNN



  1. Listened to Richard Syrett show Monday night at newstalk 1010 CFRB. If recall correctly, seems no callers opposed the idea that people should also have their own guns so that fewer lifes could have been saved by shooting at the Korean gunman.

  2. 好mei好mow生沙蚤

  3. The most terrifying part of this tragedy is not about this killer who just happened to be a South Korean immigrant. The most haunting and disheartening part is that this could be the beginning of a dark age that anyone (including visible minorities) with a few hundred dollars in his pocket, after popping a few anti-depressant pills, filled with grievances and grudges, can cause wide-spread attention by murdering as many people as he possibly can, simply after legally purchasing a hand or machine gun from a store like Walmart in most States.

    Men with anti-social behaviour are not uncommon. People plunging into depression can be found everywhere, especially during the S.A.D. period; but anyone over the legal age, probably even walking into a weapon superstore with the look of a zombie carrying a suicidal or mass-murder declaration note can still purchase an AK47 in most parts of the United States is outright outrageously ridiculous.

    Although we are by no means immune to this kind of atrocities, as what Kimveer Gill and Marc Lépine have shown us, our history of massacre on school campuses or anywhere else in this country is still much better than our friends south of the border. Let’s pray (or meditate) for the victims of this incident and at the same time for the legislators ( both Republicans and Democrats) to come to their senses and soon proactively find a way to ban the sale of these “weapons of mass destruction”, at least not to people with obvious psychological disorder!

  4. 弗州血案後華人擔心受影響 (23:35)

    廣 告


  5. Thank you that you’re still using old translation of Virginia as 維 珍 尼 亞 . Little thing means a lot. To promote Chinese image oversea, we should use beautiful language and writing. “弗吉尼亞" sounds awkwardly and uglily.
    Thank you

  6. No matter if we talk about this tragedy or those in the past, or even those that are yet to come, all pointed to a “Tighter Gun Control" is needed. In reality, there is Good guy and Bad guy. Police has gun to protect you and I (Good). Criminal has gun to commit their crime (Bad). If you and I do not fall into these 2 categories, why do we need gun.
    Better Education to our youngsters are needed for sure in the long run. In the USA stated “In God We Trust" and God said very clearly to us = The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these." (Mark 12:31). Yet it seems we are further and further away. Hope everyone will think more clearly to this commend and the necessary action how to achieve that.

  7. First, I’d like to grief for 1 min in silence for those who passed away during this incident.

    Now, let’s get to the point.
    Removing Guns and fire arm is one solution, but it is not the complete solution in my pov.

    Removing guns from the legal market would simply push for a black market list of guns where there are no governmental controls.

    however, one must wonder to why Cho Seung-Hui would go out of his way to comit such an act of terror.

    Tis’ a difficult decision for the Bush government, removing a part of the average American’s Freedom, or let their society be considered as the Barbarians of the modern world?

  8. While it’s really heartrending to see such a tragedy happened, I try hard to find out something positive from it. Americans show strong social spirit after big tragedies. Be it national consciousness after the 911 horrible attack, or solidarity after this massacre in campus. While we’re criticizing the United States’overbearing policies in international affairs, it seems we can’t deny the high quality of American people in social consciousness. The United States’capability for growing up to be the strongest countries in less than 300 years is surely not by fluke. Isn’t it worth for we Chinese to introspect? What were our nationals’responses to critical moments in social issues? Did we remember how doctors and nurses in Taiwan and Mainland ignored the necessity of quarantine during the breakout of SAR? Ask ourselves honestly what responses of our nationals will be if such a massacre were happened in a campus of an university in China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong) and the shooter is a foreigner? Will they be as calm and rational as those of Americans?
    得知這悲劇令我悲痛莫名, 我仍努力企圖從中找出一些正面的東西. 在大悲劇發生之後, 美國人表現出堅強的社會意識, 無論是九一一恐怖襲擊後的國民意識和今次校園大屠殺的團結精神. 當我們正指責美國在國際事務上採取霸道政策, 我們似乎不能否認美國人高素質的社會意識. 美國能在不足三百年堀起成為最強大的國家完全不是僥倖的. 我們中國人是否值得反省? 在社會事件的關鍵時刻, 我們的國民有什麼反應呢? 我們還記得在沙士爆發期間, 在台灣和大陸的護士和醫生如何忽視隔離的必要嗎? 撫心自問, 如果在中國(包括台灣和香港)的大學校園, 發生類似的屠殺事件, 而鎗手是外國人, 我們的國民會有什麼反應? 會如美國人一般的冷靜和理性嗎?

