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《軟硬今朝》: 專訪奧斯卡金像獎 “最佳紀錄短片"獲獎華人導演楊紫燁

旅美華人導演楊紫燁憑《潁州的孩子》, 獲得第79屆奧斯卡金像獎 “最佳紀錄短片"榮譽。


左起﹕ 李家豪、楊紫燁導演、木然於多倫多第一台直播室內。

獲奧斯卡金像獎的美籍華人導演楊紫燁去年在安徽省阜陽市穎州地區,拍攝因賣血而感染到愛滋病的村 民,病逝後遺下的孤兒的真實生活,名為The Blood of Yingzhou District《穎州的孩子》。片中的一名小男孩是高俊,他父母病逝後,無人照顧,又被其他孩子歧視排斥,因而獨個兒過著如動物一般的生活,從不說話。

金像導演楊紫燁與監製Thomas Lennon:

The Blood of Yingzhou District《穎州的孩子》內的高俊:

To learn more, you can read this Washington Post artice: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/06/22/AR2006062201925.html

And here is the official website of the China AIDS Media Project:



  1. When a country’s poorest people still need to sell their blood for a living, ones have to question whether the 21st century really belongs to the the awakening “Sleeping Giant"…

  2. 賣血,好出奇咩! 賣腎,見過味呀,電視都有影,温哥華皇子島有個有錢佬,個腎唔掂,加拿大保健排期又味到佢,佢用3000蚊加斃去巴基斯坦揾個男人買佢一個腎,電視攝影隊都跟埋去由頭到尾映呀,人間慘事,鬼佬無人性的嘢見過味呀,係到話中國,加拿大都係咁,犯法,又唔見加拿大政府大大聲話無人道無人權;用3000蚊就咁去買窮等國家的人的腎,你又點睇呀!!

  3. 政治把戲,死開啦,美國佬,中國人睇穿你地的嘢心

  4. Congratulations, Ruby Yang (楊紫燁), for winning a prestigious Oscar award after people like Ang Lee, Peter Pau, as well as other well-known Chinese directors/directresses and actors/actresses. Hopefully, this Hong Kong-born directress can help dispel the long-overdue infamous and notorious “Cultural Desert” title Hong Kong has been stuck with for so long.
    By the way, sorry to mention one thing not related to the movie The Blood of Yingzhou District, it’s actually about a female audience’s complaint today at around 6:50 p.m. on the Power Politics show. The complainant whined about a commercial with a “God’s" character in it that is making her and a few of her Christian friends uneasy!
    Pleeeeeease, my dear! The Bible refers to God as “Him”, not “Him/Her” but, in that commercial, that “God" has a female voice and chuckles when “She” is asked whether “She” also uses that beauty product. Even if anyone or anyone’s Christian friends can’t take this humorous commercial, just regard this female “God” as another hypothetical religion’s God, can you? After all, Christians regard all other “Gods” as illegitimate and so are contemptuous, so what’s the fuss about a commercial that uses one of “Them”(e.g. a cult’s God) to catch the audience’s attention?
    P.S.: I respect any God or Gods from all religions. That’s why I have capitalized these Gods to show my respect.

  5. 老餅:
    On the surface, your argument on the $3000 kidney story seems indisputable. But, you ignored several factors. (1) the $3000 kidney trade happened in Pakistan where Canadian government has no jurisdiction. (2) In Canada, such trade is deemed immoral and illegal. That’s why the rich guy flew to Pakistan. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be safer to fly the “organ seller" here for hi-tech screening and better medical facilities.
    Yet, you forgot other important questions. Why did the Pakistani have to sell his/her organ in the first place? Was it because he/she needed to buy a PS3 or a Wii game console for the children? Perhaps, the money was urgently needed to pay for some seedlings/farming necessities or some medical bill of his/her aging parents or children’s tuitions? Again, why has one come to this? Where is justice? Is there humanity?
    Of course, the canadian guy receiving the kidney transplant had no doubt exploited the poor. However, the saddest part of the story (which you did not mention) is that there could be a lot of people willing to receive $3000 or even LESS to trade their kidney. If you blame the hypocrisy/"double standard"/conspiracy of the West on this issue, you should even spend more times to think the root cause of these organ/blood trades.
    Humanity has no borders.
    You may complain that “The Blood of Yingzhou District" is too dramatizied and sensationalized. Keep in mind, it is a documentary of actual events with no fictional elements. Whether or not the U.S. media has untold/unrevealed intention of filming the ongoing misery and suffering of the orphans is irrelevant. The suffering and despair are too real and even painful to watch and comprehen. What is more frightening is that
    your standpoint and indifference ironically resonates among many people in that culture…

