發文作者:kahoo | 21 二月, 2007

《政經8點場》今早嘉賓: 新任安省稅務廳長 陳國治

陳國治宣誓就任安省稅務廳長 (Revenue Minister), 正式進入麥堅迪內閣, 你有何意見?


  1. “water ghost" gets promoted to become “city king" ……

  2. 不懂英語,詞不達意,洗地個鬼佬都笑呢個chinese 小醜啦!
    there is nothing funny we have in the queen’s park more than have a chinese old foul sitting here as a “seat-head"
    ha ha ha !!!!

  3. Can’t wait to see how he debates in English on TV.

  4. Can’t wait to see how he debates in English on TV.

    Comment by MC — February 21, 2007 #

    It will not be the shame of the Liberal party, but only the Chinese community gets the laughing for demanding to have a representer as a minister in the Liberal party. As you wish, here you are. You Chinese deserve it!!
    Oh! no, do not forget the middle finger in the photo. It is funny!

  5. 好文章!多倫多有此高僧,世間少有!


    Comment by 情僧 — February 8, 2007 #


    Comment by 情僧 — February 8, 2007 #

  6. I just hope he will not become a political equivalent of “William Hung" in Question Period at Queen’s Park.

    Well, I am more inclined to discuss about the latest political move by McGunity and its implications. To McGunity, the campaign has already begun for October election. To Michael, he sure will give his best….. To some Markham constituents, Michael is perhaps already a “past tense".

    To be continued…

  7. Congratulations, Michael, for having been granted this phantom cabinet minister position. I’ll send you a set of mahjong complete with mahogany table and chairs to entertain you and your assistant (plus two more people of your choice) when you are sick of counting your fingers and toes at your office beside John Tory’s.
    To Mr. McGuity:
    Since you’ve just done us a huge favour in crowning our “beloved" Michael Chan, I’ll vote for you even knowing the countless evil deeds you have done since you took office, provided you do just one more thing:
    Shuffle your cabinet just one more time. This time around, let Michael Chan be the Finance Minister and demote Greg Sorbara as the Revenue Minister. This way, Sorbara is now under Chan so I am sure Chan will be more “comfortable” (like what Sorbara said to Tony Wong) in your cabinet. This way, I can also save my mahjong set for someone else who happen to become a victim of your next political maneuver!
    Take for word for it…or…as the Chinese saying goes, my teeth are more worthy than gold!

  8. Corrections:

    This way, I can also save my mahjong set for someone else who happens to become the victim of your next political maneuver!
    Take my word for it…or…as the Chinese saying goes, my teeth are more worthy than gold!

  9. What does McGuinty latest polictical maneuver imply?
    (1) Chan’s appointment is the 27th minister. Thank God! Nobody loses his/her posts to him. McGuinty can’t afford to cultivate more internal rift/conflicts. Can you imagine what others would feel losing their post to Chan who seems to have difficulty articulating?
    (2) Chan’s appointment lasts until Oct 10, the next election day. Say, he takes 1 or 2 month to get his seat warmed up and then another 1 or 2 month to campaign before election. He will only be in office for 6 months. Do you expect some real work being done in 6 months? The federal Revenue Minister will not likely pursue any policies seriously with his office anyway.
    (3) Chan’s appointment serves a few purposes.
    It is an effort to comfort those who are upset with Tony’s abrupt departure and those who are doubtful of Chan’s ability. In McGuinty’s words, he would assemble a cabinet of talented people. In fact, whether or not Chan is capable remains to be seen until after next election; provided that he could hold on to his seat.
    (4) As a first time politican, Chan has unprecedently received a ministryship. Based on the above theses, it means more for political reasons than anything else. Therefore, Chan, is again used as a bait to lure the Chinese votes again (perhaps more for South Asian votes now). Such appointment has no doubt to set the stage for Chan’s upcoming election champaign where McGuinty will likely say “Re-elect Chan and I will get him more prominent roles and fame for real." Doesn’t it sound very familiar and similar to a campaign promise(?) that was once said to the same Markham voters in Tony Wong’s campaign not too long ago.

    I am sure that Chan’s appointment do appeal to some voters that were more forgiving. For others McGuinty’s manuever is just a slap to the face to die-hard Tony Wong supporter again. Personally, I do believe Tony has more political experience and better communication skills (Mandarians/Cantonese/Of course English). Well, it’s just too bad that Tony did not get the same treatment when he was still at Queen’s Park.