  9. 回應:

    Gary Tong – 如實行 1010 CFRB 聽家衆提議, 是否所有學生亦准在校園內腰間皆有手槍呢? 走火, 爭執, 被踢出校等等嘅學生, 會唔會隨時將校園受變成一個現今只可在西部牛仔片中才有的對射塲面呢?

    信望主 – 『好眉好貌生沙蚤』: 後面形容詞絕對同意, 但前面「好眉好貌」就在下有小小保留喇。

    誠懇信望主 – 我想華人嘅擔心有小小過慮喇。 這又不是美國境內第一單校園血案, 亦不會是最後一單。 而且其他所有校園血案亦是白人犯案, 這次亦不是華人做案, 絕大都份明理嘅美國人又怎會怪罪於華人身上呢?

    Leo Lam – 『罰拮你呀』又的確相當難聽/難頂, 維珍尼亞就是字面上亦有小小令人想起十八世紀英國維多利亞時代, 又真是美好多。

    Ken – 其實兄台所言, 在加國亦很有道理。 但美國大城市人用槍械犯案手段, 係可令加國人很多時目定口呆的。 所以很多人亦認為『家冇一槍』, 『有賊梗香』, 所以在美國手槍如同香港白花油或保濟丸一樣, 每家每戶都差不多一定有的。

    瘋人 – 自由代價確真大了! 唉。

    一聽眾女仕 – 多謝用正面角度來看一份極可悲嘅慘劇。 其實加美的社會意識亦真是很令世人敬佩, 但民族主義與團結, 我們就望塵莫及美國人喇。 如果此事發生在香港而涉案者係外國人, 雖然港人社會意識比較薄弱, 但以香港人一向慣例, 我想香港普遍反應亦會比較冷靜; 但內地則情緒似乎沸點比較底, 所以一觸即發種族衝突機會比較大。

  10. 好悲哀。當世人關心嘅係槍擊案事件嘅發展同真相為何,我哋關心嘅則係兇手是否唐人。當老教授為救學生獻身,我哋則擔心點樣自保。


  11. 非常同意"開玩笑"的話 ~ 時常覺得我們對罪犯的種族背景太敏感 ~ 是民族自卑感吗 ???!!!

  12. 感謝開玩笑君, 一針見血說不少華人在這事件中的不正確態度. 我們確實應該反省. 如果能從這個驚天大悲劇,令我們反思一些潛蔵的弱點, , 從而改正, 亦不失為一個撫慰亡者的方法.

  13. 不知什麼時候“維珍尼亞”變成“弗吉尼亞”?

    “弗吉尼亞”十分難聽 !

  14. 弗吉尼亞會不會是中國大陸官方或傳媒的譯音呢?請從中國大陸來的網友指教.
    香港傳媒如無線電視只是唯中國大陸的譯音馬首是贍, 所謂接軌吧. 因為很久沒有與Victoria這字相關的新聞, 所以我們沒有察覺在香港一貫的譯音’維多利亞’已靜稍稍地變成’弗吉尼亞’了.
    用廣東話來說弗吉利亞是有點拗口. 不過, 如果用普通話來說弗吉尼亞, 是不是較順口呢?

  15. How do you feel about companies making money or creating business opportunities out of this tragedy: http://kempton.wordpress.com/2007/04/18/drawing-the-line-in-advertising/

  16. 瘋人 – “however, one must wonder to why Cho Seung-Hui would go out of his way to comit such an act of terror."

    Isn’t this the core question that should be answered? It does not seem like the media has a interest in it.

  17. Sicko wannabe Rambo

    Give a bad 2 all Chinese people (including 13 Billion living in China) & those who immigranted here & US &A

    He should be ashamed to be Oriental

  18. Give a bad name 2 all Chinese people

    sorry for typo

  19. I am quite shocked by the posting of誠懇信主 to blame the gunman of the campus massacre for causing Orientals to feel humiliated after some postings in this blog have already pointed out that the identity of the gunman, whether he was a Chinese, Korean or Caucasian, is not important. He was just a human being suffered from mental disorder. His race and color of skin had nothing to do with the tragedy. Moreover, he was a Korean. How could he give a bad name to Chinese people? We have already had too much suffering from this tragedy. Please don’t spread salt on the wound.