  6. “She” also uses that beauty product. Even if anyone or anyone’s Christian friends can’t take this humorous commercial, just regard this female “God” as another hypothetical religion’s God, can you? After all, Christians regard all other “Gods” as illegitimate and so are contemptuous, so what’s the fuss about a commercial that uses one of “Them”(e.g. a cult’s God) to catch the audience’s attention?
    P.S.: I respect any God or Gods from all religions. That’s

  7. 唔好寫英文,一大堆嘢我係無眼睇,你盞side時間,有中文都唔寫,真係國難咯,你講一大堆嘢,我一隻字都無睇,淨係見到我個名,老餅,所以回你一回!!

  8. 唔好意思, 今日雜務纏身, 明日再上來與老餅兄用中文研究吓乜嘢先真正係你所指嘅『國難』啦。

  9. 是誤會或是彼此欠缺密契:加拿大係全世界最好最多元文化最有種族和諧的國家!華人,你唔好破壞我們美好的聲譽啊!!!
    出現「Chinese」字樣 針對女性 警發安全警報.百年學院驚見仇華暴力標語
    記者 脫立新

    多倫多警方昨天發布新聞稿表示,在士嘉堡進步大道(Progress Avenue) 941號的百年紀念學院(Centennial College)校區,發現針對華人的仇恨塗鴉。上周五(2月23日),警方接到電話之後前往該校區調查,發現含仇恨情緒(hate motivated) 的標語和塗鴉。這些塗鴉威脅對該校學生,特別是華裔學生使用暴力。警隊43分局目前正在對案件展開調查,同時提醒該校學生及訪客留意周邊環境,有可疑情況要即時報告。
    多倫多警隊公共關係科發言人鄺維德(Victor Kong)表示,標語和塗鴉已經被清除。他拒絕透露塗鴉的具體內容及於校區具體那個地方發現。本報致電多倫多警隊43分局,負責該案件的特爾伯警長(Detective Darryl Talbot)未能接聽電話。
    百年紀念學院公共關係主管(Director of Marketing and Communication)卡華萊露(Rosanna Cavallaro)昨天接受本報電話訪問時透露,校方於上周兩次接到報告,於不同地點發現內容類似的塗鴉。而發現的地點是兩處不同的女洗手間。她表示,塗鴉的內容都是針對亞裔女性發出暴力和傷害的威脅。至於警方公布塗鴉內容有專門針對華裔學生,卡華萊露就表示,相信塗鴉並非以中文寫成,亦非指名道姓針對某一人,由其內容判斷,是針對亞裔的女性。她表示,校方在第一時間內迅速將塗鴉清除,以免引起學生不安。
    而副校長方模慧芝(Lucy Fromowitz)表示﹐事件發生後學校就馬上報警並立即清洗掉這些字句。發生這樣的事情﹐學校政策是零容忍。那些傷害性的字句她並不願意重複﹐但她明確表示其中出現了「Chinese」字樣﹐及針對女性。學校認為有必要讓所有亞裔女性都獲知此事﹐以便多加提防﹐學校在校內各個公告牌和衛生間內都張貼了通告。
    警方及校方希望有知情者提供情況協助破案。百年紀念學院校園保安部的電話是416-289-5000內線2656,警隊43分局的電話是416-808-4304,知情者亦可致電滅罪熱線416-222-tips (8477)。

  10. 咁,華人華人,咁危險,不如暫停報讀,等學院反省一吓無錢無水魚無財源的滋味,受夠了,她們才知道華人真正是水魚,很有錢的水魚啊,求期找個會講abc的金毛,就叫做教授,哈哈哈,水魚,比左錢都要受驚,你話你地幾賤呀,二等公民再加上比錢受驚的水魚,真係人離鄉賤咯

