發文作者:kahoo | 九月 10, 2006

舌戰司徒華: RePlay






Regarding the queries about the Cantonese songs on democracy, feel free to visit: alliance.org.hk



  1. Y so against China’s communist country?Y so against HK,Macau & CHina’s economy,peace & propersity?

    can’t stand Ah Pak until he goes back 2 Hk laaaaaaaaaaaa…………

    Old Budd should be more positive & less negative towards home country………

  2. 浪淘浪 , Why don’t you escort Uncle Wah back “home" if you are so “patriotic" to that “home" country? While you are there, stay over there as well!

  3. 你咪聽日自己去城市廣場同佢講囉

  4. I am going 2 restaurant tonight……….i stay where i want….Socialism Canada is good……too old now,80 years old,cannot ride plane,have to ride on wheel-chair
    my sons & kids & my old wife & grand-kids told me not 2….I am not qualify to escort Uncle Wah back…..I am afraid ……….

  5. 浪淘浪:
    I would love to be positive towards my home country, but is there anything in China worth it? If I love my home country, I’d be a spy and gets 5 years jail time, that way I could have enought time to ‘love’ my country. If i was 80 years old, I would not bother my sons, grand children,etc…i would go to hell! 🙂

  6. I sure you go to hell,young man, I go to Heaven…..Then I watch from up-stairs to see you rot & stink in hell….Ching Cheung is a victim on his own,for explosing China sell-out 4-500 Taiwan ‘s sizes of land to Russia…..China’s great economy ,peace & proserity is worth everything to write positve about…….Have a nice time & good time going to hell…….

  7. Have a HOT BBQ down there, ILUVCHINA……..
    & don’t tell me what to do too?Do I ever come to your house & bother you & tell you what to do?NOO
    therefore, I respect the opposite!!!!

  8. 哈哈,樓上的人鬧交,好好笑

  9. That’s why China is so stinky, people who love the country so much are living overseas and not contributing anything to the country. God Bless China.

  10. Uncle Vicotia Park are everywhere in Toronto! What have you done for your country? If not, shut up.

  11. I love Canada ;Canada doesn’t love me but i contribute most of my life 2 Canadian Gov’t
    despite racism

    despite all that,I still love Canada

    I think @ Ruby’s Dinner,Canada-Hk link should bringin Miss Chan Siu ling from China Embassy….
    Is some-1 hiding?

  12. Victo’r’ia Park can get by there ttc

    2.50 per trip,don’t cheat on transfer….

  13. shut up & stop writing if u don’t even know how 2
    type Victoria Park…..God bless Wu Kam To

  14. 鬧來鬧去﹐我都分唔到邊個打邊個﹐D英文語法又差唔多﹐D名又唔同﹐其實係咪同一個人起度自己鬧自已? –___–"

  15. it is the same person I can detect from Communist party in China-spy……..

  16. 無聊

  17. 好無聊呀.. 我都係咁話

  18. 司徒華唱衰香江;唱衰中國(人)

  19. Y do old man Wah hv to abuse Yip Sir @ the forum over the air-waves ?so embassing……….Chinese people have to stand together

    united they stand,divided they fall

  20. 樓上的﹐是“ embarrassing “。。。。。


    大家常常換名字。。。也不知道誰是誰~ 用那些要註冊的FORUM不會好一點嗎﹖這樣大家就可以每次用同一個賬號來說話了。。。。(不過﹐可能大家喜歡用不同的名字罷~ )

  21. 佢個樣臉皮拉得咁恨


  22. I have positive feeling toward Uncle Wah, whom I think is telling the truth from his heart. He embraces democracy, which empowers equality among all people. We are happy that people like him is free to express his viewpoint in HK. I have not have chance to ask him if democracy does come to China, can China face the possibility of dividing up into different republic like the old Soviet Union? It is not a pretty scenario if the CCP crumbles suddenly. The CCP may not have an excellent record of government but it deserves credit in holding the country together. Hopefully in the not distant future, China will produce an accountable government through peaceful transition. Otherwise, we can be back one hundred years when warloads sprung from everywhere for their own sake. Mr.Lam

  23. 克林鈍怖殊都係講真心話啦,我無性交,我要打依拉克藏核武藏化武



  24. 可以表達自己意見﹐可以不同意別人觀點﹐但為什麼一定要用到一些不太好聽的說話﹖只是想法不同吧﹐但人家還是有用腦子的。不用腦是打不出那番話來。

  25. 昨天在場的很多觀眾也有拍手叫好﹐那證明還是有很多人接受那樣子的





  26. It appears that Yip Sir was totally defeated by Uncle Szeto Wah in the public forum.
    How can Simon put a class nine (9) horse in a class one (1) race.