    By the way, Michael. In most interviews, you will be constantly asked and compared with Tony Wong because (1) Tony did not fully explain the whole issue and (2) McGuinty treats you way much better than Tony even though your talent seem to be inversely proportional to your status.

  10. Bingo, Cytodex! Thanks to people like you who provide so much detailed analyses on McGuinty’s hidden trump cards that are tugged inside his sleeves. If the general Chinese (and South Asian) population here were half as intelligent as you are, Ontario would not be fooled by a “Cirque des Misérables". I can’t agree more that Chan is simply McGuinty’s bait (or puppet) just to lure votes from the Asian communities. There is no question that, even if Chan’s position still exists and, God forbid, the Liberals are re-elected in October, Chan will certainly be ousted and replaced by someone else because:
    1. given Sorbara personality, it’s highly unlikely that he can stand someone like Chan as his subordinate – even for one day, let alone a few months!
    2. Chan’s capability, or more appropriately – the lack of which – will be where the public spotlight is and McGuinty will soon find out that Chan doesn’t fit in his “cabinet of talented people"
    3. If the Liberal Party gets re-elected and Chan is let go of his ministerial position immediately, there are at least 3 years before the next election and McGuinty would figure that Ontarians would again forgive and forget that he has ever used Chan as a dispensable puppet just to lure votes from the ethnic groups.
    Are these only Cytodex and my fictitious and preposterous wild guesses? Time (8 months max) will definitely tell.

  11. 獨孤求丙兄:
    I am not sure if I am even more intelligent than any ordinary people. But, I think if one looks beyond the superficial rherotics/empty promises, think without any unsubstantiated predisposition, and ask questions that are bound by unconditional allegiance to any political party/ethnic group/cultural background, the truth will be revealed and sought-after.
    Perhaps, your sarcasm and my cynicism drive many “die-hard" fans of you-know-who away from this forum. Instead, they prefer to call in to the First Radio phone-in programs to rant. Sadly, the poor hosts have to neutralize/tone down their comments to make it more palatable. For that, I am sorry, Kahoo and company.
    By the way, your comments are right on! I will throw my 2 cents on top of that soon.

  12. Oops! I made a boo-boo.

    “ask questions that are bound by unconditional allegiance…"

    should be

    “asks questions that are not bound by unconditional allegiance"

  13. Don’t know if anyone recognize. Since the first day of the election campaign, there have been a few phone-in audience who clearly are Chan’s supporters. Their expression usually sound like reading a paper instead of words from mouth/brain. There were two last night. I clearly remember one of them was trying to read a smooth essay … “Chan has a long history.. good family … wish him to win again next time … " Then suddenly the host asked her a simple question “So, what do you expect from Chan to do in the coming months?" She hesitated. The host asked the same simple question once again. She answered unsmoothly, “umm … ah … umm. .. listen more … our voices … “. What I want to say is Liberal has a large election machine behind. Similar to the leftists in HK. On the election day, at some of the polls, you could see school bus following another bus driving people to “vote".
    I’m not kidding! And they offer lots of (almost) free trip and lunch/dinner to community members. Not only Chinese but also South Asian. I just enjoyed a nice free dinner in one of their gathering party last week. This dam method always works! Not only in HK but also in Canada! And it specially works well in Chinese community!

  14. to Michael Chan,

    Congrats for making it to the level of a Provincial Minister. However, even if the callers during the show maybe correct, I have a personal suggestion for you. Please don’t concentrate your efforts totally on the Chinese community. Instead, uphold the founding father’s original ideal country, a completely multicultral country that is found on peace, and kept with peace.

    Ensure that by the time of the next election, people would support you not because you are of the party in which you belong, nor because of your ethnicity. But they will vote for you simply because of you!

    Remember, you can never please everybody, all you need is to please the majority of the population, and try to please the rest.

  15. 老麥主要是找一條不会找麻煩而又忠心的黄狗,真正的走狗,既然這條狗可以出賣同胞,理應賞他一塊骨頭,再加上一班狐群黨,就賞你一個稅務廳長,好堵住這班狗黨的咀,要想這條忠心的狗為我們華人說句話? 妙想天開!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 這世界有兩種推銷員是很難推銷產品,若能推銷得好,即代表他的花言巧語說得很好,首推便是保險推銷員,多少無知的良民百姓給他們騙上。第二位…廣告推銷!