  11. 唔記得貼:
    海外學歷及訓練未獲重視 被迫跳槽.優秀少數族裔僱員漸流失

    最新調查結果指出,加國大型僱主可能會流失旗下一些最優秀的少數族裔僱員,除非它們開始較為看重該類僱員的海外學歷及訓練。 該項由研究及顧問機構Catalyst Canada及懷雅遜大學(Ryerson University)一起進行的調查發現,受訪的少數族裔專業人士之中,接近一半認為他們的海外訓練不如加拿大文憑、學位及證書般受到重視。他們持有這種看法的比率亦是在海外接受教育的白種人的兩倍。

  12. 獨孤求丙兄:
    Can’t wait to read your “words of wisdom" in the midst of other irrational, illogical, emotionally charged remarks.

  13. 反告多倫多警方!!
    wal-mart,toys 等店鋪也有玩具手槍賣,仿真度高!又不見他們以同樣理由進行檢控!!真槍,又不見差佬搜得一枝半枝;只是種族定性砌生豬肉;可以找律師反告多倫多警方,砌詞入罪,類似真槍等罪名非常含糊,無一介定;又這店鋪是模型鋪,警方及政府部門有沒有正式向有關行業給予任何法例上指引,如何物品才可以進口,那些不能等等;所以基於很多理由及理據及法例等問題,大大可以反告多倫多警方有種族定性華人針對抺黑華人在太古經營之模型生意及抺黑華人在太古商場旅遊中心的聲譽;源植完,標蛇等華人警員,一定要把這種鬼佬砌生豬肉的抺黑手段制止;搜出真槍,大可拉人封鋪,現在只是以類似真槍等罪名入罪;我們在wal-mart;toys及市中心登打街的店鋪,也可以買到如此類似真槍,軍服,警服等;又不見多倫多警方有拘捕控告的情況出現;如此種族定性入罪,抺黑太古商場華人店鋪聲譽,居心一早已暴露;鬼佬,你們的警隊那裏有用,怎及得香港警察,美國警察呀,你們喝吓咖啡,飲吓酒,等出糧吧!!

    售仿真槍 3華裔東主被控
    檢60支槍 罪成至少囚1年 2007年3月2日
    廣 告

    【明報專訊】萬錦市太古廣場一間華人經營的仿真模型玩具品店﹐因涉嫌非法銷售仿真槍(Replica Firearm)﹐於上月22日被約克區警方搜查﹐搜獲60支長短仿真槍﹐商舖的3名華人東主也分別被控非法進口和銷售違禁槍械等罪名。警方稱﹐如果上述疑犯最後被裁定有罪﹐他們將面臨至少一年的監禁。

    約克區警方負責查辦此案的埃默森(Tony Emmerson)探長表示﹐3名被警方指控的華人東主龐國祥(Kwok Cheung Pong音譯)﹑郭耀聰(Yiu Chung Kwok音譯)和張凱文(Kelvin Cheung音譯)﹐涉嫌非法從國外進口受禁止器材(Prohibited Devices)﹐而且隨意出售給他人。



    安省省警督察克萊格(Steve Clegg)表示﹐公眾不難想像﹐如果這些與真槍無異的仿真槍落在歹徒手中﹐並被用來犯法﹐會給不明真相的公眾帶來多大的恐慌﹐也會令執行公務的前線警員面臨更大的壓力。


    被警察查抄的仿真模型玩具品店名為「藏前商店」(Kuramae Hobby Shop)﹐它位於太古商場的B65單位。在一年前﹐加拿大邊境服務局通知約克區警方﹐「藏前商店」從日本著名仿真汽槍(Replica Airsoft Gun)製造商Tokyo Marui進口的貨物有問題﹐請當地警方注意。

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  14. 認可,係市中心渣的士個的博士唔係個個可以申請去多倫多大學,懷雅遜大學,皇后大學,咩士打大學,咩guit大學教書,咁唔係同的老外爭飯食;其它行業都係咁樣,咁個世界,的老外白鬼唔係無定企,食都無啖好食,所以唔好咁天真啦,佢地的政策係想多的勞工,外勞,平,靚,正的移民,仲要係新移民嚟補充市場勞動工種;呢個世界淨係加拿大日日講話要有新移民新移民,耐左係到個的,睇到個政府的政策係當自己係水魚,一早就攞完護照走人,去美國去英國去中國香港啦,仲留係到等去食物銀行攞罐頭呀!!