    在此區一些留言早已指出, 鎗手的身份, 無論是中國人, 韓國人或白種人, 並不重要後, 誠懇信主君責難校園屠殺的鎗手使東方人蒙羞的言論使我十分震驚. 他只不過是一個飽受精神錯離折磨的人. 他的種族和膚色與這悲劇毫無關係. 再者, 他是一個韓國人, 如何使中國人蒙上污名? 我們在這悲劇中已受到了太多的痛苦, 請不要在傷口上灑鹽了.

  20. 願天主降福West Virginia Tech;幸福始終常伴你!

  21. 誠懇信主君:

    希望你的祈禱與祝福是真誠的. 願主耹聽你的禱告.

  22. 到現時為止,兇手幾乎可以肯定患有精神病。所以憎恨兇手嘅殺戮同指責兇手嘅冷血都已經冇意義。佢係個精神病人,思想行為固然無法用常理去解釋。





  23. As everyone always has 20/20 hindsight, it’s easy to say that traits possessed by Cho should have set off the alarm and school officials should have taken some steps to stop this tragedy from happening. If this is the line of thought we try to follow, we might have to lock up a handful of students from every school, including, of course, those who are autistic. My point is, if it was that easy to draw the line among mentally disturbed people to separate those who will surely exhibit aggressive behaviour from the relatively harmless ones, we would not have such a hard time prosecuting some criminals who claim to be mentally incapacitated at the time when the crime was committed. One thing is for certain: our understanding on how our brains work is still in its infancy.

    Again, take Cho as an example. When he wrote essays that stunned his professors with violent contents, should they have recommended him to counselling? What if he did not go with the recommendation, what, then, could we have done about this time bomb? His family had already had such a hard time trying to communicate with him since he was a child, so what makes one so sure that he would willingly walk into a psychiatrist or counsellor’s office and perhaps we might have avoided this tragedy? I wish we had the right to lock anyone up if his work/literature expresses a certain degree of violence! Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, George A. Romero (director of the Night of the Living Dead), John Wu (one of the handful of alleged “mentors" of Cho’s behaviour), , please step forward, “You may remain silent, but anything you say may be used against you in a court of law …”

    Psychotic mass murderers don’t pick a police station as their target, they always choose those “gun-free” zones to murder their helpless victims. The problem (or isn’t it?) is the American Constitution’s Second Amendment, which states:

    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    It follows that anyone, including mentally incapacitated ones, has the right to purchase and bear firearms under the guaranteed protection of Uncle Sam!!!

    U.S. legislators, please, do all mortals a favour. Amend the constitution the eleventh time and limit firearms to only those that have the absolute right to bear them. Of course, an ensuing crack-down on illegal sale and possession of these weapons must follow, or the amendment will become the laugh stock of the gun-wielding criminal community.

  24. 開玩笑君的評論根本不是開玩笑, 而是嚴肅認真和具建設性. 很好高興能在此區遇上這麼多用心去看事物的人士.
    我一直不能對NBC公開鎗手的影帶, 相片和文章的對和錯下結論. 我完全明白公開這些東西對受害者的家屬和友好會帶來傷痛, 但看完開玩笑君的評論, 令我相信公開這些東西, 是好處多於壞處 讓世人毫無疑問地知道鎗手是精神病人. 凡看過鎗手的獨白的人, 都會認同他思緒凌亂, 神情呆滯, 完全沒有英雄烈士的影象. 這排除了對鎗手的動機作任何揣測. 正如開玩笑君所說, 我們現在最需要冷靜下來, 全力找尋方法去幫助有暴力傾向的精神病患者. 這是一件艱巨的工作. 今次的鎗手早己被發覺精神有問題, 但是在美國這麼先進的國家, 還是幫不了他, 避免不了悲劇. 如何改善現有機制, 加強對有需要的人士的服務, 望有識之士和負責這方面的官員, 多花心思和加倍努力.

  25. 一聽眾君:

  26. 誠懇信主君:

    沒有任何目的, 只是說出我的心裏話. 我想我可能我受了你前一篇留言的影響. 如有冒犯, 請見諒.

  27. 如我有冒犯, 請見諒r一聽眾


  28. 第十屆全國人大常委會副委員長、中國天主教愛國會主席傅鐵山上周五在中國-北京逝世。
    West Virgina Tech學生/教友已於上星期一蒙天主恩/寵召, 望有識之士請為她們祈禱,願她們早日安息主懷。
    Amen………Plus 911 & 8964 victims too

  29. 誠懇信望愛君:

    勞煩轉告傅鐵山’主教’逝世的消息. 可惜對傅’主教’可說亳無認識, 更不瞭解他的逝世對中梵的關係有好的還是壞的影響.



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