  17. 真槍都四圍有啦,係人都知好容易買啦,的差佬無嘢做,有槍個的就唔拉,拉賣氣槍,去死啦,咁都係新聞,鬼佬,坐係到收人工啦,知你地又殘廢又懶,白痴鬼佬!!



  18. MC:

    Sadly again, those free bus trips and meals are exclusively designed for people who have no concepts of being true citizens. Their willingness to trade votes for some freebies or handouts is indicative of their quality of dispensable voters and low-grade citizen swhose needs will never be taken seriously.
    I bet you will not see a lot of locally born and raised people in those gatherings.

  19. 其實見華人「官運亨通」, 理應高慶才是, 但又何來有如此多不滿 (Cytodex話齋: cynical 與 sarcastic) 情緒呢? 換過來如果是哈珀垂青一華人有能之仕在「握」太華擔當重任, 而非老麥起用一個明眼或甚至盲的瞎子也看得出是不能擔當重任, 只用其黃面孔來過橋 (然後便抽板) 又只僅懂拍馬(愛國導彈或迪迪仔:狗主人?)屁之人, 大家肯定燒炮竹裝香還神掛紅燈籠上教堂亦來不及啦!
    MC 兄: 如下次自由黨有如此 “jackso”, 還望切記在此公諸各有識之仕, 旣有一頓飽吃, 吃完再有專車接送到投票站投PC, NDP, 或 綠黨一票, 另奸黨賠了夫人又折兵, 此乃大快人心之舉也。

  20. When Tony Wong defeated PC incumbent David Tsubouchi by 5000 votes(?) in 2003 election, I remember it was a well-deserved win and a significant lift for the Chinese community in general. I believed a lot of Chinese people came out to vote for Tony. Of course, PC party under Mr Eves, was on its deathbed. Tony’s victory, after all, was decisive one and deserved to be celebrated; even though McGuinty had a shorter honeymoon period afterwards.
    獨孤求丙 has wittingly observed and summarized the phenomenon of Chan’s recent by-election “victory" in one interesting question: Why are so many still upset with Chan’s victory and appointment? Didn’t McGuinty deliver his promise to Tony Wong to Michael Chan? Wouldn’t that be sufficient to mend fences with the Chinese community?
    Regardless of whether one is Chan’s supporter or not, one thing for sure is that Michael Chan lacks the “charm" to the point that whatever/whenever he speaks can be quite a turnoff (even though it may make some sense). That deficiency is always a vote-killing factor but his winning means he won because of something else rather than his own abilities. For examples, a few readers have suggested the influence of South Asian votes, pre-arranged busloads of voters, etc. to make up for his lack of “charm". I personally hate such distorted outcome because it means the Liberal Party has treated the candidate (Chan) as a ploy and the voters (those free loaders) as dispensable low-grade citizens
    (Note: I won’t use the label “seond class" here as second class implies that it is not too far from first class. In contrast, low-grade is a synonym for quality that is usually found in some “Dollar shops". By the way, one should realize where the goods are made.)

  21. 同性都可以結婚,第日我的寵物,狗馬豬羊等,如果有人提出結婚,合法化,人與寵物共同有合法婚姻,甚至交配都有可能性?

  22. 人狗結婚君: 其實同性婚姻, 自由黨同 NDP 一樣贊成! 兩黨都係用人權憲章做理據。 但如"兩情相悅", 就男與男, 女與女結婚亦可引用人權憲章嘅話呢, 咁父親愛上個親生女兒, 母親愛上個親生仔呢? 為何又不可引用人權憲章來保障呢? 再如此類推, 父親愛上個親生仔, 母親愛上個親生女兒呢, 人權憲章亦一樣應該保障呀! 係唔係真要嚟個加拿大大亂倫,再有人用人權憲章話政府岐視亂倫, 政黨先至會在夢中酥醒過嚟呀!!!
    不過提外話, 歐州真係有一婦人拖其狗上婚姻註冊處結婚! 但唔駛驚住, 加國暫時只有人權憲章, 末有狗權憲章, 馬權憲章, 牛權憲章, 豬權憲章等, 所以至少暫時嚟說, 人畜婚姻合法化亦十畫未有一撇…呀…不過…除非老麥同陳國治…

  23. 獨孤人,你大錯特錯啦!!



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