  15. 對!說得好,我們的博士兄弟跳橋的趺橋;入油的入油;真是人盡其才,這種情況,大如美國也沒有這種不公平的對待!!

  16. Cytodex 兄: 智慧之言就在下不敢當了,但老餅之言論另在下真百思不得其解, 至所以一有空便務必要上來與老餅一齊看看這『國難』問題吧! 不過昨晚真太疲累, 致令要兄台稍等, 見諒。
    照常理與歴史角度來看,國難是另絕大部份國民傷痛之大悲事件而發生於此世界內, 例如內戰, 被侵畧, 受恐佈襲擊等等。中國國難有六四屠城, 四人幫興起,日本侵華, 國共內戰, 禧太后當道、義和團、八國聯軍等等, 全部令中國人死傷無數, 此等為國難也。 北美州(美國、加拿大)就是歷史較短, 亦有本身的『國難』。 如人頭稅事件, 二次大戰將日本人統統鎖到集中營等等, 亦可指是小國難。
    而加拿大立國用英法相語制, 移民到此之人無人不知。 在此評台, 如用中文在此評論時事道理, 不須多作解釋, 亦知理所當然。但如小弟(或可能Cytodex 兄亦是)一般, 因時間或其他因素末允許而不能用中文而用加拿大 70% 以上之人亦明白之官方語言(而又己變成一國際語言)之英文在此評埋, 又何來『國難』之有呢? 假切 Cytodex 兄真的不能用中文寫作, 亦是與其他在本國小數民族之移民後裔同一處境 (即意大利、西班牙、 印度、 俄羅斯等), 各移民後裔不懂他國語言, 只用英文在加國為統一語言為人與人溝通之媒界, 又是否意大利、西班牙、 印度、 俄羅斯等之『國難』呢?
    如真要說是加拿大之『國難』, 就要數數有無數人就是住在加國幾十載, 亦固步自封, 只對本身族裔文化有與趣, 而不願融入社會主流, 學好英或法文, 另加國族裔與族裔間繼續分化 (如現今倩情況一般), 以在下之愚見, 此乃真正的『國難』也!

  17. 獨孤兄:
    First, thanks for defending me in face of some “peasantry remarks".
    Second, I am more proficient in reading than writing chinese words.
    Third, except yours and a few others, many posts in chinese are filled with emotions rather than reasons. I admire your proficiency in both English and Chinese where I enjoy your sense of humor and elegance.

  18. Don’t mention it, Cytodex 兄. I am just doing what anyone in my shoes should be doing. By the way, I have to say that some of my English is learned from your superb use of the English language. My Chinese expressions are sometimes picked up from all the idols I see on this blog site and my sense of humour is just a necessity to keep my sanity amidst some people who are good only at attacking others with irrational/pointless remarks and fragmented/tunnel visions, not to mention the pitiful provincial political scenes that are force-fed to me almost on a weekly basis!
    Anyway, thanks for the compliments that I don’t remotely deserve.

  19. Honestly, I believe that you and I are compelled to step in to neutralize some radical views/remarks or/and present a different perspective on issues that seem to keep bothering a lot of people (i.e double standards, anti-China/Chinese conspiracies, human rights issues). Nevertheless, it is no doubt that there are indeed discrimination and prejudices against Chinese. That’s why it is even more important that we as a community should act responsibly and give the critics less opportunities to exploit any further.
    More than often, some readers act like wounded animals high on adrenaline and yet fail to confront the issues from a third person perspective (without any emotional detachment and predispositions). Their responses are filled with irrational/irelevant emotions and their arguments are structurally weak. As a result, their comments inevitably relect the society and culture in whcih they dwell.
    I have yet to find something that I can disagree with you. Then, I am sure we can be more rational and logical on our debates.
    P.S. Believe it or not, I use this forum to practise my English and search for my innermost beliefs on different issues. 獨孤兄, don’t underestimate your intelligent remarks as they are stimulating, insightful, and entertaining.