  27. 怎麼罵人傻。。。。。。

  28. 樓上維園阿伯你的英文好屎呀


    public forum 用詞不當

    how can …..最後要用問號呀,點標符號都唔識用

    Simon 無去到活拜馬場呀,點會賽馬;佢又唔係練馬師,邊到會有馬去放係呢到個到呢


  29. I think many comments are based on the superficial information about China.

    10 years ago, I have the chance to talk to some people living in China, including those members of Chinese Communism Party. None of them disagreed the redress of June 4 event, but everyone said that it would take some time.

    I was also suprised by a young girl who was only 23 years old and made this comment to me: –
    “I know that the Japanese was not defected by CCP. They were defected by KMT in co-operation with the Americans!!" I was so shocked since this was totally contradictory to what they learned from school.

    Friends, CCP is no longer a party who uphold communism. This is a group of people who have so much vested interest and do not want to give freedom to its fellow citizens because it will jeopardize their own personal interests. Who knows China’s economic growth cannot be better if the country is free. If we deduct the economic value of the impaired environment of China, the economic growth will be a few percent lower. In many locations, the enviroments are destroyed by rectless officials who boost economic growth by investing in fixed assets which cannot generate any economic returns. Their power is not checked by proper democracy.

    While enjoying the freedom and being a second class citizen in Canada. I holdheartly hope the people in China can also enjoy the same freedom as we have, everyone lives with dignity and do not have to be second class citizen.

  30. 2 樓上學好的英文先啦:-

    Uncle Victoria Park thought Simon Li is Simon Lau

    Keen Mun……….

  31. 樓上的黃種人


    話無倫次,Uncle Victoria Park thought Simon Li is Simon Lau 淨係呢句話,就知你 jump to the conclusion

    中國人連講句說話都無紋無理,真係一句講話:young 街咯!

  32. While enjoying the freedom and being a second class citizen in Canada. I holdheartly hope the people in China can also enjoy the same freedom as we have, everyone lives with dignity and do not have to be second class citizen.



  33. 呢個forum發生咩事.. ^_~:

  34. 明報今日新聞:加航擬裁員284人 撤華語熱線







  35. Uncle Wah wishes people in China could enjoy the same basic human right as others in countries like Canada. Canadian law applies to all her citizens equally and there is no such law for second class citizens. Unfortunately, some of us feel that we are treated unequally by the society in general. We shoud know our right and challenge any inequality. At the same time, look forward and don’t give up. Treat your compatriot with respect.

  36. 咁我想問下樓上主流國策﹐你番言論又同論台呢個華叔topic有乜 關係?

  37. 唔該你睇下明報上星期有個大陸同胞去買車,比左1000蚊按金,比間車行屈佢要簽96個月供車費,佢唔肯,比人倒車碌到的腳趾,打電話報警仲比人搶手機,如果呢單新聞係如實的話,你自己反省下啦



  38. 咁我又想問下樓上B先生,你番語句又同論台呢個華叔TOPIC有乜 關係?

  39. 可能主流國策仁兄,推廣閱報的重要,讓我們知道時事多些

  40. I am trying to be truthful about my feeling from what I get out of this forum. There are wishes from people like Uncle Wah and also there are criticism and praise about his point of view. I alos sense that there is despair in some of the voices. I hope that my two cents worth of comment can help. All the best.

  41. 司徒華訪紐約 座駕遭破壞

    支聯會主席司徒華於美國時間周日在紐約(相關新聞 – 網站)訪問期間,準備出席「回歸9年,香港民主民生變化」講座前,其座駕車胎被人惡意割破,車內東西也被偷走,事件已交美國警方處理。正在美國訪問的司徒 華9年來首次到紐約,他談到民主黨副主席何俊仁上月在鬧市遇襲,呼籲關心香港的海外人士,關注香港發生的跨境犯罪行為。他表示,難保自己回港後也會有何俊 仁的同樣遭遇。

  42. h k wants u back there………

  43. 司徒華’s mouth is full of poison ;always democracy

    & u don’t hv 2 worry about Economy

    remember Sars in 2003

  44. 禍劫遠離:
    your mouth is full of shit.

  45. regret coming to Canada ……..so socialism

    not enough capitalism……….

  46. people work so slow here toooo

    they like to talk & yap about democracy,freedom &

    human rights

    and they advantage of people like the jewish folks

    I’ll walk back to China if I were 20 years younger

    down with Canada…….

  47. 樓上,肺腑之言,真是生活的點滴結晶,免費給大眾分享,真難得!



  48. I’m 80 years old and still relying on my kids, I should go to hell….

  49. no,man………..

    let’s walk back to China & see how great China’s

    Communism is greatttttttttt…………



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