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  1. Hong Kong people want everything instant. They do not have patience.

    Plus, media in HK, especially print media like Next Magazine, Apple Daily and Oriental Daily, etc. have been sensationalizing news coverage by posting huge photos with blood, erotica and everything else.

    Just my two cents worth. In short, HK people want their message as quick as possible. Photo/image is the comparatively the best channel.

  2. re why HK people prefer pictures rather than words – firstly, in primary education, most of the schools wouldn’t ask/teach students to write book reports. I gather only in secondary schools students are required to write book reports (however even so they are mostly restricted to english novels. Secondly, I don’t recall remember any promotion of “reading week” or “story reading” events organized by HK’s Public Libraries. All summer events/camps organized by Community Centres may well too concentrated on “playing” rather than on “academic enrichment”. Demand is one thing and supply is another. The book market seems to be concentrating only on selling text books. It is only until about 15 years ago when we saw “city novels” for sale in MTR stations. However, these books are more of “leisure” nature and they are certainly not “academic”. I remember visiting Zhengshen Book City, they have all kinds of books, academic and non-academic, arts etc etc. I don’t think HK has a singly book store that incorporates a large variety of books. Finally, I thought reading habit is best taught at primary schools. Habits die hard when we were young!! Good habits live with encouragement and die without it!!
    re news re gal robbed by 3 guys on her own driveway at midnight – I recalled watching TV news that the incident happened when she got home after palying mahjong. If my memory doesn’t fail me, she is the author of her own incident.
    as to the similar accident happened in a prestige apartment, I thought it has to deal with the security of the condo itself. Perhaps she should launched a complaint as a good security measure should include “closed circuit” in all underground garage in addition to “patrols” by the superintendents.

  3. It’s because Hong Kong is a place of mixed cultures, north and south, east and west. They need to acquire a quickest common language to communicate with each others. Photo/image is the simplest and natural way to enable people with diffent languages and cultures to communicate each other quickly.

  4. Simon,
    First of all I would like to express my respect to your elite group. In the local Chinese media, I believe U are the first one who really redirects our message to the English speaking community, and U also set up a model to show the community what a professional journalist should do and wake up those who only live their life in the old cliche that “the Chinese community is also part of the main stream in Canada", and the only thing they can tell the other side of the world is Dim Sum and Mah chong.

    The subject U discussed today over the radio is more or less a further elaborate on what u had discussed yesterday. Different from what happen in Taiwan, China or even Japan, the youth of HK during 60’s to 80’s has to face a problem of “future" which may not happen to those youngster in T,C or J.

    And polish their English is one of the ways to step closer to a better future. However as all of you understand the English learning enviroment in Hong Kong, students are not easy to learn good English except u are lucky or good enough to study in the famous English school.

    So most of the students will spend most of their time to improve their English, and as a matter of fact, many a student read 2 books together when they try to study their English text book, one is the text book, the other one is the dictionary, I don’t think the T,C and J student need to face this problem when they study.

    Therefore, to make it short, my answer to your question is, our Chinese is not as good as those in Taiwan and China, because when we have time, we would rather to learn more English than spend my time on “Dream of Red Chamber"(of course I know thisnis a good book, but if I fail my English in the school certificate examination, I can dream of nothing). We don’t read too many books but we are not dumb, Dr. So, we have freedom of speech and freedom of press in HK. Do u still remember how many daily Chinese newspapers we had in HK during 70’s to 80″s, and it produces a lot of excellent columnists, readers learn from good columnists.

    Last but not least, TV really affects our reading habit, bring our memory back to 70’s, a TV, big TV or a colour TV can represent your family social status. It is ridiculous but it is also true. So the flashing light box directs our brain to get used to receive message from sound and picture and than printed material. It is not bad. I believe picture and video may make us more easy to communicate with the alien than any other language over the world.

    HongKong Chai

  5. Dr. So shouldn’t compare HK people with Taiwanese or Japanese. They are much bigger “countries" with lots of people sharing the same culture. Their authors have a much bigger audience. You can see that their bookstores are huge which in turn the readers have a bigger selection. They have a better chance of finding something which suit their taste. HK on the other hand is a small place and a smaller market. When you walk into a HK bookstore, you probably can find a small corner with books from local authors. All others are either text books, or publication from other regions or countries. Whether the books are from China, Taiwan, or translated from overseas, they are different from the local HK culture. As a result, not many people can find the book of their choice.

  6. This is because Hong Kong was & still is a borrowed place with only a borrowed time. She had no future and could not had her own plan of which the result would be borne by her citizens. Hong Kong people had and still has no control on their own destination even after 1997 when she has returned to China. Hong Kong people are still not their own bosses. They are still living under the blessing of Peking of which her decisions are non-negotiable. Hence, the minds of the Hong Kong people are not free for creativity, choosing her own paths leading to whatever results falling onto them. They have been and are still discouraged to stand up to hold their own future.
    Hence, they best they can do is to forget about reasoning, about up-holding principles and to accept what might be granted to them and to live within that limit. Hence, there is no motivation to search for truth, for principles, for the future of the Hong Kong people. For the one country two political systems only works to the extent that China allows which in turn is subjected to the interpretation of Peking. Hong Kong people still have no says and no future even after 1997 the year that the Chinese government has publicly promised to let Hong Kong people to govern Hong Kong. Hence, Hong Kong people have learnt not to use their brain to search for anything, not to reasoning and not to trust any truth nor principles. They have learnt to accept and operate within a given limit granted to them no matter they like it or not. They have been taught and they accepted that they cannot hope to manage their future which has already been pre-destinated. Reading in words are for something perfect, in depth, fine-tuned, lasting, great, comprehensive, all inclusive; but Hong Kong people have lost confidence in all these things.
    Hence, they prefer more concrete, sensational and instant. Aong this end, drawings are much more preferred than words.