  20. Very enlightening remarks, Cytodex 兄! Assuming the responsibility of blog policing has proven to be quite a daunting task for a lot of bloggers (e.g. 一審). To mirror your comments, I value all opinions unless the remarks are either too radical or perhaps too right (or even left) winged as you mentioned earlier. Another kind of remarks I personally can’t stand are those unfair ones that are specifically targetted toward a blogger in nature. Realizing the importance of one’s mission in life prompted me to re-emerge from a half-retired blogger to almost a preacher-wannabe-masqueraded-as-a-blogger. Nevertheless, sometimes speaking on behalf of another blogger is unequivocally walking on a fine line between defending one party and offending both of them.
    As you, I, and a handful of bloggers here have to bear with for a while, Chinese as a culture is clearly still on its path of learning and assimilating the proper debating attitude and must realize that accepting opposing views (be they rational/logical or, as you said, those that come from a wounded animal high on adrenaline) as part of a manifestation of the culture (e.g. the foul-mouthed words from Chow Yun-Fat in An Autumn’s Tale) can be regarded as witnessing an arm-wrestling fight between one’s angel-devil split personality everyone experiences everyday. The thousands-of-year-old deeply embedded psyche of “conforming to the norm” in our culture due to monarchy/feudal system, mainly thanks to Confucius, has led to either silencing the outcasts or spontaneous outbursts. The extreme cases are so commonplace in the political circles in mainland China where there are only hand-raising robots in the National People’s Congress and the fist-fighting politicians in Taiwan.
    In a nutshell, controversies should welcome discussions with open arms. Different takes on issues make every opinion unique and they always enrich our lives. Voltaire pretty well summed up the art of debating in a statement I sticker-note- padded on my monitor:

    “I detest what you say but I would give my life to defend your right to say it."

  21. Agreed wholeheartedly! 獨孤兄. To echo your last post.
    Indeed, it’s fine line to walk in defending another blogger. Having read your latest comment in this thread, I can’t help taking more times to digest and reflect on a lot of things.
    Well, the Chinese Civilization (if there is still any left) has been deeply influenced by the teachings of Confucius more than two thousands years. Despite the virtues, Confucius specifically designed a hierarchy system ( Emperor to officers to people) and demanded “norms" in society. As a result, a closed and intolerant system was developed where the rulers (oops, actually dictators) could take advantage of their people by imposing such arbitrary laws and order. One dynasty after another, Chinese have been expected to be obeident to the rulers. One could only wish for a good ruler in lieu of a bad one. As a result, a culture with no liveliness is all that’s left.
    Seldom do Chinese question the authorities. Those who did ask the even slightest reasonable ones would be questioned, labelled, and “corrected" or crushed.
    Through thousands of years of practice, such doctrine has an overwhelming power over one’s inherent intelligence to question about things in the surrounding. It’s sad as it is an example of nurture winning over nature.
    I am glad I am in an oversea where Conficious influence was not obvious. What if…
    If the Dang and his gang had taken the student/worker protests in 1989 merely as petitions to the official’s corruption and conducted political reform, China would have been more politically open than it is now…
    (To be continued…?)

  22. Excellent points and awesome analysis, Cytodex 兄. Can’t wait to read more if you have a moment to put more thoughts in dissecting the Chinese culture and perhaps more interestingly in juxtaposition with the so-called western (Greek, Roman, etc.?) civilization.

  23. 獨孤兄:
    Sorry. I can’t comment too much on other great civilizations owing to my limited knowledge.
    One thing I know is that there seems to be a lifecycle for every civilization. Any civilization rises and falls; yet I have not seen any re-emerging to exceed its previous glory.
    The once glorious Chinese civilization as we read from history books is just merely “history". With the end of Soong dynasty, our civilization was on a steep decline and best exemplified by those incompetent and ruthless emperors/officials of Ming and Qing dynasties. China entered a politically dark age.
    For the last 50 years and more, we have yet witnessed another plunge in our civilization. Like the price of Nortel stocks, one can’t help asking if this is the worst we get.
    Have we hit the rock bottom yet?
    In light of large-scale corruption to mon-n-pop’s fake goods, past scholars wisely proclaimed 禮失求諸野.



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