  7. 首先﹕很多事情都是CAUSE BY 很多不同的FACTORS﹐很難說某事情只是由單1個FACTOR所構成。“香港人喜愛圖像、抗拒文字” 是由很多FACTORS導致的。所以﹐我覺得聽眾們說的原因都對﹐但不是唯一。

    我那天沒有把節目全部收聽完[先道個歉m(_ _)m]﹐所以不知道以下將會說的﹐我認為的其中一個原因﹐有沒有人已經說過。。。如果有人已經提出過的話﹐請大家多多包函我的重複。


    清末﹐香港作為一個開放的港口﹐大量外國人帶來新的事物﹐無數新奇事物令人們雀躍、崇拜。尤其是在香港生活的人﹐他們不再需要rely on閱讀那些書本文字學習、吸收知識。




    PS。人較喜愛圖像十分正常。這與我們的腦對圖像和文字的處理方式有關係。但不作長解了﹐簡單說一句﹕我們的腦袋對圖像的處理過程會簡單點﹐對文字的則複雜些。(但當然﹐there’s always nature and nurture. )



  8. A little reply to gi (msg 2)

    My primary school in HK required students to write book report (both English and Chinese novels). There was also a class once awhile (don’t remember exactly how often, but probably around every other week), called “reading class" in my school, which students had to get a book from the book cupboard (one in every classroom’s back, and we also have a library in school)or self-prepared to read during that class.

    I also recalled something call 閱讀計劃 and 閱讀比賽 during my primary school years organized by school-board to TRY to encourage young students to read.

    Another thing: my primary school occasionally had book sale, where some (or 1?)publisher brought a lot of books to our school to sell. I still have the books I bought during those sales on my book shelves now. In addition, students could also order some kind of children magazine through the school.

    However, although my primary school had all these offers, to read and studied (basically memorize everything) the text books took up a lot of time. So, we hardly read books on regular bases. (However, my mom would require me and my brother to read during holidays and write book report, but that’s another story.)

  9. 我覺得尚未至於抗拒文字, 而香港傳媒習慣上會增加閱讀的趣味性, 而去增加賣紙數字.
    除了圖像外, 還有那些露骨的標題.
    當然, 以不同手法去增加讀者層面是一件好事.
    而題外話, 以露骨的標題或以踩界方式去表達, 傳媒方面應該作出反思.

  10. Actually, when I was in high school in HK in the 80s, many of us read 金庸 and 倪匡 under our desks while in classes. So you can’t really say we don’t like to read.

    The HK book festival also attacted many people every year.

    HK writers don’t produce many good books now, who is the 倪匡 in this generation? Good Chinese books are very hard to find. Take a look at the current crop of HK books, they are triple spaced. Good writers like Dr. So spend their time writing newspaper columns. Also, HK people read lots of newspapers and columns. Much more than people in many other countries. Many families in HK buys 2-3 newspaper a day. My family in Toronto buys 1 and reads another online everyday.

    Many people like me in the 30s are scared of history-type books because we were forced down our throat when we were in high school to learn history. But I really enjoyed 黃毓民’s “歷史幾狼都有 – 十大帝王".

    So to conclude, I don’t fully agree that people from HK 抗拒文字, but there is a cultural difference in how we read. Read shorter articles/columns in newspapers, but we will read the good books when we find them. (A lot of people are just reading comics in Japan too)

    PS. This forum fully reflects the HK culture.. Most of us can’t type in Chinese.. (And forgot how to write, or use any of those soundex scheme in those input systems).

  11. Well, 今晚節目又是照例唔夠時間﹐愚見認為原因有二﹕

    1) 節目時間太短 (long overdue 要諗諗加鐘)﹔
    2) 論題正 (唉﹗一個令蘇博諗左38年的問題﹐又點可以在兩次30分鐘既節目內搞掂﹖)

    既然論題咁正﹐在下提議以後逢星期四都開放熱線﹐俾大家繼續評論這個題目﹐直至到有更新更 hot 的話題。


    留言區內看到一些網友對 layout 的意見﹐在下亦很同意﹐詳細一點請到在下的 blog “廢苦滋燃”閱覽。 網址為﹕


  12. 很高興一本政經開設了一個討論區﹐能讓多倫多的聽眾多了一個渠道表達意見。一直很喜歡一本政經的節目﹐希望這個節目能夠蒸蒸日上。本人有一點要求﹐不知道節目時間能否加長一點﹐特別那些重要的時事議題。其次是這個討論區的字體能否大一點。

  13. Sorry, I don’t think this happens in HK only. It is a global issue. “Written language" and “pictures" are both effective way to communicate; however, people nowadays choose pictures because it is much easier to digest than written form. In fact, people has more things to do in 24hrs now compared to people in the past. If we could go back 50 years, and bring the internet technology with us along with the x-box. I guess people over there will have much busy life, and has less time to read and write. In order words, people in the past used thousands of words to decribe a thing, is NOT suitable for today’s world. That’s why we see “point form" and “powerpoint" culture. If we think this is wrong, think about 50 years later when we see our grand kids using video (not even picture) and “MSN language ie. AKA, BTW, ttyl, etc) as an offical way to communicate. You will see a new topic in kahoo.com “why people like video and MSN language instead of power point?" If this really happens, what are we calling this cycle? Generation GAP!

    Note: In fact Chinese language is a better language to manage, so far we don’t see anything like “MSN language" in Chinese.



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